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Final Curtain Intoxication (Crook'd Records 1995)


   A supergroup of Heavy Metallers and Rockheads after the hiatus of their previous band or music career you'll meet them here on Sun Red Sun featuring Ray Gillen on vocals (Badlands, Black Sabbath), drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow), bassist Mike Inez from Alice in Chains and master guitarist Al. B Romano of Anthrax joining their forces as the quartet struggling to make their own sounds on writing songs and releasing this self-titled album. Sun Red Sun may sounded like Sabbath being hijacked by Glam Metal musicians with its notifying brand heavy riffs but on the same time having the frontman singer sounded a bit like David Lee Roth on cocaine which is still sounded rocking hard as hell. Go finding the truth about this talents surrounding the short-lived band by cranking thus tunes of something between the dying Hair Metal and the awakening of Grunge and Punk Rock on metallic Hard Life, Outrageous, Lock Me Up and more, right here as the dedication salute to the late Ray Gillen at his last days performance.

R.I.P Brother

Sun Red Sun:

Suxxx Off The Hook (Sub Pop / Trama 2006)


   Overtured adventurous lost teenage souls of Lovefoxxx, Carolina Parra, Ana Rezende, Clara Ribeiro, Luiza Sa, Iracema Trevisan and Maria Helena Zerba whose also bored for listening to the overproductive lame-ass mainstream music scene had decided that they're done with the forms of boring sounds that only creating more fake comercialism panorama or stinky oasis on the mind of the young; taken the anti-thesis of returning the simple, non-commercial and sarcastic-linked troublesome new sounds between the vibrating mixes of Indie Rock, Electroclashed Rave, New Wave-Techno or Dance Punk-Funk and Rap music into one programme. Introducing the sleazy slick and glamourous rebel young group CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) packing their bags and sounds from the crowded sinful city of Sao Paulo in Brazil to beyonce homeland of NYC - where actually these teenage-rockers circus would infinitely fits. the formation of delinquent Samba lolitas dancers meet the eighties ragged models as everything here mixed like pukey vomits of the after-parties guilt-group indulging their sensual Dance Rock anthemic beats and advertorial title and lyrics which giving the meaning of rebellious a brand new commercial points like Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above, Fuckoff Is Not The Only Thing You Have To Show or Music Is My Hot Hot Sex that would make The Pope and his loyal servants pissing their pants off after hearing these. Anti-abortion but legalizing free-sex, the poverty generation's broken dreams would be like Meeting Paris Hilton faults and the truth about sensual art is supposed to be bitchy with tons other teenage bitch problems.
  So, when you finally feel damn Tired of Being Sexy - grab this album right away and have a great sex while listening to this untamed - Cansei De Ser Sexy !

CSS Link:

Overshadowed Finitness (Non Stop Music Records / Twilights 2006)


   Sharing their story lyrics about loneliness life and forfeit of fate the Zurich Gothic Metal band Eeriness must be sounded ordinary usual to you but before you thinking further about this group - let your ears feasting over their works recorded and release through their second effort - Paths which also saw the larger formation by addition of band members consisting of two fatal shredders Phillip Gnos and Roland Hurni, Miko Weiderkehr (bass), Thomas Willareth (drums), Tilia Schneider (keyboards) and Zorka Ciklaminy (cello) while the vocal duty shared between Phillip and female voice of Sirkka Skald supporting this record: Paths. Sacrilious Dark-Symphonies with the metallic riffs progressions leaving your personification dry but your heart will banging hard following the core essence of this Switzerland domained local Folk Metallers continues to ripping listeners hearing off.
   High-toned growler/female combination vocals come and go taking turns to pump your libido to the critical levels while in sudden everything turns out to be sophomore and quiet which is traumatically never be avoid by this band as long as they're still alive. Crushing double pedals shall brouth the fear back to you splicing anything too closer to the speakers trying to imagining or interprets what does Eeriness brings.
Neurosia, Grief and Despair, The Cruelty of Life or Afraid to Lose shall be ringing in your head for hours and there's no guaranteed that you will not addicted to them.


