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Chainsaw Airline (Mega Records 1992)


   Evaporates the royal scent from Hard Rock Garage music, Aerosmith to Thin Lizzy and Guns N’ Roses influences repeatedly responsive in the soul o Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction second full studio album – Hoodlum Thunder causing the atomic bomb blasts the moment you trying to press play and turning it loud on the stereo.
   The dangerous sleazy glamorous quartet of Slam Thunderhide (drums), Cobalt Stargazer (guitars), Suzy X (bass) and Mark Manning on lead vocals; giving you a rocking fuckin’ rolling journey adventure of crazy loud maestro poetic justifications through the infamous shrilling edgy melodies of solos due to mostly standard but classic in performance from the real rockers of Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction.

   Let yourself hypnotized onto the repertoir of dream-team’s tracklist started from Elvis Died for You, Tomorrow belongs to The Love Reaction, Feed My Frankenstein, President of The United States of Love to Meanstreak; making Hoodlum Thunder sounded dangerous and more than that – a must have album you need to grab for good sake of Rock N’ Roll always !


Undead Long Dark Sea (Resist Records 2007)


   Doesn’t matter when you seeing yourself deader than dead and going on stage dressing up in zombified costumes/make-up just like these Sydney’s Psycho-Gothabilly and as the band which calling themselves Zombie Ghost Train mixing loudly the essential noises off Horror Punk and Glenn Danzig with rockabilly, Elvis and American dirty country sounds influence for completing their immortal rocking sound with the most best kept secret of theatrically performance right between simplicity and madness of fear, rotten issues and elected Poppy beats in thus yucky soup of various morbid taste with lyrics and harmony on the album – Dealing The Death Card.

   Going cranky fasten forward with Punkish songs like Mystery Woman, Bats in The Belfry or The Big Fog to the funky Latinos on 13 Tears as this band creeping you out then possessing your body with their mambo-jambo infected music dangerous enough to put you to slow death sleep while listening to them – sing along ghouling the living as the dead dancing in their graves.

Dealing The Death Card:

Sunday Cult Meditation (Geffen Records 1997)


   A transition of reality products by our brand new world of the nineties can really be seen on this movie - starring Steve Zahn, Giovanni Ribisi, Nicky Katt, Parkey Posey and directed by Richard Linklater; taken the adaptation from Eric Bogosian based story written on the subjective convenience store and teenager lives growing up in Woburn, the suburb of Boston area reffered to the multi races and dimensional of thoughts over a neighborhood in Burnfield – Austin within these characters from Jeff to his closefriend Snooze, Nazeer the clerk, Bee Bee the recovering alcoholic or Pony the rock star, trying to figured out what has this life actually brings to every single person’s interests and efforts shown but most of the time its in-justification might dragging people into bigger problems and sometimes unsolved one to ease the pain the lost, the regrets and even the continuity to looking forward – from the analyzing of suburban people.
   These half-sarcasm comedy and half-drama of life movie had a good soundtrack too and this Original Motion Picture Soundtrack creatively compiled by DGC really would dig up your interests to knowing more about Alternative Music from the midst of the nineties here like Beck’s Feather in your cap or Girls Against Boys with Bullet Proof Cupid which monotonously talking a bit more about the Folkish feeling for being unsuccessful and as the rest of the songs might calming you up through another doors of stories like Butthole Surfers’ Human Cannonball, Gene Pitney or even Thurston Moore projects for filling this soundtrack with the balancing configurations and warmth kindness for not making the sarcasm jokes lose its interests from being just a funny anecdote turning to hatred even though most of the sounding tracks are mostly gloomy and not casual at all.

   Wondering how’s the story going to end ?
See it for yourself and find the answer.


