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El Corazon Del Fuego (Locomotive Reocrds 2003)


   Tierra Santa probably not only one of the biggest famous names whose reperesenting the Espana's finest jewelry in Symphonic Progressive Metal Scene but might also became an authentic national treasure as an iconic answer to any loyal fans whose loving Dream Theater and the genre presented by them especially on their early years. Smart choices for having influences in writing lyrics almost from everywhere ; mythology, legends, history even biblical narratives have made this La Rioja, Spain natives band became very influental for the nearby Metal Scene regions.

   With the album - Indomable; the complete line-up of inaki Fernandez (drums), Roberto Gonzalo (bass, backing vocals), Arturo Morras (guitars, vocals) and Angel San Juan (lead vocals, guitars) without doubt but reasonable moves delivering tracks of Hamlet, Coro De Guerreros, El Canto De Las Sirenas or Las Walkirias that sounded smashing so enriched with melodies and distinctive powers but not forgetting thus variable of themes and tempos which can force-fed your enlightment through Heavy Metal faith restorations ...