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Soulful Dress Shack (Eclecto Groove Records 2011)


   Escaping The Balkan War by fled to The Netherlands within her background learning for Blues Rock 101 from her father as well as learning more about Jazz, Funk and Soul and forming band but then after Ana Popovic decided to moving onto Memphis, Tennessee than this Serbian born Blues guitarist and singer finally finding her promiseland or then, which she can really calling it homeland to persuading her musical career freely in joy towards her background as a tough female guitarist in the man's Bluesy World in The States. Bringing the sensuality of a woman to the already sensual longitivity of Blues history drawn back from centuries ago as this genre mixed with Rock really never shown up to be a mainstream for public but not too damn excluviely for themselves ever. Lots of people would liking groovier Blues Rock much and the curly blonde-haired Miss Ana whom also spreading her charming auras through her body-language and shape, her great vocals and foremostly - her awesome essential guitar skills working hard and slower with all her best ideas come-crossing her mind to creates more efforts since she started it sevweral years ago and right now with this Modern Electric Blues which taste sexually comfortable Unconditional album; Ms. Popovic once again showing that she's ultimately should be re-considered as one of the best Blues Rock artist/guitarist in US. Spawning more tracks of both lyrical or instrumental through Uncinditional; every single Blues lovers might be drunken by the miraculous tones, the sharpening solos or the graceful melodies and vocals recorded by Ana Popovic. From Fearless Blues as the opener to Count Me In, from Reset Rewind to Slideshow and more and more of the parade of Blues-Rock homemad(-ing) in Tennessee with the Serbian flavored beauty shall keeping you to let the recording on to the last track. best served with hot coffee, weeds and girlfriend wearing nothing right next to you on a couch in the late evening of Sunday ...


Paradise Wizard Spell (Bronze / Mercury 1972)


   Uriah Heep might didn't lasting as an influental band if it's not because of their third studio releasing ablum Demons and Wizards made these Londoner Prog-rock status classic to be listed between the names of thus legendary British Heavy Rock bands such as Zeppelin, Sabbath or Purple. The tension of harmony vocals collaboration from the band and their Cult-tinged alchemistry lyrics and influences pulling them up higher to topping charts and fame in many countries including United States and their hometown country. Demons and Wizards resemblance the Folkish-lore atmosphere where the band members - lead vocalist David Byron, lead guitarist Mick Box and the band's infamous keyboardist Ken Hensley and drummer Lee Kerslake never knew that they're creting the great everlasting record better than some of those through their entire career with this album, the reaching of Cult-status, good position on music chart-lists and the legendary tracks recorded on it would changing the band's luck in sudden as for a remembrance of story about some music critics gambled among themsleves that Uriah Heep will never and not ever become famous or if they're - those critics wiuld loved to cut their own ear even both as a replacement for being wrong in prediction as actually, maybe some of the critics really losing their ears cause within the Demons and Wizards album; the band really enjoying their higher achievements for the first time since the releasign of  debutant Very 'Eavy...Very 'Umble which credited as the pioneering sounds of the band that time. Listen to the progression arts of Rock Music within the epic sophomore songs like Rainbow Demon, Traveller in Time and Poet's Justice and ask yourself not to gamble on them or the devil but respectively enjoy these privilage term of the point where Classic Prog-Rock finding its way to evolving to here, there and everywhere ...

Such an ultimate magical cult band !

Demons and Wizards:

Gerrymander La Guerra (Steamhammer 1988)


   Former of perhaps, the last NWOBHM's scenery band with semi-legendary status in UK itself; the Newcastle's Pariah which formed by some members of Satan (the band) sometime on the last eighties really crunching their tones of Thrash Metal mixes with Heavy Rock in more extreme power in violence through the lyrics telling us the stories about death, life and social killings that this broken-home world had becoming since the starting of a cold war between East and West, the advance of mislead technology which creates man made gods themselves and the over-populated inhabitants producing more and more bigger problems we all have to faced day by day. Pariah's approaching louder music which combining the angst of Motorhead, the speed of Maiden and the terror-dome bludgeon effects from Venom might giving the audience a further chills feeling to imagine how the future tomorrow would begin and ended. The fun part that the vocalist name is Michael Jackson must be an additional free-ads for the band that also concluded of Graeme English (bass), Russ Tippins and Steve Ramsey on Pariah's slicing-crushers double six strings and drummer Sean Taylor recording this debut album The Kindred which having the symbolic handshake of a secret society on the cover really turn some theorists mind for more conspiracy linked message through Extreme Heavy Metal.
The hardest tracks of total violent on Scapegoat, The Rope, Foreign Bodies, Killing for Company to Inhumane probably would giving us the hints for slam-bang dancing under the reigning symbols of free-thinkers Metalheads notions under the stomps of ungod.