Return Magic Travel (Dacru Records 2008)


   Just like one being sucked into the Black Hole or you just discover another portal to different dimensions - that's what you going to experience when you begin to push youself listening to DigiCult - the Belgian Psy-Trance founded by DJ Nemesis (Bert De Decker) and Alpha (Davy Piessens) with a strong interest to discover the new invention sounds which can transfer many living souls to eternity through heartbeating Dance Music. Related to the experiments led by thus music-makers/arranger/mixer duo; Out Of This World should be a very entertaining programs or project that can realizing the true outcome for the musicians and their fans. Under the Electronic hypnotics, bias feedback blast-beats that could making you deaf in instant or the raining laser-saber slicing in colours to the alcohol and pils effects will completed the preperation for anyone who really wanted to see the other-side dimension in fifteen minutes for couragously start to play this record. Let all the feelings mixed in complicated confusion and happiness would slowly follows your party journey through the bridging shaped Psyche-Trance whirlpool and move thus body as it shaken up to be possesed by Cosmic Company, Red Planet, Icarus One or the duel between DigiCult versus U-Recken in Days in Space for a Goa Trance war.
   Fasten the seatbelts because we will falling hard to be lifted up and gone across the stars !


Plains Of Nevermore Sum (Jymden Music 2011)


   Empowered with heavy double pedals striking as they're coming onto you with the definite Progressive Metal and Symphonic Rock combinations making your sacrificial time worthy to listening to them. Akribi the superb Gothenberg Metal group will enlists their names on the already proud heritage of Heavy Metal community made of Sweden. Awesome sounds with the groovy stomping beats and female fronted beauty with her delicates great vocals reign the led throne as queen on this band - vocalist Jessica Ahman along with double duty shredders Andre and David to Sven Funseth behind the mighty drumset punching you over and over again through the devastated Prog-Metal sounds from the opener track Puppies of War to the energic slam-jam session on the next one - Where the water meets the sky in truly exciting variety tempos in keeping the fans of this Metal style will stick to their seats and never wanted to leave. Perfect coordinations between band members and the actual solo moments sounded fits for every symphonic deliverings here. Akribi's Black Morning Sun album also highlighted the features of neat performance of their keyboardist Andres Tiberto doing his echoes of eerie touch for the complete eerie artistic atmosphere on their glorious blasting works.

Black Morning Sun:

Lime House Painter (4AD 1990)


   Effectively out with their first recording carrying the experiments of slow-waved Shoegazer effects and Grungy Pop as band, The Breeders that formed by Kim Deal (vocals, guitar), Tanya Donnelly (vocals, guitar), Josephine Wiggs (bass, vocals) and Britt Walford (drums) begins their appearance with Pod - the magnificent classic artistic Alternative Rock album that has real taste of oddity and nerdyness superiority through its cruel format sounds and beautiful artworks. The quartet showing their slow-diving repertoir of lazy tempos and Goth influenced cold chords through Glorious, Doe, Happiness is a Warm Gun or the more Punkish dork anthem of Hellbound. Distinctive grew up vocals of Kim Deal proving as the band's trademark since this and then - leads her Indie Rock band goes into the most watching bandlist of that period of time as the explosion of Alternative Rock struck mostly every Urban area on US soils and Pod must be the collectible record to complete thus New Rock Music catalogs like a domino effects of cursed evolution in Rock History on the nineties. Pledge for being listed also as The Riot Grrls movements; The Breeders caught their perfect momentum not long after the releasing of this album as their next one considerable to be their best works.
   This pioneering one completed with our discomfort feelings and honest trust on Alternative Rock coming in second but recreates the essence of the band whole before the company taking over the scene and destroy it to ashes.

Pod Link:

Fog Rose High (Captured Tracks 2011)

Shimmering breeze of floating mellow harmonies through The Cure like soft Goth tempo meets Morrisey on vocals delivering the cold afternoon feeling when you got to walk home alone under the stars that already filling up the twilight sky. The melodies carried by Craft Spells actually made in instant by the brilliant mind of Justin Paul Vallesteros music project which moretheless would reminding us about how Ian Curtis live and die legacy sounds in a quite happier clang in the mid-air with a bit of 80's beats like Immaculate album stepping slowly to follow a good aim home coverd inside Idle Labor album. Experimenting his own Bouquet of fresh flowery music from his bedroom in Stockton, CA - this fellow got back-up helps from some of his fellowmen musicians to finishing this record and released safe to your hand. Various beauty mixes of loop samples to lively instruments forming a strange funny beats then made into songs to our ears such as the wonderful Party Talk or the romantic creamy Scandinavian Crush to For The Age and The Morning Heat.
Simplicity is sometimes still would be sounded too beautiful to be left behind unnoticed.

