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Country Jungle Factory (Capitol Records 2002)


   Just about almost the same time as well as the rock music media predicted the rising back of Garage Rock in a more Modern Rock forms happening around the globe - this Sydney, NSW’s unknown group name The Vines already revival-visited themselves to shown up filling the absence left behind by most of the Seattle Sounds scenery bands of the music charts with the band’s debut and smartly album title – Highly Evolved. We didn’t really care and there’s no further explanation about how this band can becoming so influential on NME Magazine its because of their mistletoes in front cover giving the natural green power or it’s just because this band really pushing themselves with guts and bigger balls to letting them gained more attentions and instant fame in the nick of time after the releasing of their album. Craig Nicholls (vocals, guitar), Patrick Matthews (organ, bass guitar, piano), Dave Olliffe (drums) with the additional drummers listed here as well as Victor Indrizzo, Joey Waronker and Pete Thomas; showing to us the great mixing of Punk Rock Garage, Classic Indie Pop to The Beatles’ mighty influences right on your listening room within these tracks of Autumn Shade, Outtathaway, Sunshinin and Homesick – sounded like it seems the newer generation already getting bored with pessimistic ideas and trying to crawling back faster to the optimistic lights with Garage Punk just like The Vines’ radio hits Get Free describing for you !