The Kindred:

Generation Express (RCA / BMG 1991)


   Probably, this is one the last of the Glam Metal men in a short-living career before the wiping out of Hair Metal throne by Alternative Rock and Grunge back in the late of ninety era; Kik Tracee that consisting of Stephen Shareaux (vocals), Michael Marquis (lead guitar), Gregory Hex (rhythm guitar), Rob Grad (bass) and Scott Donnell (drums) of Los Angeles, CA honestly, did sound amazing and hard enough for Hair Metal band confronting their music critics and leaving some of the Heavy Metal lovers displeased but also wanting more to hearing from them later on. Through their semi-Glamour cover of Mrs. Robinson and the releasing of their first and last album No Rules; the combination of Hard Rock and Hair Rock as no substitution for any late nineties music left at that time and didn't sucks should be this but most of the audiences wanting something more honest form of Rock Music and the answer lies on Alternative Rock or Grunge; leaving thus sleazy Hair Rock tracks like You´re So Strange, Trash City, Big Western Sky and Velvet Crush dying like an extinct animals. Glam Metal made by Kik Tracee shouldn't be seen as the legacy of an era but the next beginning of evolution later for the future demands cause this type of genre shall rising again after the boredom of simple things back to the sexy, druggy and rock n' rolly living just as unsacred as you being chating again after listening Sunday sermon at church.

He He He ...

No Rules:

Crablouse City Challenge Cup (No Remorse Records 1990)


   Ugly beauty front cover album, high-speed Thrash Metal extreme and the dark, satire and humor diseasing lyrics written for this Koblenz - Rheinland group - Pyracanda on Two Sides of a Coin will definitely giving you and other Thrash Metal lovers a good head-kick right in the face for the band's blasting efforts and skillful performance on both louder, harder parts and the melodious ones too. The lining-up for this ocassion recording are vocalist Hansi Nefen, Dennis Vaupel and Sven Fischer on shredding department, drummer Elmar Gehenzig and bassist Dieter Wittbecker; thrashing their ways to devastation or total destruction by releasing this album fitted perfectly for crazy slam-dancing and mosh-pit fed the Heavy Metal extreme up your butt ! Cranking the blasts through the infected tracks like Delirium Tremens (Tremendous), Democratic Terror, Rigor Mortis, Top Gun or Dreamworld (Goodbye, Mary Ann) infinitely must be your ticket to revolt over the fucked up world in murderous sounds; ready to take no hostage and killing thousand more as those false leaders already did centuries ago as it still going on now - today. Feel the Speed Metal mayhem which anthemic enough from this album as Two Sides of a Coin might be these German Thrashers key for keeping up the flaming spirits to restored the faith of Heavy Metal in general kept well in Western Europe side. Find this album and consider yourself lucky for witnessing the nineties Thrash Metal era right from the essential core off this Palatinate's five-piece destructive band.

You will liking Thrash like no one else or get your ass bust !!!


Mirror To Madness (Enigma Records 1989)


   Naming their own band based of Clint Eastwood movie and taken their way to runing down the Thrash Metal out from Oakland, CA - these metalheads from Laaz Rockit must be a great contender for the realm of Bay Area Heavy Metal scene addition to extremity as the works keeps on doing since they're formed. This fourth album Annihilation Principle should be the band's greatest efforts because of the essential sounds and the materials recorded on it shall giving you chills and of course, headbanging Thrashed action permanently. As the front cover looking horrific and the tracklist inside might easily destroying your house such as Fire In The Hole, Mob Justice, Chains of Fools to Bad Blood; Laaz Rockit's longhaired members - vocalist Michael Coons, guitarists Phil Kettner and Aaron Jellum to their bassist Willy Lange and drummer Victor Agnello really creating their distinctive sound closer to Testament or Exodus but with more addition of violence influences on them. You will love this album even though you didn't recognize the group and those days of permanent peaceful happiness will soon turned to despair as soon as everyone re-discover back the intoxicated ultra-violent views brought by Thrash Metal through this band !