Feel this bountiful rhythm sections presentation to your city or town ...

Idle Labor:

Reichpop Thumb Wisdom (Captured Tracks / Bella Union 2016)


   Jack Tatum waiting alone on that private indoor porch for the girl of his life for quite sometime but this guy had in mind - his imaginations filled with catchy melodies and planned Electro Dreamy-Pop sense ready to telling the love of his life almost everything while in wait. Postponed by reasons and keeps waiting for her; Jack begin to singing out his secret harmonic songs with soften vocals, a little help by his companion which made as a group of Wild Nothing exploring the countless fresh modern Pop sounds right to be released as Life of Pause in fully album. Joined by Nathan Goodman on guitars, Matt Kallman (keyboards) and drummer Jeremiah Johnson - Wild Nothing begin their musical performance to entertains the lonely guy waiting for his girl on that funny comfy room which occupied before by nothing but loneliness.
   The greatness harmony of Dream-Pop Electro Indie Rock music in sudden helping the situation to change as well as songs started to echoing the sides of the small room with Japanese Alice, Lady Blue, To Know You until TV Queen begins to faded as the woman of his loving life finally showed up just to add back more silence through wordless speech while sitting next to him as outside the silent spirits whisper mourned about that terrible pause ...


Black Ladies Highlife (Man's Ruin Records 1999)


   Displaying the massive "Heavy Riffs" made by the trio under the moniker name - Porn (The Men Of) collectively provides you with Sludgy Doom Metal outfit in the shade of The Melvins minus Buzz Osborne but here we got drummer Dale Crover in charge along with Billy Anderson and Tim Moss as his compatriots amusing San Francisco influenced flexible flux sinful situation through loud music. Semi-deadly heir neck's standing up atmosphere or the struck down like thunder on the clear day must be lurking inside their sounds slapping your face like a morningwood effects on this debut album American Style filled with twelve sinful tracks fits for the celluloid photo-shoot on a remote dirty bar with mad strippers and dancing maniacs. So, whether you would cuming out after the long jamming session of the opener Comin' Home (Smoking Pot On A Sunday Afternoon While Ufo's Drone Overhead) or finally getting aroused over Ballad Of The Bulldyke (Jam Jar Superstar Remix), just remember that everbody has a dirty mind to tell ...


Ground Zero Neurotic (Roadrunner Records 1987)


Brooklyn, New York in the midst of ninety two era ruled by the empowered violence of Thrash Metal waves and other Metal maniac music spawning various terrible names which for some managed to gather more attention and becoming legends or respectable pioneers and one of thus name is Carnivore that formed itself as a trio consisting of Peter Steele (vocals, bass), Louie (drums) and Marc (guitars, vocals) as these underground outfit would sounded familiar to Overkill meets the early troop of James Hetfield or in between the Hardcore Punk anguish and Thrash shocking Metal producing the combination of pure Metallic sound faster enough to destroying the neighborhood and the glance of Doomy influences later brought by Mr. Steele to his next Gothic Metal experiments later. Carnivore's second earbreaker charging explosions album Retaliation is a good example about how awesome the New York City Metal scene grown up from years of struggle to giving birth to the best bands ever coming out from that area. You will get crush slowly by the formidable closest to Anarchy tempos and brutal infiltration through sadistic blasts of Inner Conflict, Race War, Technophobia, Five Billion Dead, Jesus Hitler and even the silly song Jack Daniel's and Pizza for watching the last days of the Coldwar.
One needs to pay attention about this band even when they're now might disbanded and long gone; the legacy of hatred and malfunctioned arts influences carried on by the ashes through winds.


Vicious Reality Saves (Epic 1993)


   After the hiatus time over his lead vocalist job due to the indiferrence reasons with his former legendary Heavy Metal band Judas Priest, Rob Halford decided to walk alone and continuing his brave journey through the Metal Jungle by establishing his own project group - Fight as he himself recruits Brian Tilse (guitars), Jay Jay (bass), Scott Travis (drums) and Russ Parrish (guitars) together against the tsunami waves brought by the trendmaker at that time such as Seattle Sound and Alternative Music.
   The jaggernaut sound of destruction and harbringer combinations between Rob's signatured screaming vocals and the crunching metal music is the key for this debut album entitle War of Words to eventually didn't need too much time to surfacing through the Rock Media's radar as a great comeback from the mouth of Priest himself.
   Crushing riffs and tempo plus untamed drummings and rhythm sections would do good damage for you in the pit by chopping up weak ears and fake listeners within Immortal Sin, Life in Black, Laid to Rest and Nailed to The Gun which really could delivering the pressure to bown down once again to the Biker Man whose control the microphone and will definitely ready to fight any of you !


