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The Badger Bazaar Awake (EMI Music Canada 1995)


   Far from being too conservative above their band's name The Tea Party; these Canadian trio miraculously creative mixing various kind of music from Progressive Rock, Blues and Middle Eastern influences blend of sounds into their private own. Jeff Martin, Stuart Chatwood and Jeff Burrows might not as old as for example - Geddy Lee and Rush or Triumph but with many experiences since they've formed back to the nineties and more tourings, releases or musical development through the career years would definitely making them capable for creating great compositions and competitive as well. Through this third recording - The Edges of Twilight; The Tea Party inducing their talents and more influences from bigger names in Art Rock story like Peter Gabriel while some of their tracks carrying the silhouette Eastern Transcend and mystic symphonies to your ears like a ancient spell or mantra.
   Correspondences, Shadows On The Mountainside, Turn The Lamp Down Low or Inanna shall giving their fanatic listeners a flashback to the time where Zeppelin performing Kashmir to break their US tour selling tickets or Kansas grabbing their luck for the first time.
   The Tea Party isn't a kind of band which putting profit over arts - they're several few whom rejoicing Progressive compositional sessions and long played tracks rather than making millions or snatching chicks into their lair; this band is superb as hell but rare.

Here's The Edges of Twilight for you ... 


Haywood Tifton Midnight (Brother Hawk 2016)


   Believe it or not, folks, "Atlanta, GA can doing it better too !"
That's what should coming in mind of any Classic Rock or Southern Bluesy music when they had a chance to listening the brilliant album - Big Medicine by Brother Hawk; the nearly perfect sounds like a combination between the legendary Skynyrd and Allman Brothers completed with rocket-rock licks and melody to the soulful driven choruses and chords in their Blues sessions y'all gonna like.
   Consisting of five piece rural rockers: J.B. Brisendine (guitar, vocals), Nick Johns (keys, vocals), James Fedigan (bass), J.C. Bartlebaugh (drums) and Joe Brisendine (harmonica) just going to reminding us about either the famous Van Zant brothers to the Southern sophomore vocals of Duane Allman or a younger new version of Dan McCafferty (Nazareth) on Brother Hawk's harmony vocals arrangements in some good tracklist songs - Half Empty, At Long Last, Have Love Will Travel and No Room To Rust which leaving most of you comment-less.

With no further announcement - just don't forget to let yourself hear this before the season's end ...

Big Medicine:

Snortin' Whiskey (Housecore Records 2016)


Bringing back their Southern Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Funk arena to your home stereo system; the teaming up of the best weird trio whose sounded more hot nasty than hotter girl on tight jeans and more rocking than the real Southern Rock band elsewhere - we got the supergroup Honky formed by Butthole Surfers/The Melvins part-time bassist JD Pinkus with drummer Trinidad Leal from Dixie Witch and guitarist Bob Ed Landgraf famously been touring with Down or Skrew releasing their very own debut album together - Corduroy under the surveillance of Rob Zombie's label.
   One will having a very "Heavy music" moment by listening to this powerful record perfectly presenting the finest tracks in fresh attitude different from these trio previous bands or works. From the melodic beast off Baby Don't Slow Down to the rhythmic funky beats on Outta Season or the standard seasonal mid-tempo through Bad Stones; shall driving the listeners in a good headbang time towards the boring evening with or without stock-piles of beer as this rock music shall making you drunk and laughs hard to thus pitiful life ahead.


He Learned How To Bleed (Alternative Tentacles 1995)