A Temple For The Soul (Active Records 1990)


   Just like a silent lurking attack from the deep blue sea but at this time, it is a ferocious Technical Thrash/Speed Metal big biting jaws onto you - the irrelevant stupid human who thought that inventing yourself a way to take you to outerspace and exploring the irrelevant laws of physics as the new frontier up into deep space to the stars and beyond having their own bigger risks from the exploration through our deeper sea-floor. The Swedish Heavy Metal extreme band - Hexenhaus must be too smart and brilliant to screaming out their ideas of evil politics, suffering and some more of conspiracy theories within their second effort in a sci-fi connection based story on The Edge of Eternity. the Stockholm Thrash Metal group that consisting of vocalist Tommie Agrippa, double guitar-heads of Marco A. Nicosia and Mike Wead to bassist Marty Marteen with drummer Johan Billerhag; cranking most of their bursting sounds of both techniques and energy force like rocket blasts lifting you to headbanger heaven journey but uncertainly dangerous and unstable to hopelessly possible to do in consequences. The Edge of Eternity teaching us more about the rage and the next step of technology progress might bringing more suffering and devastation of the planet itself just like venomous conspiracy within the dark-side of invention within the tracks like Prime Evil, Toxic Threat, The House of Lies, The Eternal Nightmare - Act One or Home Sweet Home (Ward Sweet Ward).
One will knowing that impossibility only lies on your own incapable minds as no one could resists or stopping progress of civilization of mankind which in the end shall consume the host themselves.

The Edge of Eternity:


A.I.M.L.E.S.S (New Renaissance Records / Defiled Crypt 1987)


   Writing lyrics about society anger and violence with only releasing one album in their short-Thrasy Metal career; these Rockville, Maryland band Indestroy must be a good soldier of fortune on their unfortunated Metal maniac music journey through their only album - Indestroy self-titled.
   Consisting of the quartet Jeff Parson (bass), Mark Strassburg (guitars, vocals), Gus Basilika (drums) and Drew "Blood" Adrian (guitars) stomping their extremity beats and standard tempo not in disguise but revolving like a machine gun blasting over the broken society and false communion of fake public by attacking them all within fierce tracks like The Gate, U.S.S.A, Ground Zero and Fatal Sin or Brain Damaged and Shadowless - sounded like a parade of Thrash Metal bombing over the enemy lines hostile teritory in such a planned tactic; leaving no prisoners behind as this band reclaiming their spot in the middle of larger scene factory of a genre that feeds the newer energy onto Heavy Metal genre right at the last decade of nineties !


Touch My Brave New Love (Virgin Records 1988)


   Sweden's awesome export of Melodic Hair Rock band with a weird simple name - Alien which could making anyone whose having chances to listening to their debut album with the same self-titled Alien - a hard-time to easily forgetting this group music. Catchy good AOR sounds and Pop-Metal powerful set off this Gothenburg's influental Hair ROck bands of all-time. This album that consisting of Alien original line-up: Jim Jidhed, Jimmy Wandroph, Ken Sandin, Toby Tarrach and the guy who forming them the first time - Tony Borg. The mixing of heart-breakable and Pop sensation affections really can be easily captured inside the album itself as well as the vocals harmony and standard tempo; giving back the golden era of Glam-Rock or Pop Metal to the more consumptive mouth of the young and the restless rockers to enjoy. Perfect tracks like Tears Don't Put Out The Fire, the awesome Go Easy to I've Been Waiting and more romantic and brokenhearted songs concluded here especially for you and the entire singled out people with or without the tragedy and silly separation/divorcing history are all welcomed to listening to this great album full of underrated hits in disguise.
   Ready to re-discovers ...


Everybody Knows A Little Bit Of Something (Atlantic / Megaforce 1989)


Such a greater combination of a smoother cross-over of Metal, Funk, Blues, Gospel and Pop ala The Beatles within these Springfield, Missouri trio - King's X which consisting of the mighty frontman, bass player and lead vocalist Doug Pinnick, awesome guitarist Ty Tabor and heavy duty drummer Jerry Gaskill that seems to be your ultimate answer from US Prog-Metal/Classic Rock band to the legendary Canadian kings of Rush. King's X aren't sounded too complicated as Geedy Lee and co. but still this band really can giving you a fantastic blocking performance to add more thicker sounds onto their music to make a newcomer listeners wouldn't recognizing that the band consisting of just a trio. Through their second rocking and magical record release - Gretchen Goes to Nebraska; King's X truly are favorable to be your next chosen band to die for to follow and it's not regretfully whole to become their latest fanatic fans cause this trio are remarkable and fantastic to listen in every ocassion times. Gretchen Goes to Nebraska visualized the journey conceptual story about the trip to the wilderness by a girl like the other version of Alice in Wonderland searching the way following the yellow bricks road in a authentic performance by the band themselves under the great licks and solos from Mr. Tabor, high tones vocals and basslines played neatly by Doug and other fantastic variety of sound or noises made by the irresistible drumming too. From the field of Progressive Rock on Out Of The Silent Planet or Over My Head to their slower groovy ballad of Summerland really cannot be ignored to be speciality forshadowing of both Yes, Marillion and Jimi Hendrix Experiences in general common mixes completed with the group's amazing vocals harmony which definitely bring the power of Heavy Metal back on track; a compromising acts and miraculously two thumbs up record it is !



Elegy For All The Dead Female Cop (Geffen Records 1995)


   Apart from his own duty on the lead vocalist/guitarist for his famous Indie Alternative Rock group Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore also having his own time for remarkably finishing his own solo project with more experimental experiences using all of his talents as singer, song-writer and musician and the best part is the record that he releases actually is one of a kind project which artistically awesome in a weird meaning to be exact. The blending mixes on Psychic Hearts really would like a new perspective ascend to another planet of animated things in a pure honest sarcasm, pluralist and ambiguity in one bowl of aquarium filled with noise experiments from the lowest sounds to the high pitched distortions. Psychic Hearts is co-working with his best pal from Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and Tim Foljahn on guitars; mezmerising and absurd in the most meaningless poetry that Alternative Rock ever giving birth to; from Ono Soul to Queen Bee And Her Pals, Patti Smith Math Scratch to Blues From Beyond The Grave, from See-Through Play/Mate to Hang out and Feathers in an addition for re-sharing suicidal friend's story, pregnancy crisis or other modern world problems through his own eyes which all brought the same reason about why this album ever been release; self-searching for Tranquillity inside ideas for the peace of mind. The oddity Avant-garde sound led trouble or the quiet raging buzzed sounds might be one mistakes but an alternative doors for others, the gladly feelings for vomiting all those commitments and empty promises into lyrics and shocked them with high-density of electric noises shall re-animating thus silent creativities into a living form of arts and through Psychic Hearts - Thurston Moore seems to finished his first steps of inventing and re-inducing the slow phase of incorporated Art-Rock hearbeats to return alive again in much spiritual and distinctive abnormality of a productive work apart from the music media fake critics, away from the normal world ...

Psychic Hearts:

I'm Not A Scared Dog (Parlophone Records 1988)


Considerable as one of the important albums which supportively raising the awareness for giving voices more in helping the LGBT community to be heard by the global world as well as the soundtracking for every single-out party events around the planet within their Synth-Pop and Techno style kind of music; the Pet Shop Boys duo Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe must be that really important to the Pop scene and World of Music since they're established the group right in the early eighties. Becoming hits in Argentina, UK, Switzerland and Germany instantly; Introspective must be the fanatic group's fans ultimate choices to rocking the boat, giving souls for any partying and sing together in peace for the better world influences as the variety of beats mixing on it would inviting more and more mass to liking these British duo along the way. Introspective soon to becoming Pet Shop Boys' second greatest selling album of their career; eventually giving us evident for the using of better more sound orchestrations on it as well as the addition for blending Acid-House, Pop Dancing rhythms and futher of World Music beats in general - given the distinctive genre of Euro-Dance and Techno-Pop to booming like a success harvest after Summer. The longer progression of each tracks may reluctantly enjoyable and fun to lift up your endless night of hang-out and pleasuring the bored people searching the meaning of life back in good party crowds or clubs in most of the earth surface. So, either if you straight, gay, lesbian, transgender or bixesuals - the songs like Always On My Mind/In My House, Domino Dance or Left To My Own Devices shall dragging those lonely nites away for good, leaving only happiness and excitements to taste - pouring down like lusty honey mixed with milk onto you and your friends in equality togetherness ...