First Break Of Heart (Melodian 1991)


   This Hard Rock outfit straight coming from Melbourne, Australia might not be the concrete example of a band that unluckily only having their short moments to shine through the Rock Music career but even for Roxus; which actually sounded very pleasantly delicious for Rock and Pop fans, the term of one hit wonder didn't really too bothering for them as long as some people still remembered how this five piece group had their time for ruling the Radio Charts with the rest of the Hair Metal pioneers before the instant explosion of Grunge came.
   Sounded like the transplants between Bret Michaels of Poison and the harder version of Osmond Brothers in their nineties rock n' roll attitude - Roxus led by vocalist Juno Roxas and four of his rockhead friends probably can giving you a good headbanging times during the listening to this Nightstreet album.
   Brilliantly glamour and groovy with catchy choruses and fine melodic solos; one needs to open their hearts for the pleasure romantic story songs about relationships and other hillarious topics brought by Hard Rock like on the anthemic Bad Boys, Midnight Love, My Way to the band's classic hits that will never fades - Where Are You Now ? (damn, you would love to hearing this all over again !)

   Sadly, this group didn't make it out towards the tight selection of the Alternative Rock striking era soon after that.


Mother Father Alive (Columbia 1981)


   Considering as their best recording so far - Journey's Escape album not only includes some of the best cuts ever made by this AOR legends but also having their complete line-up here being adorn by rock lovers and potentially would put you r miserable lives back on track. With the "soul of the band" vocalist Steve Perry, Jonathan Cain (keyboards, guitars, piano), Neal Schon on guitars and backing vocals to Ross Valory (bass) and Steve Smith on drums; Journey becoming one of the ultimate Slow Rock bands that selling million records since then and no one will ever wanted to dismiss listening beautiful tracks like Don't Stop Believin', Open Arms or Stone in Love which became the band's best hits forever in Rock's golden collection forever. The good intimated soft soaring melodies and catchy tunes to listening without problems louder on the Highway probably the number one reason why this group being truly loved by American Rock public and everyone whose since the releasing of this record proclaiming themselves to become a fanatic fan. In AOR golden decades: the charismatic sophomore vocals of Perry and the combinations of neaty Soft Rock sounds by Schon and Cain might be then an essence of their band tones for decades.
   Other awesome production tracks that should be watched very carefully are Who's Crying Now, Keep on Running and Lay It Down as this album must be a great gift for your parent's anniversary too.

Journey's Escape:

You Owe I (A&M Records 1984)


Catchy lyrics and rocking dance simple beats will giving you a glance of good vibrations and smiling attitude to follow songs like Meet Me in The Middle, Say it isn't true, Fallen Angel to Never Be Another One which pretty anthemic and carrying most of the stained feelings left behind by the borderline between the late New Wave music and the influental Dance-Rock mix which already giving most of our parents, uncles and aunties a damn good time of their life back there.
This Canadian group The Arrows might be one of those "forget to noticed" bands from the same era releasing their Poppy record that would make you thinking about Hawkeye's hot mom completed with her Archery equipments ready to posing in tight dark suits for the band's front cover.
Try to listen to Girl in 313 which also having a great videoclip or getting the brokenhearted issue right on Enough is Never Enough and seeing if some of your older family members will still be dancing to this - Stand Back album !
Consisting of more than ten band members like Dean Mc taggart on vocals or Rob Gusevs the keyboardist; no wonder this band didn't survived the  mis-management problems back to that days but luckily, they're particularly one of those one night stand performers producing good music to us.

