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Vivace Andante Dance (Columbia Masterworks 1969)


Becoming blind by car accident on his age of seventeen and since then writing his music and lyrics using Braille for the rest of his musical career - the guru and pioneer of Avant-Garde/Minimalist sounds with Jazz tones influences Louis Thomas Hardin let himself be known widely as Moondog; creating the most ultimate symphonic compositions that remarkably contemporary but also can agelessly reaching the every single joint in Modern Music as if one is a certain loyal fans of Classical recordings and fully symphonic composed record lover should glad and smiling happy for having this opportunity to listening to one of Moondog's finest old album such as this self-titled one. Moondog album was released on the sixty-nine as the complete works of the Big Band and orchestral materials which would giving you a very delighted pleasurement of magic within every parts of its deeper and wider ocean of harmonies reflection and the soft approaches of both the productions and the extra-curricular bonuses surrounding this album. The thick influences from both imaginable Sorcery-land au fantasia and the Sci-fi connections should clearly shown on the composition tracks here like Symphonique #3 (Ode To Venus) and the opening Theme or Stamping Ground through the epic bigger composition entitled Mini-Sym #1 divided into three different vocal tones or the magnificent malefic Witch of Endor all completed in six minutes and thirty seconds but feels like forever endlessly to you. One might fell asleep and dreaming or seeing wonderful things coming out of the supernatural daydreaming caused by this effects of Moondog music performance. the sweetener
The neat and exact profiled works which would written this man's name to eternity long after his prescence gone ...


Cat's Squirrel (Reaction 1966)


Fresh Cream is the great debut recording released by the British Superpower Blues-Rock group Cream formed by the legendary best names on the business - the trio: drummer Ginger Baker, bassist and singer Jack Bruce to the main man lead guitars and vocals Eric Clapton back on the early sixties boosting the groovy calls of the magic blends on Psychedelic Blues and Hard Rock as their ultimate tuning sounds.
Armed with the amazing skills, hyper-sonic feedback craze and long jam-sessions solos of the proto progressions highlighted here on Fresh Cream - one of the important recordings to completed your universal Rock Music collections today and from this album we got the chances to listening to the greatest performance from the Cream trio in their original sounds through the combinations of others musical instruments played also by them like harmonica, cello, piano and organ to complete the sound effects made and carried with the soft air of Rock Revolution's air on the evening within Rollin' And Tumblin', Sweet Wine, Dreaming, Spoonful and N.S.U even when we must not weary for listening to the mono version of this record.

Gladly, Creamy, Bluesy ...


How I Escaped My Certain Fate (Ace Of Hearts Records 1982)


Sometimes, somewhere when Peter Prescott (drums, vocals, percussions), Roger Miller (guitar, vocals, piano and trumpet), Clint Coley (bass guitar, vocals) and Martin Swope (tape operation, percussion, cover and sleeve design) decided to formed Mission Of Burma - the Punk-Hardcore and power-play group, writing their own collectible protesting songs on this debutant record (not yet joining the infamous SST Records) at that time but already showing their incredible talents for being smartly struggling survivors to inspires more and more new young group after their years to staying independent and creative. Having their main force lies onto the lyrics as the stories from those tracks like Train, Dead Pool, Weatherbox, Mica or The Ballad Of Johnny Burma actually not sounded too angry in firing angst to spit out by the band but the more inner layer of their distinctive musical style in which combining the cold part of Goth Punk, Hardcore-Pop or the Alternative possibilities towards what you might calling  them an experiment made flesh in Indie actions to bare on the recording facility of cassette or discs that met again here to the last time of cassettes and vinyl to the revolutionary of compact discs by the bigger company. The Post-Punk profiles of the semi-legendary band's from the Bean Town - Boston; criticized the governments for the social problems and higher prices on primary needs should be indicated to this relation about how the band's fighting their beliefs that believed to be true by them just like the blossoming blue flowers from under the cement-covered small road carrying the soft protests and intense rock beats onto you to think again and make a chance ...