Claustrophobic Sharpnel (Island Records 1997)


   Never tasting their own sweet success because the bad timing of single song releases had Ednaswap paid for everything sour and riped before good things happened to these finest Los Angeles Alternative Rock band. With their own hit single Torn being covers by other artists for their own profits; Ednaswap actually never can get rid of their own curse even after the releasing of the second or first big label record entitled Wacko Magneto which includes some of the band's old materials re-newed to better versions like Clown Show or Pale.
   The amazing composition of members still existing on this recording which concludes of Anne Preven, Scott Cutler, Rusty Anderson, Carla Azar, Scott Coogan or Paul Bushnell that proven the small amount of loyal fans that this group actually is really talented for becoming one of the tremendous star-acts from the West Coast area at that time but fate squeezing them and kill the lites upon their Alt-Rock careerjust before it turned out to grow even larger. Ednaswap's Wacko Magneto also spawning trusted and real timer rocking out tracks from Sideways Out The Window, Chordomatic, Yowibe to All Time Low as you can really hear how awesome neat play by the band themselves including Anne Preven's voice will taking you out for dating dinner like a fancy cafe's kiss with a famous rockstar !

Wacko Magneto:

Forest Raven Ran (Massacre Records 2013)


   Maybe can be certainly pointed as the newer answer for Sharon Den Adel’s existence with her band but this Los Palmas’s group Tears of Martyr might becoming smarter not to just plainly following the blue-printing sounds of other bands around from the Symphonic Metal or Gothic Metal but within the changes of formation on this second full length album – Tales; the band actually reducing the unimportant aspects in their musical life by leaving to us a silhouette of them in a quartet – Berenice Musa (soprano), Miguel Angel Marques (guitars, vocals), Doramas Parraga (drums) and Adrian Miranda (bass) which respectively got the help they’re ever wanted by Dark Moor’s Enrik Garcia.
   You remember or knowing that silence isn't golden but knowledge definitely is and within that brilliant ideas for worshipping science as the band shall infinitely mixed with older beliefs and heritage; Tales would becoming more than just a Symphonic Metal album but most of all the legends shall be lived forever passing through generations by listening them from this great album as it well-made gently and precised by these quartet.
   Better with lack of Pop intensified through the songs like Golem, The Scent no.13th and Vampiress of The Sunset Street and more to shared with us under the darker night sky filled with melodic romance or like Mermaid and Loneliness ashore …


Reborn Yell Yourself (Echozone 2015)


   Consisting of the new names freshly from oven and created in Madrid – these Nox Inferna’s group got much influences from Rob Zombie to The Sister of Mercy especially for the sounds as Richy Nox (vocals), Peter Geltat (main guitar), Paul Richter (drums), Tom Krueger (bass, programming) and Robert Muller (guitars, programming) bursting their odd melodic combinations for Industrial Metal and Old School Gothic Rock where the loudest meets the colder while flowing between separations and tears of the quiet ones behind the mirror dwelling and slowly consumed by the darkness death defying in self-made inner ideas for the releasing ultimate from Nox Interna’s Spiritual Havoc record. The magic of depressive artworks and forbidden lyrics collecting on thus presentations wrapped within the hypnotizing effects but sometimes would also giving in the faster tracks just for an intoxication variety like Tomorrow Never Knows or Agua De Vida but the main reasons of this group to making “the different” Goth-Rock influences for the loyal fanatic audiences of this sub-genre; Nox Interna is keeping themselves as one of the carrier on Type O Negative legacies through this front cover artworks and while you headbanging to their performance – everything slipped already into a darker small holoe in the wall sucking the energy out of you and anyone else.

Put these tracks aloud – Dead Horses or El Cicio or Art of Chaos.


Low Head Room (Not On Label 2012)


   The moment you might needed to hear what if you had this moment when you can kidnapping Chris Cornell, Buzz Osborne and the rest of Queen of The Stone Age members and put them into a blender – the juicy liquid made-base of them would disturbingly tasting like Disastroid’s Stoner Rock buzz. Trippy praising, groovy moments and magnificent Hard Rock vocals delightedly presented on the band’s high-altitude level of debut non-marginalized album Money and Guilt.
The terror effects and odd tempos or the standard casual pounding effects for claiming their Desert Rock roots courageously would be remarkably listen on these eight self-written tracks that will reminding most of you again the first few months when Alternative Rock and Grunge first taking their throne of rock reclaiming once hitting your ear-drums.
   For Happy Channel. Fallout, Eternal Home to Gamera and Sunshine – you might not only headbanging or growing your hair long like you used to be but this new group Disastroid might also forcing you to think about starting your own band and writing songs again right after the heavy session of listening minutes on this extended album – Money and Guilt.


Raspberry Paralysis (Fat Possum Records 2013)


   Hearing this might reminding you about the scary experience of drowning inside the swimming pool as the incident causing either by your stupidity or someone else’s bad ideas but honestly, you will feel insecure the moment you started to listening for this Youth Lagoon’s second recording Wondrous Bughouse that “halluci-datively” showing the listeners – the inner depth of self-consciousness made self-reflected transcending of relaxation through Alternative Music according to the main man behind this project: Trevor Powers. Travelling far from Boise, Idaho carrying his American music-based with unique blending of Lo-Fi, Synth Pop, Ethereal Shoegaze and Electro Rock into this album really will giving you a slight headache for thinking about the reactions erupts upon the dense flammable dew on the weird melodies and echoes of Attic Doctor, The Bath, Pelican Man and Dropla.

Pop never sounded so demented as this !

Wondrous Bughouse:

One Day One Eight Greed (DXP Productions 2008)


   Enchanted and enlightings the rest of their surrounding Progressive Rock sounds that giving the band DeeExpus Project most of the great reviews and excellent credits from the Rock experts and critics internationally perfect for an unknown band resurfacing from nowhere but can actually keeps their presences low-profiled these days. The infamous Progressive Rock team from Northeast of England might really cementing their reputations slowly but really assures to be compared with other legendary names in Prog-Rock scene from Marillion to Dream Theater. The debut album – Half Way Home must be the band’s first steps onto the cruel world just a few minutes before finally, the baby band named DeeExpus Project manage to stabilized themselves and began to do the small running by combining the beauty of vocals harmony, amazing Classic sound for Pop Progressive musical and the mix of reality dreams themes of wisdom to share to the listeners and audiences who loved this “long-distance” music performed by Andy Ditchfield (lead/rhythm/acoustic guitars, bass, keys, piano), Mike Henderson (solo keyboards), Ian Raine (additional bass guitar), Phil Sloane (guitar solos) to Tony Wright on lead and backing vocals and Leigh Crowther (drums) brought to your ears the pleasurements of tapping clear clarity levels or the deeper distorted adventures of melodic sounds of Progressive Music onto Pointless Child or Seven Nights – touching the blur edges behind the calm clouds before the windy days on Summer’s end; leaving mysteries kept inside other’s speechless hearts.


Sun In My Shoes (Cheeky / Arista 2003)


   Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong is her real name but the world of Pop music will know her as simply just Dido. This Kensington, England born singer and musician finally found her stars shining brighter after she's leaving the previous group that also nurtuting her music career Faithless and went solo after that. Two of her albums remarks the beautiful constant chart topping and sold out recording but people should honestly believed that on her next second album - Life for Rent actually certified for 7 times platinum becoming one of the best-selling top ten albums for UK and not a bit too different from her previous one; the Pop Rock and Rn'B mixes formula still strongly make the touch-down again for Ms. Dido. With the tons of additional names of musicians like Rusty Anderson and Dave Randall on guitars, Rick Nowels (keyboards, producer), Aubrey Nunn on bass guitar, Sister Bliss on piano, Mako Sakamoto (drums) and more; remarkably the essential force driven the beauty and simple good vocals from this girl Dido really unbearable not to get unnotice by Pop tunes lovers and the audiences on adult Alternative Pop channels across UK and the rest of the world. Life for Rent spawning some of the greatest singles for both television and radio and one of the is White Flag, the anthemic for every woman or girls for not easily surrender to life itself because you own it since the first daylight hits your eyes, the birth rights attached tightly to the equality and oppotunity for everyone and Dido trying to tells you about that again.
   We got Popsynth melody and spiritual filled up tracks on Stoned, Mary's in India, See You When You're 40 to Do You Have a Little Time which showing you once and for all that everything might be rental but your aim and dreams are not !


Waitress Executives Extra (Duke Street Records 1984)


   Having the sweet Pop combinations of Ambient, Alternative Rock, New Wave and Post-Punk variety of ideas on her head; the Canadian singer with unique sounds on her music (mostly) Jane Siberry (born Jane Stewart) on her first international second record No Borders Here that tells us the important story about thus kind of feeling of loneliness below while you’re needing no one but actually there’s nobody nearby even when you in sudden needing to have a unimportant small talks with someone just about right captured by this record.
   Mostly written by Jane Siberry herself and also playing guitars, keyboards and of course, singing – she’s got all the help she ever wanted here while standing alone on the blue watery beach without anyone else by her side courageously by the team of producers like Jon Goldsmith, John Switzer and Kerry Crawford to the studio session musicians like Al Cross on drums/percussions, Ken Myhr (guitars) or Doug Wilde (keyboards) making this No Borders Here album sounded sophisticates from I Muse Aloud, Dancing Class, Mimi on the beach or Map of the world pt.1 in such a fun way to contemplates but still colorful not for just an easy meaningless music you can easily relaxing listen ...


Web Freaks (Re-constriction Records 1996)


Meet your San Jose’s underrated artifact of Industrial Rock from the nineties era where the progressive sounds meet the entire new machine of Alternative choices for changes evolved as Diatribe might be one of those latecomer bands surfacing on the last peak after the sunset of Alternative choice for favorite music back then. Consisting of Kevin Marburg, Marc Jameson, Pat Toves, Phil Biagini and some names attached; these group refers to the good mixing of techno deep and slower sounds blended with a bit of gloomy Glam-Stoner or Metal with the depressive touch as usual made flesh by most of the underground Industrial bands in general. Having the similarity with other names from the same genre like Filter or harder version of Chemlab, Diatribe’s self-titled one and only debut and last album carrying ten tracks on it might becoming a precious rare jewels needed to collects by the loyal fanatic fans of this type of music. You shall bathing with frustrations and atmospheric sinned situations comparing glamorous sides of Hollywood with baby poop or pathetic life prolonged to a daily job conversations which would ends you up suicidal might be heard in blurry meaningful on songs like Four Fifty One, Sick The Dogs, Junkyard of Another Time in such a whoring unpleasant misfortunes re-capturing by Diatribe in order to showing the reality to chase the American Dreams by all means necessary.

Diatribe Links:

Humedad Desertico Refugio (Bandcamp 2013)


   “One hundred percent Hecho En Chile” that’s must be hell of a patent signal for most fanatic fans of Stoner Rock to watching this compilation carefully because once you blasting it up loud on the stereo system, the power kept inside within this energetic rocking sound machine proudly made of Chilean Desert Stoner and Space Rock groups compiled here would stretch and tied you up and focus for these buzzing fuzz rock performs by the selected names of native heroes form Chilean’s Stoner Rock scene. As the sexy girls body and long legs displaying on the front cover of V.A Chilean Fuzz vol. II either you choose to grab the hot legs or stripping the bikini babe off in the middle of the Heavy Rock performance from Turbo Diesel’s Conderolobo, Barbara & Los Rotos Del Rock with Stereoparanoico or Savannah – Blood Drinker or At Devil Dirt’s There is not a God or A Devil, you might know that these mostly are written in Spanish but even within the language barrier there’s nothing impossible for Rock Music to uniting its fanatic listeners one at a time.
   Twenty tracks, hot chicks displays and infamous “total rocking guitar’s riff” album from Chile not only for Suda-America territory only but worldwider to complete your Stoner-Fuzzes collections up, amigos !


Hideaway Version Coming Near (V2 Music 2012)


Don’t judge these Smoke Fairies before you ever catching their essential sounds by listening beause you might very regret it, the decision to move on without for even once trying to figure out about this Chichester, England Folk-Rock duo of Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies continuing their journey on foot leaving some part of particles dusts from their magical mystery touches on the previous works but you will know exactly that these beauties Alternative Folkish Rock performance still can easily hypnotizing you to sit tight like a stone while mesmerizing their works for this fourth album Blood Speaks. Capturing the essence of slowride melodies and kept their harmonies attached in chemistry like a Medieval tapestry hidden its secretive history about the profound lost tribes heritage and customs on a remote attic somewhere in Windsor Castle. The brilliant soft distortion alike The Cranberries or Celtic Pop influences passing the fresh melancholy trippy tracks with wiser lyrics among these fine elegance inside The Three of US, Daylight, Awake and Take Me Down When You Go; shall miraculously taken your heart to fell for these girls in their simplicity and gloomy atmosphere for leaving the windy road on the winding intersection – on going through the glimmer light of the moon by reading Mother Nature’s signs.

The show must go on for them, the journey to nevertheless continues ...

Blood Speaks:

Filth Sub Noctem (Machinekunt 2008)


   Various artists compilated all-female fronted or musicians from the Electronica/Industrial/Synth-Rock/Gothic music sub-culture under the title album – Extreme Women in the Dark Future made their blast exploding and by far might disrupting the most man’s dominated loud music realm now being slowly retaken back with the force-driven natural of female forms. You might never hard of names like Asinyane brought Homicide to us or Experiment Haywire bursting Mean enough Hot enough and Genocidio 1968 on Hure, Anxiety Disorder for Emergency Sex to Chiasm performing Deny as well as Noizekatt’s Scars. The front cover artworks might also could reminding you about those posters from the first World War events scattered across America while all men goes to war; the homeland security of manufactured economy and other responsibilities are handed over to women in general and at large. Possibly could happening again in the future world ? Bet mostly of you will loved to listening these kinds of dark humour beats but in the meantime – thinking hard towards your existence after Unwoman slowly took over the slamming beats …


The Magical Lucy Drive (Restless Records 2006)


   So, when butchering means (in a good way) chop something up into pieces and share them with the entire world of fanatic fan-based of The Beatles then – this Heavy Metal compilation of Butchering The Beatles: A Headbashing Tribute should be a great news to hear this past years for both Heavy Metal maniacs and billions of The Fab Four fans worldwide. The emerging of mighty compositions for your ultimate dream team of legendary rockers and metalheads musicians are here on the listing line-up as they’re covering twelve of legendary hits songs written and performing by The Beatles with the more different taste brought to you courtesy only by Heavy Metal sound style that will rocking you out loud and jumping from your couch. Get ready for hour of air-guitaring to the follow-up Hard Rock/Speed Metal produced exclusively by Bob Kulick and Brett Chassen presenting for you only the best from famous tracks like Taxman performing by Doug Pinnick (King’s X) with Toto’s guitarist Steve Lukather, Hey Jude get crushing by the screamo vocals from Tim ‘Ripper” Owen with George Lynch to Hey Bulldog in all-stars lineup of bassist Duff McKagan, drummer Mikkey Dee (Motorhead), master virtuoso Steve Vai and Alice Cooper on vocals and as well as some other hits like Day Tripper to Revolution and I Saw Her Standing There; wrapped up and out in loudest hypertones or distorted blasts making them sounded crazier fucking legendary.

This is totally “a must have” !


Fuze Dice (MCA Records 1997)


   Combining the classical and original parts of the infamous Danceable beats sound from Big Beat, Industrial to Breakbeat in their momentum to shine in the middle of confusions genre over the Electro-Rock scene back in the days of the last on the ninety seven; Londoners crushing Rock-electric marathon music of Lunatic Calm must be one of your ultimate favorite soundtrack to passing through thus less-enjoyable libido while peeping on your big brother’s adult magazines like a stupid lame duck sitting inside the loo and jerk-off. Wide ranging compositions on their debut album Metropol must be a good sign for every single hacker in Britain to adopted these fellows as their unofficial background music while surfing the crowded internet within bad connection to steal their rights back in form of the breaching of someone else’s credit cards account. One would become their own god on the net cause with the complete skills and balls with precaution awareness before doing it, a hacker already knew that either them or the Interpol would suffering the most on a day in life. Gearing up by this Electro-Rock anthems from Metropol record for the songs like The Sound, eon Ray, It Evolves on its Own, Choke, Long Shadows or Meltdown might seeing the reality of virtual dimensions as the new territory for us to play harder if the reality world keeps pushing us down and turning you to losers – now this is it, a right time to pay back the debts and making someone else cry as the bad side affects over the too crowded and overloading data transfers or bargaining of information burnt to ashes inside the deep web or the dark net of outer limit blackness down there. Lunatic Calm sometimes can be compared to The Prodigy works fronting genius creativity made well by Simon “sHack” Shackleton, Howard “Howie” Saunders and Jez Noble trio in their very worst taste of thievery incorporated music base.


Shoot ‘Em Down (Koch Records 2001)


   A Twisted Forever: A Tribute to The Legendary Twisted Sister must be Heavy Metal-heads surprising gifts that could making your maniac friend’s rocked theme birthday party turning to violent chaos and cannibalism on fighting for this record album. What do you know, fifteen super cover-version tracks allegedly written by Dee Snider and co. and considered to be infamous legends so far tackled by some names here on the lists whom already becoming legendary (even) before Twisted Sister formed - like Motorhead or Anthrax. Along the side which newer Rock generation and friends lending their hands helping to make this tribute compilation album louder as best by recording their own version of Classic songs from the Twister Sisters such as Under The Blade thrashing up by Overkill, semi-Hardcore stomps on Don’t Let Me Down by Vision of Disorder or the cheesy Alt-Rock version from Nine Days for The Price and queuing in the line-ups also including The Step Kings, Sebastian Bach & friends, Cradle of Filth or Chuck D – ready to making damage by noises on keeping the flame of rebellious Heavy Metal erection made well by The Twisted Sister several years ago not to be noted as greatest hits but more like the monuments of some pioneers you cannot forget to respect.


Hungry Eyes Goes (Frontiers Records 2010)


   Forming solid from the beginning on Curitiba, Brazil; these Melodic Rock/AOR band Auras might easily capturing your interest suddenly you would have an opportunity to listening to their record. The fantastic melodies and power riffs managed to ask anyone to go beyond and sing along towards this band’s debut album New Generation which originally can maintaining their reputation for being one of the fastest sell-out recording Pop- Metal bands that coming out from Brazil today. Stating themselves as an AOR with a little bit of Hard Rock touch as well as consisting of five-piece rock musicians from Edu Sallum (drums), Ferpa Lacerda (guitar), Matheus Brandon (guitar, backing vocals), Hemerson Viera (bass guitar) and Gui Olivier (lead vocals) – Auras definitely should putting themselves on the spotted lists along with Foreigner or Journey league even though this band coming in on the last bet with newer procession of fresh Adult Oriented Rock format sounds. You shall quickly picking up some of you favorite songs out of this New Generation record maybe could be the hits like Forgive and Forget or Beauty of Dreams and perhaps, Reach Out and Forever in Your Heart as well. A majestic newcomer but already spreading their Pop Metal scents all over the place and recruiting more fan-based loyal fanatic listeners and audiences in quite shorter time …

New Generation:

Paint Me Red (Gain / Sony Music 2012)


   The vocalist trying to mimicking himself as Alice Cooper’s bastard son while the rest of these Gothenburg band entirely surrender themselves to Melodic Death, new Black Metal with the complete composition registration through Nu Metal of progressive and alternative edition grabbing the empty slot left by Korn and Jonathan Davis several years ago by the band's named Avatar.
   With Black Waltz, the apocalyptic album that recorded by the line-p of Johannes Eckestorm (vocals), double manic shredders Simon Anderson and Kungen to John Alfredsson drums) and Henrik Sandelin (bass); Avatar kicking their manifestation of  negativity through Electronical Metal tempo, crucial and suicidal lyrics to the very own horror roots influencing by Alice Cooper to them. We got plenty break-out anthems on this one – from In Napalm, Blod, Torn Apart to Smells Like A Freakshow.
Bang your heads with Avatar sounds - like there’s no more tomorrow to die for today !

Black Waltz:

Callout Gimmick (Artery Records 2013)


   Don’t trick yourself by saying that this Atlanta, Georgia Metalcore to be another next Limp Bizkit because apart from the Fred Durst’s quarreling band, these five-piece band (even though) also adding some parts off Rap Metal and Nu Metal onto their sounds might closer in similarity to Slipknot or Soulfly respectively associated with and through this fourth album; Atilla (the band) keeps their stomping and steps to marching on in an original brutal ways with the technic-quality of Southern Metal roots on their shoulder coming like storming tornadoes to smash everything with About That Life. Consisting within the unity of five: Sean Hennan (drums), Kalan Blehm (bass, additional screamo vocals), Nate Salameh (guitar), Chris Linck (guitar) and Chris Fronzak on lead vocals blistering their blasting riffs and drum beats through idle Fingers Up, Hellraiser, Rageaholics and Thug Life in total shock and harmonic growler anthem – reminding us for the glimpse of Swedish group Clawfinger or if Stone Sour decided to following Pantera’s path and changing their Metal course a bit to the South !

About That Life:

Majestic Lark Stars Fallen (Moshi Moshi Records 2007)


   They may have starting it all as a quartet but soon becoming trio and it’s still alright for them – the Dreamy Lo-Fi Pop Electronic group from Brooklyn, NY which in consistency told the media that they’re influencing heavily by bands like Pavement, Bee Gees and Stereolab to the soloist legends like Bjork, David Bowie and Brian Wilson as the listening of your private hour with them could be fantastic and delighted in enjoyable momentum. Meet Erika Forster keyboards/vocals), Annie Hart (bass, keyboards, vocals) and Heather D’Angelo (drum machine, keyboards, vocals) whom beautifully performing their awesome Indie Synth-Pop music as Au Revoir Simone; in the enchanting marvelous sounds and softer touches of Folk-Electro Hybrid talking about the changing of seasons through the relationships and magical events happened with the helpful force of Mother Nature bringing the peaceful resting images onto your standing spots and the nearby relaxations through the crystal clear Pop artistic album of The Bird of Music which chirping quiet nicely through I Couldn’t Sleep, A Violent yet Flammable World or Don’t See the Sorrow and shall becoming your favorite addiction for the further more Folk Rock and Electro-Pop addiction to your life next.

The Bird of Music:

Hangman’s Noose Run (Roadrunner Records 2005)

   Tackling your needs for Heavy Metal extremist sounds in high decibel promoting evil, negativity and Satanism for all-ages or just giving you the best combinations between Groove Melodic Metal, Death-core and the mixing ingredients of more hatred, chaos and revenge towards the world; you might never needed to go elsewhere further but having Devildriver on your stereo, turning it up loudest and injected their poisonous Extreme Metal music into your brain then let the blood-pressure movements pumping it onto the heart and possessed you completely.
   This Dez Fafara’s Melodic Death Metalcore project will brought insanity to your front pages paperworks and family room today for those who cannot handling their life no more but being enslaved within the modernity and fake social values agenda – shall finding the ultimate weapons on this album The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand turning silent people into the killer anti-social, nerds fighting back and destroying the world which always laughing at them before on huge heat-wave hellfire and thus irrelevant beliefs and dogmas shall be crushed into ashes whilst the hungry humans dying to find the real truth shall biting off the hands that feeds them as well. As the world being devastated and consumes from the inside out; Devildriver’s sharing their best smashing tracks taken control the massive fans to obey the commands to destroy any minutes from now.
   From Grinfucked, Hold Back The Day, Sin & Sacrifice to Pale Horse Apocalypse or Ripped Apart. As the infamous members consisted here John Boecklin, Mike Spreitzer, Jeffrey Kendrick or Jon Miller might giving you no other choice in their Death Metal wisdoms but to follow them or die like a bitch inside your modern day compound new world society.

The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand:

Tombs Dreaming (Daemon Worship Productions 2015)

The gloomy atmospheric combination between Black/Death Metal with the small talking of the most important meanings on Satanism or chaos; this Finland mysterious group Devouring Star perhaps, are not born on this Planet Earth but must be a deranged somekind of hybrid breeding from another constellations. Classic and simply devastating extreme type of music played by perhaps, a trio or more to lesser but the wall of horrific sound created by these unknown Satanic Metal warriors must definitely giving you an inferior chilling thoughts about things that you cannot touch or grab within these mystical and mysteries covering the band’s identity or the album itself. Through Lung and Heart might sounded like a terrible command-notes for doing a surgery or perhaps, it’s a hidden code for conducting mean things on common mankind as it is shown through the journey of dark descents of Atmospheric Black Metal tracks recording independently on this album from Sanctified Decomposition to the Decayed Son of Earth that shall ripping your ears out in minutes or the next chapter of the total ritualistic worshipping on Him the guided of lights upon this universe to soon be enthroned back again, ruling over the losts and the blinded believers in hymns through To Traverse the Black Fire. As the fronting symbolic for the white horse of the apocalypse might had a different meaning or the story about the infamous massive dark hole that will devours time and space in actual living proven to be a portal to another dimension or for something to getting through it ? Find the answer within the facts that science is godless god and the newest trend for being extremely rebellious and loyal to Black Metal is your latest Satanic diets …


Snufalufagus Werewomb (Absolutely Kosher Records 2005)


   After broke his truce with the peaceful more positive basic of Progressive Rock on Pinback projects, the San Diego-nian Rob Crow transforming himself into the hooded hideous Lord Phallus the Goblin King and starting his new Drone/Doomy Metal group way much different and violent than the previous one named Goblin Cock. Grabbing his guitar and did vocals as well as recruiting Lara Benscher (Larben The Druid) on background vocals and guitar, Bane-Ass Pounder (Dave Drunsky) on guitar with Sam Mura (King Sith) on bass guitar, Braindeath (Anthony Fusaro) the drummer, Loki Sinjuggler (Adam Ekroth) the keyboardist and the keytar/banjo player Mike Goldfarb a/k/a Phuck Tard drilling their tunneling channels of Death Rock sounds perhaps, having the influences from both Sesame Streets characters to traditional legend stories about the middle earth dwellers living inside the powerful Heavy Metal format of rock this band had performs to us through Bagged and Boarded album. You will find yourself trapped underground into the sinkhole of nocturnal daylight haters, female rippers and gemstones’ collectors evil looking race of Goblin Cock that can be sounded scary, looks scary and you don’t want to imagine for spending time too damn long on their nest’s kingdom. Childproof, Stumped, Striped Tiger Snaps or Kegrah The Dragon Killer might relevantly sharing the story-teller from the ancient past of this tribe’s golden age epic days before they’ve mysteriously vanished to be awaken again this present days as they’re starting to snatching women and children for either their snacks or slaves.