Stand Back:

Guesser Fragment's Shelter (Heavenly 2014)


   You may feeling trancend while listening to these English Psychedelic unit made of Kettering by the quartet of young folks with 70's oldie souls brought their mystic lyrics and rhetoric Pop-retro sounds ebut release of Sun Structures which also having the mysterious display of a strange tower on the front cover surrounded by the band members same as the music containde inside it; the tranquillity melodies to the firm-structured beats taht could hypnotizing the listeners just like The Beatles did.
Temples might born too darn late for playing this type of Eastern Oriented kind of music but with their talents of combining this with a little bit of Garage Rock attitude and multi-interpreted of wisdom and lyrics - James Bagshaw, Adam Smith, Samuel Toms and Thomas Warmsley are confirming their aims to tempted the audiences for this symphonic from the past Summer of Drugs and The second Renaissance called The Age of Aquarius through their seductive tracks like A Question Isn't Answered, Sand Dance, The Golden Throne or Test of Time.

Everything's flowing like shroom effects ...



Streched Thin Forget (Independent 2013)


   Crossing the State highways to Denver, Colorado to meet one of the infamous Sludge Metal characters with their ability of correlated producing and distributes the malfunction white noise on disc plates and selling them as an infection worldwide to the area outside this dangerous band dwelled right now. Primitive Man is a trio of low-life existence without border in mixed races - two whiteys JC (bass) and Ethan McCarthy (guitars, vocals) and a black drummer named Bennett Kennedy strapping the naked truth about overloaded volume speakers, destructive unbound doomy beats and limitless riffage which can cutting their audiences into tiny pieces in just one strike like a shovel to the head.
Hailing their broken howling debut Scorn and spreading the malfunctioned noise tones like a meaningless but after a while even the smartest person on Earth would realized that this lot is really dangerous and hungry for feasting on the lost souls scattered across the empty highways slicing the land, waiting to consumed by either death or evil.
Thunderous growler attacks explodes with thus overdubbed PA's system and the malignant echoes terrible feedback from here to the deep dark pit of Hell and back again ...
   Be scared of Rags, Antietam, Black Smoke and Astral Sleep. Hide your youngsters and kill yourself after them before this band gets you.


Hail Hail (Feretro Records 2010)


Who said that a band can only worshipping Satan through a Metal extremist acts using vocals ? Not necessary anymore when you can build your own Indie Doomy destroyer group without vocals but still can be sounded "undergroundly Satanic" to the core. Meet Bongripper - the Illinois Grindcore Sludge quartet consisting of Nick Dellacroce (guitars), Daniel O'Connor (drums), Ronald Petzke (bass) and Dennis Pleckham (guitars) releasing their wrath of the dark-side to the weak modern world with their ultimate earthquaking devastation record - Satan Worshipping Doom; a powerful and outraguous record with four tracks that will torturing you and your family for entirely gone to be cursed and condemned by these unholy and pure blasphemous riffs and metallic sounds straight imported from Hell on for example: Worship which durated until sixteen minutes of fatal explorations to the edgy suffering non-human noises as the explosive beginning of the countdown to extinction.

The underground metallic sound ritual for cosmic light burial of Him.


Voice On A Hotline (Epic 1986)


Unless you are the diehard fans of the television series - Miami Vice, you would be so surprising to see Don Johnson the actor retiring his day-job for a while to started a musical career rather than shooting bad guys or endlessly tiresome of weak seductions over the downtown nightlife. Don decided to have his own term and time to go for an adventure through recording songs and imagined himself as an ordinary field reporter moving from places to cover the latest news of thrilling issues, famine or civil wars on a remote country. Having on board top ten legendary guitarist on his six strings department from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Dweezil Zappa with other semi-legendary musicians from various music styles like Omar Hakim, Bashiri Johnson to Chris Botti involving on this Pop Rock record of Mr. Don Johnson vocals ambition. Heartbeat album filled with mostly cheesy music and too hillarious like Love Roulette, Star Tonight or Heartache Away but on the other hand, this album showing that music isn't just about the money but passion to making it happens - that's matter to Don on this for showing the world that the adventure is on and there are some things to be sacrificed to achieving greater aims - for this moment maybe he just signing a goodbye contract to his beloved wife Melanie Griffith and his movie career for another passionated purposes among th eheat of the night rain.


Sheffield Milestone Laughter (Geffen Records 1993)


Not too be too seriously sure or confusing to mentioned Sugartooth; one of the second level Alternative/Grunge bands from the nineties era with much good straight forward rocking ready tunes but not too much story to tell except that they're founded after a band circuit meeting between the trio of Timothy Michael Gruse (lead/rhythm guitar), Marc Hutner (vocals, guitars) and Josh Blum (bass) somewhere on the Southern California area as these new rockheads decided to form a band since then. Opening for  various names from Stone Temple Pilots to Soundgarden; the band's also appearing for fame through Beavis and Butthead Show and Howard Stern Private Parts until releasing their first album the self-titled Sugartooth. Capturing the slow beats and doomy Sabbath semi-Seattle riffage and intense stranger licks towards their songs and lyrics, Sugartooth probably would have much better opportunity during the surfacing of these rock unit on a mainstream shore but unluckily not for long (even) they're already legally under the wings of famous record company at that time - DGC. Using the skilled drummers like Randy Castillo or Dusty Watson as an additional personel for shaping this record to be sounded independent and Grungy in its atmost appearances, still - time and fortune cannot be by their side for longer time. Rescheduled the heart-pumping cool progressive Pearl Jam meets Jerry Cantrell meets old Soundgarden style on Cracks In The Pavement, Third-Day-To-Forever, Barrel or the infamous Leave My Soul to Rest are brilliant and amazing calculated by bravery and honest lyrics trapped inside the circling fish-net named Modern Culture.


Insane Asylum Keigome (Asphodel 1998)


   Entering and welcome to the realm of mystic Avant-Garde music symphonies of Diamanda Galas; an Anatolian Greek-American female singer of the gloomy days desperations whose forever remains secretly sacred to some of her fans.
   The live recording of Malediction and Prayer - Concert for The Damned probably could given more perspective to anyone who wanted to learn about her long-term eerie sounds and musical works from the entire career since the beginning as well as here everyone will feel the emptiness and drought of joy buried deep but sinful atmosphere like magic conquering the dead air and main stage.
   This live recording shown most of the listeners as well as the audience whose lucky enough to got themselves straight face to face with the legendary medusa of thrilling Chamber music in flesh eventhough mostly tracks recorded here are composed by other musicians but still ever single thing brought to stage and sang as like they were litanies of the damned souls purely would becoming Ms. Galas own collective collections numbers to her catalogs once again.
   The melodramatic piano plays completely amusing and scary with her "fallen goddess" vocals that can stab your heart in instant to the repertoir of blended classic tones and forbidden symphonies over My World is Empty without You, Abel et Cain, Supplica a mia madre, 25 Minutes to go to the depth hellish ritualistic melodies upon iron lady, The Thrill is gone or Death Letter.
   One will get easily threatened after listening to her influental and hypnotizing voice and shall never seeing the beauty dark shape the same again because redemption won't come and the salvation are far from this lot ...


Fourth Heavy Rope Cactus (Last Gang Records 2011)

   Born as Valerie Anne Poxleitner with plenty music talents flown inside her veins as she will now known as Lights (as simple as that) the multi-talented gorgeous singer and young good-looking musician from Canada just stood there on the Pop mainstream music pedestrians like a longtime lost mate for Owl City music that never will stop amazed us by telling stories about life and love in translations especially this releasing of Siberia - a collection of simple mixes of Pop and Soft-Electronic Dubsteps and Ambient Shoegazer which sounded very interesting, attractive and sensual to the ears. Lights playing most of the music-instruments including keytar delighted the laser-line bass beats of her sweet vocals and stylish multicolours that too good to offer (not) to be ignored by music public.
   Let oneself travelling through the white clouds or into the tunnel of hyper-drive music buzz and dreaming about the most beauty of Natural places on Earth or the images of this smart and lovely singer through Where The Fence is Low, Peace Sign, Timing is Everything, Toes and Everybody Breaks a Glass ...

Lovely Softly.


Tank Bride Salute (Liberation Records / Go! Discs 1991)


   Often being mentioned (with a negative explanation) as a Communist lecture, the English song-writer and daily Left Wing activist Stephen William Bragg or Billy Bragg would sometimes felt his movement area were restricted by the British authority during the cold war but it doesn't stopping this man from making free speech to public or writing protesting songs as far as we know in his entire music career. Well-educated and literary smart since the early years of his post-teenage days, Billy Bragg often will making most of the Parliament House Representatives or The Royal Family mad for his non-compromising and lack of conformity while shouts his opinion of injustice through music and to prove it just have a look deeper onto Don't try This At Home; the sixth Urban Folk and string arrangements full of protest made by him and releasing as also a warmth salute to Billy's dad whose passed away of cancer as well as the warning signs in form of songs which confrontates good people to reconsider about things and global issues happening in the world today not with for being passive but spiritually stepping out the miserable lives and become a better men concluded on wiser tracks like Everywhere, Moving The Goalpost, Accident Waiting to Happen that sounded like a karma curse to Capitalism and consumtive folks to the minarets of higher messages on the tribute to philosopher of conceptualism photographer from New Jersey arts Cindy Sherman in Cindy of A Thousand Lives or thus New Wavy attributes cologne critics to Country bigots on You Woke Up My Neighbourhood.
Smart and charismatic with double decker buses full of enemies and haters aren't enough to stop Billy Bragg from singing the truth and his opinions about the globe and the national's controversy progress over cold war interest and other horseshit achievements by killing millions.


Blank Backwards Talk (Island Records 1973)


   One step farther away from his semi-legendary legacy career with Roxy Music by doing his onw thing a solo artist, Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno or simply known as Brian Eno - a complete true artist and musician with talents deeper as Atlantic with a very good touch on production, song-written, mixer, composer and multi-instrumentalist; on this debut only introduced himself as Eno releasing Here Comes The Warm Jets, a collective composed record of artistic sounds and music as complete as the combinations of King Crimson, Hawkwind, New Wave to Glam Rock in great taste of European electro-KrautPop which clearly would be another legendary album in musical history. This artistic half-artificial and controversial record armed with plenty various noises and synths but also having the live music elements as well promising a Power-Pop attacks like Cindy Tells Me or The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch and the mechanical monotonous beats to dance crazy for in Needles in the Camel's eye that remarkably should reminding some of the spectators who about to hear the famous young Bowie-sque vocals like in goosebumps.
Brian Eno got all the help he needs from numbers of guitarist such as Robert Fripp and Phil Manzanera to the keyboardist Andy MacKay and Nick The Koolaids to the more the merrier additonal lists of drummers and musicians listed themselves for this album.

A masterpiece of Art Rock popping up in the middle of Mainstream Music Storage ...


Booshduckdow Contordations (Kung Fu Records 1998)


   Should the band thanking Tony hawk's Underground skateboard games for having them to fill up the soundtracks or it is just another coincidence that Riverside, CA lucky enough to have this short-living product of Pop Punk Ska-core unit like Assorted Jelly Beans ? Lesser known as a band but infamous for their cover albums, band's names and more indie fluctuationed merchandise; erupts since their quietly releasing the second album What's Really Going On ? like questioning the situational conditions sucked up music scene on California at that time where too many posers getting famous or the overloaded Ska-Punk generations selling their ass-out lower than hookers price-tag to the music company and other issues like environmental or broken home stories and other not so sweet as candy topic. Consisting as an addition to the last scenester "jumps the train" at that time; the two Ricky (Boyer and Falomir) with guitarist Wylie Johnson just going the flow waves playing their music which based on the hybrid mixes between The Vandals and Operation Ivy in Indie mode - putting their songs of freedom of ideas and protest deploying the ears and the air surrounds like small firecrackers as you might listening to them on Juttered, Loadie Mission, Dead Neighbors to Parents.

   Surely, one can catch the glimpse of warmth welcome breeze off the West Coast oceanway side (in a smart-nasty Punkrock salute).

What's Really Going On:

Teacher Sacred Hour (Jet Records 1982)

   Not too overseen band from Birmingham but producing some successful albums like this one - the third efforts from Magnum might a bit sounded like a reflection of Kansas because of the producer Jeff Glixmann hands which indefinitely handling the mixed sounds a little too sloppy as he making this Melodic Rock sounds familiar to adopts US Rock Style. Used to be called The Spirit; the (later) Chase The Dragon probably showing the essence of favorable theme chosen by the band themselves as a semi-fanatics of any Tolkien works or just commncing the ideas of magicland and mediaeval dragons story to the music but the lyrics would be enough to be called modern with some Brian May's licks on here and there lifting the five-piece members: Kex Gorin, Mark Stanway, Wally Lowe, vocalist Bob Catley and the founder of this group guitarist Tony Clarkin by names but only around UK and such. More essential good tracks highlighted inside this record that will amaze you and the rest of the patience listeners like On the Edge of the World, Walking The Straight Line or Soldier of the line - with a great combinations of heavy licks, vocalization harmonies and solos including the keyboards effects which would lullabying one to fell asleep over it.