   Known to be a pure political Punk Rock band with brains as if these Victoria, British Columbia might be one of more finest Canadian right answers to the same "smart Punkers" scene next door on the US soils. NoMeansNo means the real thing with their Pop Jazzy and Hardcore mixed influences and huge amounts of ideas piling up into their clever lyrics about almost everything daily and up to dates from socio-politics, anti date-rape to more concerning agenda even thus hidden and secretly covered up conspiracy and smashing them all with this trio of Tom Holliston (guitar, vocals) and his compatriot - The Wright Brothers of Punk Rock: Jon (drums, backing vocals, keyboards) and Rob (bass, vocals) with the help from Brian Who Else their engineer for miraculously recorded this seventh album of NoMeansNo - The Worldhood of The World (As Such); which more sounded like a parody sarcastic joke over the wealthy international organizations like the United Nations or others corrupted malfunctions. The fast and slower crazy beats seems to be balanced in a very distinctive ways that must be so called later on to today as the prototype of Math Rock nowadays made by this brave pioneers from The Great Northern Land of the Maple leaves and this imperfect album must be then should definitely concluded into the Rebellious Hall of Blame for its anti-corporate rock performance and ideas in it. The more you listening to this album the more you will fascinated by how these trio managed to fixing the wrongly views of Punk Rock to come in right correctness as they're brought silly issues and lyrics into a highly mixing of powerful displays of tempo and super-beats in such an artistically hard way. From Angel or Devil, Humans, I've got a gun, My Politics, Victim's Choice, Predators or Tuck it away slowly will pull your might for seeing Punk Rock as just a boring three-chords music to excitements of slam-dance and mosh-pit into a better socio points of views ...

Yaaarrrppp !!!


Driveway Driveway (Merge Records 1994)


   Formed way back from the late of eighty nine and armed themselves with DIY idealism as the band members consisting of guitarist Jim Wilbur, Laura Ballance (bass), Mac McCaughan the guitarist/vocalist and drummer Jon Wurster - these Chapel Hill, North Carolina's Alternative Punkrock group: Superchunk is already becoming some of the US Indie scene respectable names around since then with plenty works done already including Foolish; the high-tones velocity products of more slower and experimental beats made safer from their native home to rock anyone's out with a little upright trembling paces within their semi-monotonous but Jangly happy in balance to keep the order of New Rock genre alive also in waiting of the next Punk Rock awakening blast later on as it will be predicted.
   From thus silly title-tracks like Without Blinking, Water Wings or Saving My Ticket to the more wiser and rebellious ones like Kicked In, Keeping Track and Why Do You Have To Put A Date On Everything as well as bunch questions asked same like hundred thousand young people desperately searching for the real life in the free world of US soils which sells too much of broken American Dreams via television and advertisements.

This Superchunk's fourth album isn't stupid record and you are too fool to miss this one out !


Tenderiser Judas (Superstar Destroyer Records 2014)


   Math Rock, Prog Rock, Post Rock or whatever the media would giving the term for this type of music eventually, spawning right in Liverpool - England; not cock rock thou but this Alpha Male Tea Party crew is awesome to listening by thus whom lovely liking Alternative music or Djent Metal which both actually so confusing since the term being created. With this record entitled Droids; the Alpha Male Tea Party trio of Tom Peters, Ben Griffiths and Greg Chapman smashing our sound system with their daily products of groovy progressive combination between Pop and Metal for rocking out their audiences left them in severed damages but excitement.
   Just like a quiet browsing rally for the internet outdoors surrounded by balancing Earth hours and preserved nature; what you only wanted is this record to play as loud as it could bringing thus reactive tracks like You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis, Your Happiness Was Stored On A Hard Drive And Is Now Corrupt, God Is Love But Satan Does That Thing You Like With His Tongue or I Haven't Had A Lunch Break Since Windows Vista Came Out must be sounded brave enough to conquering the instability into permanent finest moment of anyone lively proof of good hard music listenable time which soon after demanding the next replay because you will never get enough of this power-tools kind of performance today ...


Jilted Surfers Day-Glo (Robot Needs Home 2015)


   Either you are from Southampton or Bristol or anywhere else you would pretty be liking this four piece of astonishing Post Rock progressive band - Waking Aida which consisting of one Alex, double James and Josh whom brilliantly mixing their couragous Indie Rock Pop with a very lullabying effects pounding your insecurity and carried away those tears or problems towards the mysterious calmness through the future past and back everywhere. This Full Heal album must be this band creations even when it is just a debut for them and us too.
   The most demanding collaboration between heaven and earthly grooves can be found by our listening sense through Higher Fives Than You'll Ever Be, Exploding Palm or Blue Shelled in which with other tracks highly instrumental without humanoid vocals.

A very cool progressions of Modern Rock music contains artful feelings.