VS Link:

Similar Genocide Items (Alternative Tentacles 1984)


Playing the weirdest Punk and Hardcore fast and crazy attitude tempos and having this debut album release to giving more succumbed protesting the injustice violent world for keep ignoring the gap and power balance only for being conquers by some small powerful secret society feasting on our problematic fears and limped economy rate's blood with their seems to be an endless thirst that never can be satisfied. The sefl-titled album of this Lansing, Michigan group looks like the audio sound of George Orwell's Animal Farm in a dark Punk Rock version with the evil spitting germy lyrics from  Democracy Spawns Bad Taste, Go Bankrupt And Die, Cops For Fertilizer and more clever moves of leading people to learn more about the daily local and national issueswe all needed to solve to stop them from destroying the average and poorer citizens from being raped by the authority's greedy powers. Led by the screeching funny but wicked vocals from Doc Corbin Dart as well as the other names of both permanent or temporary band members like Scott Fagersten, Gus Varner, Marc Hauser to Steve Shelley serving their time of being Independent and rebellious to make The Crucifucks - one of the famous bands named to be legendary; natively a raw-crust products of this local town of the punk Rock scene of Michigan and thus intimidates answers from this state area over the existence of Jello Biafra and his co.

Chaotic full of angst:

Monica Seneca (Thrill Jockey 2000)


Based on the entirely instrumental experiments collaboration music coleectively for blending kinds of many mainstreams to Indie roots of sounds from Jazz, Dub, Krautrock to Electronic and minimalist music incorporated is the main idea to starting this Chicago's breakthrough group - Tortoise. Early formed by thus two brilliant musicians Doug McCombs and John Herndon as the free-world rhythm sections dreamer doing whatever they're wanted to do since the rapid continuity on Prog-Rock and the bigger interest to gain the intensive power of grooves to grown up better aparts from the mainstreamed wrotic minds that only craving for more money oriented aims; these solid and semi-underground band already pushing their recording works several times to the Inde market, targeting loyal fans and some good objective listeners as well as their fourth Post-Rock album - Standards which contains the excessive force of experimentations without vocals at all on it which for this type of music genre - a terrible failure awaits but eventually, sometimes luck might struck also at them. The classic Reggae-Dub and Electro beats giving the gloomy colors to the main course of Indie Jazz and Slow-Pop-Core within the retro sounds of too many confusing beautiful tones and small disturbance others surrounding your hearing sense area. From Eros to Benway to Six Pack and Blackjack; every single thing related to a purpose to spreading the chilling out delibaration of this celibate music style just like the inculturative commencing of love-making by the older wisdom and the modern sensuality in a room on a cheap motel.


Al-Masih Ad-Terror (Sunrise Records 2014)


   Le Parissien painter artist turned to extremist underground musician because he needs to interpreting his arts into a more realistic dimension as Maxime Taccardi finally found the answers in Dark Ambient Music as the sub-genre branches of Black Metal atmospheric. Taken the anonymous new identity under K.F.R or Kafir which means disbeliever in Arabic and collectively - blending his knowledge and mystitism beliefs over Occults, Dajjal, Sorrow and Anti-Religion points of view; K.F.R recorded and releasing its first record Anti. Suitable with the main title, this record is really dark and disturbing by having the low production facilities and really sounded underground in ritualistic blurred mono recording. the shocking effects and the culminative negativity might too thick for leaving its staind all over the doomed symphonic orchestrations and deranged strings or keyboards affections seemed to showing the audiences a new narrow way to freedom of mankind minds which not many of you can crossing safely through it to heaven's on Earth started with these blasphemously desperated tracks like Am I So Ugly, Let Me Be The Vomit Guiding Your Mouth or There Is No God But Him as the displays of serious mocking on the fucked faker religions that you beliefs today.

Converts Now ...


Shampagne For Real Pain (Island Def Jam Music Group 2005)


