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Fearflex (Earache Records 2013)


   One will becoming confusing and more confused while having time to take a peep into the modern world of Hardcore type of music like Metalcore or Melodic Rap-core immediate regenerations spawning more and more newer sub-classified genre of another meaningful or meaningless music on the Heavy Metal hall of the infamous just like this Kansas City’s Electronicore/Crunk-core or Metalcore group named The Browning that splattering their US soil with the complicated forms of noisy sounds in the highly infectious combination between the hardstyle of Heavy Metal, extremity influences from the new century game’s addiction on teenagers or public and the needs for a bridging virtue dimensions hat can giving a correlated coordination for Metal and Dance music to builds themselves as one family again. Sounded impossible ? Just listening to this second studio album from The Browning’s Hypernova and tell yourself how many percentages to the possibility of gore tracks like Gravedigger, Save The World or Industry and Black Hole to intensifying themselves from only demanding as underground tracks anthems to resurfacing up and grabbing the tail of Modern Pop-Culture’s salvation army before this kind of Metal music turning to trendy on ruling the market next term of media’s bias comments for pointing the next big thing to the chart-lists trial of consumerism state of mind to trust or followed.
   Meet the quartet Jonny McBee, Collin Woroniak, Drew Ellis and Cody Stewart for your own private Q & A’s !