Border Town Cowboy (Volcom Entertainment 2004)


   Slicky but amazingly fun captured on this third record release from the Hawaiian Reggae Rock outfit Pepper through their album In With The Old that delivering a mighty Cross-Over between the dancing tempos of Ska, Punk, Rock Steady and Indie Pop into one album like an outsider of new incarnation from the Sublime trio; you have Kaleo Wassman (vocals, guitar), Yesod Williams drums, backing vocals) and Bret Bollinger (vocals, bass) coming out with fresh lyrics and silly jokes to electrfying our stereo room using their high voltage of coolness relaxing sounds of freedom and pure arty wisdom through thus clever music and special delivery of bursting Ragga Movin' personality and awesome power melodies in safer modes and positive ideas.
   Hailed from Kailua - Kona with their own interpretations of Alternative Music to tell or sharing upon music lovers and good appreciators - rocking smartly to invite us to smile and dance through their infectious tracks from the rock-bottom groovy Back Home and Are You Down and love affairs to those more chilled down standard mix of acoustic and Rocksteady on Use Me. Another pleasant products from the talented hands of Ron St. Germain and the Indie Punk-Ska-talogue genre !

So, grab the weeds and your coconut's cold drinks ...


Revealed The Thaw (The Null Corporation 2011)


Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross managed to tie up the consequences and complicated case of a mysterious murder on an inland part of a colder place somewhere in Sweden as these Electro-impulsive duo bulding the Ambience soundtrack for this movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo; a riddled stories of an investigation by Michael Blomqvist - a writer/reporter of Millennium Magazine whose trying too deep to finding better top story for his bulletin news business to sell as he arrived into this whirlwind of jeopardized intrics and chances silently rolled up like a wheel of fortune as Blomqvist got helped by an eccentric female hacker/biker named Lisbeth Salander whose also having a disturbed dark childhood traumas and a fierce smart vigilant crazy girl tried together to solve the tangled family freud's matters and problems with a murder case or the uncertained end for this suspence and dramatic novel based on the novel by Stig Larsson and directed by David Fincher. Reznor, Atticus and their complete works and musicians are not only covering Immigrant Song (sang by Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs) or Bryan Ferry's song but on this soundtrack, most of the eerie and hazy confrontation tracks for guiding Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara to successfully finished their job and finally found an answer to conclude this brilliant acclaimed brute case with positive critics by the international media backed up by an amazing deader beats or droning instrumentals soundtrack as they recapturing the atmosphere sceneries on She reminds me of you, Pinned and Mounted, Hidden in Snow, An Itch, Aphelion to Infiltrator that mostly all of these 39 songs would gladly fitted well in touching the satire parts of thus detailed stories between a focused scenario, disrupting images and experimental Post-Industrial productions ...


A Cold Night Close To The End (Hidden Pony 2009)


   The fabulous harmony and melodies of the time between Winter and Spring just like a soundtrack for a Folkish Modern Rock in Indie Music motions made from the North. Yes, these awesome five piece Indie pop band from Vancouver, British Columbia - Said The Whale is truly can be a very best presents for anyone whose liking peaceful and friendships in honest relation in between mankind and within among other living beings in such balance and mutual way. Mostly, covering their story lyrics of the daily living in rural Canada and beyondembracing modernism but still carrying their idealism of humanity through good music and catchy licks of certain melodies as Said The Whale releasing their second full length album - Islands Disappear which filling up itself with soften touch and countless slow-tunes that will blossoming your hearts and souls again in colours. Listening to the most relevant logic through songs like B.C. Orienteering, Emerald Lake AB and False Creek Change shall giving us the small glimpse of the beauties of the Big white north-land in a very Poppish and conventional views and perhaps, the Canadian Board of Tourism would using this record as one of their free adds to attracting more people to visit them up. Introducing the members - Ben Worcester (guitar, vocals), Tyler Bancroft (guitar, vocals), Jeff LaForge (bass, vocals), Spencer Schoening (drums) and the beautiful Laura Smith (keyboards) for sharing their deepest feelings and home-made Jangle Pop symphonies to cuddling everyone whose ever been hurt before and reaching out the hands of sympathy for preserving the nature in a most wiser caring kind of ways through their pleasant lyrics and such mellowed music.

What a great record it is !


Staralfur Olsen (Smekkleysa 1999)


   From the land of Ice and volcanic activities the world must thanking for having one of the best Post-Rock progressive band straight from Reykjavik - Iceland; the awesome Sigur Ros whom collectively coming into the independent music scene and brought Alternative sounds to us with some of their finest works including this sophomore strange release - Agaetis Byrjun (means The Good Beginning). The ethereal powersome of quality combination of oddity and subnormal consciousness pronouncing the whole new meaning for exploration through noises and melody in such brave results within the local languange and soft-eerie and cold weather to our ears. Svefn-g-englar, Flugufrelsarinn or Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa and others "Middle Earth linguistic-like" so hard to pronounced and pretty abnormal in the most coolest acts shall lullabying every listeners to long herbination along the winter or any contextually season played so harmoniously by Jon Por Birginson (vocals, guitars), Kjartan Sveinsson (keyboards), Georg Holm (bass), drummer Agust Aevar Gunnarsson not to commencing good finance or so but mostly for liberating themselves to make a great artistic performance and sharing them to the world outside; like a storytelling of beloved natural which has been growing, nurtured, expanding, cried and destroy by mankind and the survival lost world inside the womb of Mother Nature herself for keep evolving through ages with or without mankind.
   A good theory of how human should seeing themselves as a common threat to any living creatures than being a good caretaker; the symphonies of the beloving warmest hugs form the Earth itself and its wrath to be unleashed through the scary term such as global warming and the big flood as the revenge of watery liquid for our dirty polluted hands ...

Think again twice and listen to learn to be wise cause you will cry too after you realized how wrongly you are in this alienated Earth.


G-Get Up Dance Lucky (Universal Music Canada Inc 2009)


Mission, British Columbia now lending their new generation spawned there from Pop Punk/SynthPop genre scene in form of this four piece Canadians Faber Drive to the world. Nominated for Juno Awards several times and relesing their second album – Can’t Keep A Secret; the existing band members like Faber (lead vocals, guitar), Jeremy “Krikit” Liddle (bass, vocals), Seamus O’Neill (drums, vocals) and Jordan JP Pritchett (guitar, vocals) might looking lame and didn’t caught any of your attention  but once you trying to listen to these guys music and performance we shall stuck within their melodic and pretty cool mixes or licks between Punk and high energy of electro-pop that will be never kept as secret anymore. Lift up your life and fill the night with coloring pleasures as you’ll start a party using this band as the crazy cool soundtrack. Don’t and never try to stop how these tracks sophisticatedly would make every girl slipped and fallen into your warm lap through the opening The Payoff, You and I tonight, Give him up, Forever to Our Last Gooodbye and By Your Side.
No one will regret how they’ve came across with this album, the first time …

Yaaaay !


What You Tell (Rough Trade 1990)


A spontaneous sporadic trio of Independent Post-Punk from Columbus, Ohio carrying their mellow melodic Indie Pop on Smallmouth; the third album from Scrawl which formed by Mercy Mays (guitars, vocals) and Sue Harshe (bass, vocals) with Carolyn O’Leary on drums before replaced by Dana Marshall then replacing again by Jovan Karcic filling the spot behind the kit. Their lyrics might be too simple as well as their music but tracks like Time to Come Clean or I Need You or Hymn which at first would sounded a bit lame actually had more wiser messages in them if you listening a little bit closer and focused. This Riotgrrl Movement group might be a bit different from mostly others when it comes to performing nowadays. Scrawl used to be exploding like a clockstopper from Garage Rock scene but as time to go matured means more to these rockers then some has to change to better and that’s the music style of them then later. Listen to more choices made for young girls and moms not to be stuck inside the horrible homemade prison but radiates outside, doing what you wanted to do best – Enough, Rot, Charles and Absolute Torture.


If We Live Right, We Can't Die Wrong (Ferret Music 2008)


   Let me asking you what's going to happen in sudden when you caught in this threatening situation for being buried alive with the scary addition of your phobia in small places. That's the exact moment happening to the girl on Gwen Stacy's promising album The Life I Know which mostly telling us about the story of fear itself on our daily life. These four piece Metalcore with their Christian lyrics roots probably won't be sounded too surprising for any diehardcore fans of this genre but truly, the concept of being trapped and hopeless like the cover art and inlays showing to us must be raised some imaginable questions into our heads to either - avoid it or trying to find an escape.
   The demonstration of power chords and heavy riffs with screamo vocals and standard beats are good enough to send these tracks like Playing God Is Playing For Keeps, What Will Happen If I Hit Enter, Sleeping In The Train Yard, Gone Fishing. See You In A Year and The Path To Certainty that honestly leading us to questioning the entire concept of our lives with subject matters covering risks, consciousness, hope and resolutions for not seeing obstacles as difficulties but challenge for finding the way out from being sinked too deep.

Don't get panic, hold your breath and think - then react ...



Luxurious Bubble Thing (Interscope Records 2004)


   Filling her hiatus days while her band No Doubt had a lack of creativity after five albums on a contrary must be giving the lead vocalist Gwen Stefani an addition of free-time to recovering her own self-ability and talents for doing side projects such as home-made independent clothing and also solo album. That's when Love Angel Music Baby (also transform into her clothing label L.A.M.B) born as Gwen's first solo album with a wide variety of such interesting music with huge influences on it. Coming out in release to store when mostly charts being ruled by solo artists and dance music; Love Angel Music Baby didn't had too many obstacle for climbing up the international music charts also for being accepted by audiences and music lovers in public cause as we can see inside it, we shall meet the fully combination of danceable, yummy but also complicated but still accessible and interesting to listen. From New Wave, Hip Hop, Disco, RnB, Rock and Harajuku style are all here in form of the delicious flirting tracks like What You Waiting For, Hollaback Girl, Crash, Serious and Danger Zone. Feels like one being invited to the grand opening of Coco Channel or Rachel Talalay catwalk galleria for no reasons popped out into colors and confetti and laserlights and ballons everywhere ...


Headlight Disco (Lava / Atlantic 2007)

After the departure of their original singer Eric Dill for pursuing his movie career leaving his other band member friends in a bit jeopardy, came along Kyle Patrick as the next vocalist and saving this Boston’s five piece Power-Pop from breaking up. Being success with their previous album, the next one - Modern Minds and Pastimes probably at first might have been viewing by the underrating media as a fiasco, a grand failure that would destroyed the band for good. In reality, The Click Five sounded better and getting stronger in their new formation including Joe Guese (guitar), Ethan Mentzer (bass), Ben Romans (keyboards) and Joey Zehr (drums) for keeping them solid and for the most – written great melodious music again proven here with their blasting radio and television hits singles Happy Birthday and the sweetest Jenny but not to be forgotten some other tracks too catchy to left behind untouched like Addicted to Me, I’m getting over you or The Reason why in which very suitable for older people to knowing about the inner thoughts of thus teenagers ever wanted or cried out for concluded in between romantic yummy licks and danceable key-tunes.


Air Raid Access (Thick Records 1997)


Right after his departures from the first formation of Soundgarden, bassist Hiro Yamamoto didn't taking too damn long to put up another project band while the Seattle Sound still on the rising heat at the moment and then we got - Truly; serving iced cold along with Yamamoto's companion Robert Roth on vocals, guitars, hammond organ also included Mark Pickerel the drummer. In theis band good effort of Feeling You Up, these trio would sounded a little bit out of track whilst most of the Seattle bands carrying their distinctive distorted loud noises, Truly comes in with the more sophomore Soft Jazzy Rock products which sounded more like the real Alternative Pop with a seductive touch here and there. One would feel relaxing for listening to this album cause most of the songs recorded here sounded fresh as the homebaked apple pie or perhaps, we can labelled them sweeter than most of the Seattle troops had brought upon us. From Twilight Curtains, Wait 'Til The Night, Leatherette Tears and EM7 shall raising up those dirty romance images to confronting the new sound for the Alternative Nation licks over Seattle soil.

Feeling You Up:

Stars In Your Eyes (Polydor 1994)


   Just almost on the same time period as Grunge explosion in America, United Kingdom are also watching as their Indie Pop music scene explodes as well and during that moment of certainty we had an opportunity as the “ear-witness” for listening to Change Giver album; one of the brilliant record ever made by the Englishmen quartet of Rick Witter (vocals), Paul Banks (guitars), Alan Leach (bass) and Tom Galdwin (drums) from a band named Shed Seven. This debut album showing a very bold and straight Rock N’ Roll deadly stings with the heavy mixes of Pub Rock and Modern Pop rotation and for giving us the soulful touch melodies through tougher tracks like Dirty Soul or Speakeasy to the more softer to softest performance made out of Britain on Casino Girl, Ocean Pie and On an Island with you. Find them if you can, this band will give you a better opinion about the rare originality of Indie Rock in UK through Change Giver.


Bedhead Countryside (Indolent Records 1995)


Even if Louise Wener and her Brit-Pop group Sleeper never got their success in this world, still that there’s no arguments or ill-fated of negativity in comments over this band debut album entitled – Smart releasing and hit the record store unnoticed by media. Mixed by Stephen Street and produced by Paul Crokett and Ian Broudie spontaneously transforming these four quartet piece band into a bright star plus, the additional marks from how Louise and her bandmates really working their butts off writing more and more catchy and cool lyrics songs that would definitely mad anyone whose listening to them shortly will ended up liking Louise’s sexy British accent and Sleeper’s clever and poppy simple music with crunchy yummy tracks founded here inside Smart like Swallow, Hunch, Delicious, Poor Flaying Man to their radio hit single – Vegas. The wonderful start which getting along fine for presenting the audience a great enrich melodious sounds as the alternative choice for our taste. If Sleeper should become thus astronauts stepping into the rocketship for their first journey into space where no men ever gone before; this release must be an awesome modern space ship ready to blasting up and carrying Louise Wener and her group higher without any malfunction for a surprisingly successful flight. Thanks to everything, everyone and the Pyrotechnician…



Bracket Under 414 (Eversole 2016)

   First cranking to the album of Strength in Numbers shall thrown one memory’s back to the time where rebellious Grungy rock band like Alice in Chain or Stone Temple Pilots starting their revolution for putting more metallic sounds into their music with the mixing of true rock n roll outlaws attitude on drugs, heavier riffs and sleazier like the early Guns N’ Roses show acts would personally made this Cincinnati Modern Rock troopers – Eversole might going to put you into excessive headbanging while listening to their debut record. As for the record that the band itself formed on September 2012 by Mick Jacobs, Brad Rapp, Mitch Herald and Ray Baker as the what so called as the rousing combination of Hardrock, Southern grooves and cool Grunge sounds that made this debut record to our ears as “a bad-ass” album to die for today. Through the recommended heavy-rock tracks too good for rocker’s ears like The Wind Blows Through, Sleze, All mine and Throw in Your Towel capturing the heaviness that actually had been long gone since the death of Layne Staley or the terrible broke-up of Axl Rose and co. as well as the dying scene of sleaziness nation but now we could cheering up again in grins because the days might already shown up around the corner as they’re back in a new breeding ground throught he newest band lifting this genre up like these Eversole band.
   Don’t get yourself fooled again by the media – for trusting thus ‘Rock instinct” of yourself and get this band album for your latest collection now !


Helmet Cave Point (Lemon 2016)


A duo of Electronic Pop/House/Rock - Mesa formed by Monica Ferraz (vocals) and Joao Pedro Coimbra (drums, percussion, keyboards and electronics) playing slower like Trip Hop ambient mixes with shoe-gazing Indie Poprock in all their previous works written in Portugese but this time it’s going to be different cause Monica and Joao finally can releasing the international album written in English out of Porto and by the helps of many additional musicians here such as Jorge Coelho (guitars), Rogerio (drums) or Jose Pedro Coelho (saxophone) and Miguel Ramos (bass); the new crativity of essence and passions can be revealed wider and openly without any language problems.
Mesa is coming back with Loner – not as just like a reconciliation with the Western world again and showing them beautiful taming surprises songs like Asteroid, Growing Old or Funny Feeling but more to the smart moves for sharing good music with strong seductive sound-effects and soulful pillars as it will erasing the boundaries in between the tragedy and unconditional melancholy in this cold case scenarios in form of tones and the beats reasonable enough for anyone whose looking for total relaxation and tranquility to have this product in their hands while traveling.


Silurian Maitreya (Allister Thompson 2016)


The lack of information and mysteriously project with a weird name like Khan Tengri presenting its record entitled Aeons which also sounded ambiguously in the awaken of Ambient, Psychedelic, Krautrock to Avant-garde world music and dark experimental kind of type from this Ontario subterranean unit. The album that will haunting our presence right after the first opening gate on the first track emerges into your tiny listening sense’s room system that is At The Mountains of Madness divided into five parts: a) Arrival in Antarctica moving to b) The Disturbing scene at Lake’s camp followed by c) The Flight over The Mountains to d) In the aeon-dead Cyclopean city and closed by e) Fleeing from The Horror – all played in colder eerie atmospheres of combinational both complicated digital, live solo and exploration of rarest imaginable echoes in musical achievement made. It’s like the soul journey to the light or the final destination crossing the limitless infinite time and places crashing into pieces while colliding with the scenery over the past and future memories somewhere.


White Men In Black God Suits (Capitol Records 1997)


So Much For the Afterglow is the living proof of a true PunkRock continuity of being creative and also the right answer for any critics from the media saying that Everclear trio will going down right after their fantastic success during the explosion of Alternative Rock in the mid of nineties with the previous selling out record before this but Art Alexakis - the conceptor, multi-talented instrumentalist and great song-writer eith his best companion bassist Craig Montoya and their loyal drummer Greg Eklund (with the help of tons of additional musicians) decided that this is the moment of truth as these Portland, Oregon rock band releasing their third "fucking cool" album filled up with powerful hooks and melody licks the perfect insemination between Punk and Poprock in balance dosage which already acclaimed by the fans and respectable muisc media as the next generation of PunkPop album ever recorded and if you carefully listen to the record everything said and done might honestly huge and awesome as it is said to be but you need to prove it yourself. From the best lyrical about good relationship in the family on Fathe of Mine, the milestone of socioable issues and the lack of opportunities around the state in I Will Buy You A New Life or just simply being yourself and never giving up to achieve your dreams through Normal like You and Everything to Everyone and much more to listen and learn from this album because even mostly the sound based on Punk-Rock; Everclear cleverly puts the additions of more fabulous strings arrangements or big band tones into them and with hardworks and good production, So Much For The Afterglow turns to a solid record better than the previous one with reasonable story and positive lyrics to grab more listeners or perhaps, just teaching back America to see things differently and in equality developed to a productive socialized way ...


One Man Shadows (Relay Music 2016)


   Not a new face or newcomers for the Indie Rock music scene today but this Manchester’s five piece group The Rainband must waiting longer since they’re formed several years ago before got a chance to releasing their debut record here – Satellite Sunrise. Having the distinctive sounds that would reminding us to the kind of magic virtues on Simple Minds recording works; it’s getting better to be seemed for Martin Finnigan (vocals), Phil Rainey and Joe Wilson (guitars), Sam Wilson (bass) and James Cowell (drums) to writing most of their slective social values of the present day century issues leading one to another fighting for greed like the wiser lyrics on Built for change or Freefalling that feared in screams about the rapid human degradation under the advance of technology as w stepping into the darker side of inhumanity together as a crumbled family of mankind.
   The type of this slower Indie Rock tones shall make you thinking again – this time in more focus towards thus un-avoidable social issues happening around us these days.


Nothing Better Than This (Lionspride Music 2016)


   When your heart craving for the thirst of an elegant Melodic Hard Rock then Sweden’s Violet Janine is the right choice for you today. Lead by vocalist Janine Nyman with Daniel Palmqvist on guitar department and three other members making their like unshaped diamond music sounded powerful and raw but having the taste of the greatness Hair Metal passion and licks into their music. Awesome band releasing awesome album; Violet Janine should be proud because even it is slow start but sooner the whole country knew them and wanted to listening more about them and from them – the band, Between Red & Blue will seems to be a reasonable gifts for mostly the Rock lovers to rocking out to. The so called “the best damn fantastically good” combination of both Hardrock sounds and ballads will always coming as a winner and on this occasion – we got them in Heat on The Highway, Devil In Me, Everyday’s a Fight, Tell Me and Shut Up in full force of passionate Heavy Rock riffs, soulful melodies and romantic effects very essential for lovers, loners, rockers and even sinners …