The most successful Emo-Rock or Indie Pop-Punk band in the world after Blink 182 and Greenday: the Wilmette, Illinois' quartet of Patrick Stump (vocals, guitars), Joe Trohman (lead guitars), Pete Wentz (bass, vocals) and Andy Hurley (drums); first only just a fun joking side project from Wentz and Trohman but then after the releasing of their second full album - From Under The Cork Tree, the quartet finding themselves in the middle of real instant success and MTV's new superstars acclaimed by the most internationally famous media giving them the positive credits for their amazing self-written album (even) entirely - the record telling the listeners stories about the struggling survival life as the ugly kids, th geeky nerds, the retards and the losers' avenging the world completed with the chaotic driven Prom Party and those stupid football matches with hot cheerleaders, silly mascot and dumb-ass macho players wrapped in a medium sandwich called High-School and you can also take a bite on it. Classic, Hard-rocking, romantic and awesome in energy thorugh the clean high vocals from Mr. Stump or the popular magic songs being hits for almost every radios in town across America like Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued, I've Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song), A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"; mostly touching the sensitive side of teenage-angst living and problems very easily and catchy that even still suits for the middle-age people incidently listening to this album too. The biggest achievements for Fall Out Boy to forever be unforgettable and touching the Modern Rock zenith is after the huge success for their two hits Dance Dance and Sugar We're Goin' Down reaching the top of both Uk's and U.S Billboard Charts and entirely, this band finally captures every single person's attention who likes Rock Music in this world since then. Fall Out Boy not only bringing the opening new stylish looks for ordinary rockers to mixing silly pairs into a cool outlook but also opening the last chest for completing the curse over Emo Rock's last days of  a very short moment and then slowly, slipped and gone ...

From Under The Cork Tree:

Build God, We'll Talk (Decaydence / Fueled By Ramen 2005)


   Pop Punk or Modern Rock or even Emo can becoming too harshwhen you got the more adultry topics to be written as lyrics for songs such as the broke up sanctity of marriage, mental health, prostitutions and alcohol addicts stories and that's what happening when you found out the debut record from Panic At The Disco somewhere behind your older siblings collections rack. This Las Vegas quartet's debut album A Fever You Can't Sweat Out is the actual efforts of the prolong periods of hardworking that already made by the childhood friends Ryan Ross (guitars) and Spencer Smith (drums) as being completed by Brendan Urie (rhythm guitar, lead vocals) and John Walker replacing the original bassist Brent Wilson and the waiting finally over for the debut record that already released slowly begin to crawls up to the 101 Modern Rock Charts and Kerrang 50 Best Rock Albums in 2000's as well that lead vocalist Brendan Urie's pretty looks attracting more and more female fans and young girls to the band's shows and the tour schedules also arranged to launch in the nearby meantime. More Poppier with their catchy mixes between Modern Rock and Indie Baroque influences might giving the small differences for the touching taste of tracks highlighted on the debut such as The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage, Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off, Nails For Breakfast, Tacks For Snacks or There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet; shall giving the young listeners a good example to liking literature study again after listening to this record. The best moment for Panic At The Disco must be when their Pop-Goth dramatized hit single I Write Sins not Tragedies becoming the international music television stars and radios making these quartet caught by the shocking fame living in front of themselves to be hillariously questioned only by the time to tell.


Peace Pipe Carnival (Columbia Records 1992)


The opening track Highway Jones already given us alarming about how soulful and groovy this album can really become and you'll wait no more to admiring that the statement is one hundred percent true within head shaking for hardly cannot believing how awesome this Brother album honestly sounded like. Thank you so much for the band whom recording it - Cry of Love which natively from North Carolina must be the guilty pleasure party to blame for all these amazing crazy music compositions and the riff-chords and the insane Bluesy melodies wrapped up on their rooted strong of Southern Rock grips. It's definitely okay to be amazed by the clean classy vocals from the lead singer Kelly Holland, the rhythm section on bass and drums - Jason Patterson and Rob Kearns to the band's main spotlight man guitarist Audley Freed whom strongly giving everything he got by skills and techniques on his six strings weapon and blessings this recording with fully Power Grooves like everlasting. Let yourself falling into the finest air guitar action releases as there shall be nothing but a rocking good time with or without beers or liquors for listening to finest next tracks such as Bad Thing, Too Cold in The Winter and Pretty As You Please. One of the perfect short-living Southern Comfort's rock bands from the Deep South and the perfect alliance and competitor for the established names in Southern Rock lot like The Black Crowes; which might seeing Cry of Love to craving cashes out of them slowly with this debut album.


Avenger Argument (Feel Presents 2012)


Decided to make their comeback somewhere before the end of days of the millennium time; this seminal Alternative Metal/Post-Hardcore group from Adelaide, Australia - The Mark of Cain recording their most intense album of all-time of their rock career after Battlesick album first out a very very long time ago. The similarity Trash-Core heavy sounds under the shades of Rollins Band or Helmet blasting pretty hard from over this extended full album playlists taking control onto the subversive ideas of lyrics as the band talking about various subjects from the guerilla's rebel war to the slaughter of Balkans to the unstable geo-politic situations over Arab Paninsula and taken Henry Rollins to featured on the power grooves track Grey 11.
There's no need to asking questions about Songs of the Third and Fifth in general but listened cause the trio of John Scott (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Kim Scott (bass, vocals) and drummer John Steiner (ex-Helmet) aren't the kind of talk-active persons but decided to speak louder through their Hard Rock music as the tempos and some chords or melodies would reminding the listeners to the early and smart skills from Tom Morello as John Steiner's drumming leads the rhythmic blasts like an IUD explosions right front of your face. Nine tracks that neglected the sore comeback for these Aussie rockers but for couple a while it is very entertaining to shovel the needs for news recovery to our heads against post present-days amnesia.

Songs Of The Third And Fifth:

Steak Knife Coffin Case (Bad Trip Records 1982)


   Confusing times back on the late seventy-eight era where topic like Gas Chamber or Homo-Sexual are definitely a serious subjects of news or controversially conversations lead to arguments and then fight breaks on the streets; just like what kinds of the effects off reality and drugs possibly will affecting lots of people studied by the Hardcore Punk group from LA - Angry Samoans.
Led charismatically by the fearless leader vocalist "Metal Mike" Saunders, P.J Galligan (guitars), Gregg Turner (guitra, vocals), Todd Homer (bass, vocals) and drummer Bill Vockeroth bringing their semi-chaotic super fast music and incredible lyrics based on spontanious honesty and middle class anger to the more established society along with some other hated subjects or objects mainly go into the band's meal's course lists. This highly contagious full debut album - Back From Samoa would giving a very bad advertisement about how Samoan hates tourist but actually, the time tells us that this band is just another white thrashy products like the smart Lights Out or My Old Man's A Fatso, even the governments didn't do anything to stop the album from distributed. The inlay actual on the record says differently; cause inside anyone shall finding the true layers of inner-core revolt rock form of the band with their angst messages cursing almost everything's daily with the closely near melodious Metal solos and choruses and the explosive Punk Rock acts that will bring your kids to up against you and your stupid policy and your fucking lame social values then pissed their guts out on them. Angry Samoans aren't just ordinary non-Samoa people whose really angry, they're the soul of shorter Punk Rock songs that impatiently awaits to snapping your neck and pull it out for good, You Stupid Jerk consumtive fucks and your slutty Capitalism too.

Back From Samoa:

Argh Fuck Kill (Toxic Shock 1986)


   Anti-Social and regardless to any normal society and if its not quite explicit, Dayglo Abortions will still have to giving you more of their sick-minded creativity against the professional modern retarded citizens of the planet whether it's the gory arts or shitty dirt-thrower curses lyrics upon you and your pathetic soul. This Victoria B.C of Canada's Hardcore Metal unit is definitely underground but not being sub-merged deeper away from the surface; these sickening people decided to have collison with the authorization society as the class actions or bigger than that - The clash of civilization.
   Feed Us A Fetus must be the next process album after the previous one and this time the power-core violent trio Jesus Bonehead (drums), Spud (bas, vocals) and The Cretin (guitars, vocals) remarkably and shocking the nations up by putting the presidential pair of Ronald and Nancy Reagan on a disgusting buffet a'la Whitehouse policy which looks awkward but fits but might be a smaller controversy compare to the blasphemous song-lists on the album itself like Stupid Songs, Dogfarts, Wake Up America, Die Sinner Die, Religious Bumfucks, I'm My Own God and I Killed Mommy; deranged and abrassive - scary and infected to any of your children whose going to affected sooner or later and brought chaos unleashed to this perfect peaceful world. As the agressions is powerful and exact to attack through words and ideas - the damnation of this fucking world is just minutes away around the corner.

   This album is dedicated to Mrs. Tipper Gore - so, she can use this as dildo.
Go fucking listen to this or GoFuckYerself !!!


