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Erratic Temple Deception (Season Of Mist 2001)


   Dreams of Death and Dismay coming as Anata’s second full studio album with the crushing excellent Melodic Death Metal as heavy as fuck – these Varberg, Sweden Death Metalheads shall drowning you all Heavy Metal fuckers into the sea of the demished world and deaf-destructions realm according to its grinding members: Fredrik Schalin (vocals, guitar), Andreas Allenmark (guitar), Henrik Drake (bass) and Conny Pettersson (drums) proving that this quartet fits to delivering the heavy of the heaviest sounds like an atomic bomb drops in several places of the Earth giving you a horrific panorama of massive explosions holocaust of mankind live through the pessimistic sarcasm tracks from Die Laughing, God of Death,Insurrection, The Enigma of Number Three and Drain of Blood – all creating crusty blasts amazing enough to evastating your body in minutes as dangerous as the multiple shots off a goddamn blasts of double pedal drumming or mighty shreds in total just like a big-ass machine fuckin' gun !
... You shall be devastated by these Scandinavian Metallic hooks for good .

Dreams Of Death And Dismay: