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Mirror To Madness (Enigma Records 1989)


   Naming their own band based of Clint Eastwood movie and taken their way to runing down the Thrash Metal out from Oakland, CA - these metalheads from Laaz Rockit must be a great contender for the realm of Bay Area Heavy Metal scene addition to extremity as the works keeps on doing since they're formed. This fourth album Annihilation Principle should be the band's greatest efforts because of the essential sounds and the materials recorded on it shall giving you chills and of course, headbanging Thrashed action permanently. As the front cover looking horrific and the tracklist inside might easily destroying your house such as Fire In The Hole, Mob Justice, Chains of Fools to Bad Blood; Laaz Rockit's longhaired members - vocalist Michael Coons, guitarists Phil Kettner and Aaron Jellum to their bassist Willy Lange and drummer Victor Agnello really creating their distinctive sound closer to Testament or Exodus but with more addition of violence influences on them. You will love this album even though you didn't recognize the group and those days of permanent peaceful happiness will soon turned to despair as soon as everyone re-discover back the intoxicated ultra-violent views brought by Thrash Metal through this band !