Snakebite Talkin' (MCA Records 1988)

Blending the traditional Blues Rock experiences with the more mainstream Hard Rock and Hair Metal culture through their roots of Punk and Glam misfortuned attitude; The San Francisco group Jetboy probably one of your delighted choices for learning more about the early movements of Hair Metal of LA as Jetboy crews moved to the city of Angels not long after sealed their record deal in Hollywood. Founded by the guitarists Billy Rowe and Fernie Rod; completed with Todd Crew, Sam Yaffa of Hanoi Rocks, Ron Tortenson to Mickey Finn and Charles Norman or many other names whose come and go along with the ill-reputations moments of the band's experiences the sleazy world of rock music. Carrying their early glamour style of Rock N' Roll and Metal tinged naturally just like Guns N' Roses or New York Dolls in drug influences - closely too dangerous and too cheesy not to enjoy by listening. The mid-range tempos of straight rock and druggy melodic solos and catchy tracks are the perfect combination for thi band's debut album Feel The Shake to set the blasts with the outragous rebel-rock sense off  the anthemic Make Some Noise, Bad Disease, Hometown Blues or Locked In A Cage; finding the right purposes for the new degradated generation of the West Coast Metal World to grown up and sinked its teeth deeper and injecting poison into the mainstream Pop Culture smooth flesh ...


Calico Jack Mutiny (Noise International 1988)


   As this tracks and even the album itself seems to be recorded far away in the deep and remote dirty damp studio somewhere on the small alley of Tortuga Island, the Speed Pirate Metal band from Hamburg, Germany - Running Wild really meant their silly jokes and funny lyrics seriously and this time releasing of Port Royal seems also to be a very good decision to do before the wind carries their fleets away back to the sea again. Port Royal record tells us stories about mostly Pirates days diary, conspiracy, Satanism or just plainly history through Raging Fire or Into The Arena which sounded epic rocking for the opener tracks.  Cemented their solidify of the consisting members for this album are Stefan Schwarzmann on drums, Jenz Becker the bass player, Majk Moti on shreddings departement and lead vocalist and frontman guitarist Rock N' Rolf making this performance sounded closer to any Andy Deris and Helloween's actions but only with a few mercy and less Parleys on the same energy. We shall having them all from the blast-crashed Power Metal regencies on Conquistadores and Blown To Kingdom Come to the lost instrumental session whilst abandoned in the middle of an ocean through Final Gates.
   So, drink more in marry and find yerself a new ship-crew, gathered thee and prepare. Tomorrow we'll set sail again - by the devil's will !

Port Royal:

Steamroller TK-421 (Unsound Records 1998)


   Often cited Fear Factory and Slayer as their great influences among others but in the real life this Nu Metal band form Providence, Rhode Island playing their mid-tempo raw side of Modern Metal with Screamo vocals like a Cross-over of something popped out of The Pop Culture around Rock realm itself. Drawing their abilities for going out to showing the world by completed the maximum mixies on Hardcore, Industrial Punk, Alternative Rock and Post-Metal buzzsaw sharpen threads to any ears probably, done louder enough on this Kilgore's second album
A Search For Reason. By the time Kilgore releasing their works - Metal scene in the mainstream US soil is already conquered by Hip Metal and Nu Metal regime led by Korn or Fred Dyrst and co. leaving not many spaces for more further creativies for the latercomers especially bands whose just following trends without have something to sell and Kilgore might being their butts stuck into those category of lame followers lists. Anyway, this good album should be enough to pushing your curiosity away because everything's been separately replaced by thus anxiety tracks of misfortunes and alienated themes from Kilgore such as In Medias Res, Prayers For The Dying, Lullaby For Your Casket, Drop The Hammer or Double-Edged Sword.
   Jay Berndt on lead vocals, Bill Southerland (drums), Steve Johnson the bass player and guitarist Mike Pelletier seems unstoppable at one time - smashing things onto the sound system within feedback and terrorizing Rap-Core rhythmic grooves that instantly never stop ...