Rock 'Til You're Crazy (Capitol Records / EMI Electrola 1987)


   Don't under-estimates the new re-forming group MSG which aren't the same exact band like the former that used to be an acronym for Michael Schenker Group but now with the entering new member especially lead vocalist Robin McAuley to the band; everything might reading the same as MSG but stands for McAuley Schenker Group now. Along with guitarist Mitch Perry, Rocky Newton on bass guitar and Bodo Schofp the drummer, MSG coming back to the Rock arena with their debut album on this reforming times on a release of Perfect Timing. You and many fans of Hard Rock, Rock N' Roll, Pop Rock or even Heavy Metal shall get intensively amazed and won't stopping to headbanging as you follows this album in a highly satisfaction that really guaranteed from first to last. Standard mid-tempo, solid basslines, cranking beats, great vocals and acrobatic licks to total electric guitar solos can be heard everywhere the songs took you for a rock-listening ride through the highlighted anthemic tracks like Don't Stop Me Now, Gimme Your Love, No Time For Losers or Love Is Not A Game and many more. 
   You need to have this multi-national collaboration album straight for your collections because it should and a must to get; one of the moment in Hard Rock realm stories you really don't want to miss !

Perfect Timing:


Flawed To Perfection (EMI Records 1992)


   Londoners Hard Rock semi-legendary group consisting of vocalist Danny Bowes, Luke Morley (guitars, harmonica), Ben Matthews (guitars, keyboards), ark "Snake" Luckhurst (bass) and Gary James (drums, percussions) releasing their second sophomore record with the intense title Laughing on Judgement Day also with the additional help from The Big Bad Horns on brass section which seems sounded like somekind of Hard Rock answer to the Pop-Rock brass section and strings arrangements made by bands like Chicago or Toto with an intensive wiser messages or silly jokes lyrics to be pleasurably enjoyed by the fans and general audiences from the past to the future but mostly into these present days.
   Thunder is kind of the band whom always likely playing total on their performance and still carrying their fresh approaching like the mixing of Aerosmith's licks in Lou Gramm's vocals; Laughing on Judgement Day reaching the second spot on UK Rock charts as another good follower for their debut album before. The neat standard rock sounds and great solid production and leading skills or tempos probably would giving this album a pleasing critics as good as it can get from the Rock Media. Everbody Wants Her, Today The World Stopped Turning, Long Way From Home or the mid-tempo folk-coustic meets rocking harmonies on the ballad track Low Life In High Places will attracting you to know them more. Such a great recording that talking much or less about the end of days in such a positive way; trying to compromised that everything has an end but before that you need not doing nothing in wait but keep on walking, think smart, do things by the will and never giving up.

Nice Job - Thunder !!!

Laughing on Judgement Days:

Leatherface's Children (Massacre Records 2011)


Taken their road-rage cruise of Heavy Metal roots from several legendary names such as iron Maiden, Manowar, Judas Priest and Savatage clearly made these Victoria's Elm Street group members consisting of the quartet drummer Tomislav Perkovic, Brendan Farrugia on bass, Aaron Adie the lead guitarist and Ben Batres (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) with pride and headstrong on releasing their debut album Barbed Wire Metal which sounded quite awesome for a new band sounds righty from the down under nation. The excellent operatical drumming sounds within its double pedals penetration to the sharpening slice of melodic solos with the heavy riffs combination and rocking vocals creates theessential Heavy Metal performance for the newer generation and of course, the loyal headbangers worldwide. Produced by Ermin Hamidovic and Ed Repka done the artworks; you will love to dig more about this Australian Thrash Metal product, givng them good credits and then sharing with your friends and anyone who loves Heavy Metal - telling them about this great record. Try their "killer tracklist" from The Devil's Servants, Heavy Metal Power, Merciless Soldier to Metal Is The Way and feel the deeper heritage feelings of the strength bounds of both loud music and heavy duty necessity to raise your hands as the Metal road-terror in roam to crushing the lame-ass conservatives on the streets of your city !


Thursday Tuesday Rawg (C/Z Records 1990)


Often cited by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana as one of his favorite bands around; this Seattle's supersonic Grunge sounds of originalities from the Semi-Hardcore Punk band Coffin Break really could giving you a total confusion when hearing them. Forming by the duo of Rob Skinner (bass, vocals) and Peter Litwin (guitar, vocals) just like a two different bands living together without any social bound legality dancing in balance between panic punk Rock metallic and Pop culture; keeping their music anti-mainstreaming and locally in noise-sound products - preserved. The forms of straight-forward Punk Rock and distinctive Metallic Hardcore tempo blasting louder on the band's Rapture album, the second studio album recorded by them as Coffin Break the trio with the addition on drums by David Brooks and everyone can easily listening and imagines how then the Aberdeen trio really gets their total influences and ideas for writing songs for Bleach and Nevermind if it's not based over the tight influences off Coffin Break's Rupture. Throughout the cranking buzzed distortion and mass-quality of destruction Punk anthems on Vision of Never, Quiet Earth, Rosey Picture or 39 to the Poppish Jangle tunes on the semi-famous hit off the band's pocket Kill The President or the standard menu for Pop-Punk's urban story - Diane. Great album, great songs and more artistic Grungy lyrics to share ...



La Tourmente Pictures (Lively Art 1989)


They're sounded difficult to follow as the vocals coming colder and the bassline turned to monotonously keeping the guidance beats captured alive as their music soul's controller, the second album from Asylum Party - the Goth Rock and New Wave band from Courbevoie, France by the talented duo guitarist/vocalist Philippe Planchon and bassist, vocalist Thierry Sobezyk with an addition later filled by Pascale Mace on keyboards, sewing the self-written songs coated with catchy beats and solo leads and bridges recorded on this Borderline album. The trio collaborating what they can as in the influences, the experiences and the hopeful thoughts to getting smarter to written self-proclaimed album into the inner circle of Coldwave culture and community but Asylum Party really and remarkably accepted in a very friendly and equal bare-hands into this closest society and sub-culture groups. The revealing licks and power tempo of this band probably can be re-described as a new movement has arrived and within it comes despair, sorrows, cold winter rain effects and tears of losings which concluded also on the lyrics for those album's tracks for example - La Nuit, The Sabbath or First Days Of Winter and even the coexist of life-changes believer song Better Days Ahead. Such a wonderful well-produced, important product for the scene and the perfect dominance of low-tones baritone vocals, harmony guitar-play and good common senses for being sad and bored without asking you to kill yourself.


Swamp Thing Seriocity (Geffen Records 1986)


The Middleton, England Slow Rock with Goth-Wave touch and Post-Punk atmosphere sounds can be described as this UK band even there's a bid confusions between comparing this with the other Rock band with the same name back in US - so, that's why they're re-cogizing themselves especially in America as The Chameleons UK to avoid those mistakes again. The consisting band pioneer and loyal personel - Mark Burgess (vocals, bass guitar) recruits Reg Smithies (lead guitars, artworks), John Lever (drums, percussions) and Dave Fielding (guitars, strings) arranging their electric-slow rock or Goth-Pop tinged within a charming melody performance in standard tempo or slower to the Jangle Pop and catchy solo and basslines sounded similar to the combination between U2 minus Bono and R.E.M of the British version but even the numbness or dull-gence transformed by these quartet into a magnificent recording that you would love to listening to it for several times not because it's haunting or eerie but because the perfect record Stranger Times which filled with the smarter skills, good quality musicians and surprising techniques emerge in between or under the sythezising mechanic beats like through the mixing of Punk, Pop and New Wave as the tracks like
A great underrated band with real soul and will to giving their best to you and them. Soul In Isolation, Time / The End Of Time, Childhood, Caution and Mad Jack might turning into some of your neo favourite song anthems of the eighty-sixers.

Cheers to The Chameleons !!! 

Strange Times:

Trust Stripped Victoria (Food Records / EMI 1991)


   One of the British leading purveyor bands off the Alternative Dance scene on the nineties whose arming themselves with the music mixes of Electronic, Techno or House into Indie Rock format in original; the Bradford-on-Avon's group Jesus Jones relesing their second album and tasting fame since then right after the unfortunate stories about group reforming within no luck twice with different names before the idea for Jesus Jones came to mind in a quite fun background for these guys for awhile. Doubt releasing would be such a momentum for the band to re-capturing their visions and making great music up from plenty brilliant ideas for combining Techno-Rock with Alternative movements and setting the audiences with a new perspective of more simple lyrics, tranquillity beats but also didn't avoiding to forget to have fun are all concluded into the purposes of this recording release. With Mike Edwards (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Jerry DeBorg (guitars), Al Doughty (bass), Iain Baker (keyboards, programming) to Gen (drums, percussions); the group seeing their opportunity rising with the acceptance from the music markets for the album and the track-single hitting radio charts as well as the sells increasing numbers.
   International Bright Young Thing, Right Here, Right Now, Nothing To Hold Me, Real, Real, Real and Who ? Where ? Why ? are thus songs you must listening to know this band better - you need to feel the beat to accept them later as your Dance-Rock Sub-culture music saviour ...



Longtime Admit Children (EMI America 1991)


The eternal radio hit in total Dance Rock attacks brought by the single Unbelievable back in the midst of ninety one from the album Schubert Dip recorded by the English Synth-Pop/Alternative Electro group named EMF which also funny cause they used to change the acronym every months from Epsom Mad Funkers to Ecstacy Mother Fuckers to Eat More Fruits, etc. This young fresh group from Cinderford, Gloucestershire within six-piece members: James Soul Atkin (vocals, guitar), Mark DeCloedt (drums), Derry Brownson (keyboards, samples), Stevey Marsh (bass), Ian Dench (guitars, keyboards) and DJ Milf (turntable, programming) suddenly in prominence finding themselves already reaching number three in UK and top ten in the US music charts with Schubert Dip in releasing as their different dancing beats and poisonous Electronic began to get a grip onto the trendy music pendulum moving towards more Pop-Dance beats between New Wave resurrection and Techno-Rock that offers the real alternative for the great taste to the young listeners whose already getting bored with general rock forms at that time. EMF really becoming an instant hits for Pop Music in the nineties era even for the people whose never know about them before - just listening the hit single Unbelievable can easily attracted and turning someone to liking them very quickly. Besides that, this band also having other tracks to dig in for school dance party or clubbing time in liquidity purposes like Travelling Not Running, Long Summer Days, Girl Of An Age or I Believe; in a great choice of various beats to lift up the night and your miserable lives.


Desperate Remedies City (Roadracer Records 1990)


   Would it be that Xentrix is the Preston, Lancashire real British answer to the Metal fame resurrection closely to Metallica sounds ? Consisiting of quartet Chris Astley, Dennis Gasser, Kristian Havard and Paul MacKenzie know firstly a Sweet Vengeance playing covers before decided to change their name to Xentrix. From their second recording album with wiser title - For Whose Advantage ? this UK's next generation of NWOBHM legacy to the rising fast of brilliant Thrash Metal with brains finally erupts their flicks. Written lyrics mostly telling stories about politics, madness, corruption and sosiety problems; the Xentrix quartet really can build the awesome metallic sounds character for their own as you can consider them genius metalheads. Ten tracks out of this album shall blown your brains out for example The Human Condition, False Ideas, The Bitter End and New Beginnings - all talking seriously about how the globe has been rules by a dictatorship underlining their basic daily needs over the vast increasing technology and slowly let mankind enslaving themselves to the rise of machines. The wealthy men in suits, the giant corporations whose running the shows and every aspects under one order, one command but For Whose Advantage ?
As the this nightmare begins, the new days turns crimson ...


Back From Beyond Fire (Restless Records 1993)


A Pro-Poverty people's strength hose reclaiming back the rights and the power with violence plunged hard and raw in both concepts and lyrics through Punk, Hardcore and Thrash Metal music grabbed instantly in sudden you legally cranking up Uncle Slam exploding sounds on your stereo. Similar to the legendary Sucidal Tendencies sounds; these Beverly Hills trio of Todd Moyer (vocals, guitars), Simon Oliver (bass, backing vocals) and Amery AWOL Smith on drums shall initiatively proclaiming their slam-dancing forged semi brutal and speeding faster Thrash Metal cross-over to make your parents deaf and drooling nuts after you put this Will Work For Food album on the exposing PA's in over the craze of the craziest volume. Digging these eleven maniac tracks of pure energy and hatred among the fucked up world conditions and since plenty problems didn't have any reasonable solutions, the angry youth may find their angst blown up like hot lava through this kind of record of Heavy Metal absurdity talking about sarcasm of poilitical jokes, war, chaos or street riot wrapped by the infamous demolishing total sounds that will either saving you or broke some of your bones in the process. Listening to the anthem right from the grassroots core of social problems today on Dominant Submission, Face the Fight, Roadkill, Left for Dead or the rest of the road-raged songs listed on the album.

This is not your daily Uncle Sam - Fuck Off !!!


Blodssvik Dauden (Head Not Found 2013)


Another Norway finest but short-lived Black Metal Classic band from Sogndal; disbanded only because of the death of their respective vocalist Valfar. From Windir fourth recording full studio album Likferd still talking much ado about Viking's myths and misanthropy and war of history through decades upon the Northern parts of the ancient world over the grips of Viking Nation armies. As the line-up for Windir itself they're keyboardist Righ, Strom (lead guitar), Sture (rhythm guitar), bassist Hvall and drummer Steingrim run in amok blasting their total raging of darkness lyrics and brutality through the Extreme Black Metal sound within the releases of this Likferd record. Furious and fiercing or perhaps, sharpen slicing and the double pedals which giving you a devastating effects by combination only to be tamed a bit artistically by the couragous melodic play from the keyboadist to keep their essential arts of Pagan Black Metal in balance in abindance. The crafting metallic noises nerve shall totally deminishing the weaken but for the true fans of Black Metal, this recording must be effectively and ultimately fucking awesome to listening after doing the bloody ritual or before the sacrificial ceremony of a white virgin woman helplessly lying down upon the altar of orgy and blasphemous glory as the offering for the ancient gods and goddesses by the old sacred way. Led the runistic readings or the spell formation within the break of dawn through On The Mountain Of Goats or Resurrection Of The Wild which deliberates the best Progression of riffs anf heavy music to bang your head with or the illuminated Martyrium to Fagning as you might also find out the cool basslines along some of the tracks part that gave us a small modern touch over the Classic Black Metal dark celebration for the dead soul finally reaching to Pagan Heaven shore as the pilgrims been killed or driven away to the sea.
A victorious winning march for Pagan Viking against religious humanity ...


Neogenesis Green Reflection (Tabu Recordings 2004)


Combining the influences from all over the place - Melodic Black Metal, Viking Metal, Progressive Rock and Ambient since those two old friends Ivar Bjornson and Grutle Kjellson being under the influence of Immortal demo tape. Establishing their own group - Enslaved (next) to be one of the most important bands of the Norwegian Extreme Metal scene since then; this Haugesund's Metalheads proudly releasing their simple titled album Isa with the line-up consisting of Ice Dale (guitars), Cato Bekkevold (bass) and Hebrand Larsen (keyboards, mellotron, piano, hammond) presenting the trademark eerie sounds of the Northern coldest winter and blistering frozen storm ready to captured and kill anyone lost or unfortunate of being trapped in the middle of it as victims. The power of Metal Progressive on Lunar Force or Ascension to Violent Dawning bursting the essential Black Metal classic type of music - brutal, dangerous and of course artistically dark with screaming vocals on the scary high pitch and the demolishing riffs ready to tearing your head aparts in minutes but the total assembly of melodic arrangements and creative mixes really helping to create the most cranking record with the magic taste of Pagan rites and Norse historic backgrounds as well as the infamous keyboard's play - excellent for accompanying us all for the burial ceremony of the ancient North as Isa album itself giving us more recognition to be a salutation for Viking heritage or warmly could concluded to bare within the dead body to proudly stepping into the next life in Valhalla.


Tap, Twist, Snap And Deliver (Lava Records / Atlantic 1997)


Produced by David Kahne as the raising flag of the next generation of Cross-Over noise which called Modern Nu Metal by the media erupts; giving more opportunity for this Newport Beach former Funk Metal turned to the chameleon mix-max beats band taken their name from the legendary boxer Sugar Ray that role-leading by vocalist Mark McGarth, Rodney Sheppard (lead guitars), Murphy Karges (bass, backing vocals), Stan Frazier (drums, percussions) and Craig Bullock alias DJ Homicide (turntable, samples, keyboards, programming) fusing the corporated blending of hipster sounds from sick jokes, sarcasm, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Punk-Pop, Hip Hop and Reggae to Funky-lite style into their superb collisions for the nineties and beyond Rock Music consumes. Floored must be sounded like it is created firstly for soundtracking an illegal drag-race scattered taken places around California but then we all realized that Sugar Ray intended to recording and releases Floored as a ticket to pass the tricky Nu Metal schooly tests and this album absolutely can be considered as a good breakthrough after the controversy surrounding the band's "too sexy" debut record's front cover. Go fuck yourself into speeding up chasing with highway police within RPM or Speed Home California to the more standard Modern Metal mixes on Breath, Anyone and High Anxiety or just try the hit which later becoming Sugar Ray's classic Fly on this one too.
You won't be depressed for having this cranked up loud and your dead neighbors wouldn't complaining also for listening great choice of noisy mixed music.