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Ausgebombt Exhibition Incest (Steamhammer 1989)


Not taken seriously at the first term of their new beginning of the band's Extreme Speed Metal career by the media as they're cited Sodom as an artificial effort for second-rated Venom clone didn't stop Tom Angelripper to writing lyrics about blasphemy of men, Satanic war and death which slowly began to take control over his band trio Thrash Metal steps on the right path. These Gelsenkirchen's terror troops then finally having their fulfillment of destruction promises through the release of Agent Orange which taken its inspiration from the chemical weapon used in Vietnam War as it might giving the terrible effcts on the victims after the bombing but also the remaining long term destruction by leaving the fetus infected and the deformation newborn babies even the results of the war itself is already long gone forgotten. As a trio - Sodom might sounded very closely to Slayer and Motorhead as their high influential sounds but the blasphemous atmosphere didn't let them going a bit far from being compared to Venom and Accept as well. Frank Blackfire madness fast riffage and Satanic solos or the Hell-drumming from Chriss Witchhunter on Agent Orange shall leaving you grasping; their ability to destroy or to slicing is doubtless as those tracks of war ensemble keep on exploding within Tired and Red, Magic Dragon, Remember The Fallen to Baptism of Fire. As the machine guns, insanity, fear and screams united to one - the planes dropped their warfare chemical effects realita headlining the news by its horror !