Erez Azul Siempre (Factory Records 1993)


Despite of their scary band's name Kraken - actually, this Hard Rockers from Medellin, Colombia playing a heart-felted harmony of Pop Metal in Spanish lyrics working their asses to be success in the recording world and as their works already being known to the locals and other fans from South American continents; the group members Andres Leiva (guitar), Ricardo Wolff (guitar), Julian Puerto (drums), Luis Alberto Ramirez (bass guitar), Ruben Gelvez (keyboards) and lead vocals Elkin Ramirez proceeded their existence long before the famous names artists from the same region resurfacing to the international mainstream charts like for example the sexy Shakira. Kraken band might be lacking of good productions and poor sound-system on the releasing of the group fourth album IV (Piel De Cobre) which terribly awful in its sound recording but even almost like mono recordings, the group itself still can manage to rocking out through some of their good self-written songs like Lenguaje De Mi Piel, America, O'Culto and Vive or if you liking a cheesy ballad that sounded romantically bad - just try to listening to the track Sensibilidad. Don't forget to catch the keyboards and the catchy drum plays that really would reminding you a lot of the eighties Slow Rock Music you used to loved.


Bloodkult Disgrace (Mascot Records 2010)


Forming back from the day Speed Metal born before anything extremes invented - Heathen the Sonora, San Francisco's Melodic Speed Metal Thrash band must be one of the pioneers that keep making louder music and banging tempos faster, heavier and dangerous. Now on the present days, Heathen showed up and shocking everyone with their newest recording since the last album released in the early nineties; The Evolution Of Chaos will definitely carrying Heathen non-commercial genre of speeding and breathing fire through his mouth - vocalist David White (nowadays with the baldy head), three backing-vocals with speciality of Lee Altus/Kragen Lum within their bassist Jon Torres (R.I.P) and mighty drummer Darren Minter. Based on the degradation of any kinds of men through the so called "Human Extinctions Count-Down" where mostly of us will falling down hard and gone - lost, vanished. Control by Chaos that backed-up by mighty Speed basher-blasters or Dying Season - the apocalypses' megatons of total bursting of thus fast frets of riffs and chords powerful enough to ripped your body's up into two and the band's comeback sounds sounded a bit similar to the last Anthrax's record but truly, faster. Just like the combinations of Metallica with Megadeth in all one record; Heathen really knows about how to acts and performs making them beloved by the fans and the independent media. Smart, skillful, radiating radio through the entire earth and telling them that the Anti-christo already walks the planet again nowadays. No more good Samaritan, nowadays - we're going to shoot the trouble makers down. Evolve to be humans is never completed with thus Blue lines to respecting thus who died this time of the year - fallen one by one to bottomless pit ...


Parliament Of The Prophecy (Nordic Metal 1994)


As the high tones range vocals moving from the screamer of Judas Priest to the more calmer Symphonic Metal style of Ronnie Dio or Bruce Dickinson, the band itself driving their course right in between the Pagan Nordic traditional Metal and Gothic Rock tempos within the heavy Doom riffs and sharp-edgy solos; Lord Bane has given the group Lord Bane a distinctive Progressive Music of their own. These Boston's trio metalheads Shawn Ames (guitar, cello, lyrics), Wes Bordelon (drums, snare, vocals) and Eric Yawnaway (bass, double bass) with Jason McCaig (violin, cello, vocals) really scratching the surface or shaken the surroundings by their powerful yet independent material with self-esteem and an excellent tracks compositions in double pedal destructions to the Nordic history retold and repeated by the elders to our kin through some of those Progressive Music; Moriah, Queen Ann, Born to Die or Like a Lion shall giving you the enlightments situations to whom it may concern. The longest rally and the touch from basslines or tore down the skin-bashers equipments just to sniffing that there whenever happened inside the Earth pond of area which always been drought the whole year ...


So You Say You Lost Your Baby (Concrete 2002)


Coming back with their huge progress on music and massive good critics by the media for this third album from Death In Vegas - the British Electronic Rock and Psychedelica Trip-Hop group formed as the brainchild project of Richard Fearless with his lads Tim Holmes although the last name actually, didn't considerable as the core member for the group but anyway - the Scorpio Rising record not only solid-coated with huge choices of Pop culture ingredients as well as the manic number of samples and weird noises collectively mixed and cook inside this fantastic recording; not to mentioned more that there are some awesome name-lists of famous artists and singers featured on Scorpio Rising such as - Liam Gallagher (Oasis), Hope Sandoval, The Jam's leading man Paul Weller, Gary "Mani" Mounfield the Stone Roses bass player to newer female singer Dot Allison. The infamous recording made flesh and sounds by Death in Vegas or the almost perfect collaboration of song-writing and music composing from both Mr. Fearless and Mr. Holmes creating the beauty and the mystic of mysteries over the intuitive beautiful songs like 23 Lies and slow Alt-Country touch of Killing Smile to the more Techno Rock oriented such as Leather, Girls or Hands Around My Throat completed with the sarcastic stories of deceptions and separation just like the tragic death of our Rock N' Roll King Elvis leaving his precious wife, family and fortune. You can slowly capturing the depressions and the wiser thoughts inside this album, sitting alone as you watching the ceiling or thus empty bed which seems like all the living spirits had already leaving you behind in boring quietness. The beats from Scorpio Rising would either haunts you to your near death experience try-out or it's going to supports you through bad days and surviving one more day ahead.

No one knows except you ...


Unfinished Sympathy (Wild Bunch Records 1991)


Used to be a non-profit protest group during the Gulf War against the British Government involves and having their nick-name Massive then later on added to Massive Attack - still the core duo playing their parts for protesting through their music that blending Trip Hop, Jazz, Dub-Reggae, Alternative Indie Hip Hop and Electronics; this Bristol's calm microphones might be quiet and sounded saver but their lyrics are smarter jus like the dangerous mixing over their retro beats and Chill-Out music. The debut album from them is Blue Lines which consisting of the collaboration works from the trio members of Massive Attack: Robert Del Naja (vocals, keyboards), Daddy G Marshall (vocals) and Andrew "Mushroom" Vowles (keyboards) as well as the band's featured singer and musicians credited for this album from Shara Nelson's vocals on Safe From Farm, One Love with the vocals from Horace Andy to the strings arranger and more tracks with the Massive Attack signatured sounds like Five Man Army, Hymn Of The Big Wheel (feat. Neneh Cherry) or Daydreaming. One shall looking out no more for having this ultimate UK's Trip-Hop kings dubbing their beat-street ways to force your ears to surrender and dance but behind it, there are true meaning of the never ending struggle flame for fighting the injustice among men in the entire British Isles and the rest of the globe ...

Caution - flammable !


January Blacklight Omen (Self-Released 2016)


   Firing-rocket marathon in between the Modern Metal, Symphonic Rock and Post-Hardcore Progressive probably a kind of new thing for any bands from Hermosillo City, Mexico to honestly become one to themselves type of music performance but this story is real and the beginning of this new genre scene might have been pioneering by these Mexicano creative rockers on the band named Lost Nebula - whose coming in the international Progressive Rock scenery and brought their amazing grooves and total killer song compositions. Big gracias must be credited to the band members: the beautiful vocalist Quetzalin Dominguez, the mastering shreds duet Julio Becerra and Oscar Valencia, Harry Gonzalez the bass player and drummer Octavio Vega - presenting the gorgeous yet magnificent performance in highly skillful musical which definitely shall reminding you about the more independent version of early Dream Theater with female voice powers. The futuristic metropolis artworks leads the album Stories Set in The Future on truly, getting its grip tight and there's nothing wrong but perfections compliment granted onto this brilliant record. The other good points must be based on how the band's objectively choose to sing in English - perhaps, the reality of going internationally global in recognition became their main aim to go on further. Complicated but very delicious to listening are these finest tracks with classic concepts of Progressive Metal basic that can be found on Soul Sleep which divided into three songs each with it's own sub-story or the opening mega track Survival isn't Free which showing the awesome session of the collision between grooves and heavy beats like sledgehammer duel and the intense spotlight for the band's sensual, tough and smart angelic voice frontwoman Ms. Dominguez for being exists here with her band to give us speechless entertainment on Modern Heavy Metal lessons.

La Rapida para el Futuro Famoso !



Donkey Pimp Jam (Self-Released 2016)


The album is strangely been called Swimmer or The Egg by the Burlington's Alternative Garage Jazz-Rock group with the same name simply as Swimmer. This experimental band creatively mixed their jamming musical in actual garage session atmosphere and written their own compositions more to keeping them to themselves rather than shared to the outside world but luckily it is not beyond or out of reach; these musicians just wanted to do what they're wanted to do without thinking too much about the percentages or money-oriented kind of recording. trancending their likes of Funk, Jazz, Electronica and Rock; Matt Dolliver, Cotter Ellis, Joe Agnello, Jack Vignone and Paul Klein playing the formation of neat Jazzy and Modern grooves with the gutural beats or drumming to the catchy riffs from guitars and many hours of serious practice until these Swimmers brave enough to releasing the album. The highly projectory of mirrored reflections for skillful techniques can be heard on the opener tracks 5 Seed and Feeble where this group tremendously showing the sloid diorama of melodies and groovy beats to your ears like the audiences has brought into the classical lounge where there they can relaxing while smoking stash or drink coffee and listening to the new swinger Jazz alternatively made by a new generation of modern days not too-catastrophic musicians or the secodn more gratituous material off Hyperbole which definitely cemented this band's captivated unique and powerful will to perform for being a solid concrete into every hearts of Jazz lovers whom didn't know about them before incidently matching-mate with this record ...

Swimmer or The Egg:

Wild Side Party Angel (Perris Records 2008)


   One of the newer acts off Italy's Hardrock and Hair Metal scene led by vocalist Luke Marsilio after recruits by the group founders bassist Luca "Ze" Moroni and guitarist Paul Mainetti completed by their drummer Ricky Lecchini braver to proclaiming that Rock N' Roll is Back with the releasing of their first self-titled full studio album - Lizhard.
The Milanello, Lombardia's potential Hard Rock band coming down harder and glamorous into the groovy beats and soulful vocals with the total combination of both Blues Rock and Heavy Metal seriously not kidding on this record.
Listeners can finding many great tracks that will bang the head loud and giving the addiction effects we usually found on LA area Rock groups wrapping in much good riffs and melodious chords and everything nice within Let The Good Times Roll or Devil's Highway just like Mr. Big having different vocals or the lost tapes from the mid-era of Hair Metal heyday found on the dusty basement today.
   Sounded rare and quite entertaining, spinning your memories back to the past of long hair guys and glory rocking days.


On A String Hanging (Rock Avenue Records 2016)


Playing small to huge events of Rock Festivals from local soil of their native Boston, MA area to Canada and across the Atlantic; Leaving Eden should be one of the New Millennium bands which totally tolerated only to Rock N' Roll and great live performance and led by the great quality female vocalist "The Empress of Rock" Eve and already collecting plenty awards for being awesome Heavy Metal band with borderless genres for sharing stage with them. The combination of creative mid-tempo and heavier beats in Leaving Eden's little sarcastic but more honest music should be better reason enough for you to loving this group as through their newest album - Pinnacle; the band showing more and more progression of the definitions towards Heavy Metal for them to us. These winner of New England Music Awards and Pulse Magazine Music Awards blending Pop Metal with power grooves into their nearly Gothic Metal existence and Hard Rock attitude into something tremendously worth to sell and looks like after listening to one or two tracks from Pinnacle like Pure Evil, Break The Fall or We Are Not Alone, most of the audiences would definitely smarter enough to choose of picking this awesome Rock record to their newest collections of sensual sounds of Rock N' Roll.


Drippy Roadside Melt (Graveface Records 2007)


Even when the band's name looks like a new anti government's non-profit organizations for Black American and Gay Rights; this Pittsburgh Indie-tronica Folk Rock group - Black Moth Super Rainbow must have pretty good reasons for taking that as their name. You might also finding out that not only their music is odd but even the band member's names are also strange and laughable; we got Tobacco (vocoder, song-writing), The Seven Fields of Aphelion (keyboards, monosynth), drummer Iffermaut, Ryan Graveface on guitars and Pony Diver (bass guitar) together recording their third records Dandelion Gum which sounded just like a broken album made out of tangled cassettes demo with overrated full effects of stupid sound combinations. One shall shook their heads and realized that the record is exactly hard to listen not because the calming Experimental Indie Rock Electro affects almost half more the percentage of the ordinary music and melodies on this album but also about how dangerous the side-effects from listening to thes tracks can leads you to the terrible music disease called "Satanstompingcatepillars" that gatefolding opened the time one starts the album on.
The soothing Jump Into My Mouth And Breathe The Stardust, Lollipopsichord, Neon Syrup For The Cemetery Sisters, Spinning Cotton Candy In A Shack Made Of Shingles or When The Sun Grows On Your Tongue are definitely leaving their staind of hallucinative Psychedelic pollen in the air today as no one realized them and didn't put on the covered-masker in time when it's too late not to catch the allergic and sneezes.
Dandelion Gum: