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Desperado Jesus (American Recordings 2002)


   Admire this in which that every Folk-Country singers and artists must be dreaming a lot for wanted to have the best yet completed works just like American IV: When The Man Comes Around, an album that belongs to our legendary Johnny Cash. Simple acoustic focusing on misfortunes, gloomy Americana sounds and endless pain kept shall all being represented by each of every song inside the record. We all should be shivering and trembled for listening to the apocalyptical messages and visions concluded inside his wiser words over thus lyrics cemented on tracklist like The Man Comes Around, Bridge over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkle cover), the melodramatic Nine Inch Nails best cover of Hurt, In My Life from Lennon-McCarthy's catalog to the sorrowful duet with Nick Cave on Hank Williams' I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.
   The distinctive moaned primal saddest vocals of Mr. Cash sounded so tortured and deep; the personal moments from the bottom of this tough man's heart which dedicated only for sorrow or sadness but elegantly spirituals.

We all can learn something from here but never a smile ...


Into The Blue Out The Dark (Reprise Records 1979)


An overdubbed best live recording made by Neil Young and his Amercian band Crazy Horse with almost like having apocalyptic havoc effects conteins inside it; Rust Never Sleeps served a great deal for both Folk Rock and philosopy by regardless the ambiguity (both social and political) meanings in use for the most of lyrics on songs higlighted here on the record would sounded wiser. Telling dtories about life with its famed lucks and downfalls experiencing by Neil Young himself through his ordinary living and musical touring years. Who will forgetting Ride My Iilama, Sail Away, Powderfinger, Sedan Delivery or Walfare Mothers ...
A serious recording that even really blurring the glirified edges of reality among thus audience cheers on it; you might later confessed that this album would changing your life not in instant but it will.


Zen Pigs (Warner Bros. Records 1988)


   Following the previous release and as a new fresh form of Heavy Rock saviour record' Nothing's Shocking made by Jane's Addiction spirits as they're giving birth to their second and considered as one of the best records from the very early Alternative Metal or Modern Rock blossoming times.
   Shortened moments before Lollapalooza Festival created the intrics and hostile miscommunication between Perry Farrell and the rest of the band erupts, leaving this recording as their blind legacy towards the uncertained future plans but it will never stopping the greatest raw hooks and beautiful rude in honesty lyrics besides Mr. Farrell ambitions.
   On this Nothing's Shocking album, the quartet sounded rudely remarkable but on the other hand can be soften so tamely like on the best cuts from this album - Jane Says. Dave Navarro acrobatic shredding techniques and Stephen Perkins drummings sounds godly amazing right on the repertoir such Summertime Rolls, Idiot Rules, Ocean Size, Up The Beach, Standing in the Shower...Thinking onto Ted Just Admit It.

Thank You so fucking much Boys ...

Nothing's Shocking:

Shake Appeal Funtime (Royalty Records 1997)


   No one will stop Iggy Pop from shining since The Stooges era to his solo career future times and it's probably unacceptable and dishonored if there'll be no tribute album for celebrating and giving a Punk higher salute to one of the original inventors of Proto-Punk back on decades ago in Detroit.  We Will Fall: The Iggy Pop Tribute must be made as well as tons of artists or musicians went faster enough to lining up for thus special project in honoring the "Raw Power King" himself. Moshing crowdsurf and pogo dancing will rise as well as thus stereo friendly theme tracks such as Adolph's Dog - Ordinary Summer, Gimme Danger (Monster Magnet) or Joey Ramone tackling 1969 to the newer generations hailing Iggy as demi-gods; from Sugar Ray to Pansy Division to Nada Surf or Superdrag. Iggy Pop really nailed it big time in his Pink career success, so don't underestimate him ever again cause no one wanted to meet this scary skinny old rockeron one of those dark alley of a suburb area ...


Final Destination Alarm (Alfa Matrix 2012)


Enters (and press play) ... V.A Enzeit Bunkertracks Act VI must be sounded just like when one entering inside the dark vampiric Electrogoth bar or discotheque alone while the blasting amplifiers and rutsy P.A's conquering the audiospace around you with the omnipotent mixing of thus ferocious durability sounds of Power Noise, industrial, Techno Metal Music and such.
From the moment you realized that the audience thirsty for blood looks are now pointing on you, there will be no escapes from them but joining the wild seductive and sensual Trancing Party in the dark.
The compilation itself consisting of 4 discs divided into Evil, Torture, Damage and Death (depends which one you'll choose best) session and maybe you can get yourself drunk by the listed tracks: My Dear Killer's Torture Porn, Time to Die (Xiescive), Siva Six's Serpent Whore, Amduscia's Fuck the Fucking Fuckers or 00tz 00tz's Living Hell, etc.
There will be no second warning for any lost souls trapped inside the labyrinth of thus bloodsuckers dancefloor later cause these agro-tech noises kept ...


Jungleslut Riot (Sociopath Recordings 2011)


   Stated with the title itself as V.A Sociopath Breakdown vol.1 already gave you a warning sign about how crazy and abnormal the recording sounds which compiled on it would become. Some might finding this album too difficult or could ruining whatever which have been broken but for true artistic sound lovers, the compilation should be like a new adventurous game to explores and discovered. The group names (probably) most of thus that you've never heard before in life can be easily encountered here; from Ironska's that mixing their strange tribal techno music on My Sweet Sweet Ganja Gal to God Damn Hippy which collaborates Industrial and funky Rap from Infekted and Porion's Satanic Retro Techno ripped for Evil Dread to Skuge's Electrified that will blasting you to the infinite confusions.


Neoprene Byzantine Dinosaur (Sabretusk 2014)


   Get a bit shocked when you got a chance to trying the taste of this Melbourne, Australia Progressive Rock band Closure In Moscow and make sure that you really wearing a seatbelt because these Aussie rockers really not hasitate to hit the gas pedal quick and spontaniously bursting into a speeding mixed between Indie Rock, Jazz, Post-Hardcore and blistering taifun of creative brutal jamming to grinds Pop muscular and DIY points of views.
   They're like a wilder version of At the Drive In getting trained too long by the members of SOAD turn to Parliament Jedi Masters.

   The creative and interesting album entitled Pink Lemonade would be sounded too dumb or too erotic but the tracks which has been written and highlighted inside it are no exceptions; Christopher de Cinque, Duncan Miller, Mansur Zennelli, Michael Barrett and Salvatore Aidone are really crazy in musical personal for clicking their insanity vibrating and agressive tempos as a good structured stem-cell for the songs such as Seeds of Gold, The Brahmatron Song or Mauerbauertraurigkeit among others are fucking shocking you out skinless but entertainingly weird and considerable.


(She Got) Blister Handcuffed (Fat Wreck Chords 1996)


   Heavy influenced by The Ramones and being too young to Punkrocking made this original Prospect Heights suburb of Chicago, IL semi-legendary band Screeching Weasel always sounded nasty and rude as exactly just like what Punk Rock supposed to meant from the early beginning.
   Throwing punchy lyrics, cool riffs and stable tempos quicker enough to kill your grandma and grandpa with the great non-black leather jackets but rowdy weasel mascot and leading very well by Ben Weasel on lead vocals and guitars for releasing this mid nineties album - Bark Like A Dog with his warm welcomed bandmates: Jughead (guitar), Dan Vapid (bass), Dan Panic (drums) and Taekettle Jones or Jimmy Spectacular on additional keyboards.
   Thus sing-along anthemic anti Billboard charts Pop Punk formats chosen exactly right and powerfully can either rocking your lame party or kicking those macho stupid guys on the right spot before running away as a payback.
   Honestly, songs like The First Day of Summer, Cool Kids, You'll be in My Dreams today and I Will Always Be There should be a great song pick to impress some of thus famous girls at school on a perfect moment and the right time even if you are the wrong guy, the nerdy dude, the unwelcomed geek or the unknown weirdo. Believe in Punk Rock and you shall see how powerful and crazy this type of music can rocking your world.


Pheurton Skeurto (Subpop 1994)


   Long before Nate Mendel and William Goldsmith go seperated ways to crossing on Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters fame, we got them doing more independent rock action on Sunny Day Real Estate with vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Enigk and lead guitarist Dan Hoerner as this grup's debut album Diary has already showing us the magnet groovy structure sounds which later then - brought away onto Foo Fighters by Nate and William.
   A great slower gloomy grungy texture music with softer distortion but still carrying Seattle sound's pessimistic characters inside most of the songs which one can hear them to be a lighter version of Post Hardcore with Pop flicks within the melodies in the middle of these tunes of differ such as In Circles, The Blankets Were The Stairs or Shadows and 47.

Play it today !


Imaginary Enemy (Atlantic Records 2010)


Anthony Green leading his Modern Emo Rock troops Circa Survive to the next level of rock music evolution after the pre-hiatus reconsideration over the rotting wound infecting US Emo Rock scene lately. Playing more progressive than an average poppy punk bands this time coming out with real techniques along behind Green's amazing androgyn voice are Brendan Ekstrom (guitars), Colin Frangicetto (guitars, backing vocals), Nick Beard (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Steven Clifford (drums) truly solidifying their steps towards this new direction of faith onward the musical forms and one can tell that this Philadelphia/Pennsylvania rockers nailed their finest moments in lives. Blue Sky Noise could be turning out as a blueprint for all the newer non-commercial half-scientific and progressive experimental Indie sounds project in the near future with the balancing of its artistic meets talents kind of collaborated situation as this record emerging some of thus touching yet, rocking tracks for everyone to reflecting themselves upon the lyrical stories on Glass Arrows, I Felt Free, Strange Terrain or Frozen Creek; as these songs carrying a little bit part biblical thing wisdom but this time - didn't sounding like lecturing but more to a helping hand in inspirational quotes form ...

Blue Sky Noise:

Everything Is Perpetual Dragonfly (Elektra 1992)


   Fire and Ice is his sixth studio albums long gone after Yngwie Maalmsteen decided to go on his solo career way - away from his previous group like Alcatrazz or Rising Force. This legendary guitar virtuoso from Sweden whose always tagging his biggest influental from classical music and Baroques into his Heavy Metal sounds on the recording would making most people shaking their heads for its speeding finger techniques which adding and getting automatically "insane" everytime you hearing thus melodic from his guitar-plays. On Fire and Ice; Mr. Maalmsteen joined by some bunch rocker and musicians selectively picked only by the master virtuoso himself. Goran Edman on vocals, Mats Olausson (keyboards), also two drummers Svante Henryson (bass, strings arrangement assistance) and several violinists and flute players completing the line-up for this album. Great epic intros and crazy acrobatic shredding or licks are everywhere stabbing and punching anyone guts who dare enough to challenging his mastery voice of this Scandinavian Virtuoso Warrior Guitarist to reaching the top of japanese chart and several other countries around Western Europe. From the sensually Viking Queen anthem on Teaser, the dynamic progressions of How Many Miles to Babylon to the empowered speeding force driven through Leviathan, C'est La Vie or the romancing saga ballad on Forever is a Long Time.
   If you really loved to spending hours on classical guitar metal, this album is just correctly perfect for you !

Fire and Ice:

In Big Search For Hades (Virgin International 1976)


   Deutschland real answer to Pink Floyd, Yes or ELP's existence - Tangerine Dream releasing their seventh studio album which also considered as one of their best ones; Startosfear would giving you a wider looks of how oftenly important the mixing of synthesizer experiments and melodious classic rock can be improving the sounds created by a band that consisting only for three members like this one. Courage and creativity intacted in uniting the existing trio of the band leader Edgar Froese (guitars, mellotron, moog synthesizer, grand piano, bass guitar and mouth organ), Peter Baumann (fender electric piano, project electronic rhythm computer and mellotron) and Christopher Franke (harpiscord, percussions, organ, birotron) collaborating the ideas, talents and music images into this record. Those instrumentalic tracks with different ranging of playtime really can become so excited to listening to for hours just like having a royal trip with a magic wand or invisible rocket flying over up and above the land, places or amusing secret visionaries to outer space. Your feeling is going to be really confusing and mixed into various kinds of reaction through this recording journal; crossing the giant planet with the space voyager or being quietly floating inside a solitude magic ambient bubble while you can keep your eyes open and observing the magnificent surrounding around you.
   Whether you already reaching for Invisible Limits somewhere on the edge of those paradox universe to 3 A.M. at the Border of the Marsh From Okefenokee calculated in eleven or tenth minutes before it stops ...


Declaration Of Reptilian (Megaforce Records 2006)


   Reminding us for the combinations between Cream trio to Led Zeppelin in a younger version rocker attitudes; the Boulder - Colorado three Blues Rock musketeers Rose Hill Drive trying to reach for their dreams including the release of the self-titled recording which definitely would be an opening hard-working proof from the Sproul Brothers: Jacob on (bass, vocals) and Daniel (guitars, backing vocals) with drummer Nathan Barnes. These fine power trio really establishing their collective talents on musical jamming and writing songs well and of course, some more great riffs, licks and Bluesy melodies in mixed inside this album. Rose Hill Drive highlighted many awesome tracks to make one barely breathing for its melodious poundering driven groovy beats from Cold Enough, The Guru, Brain Novocaine..., Showdown and Raise Your Hands.
   Too powerful to believe for a young trio as well as this lot proven about how harder they can rock your stereo and the world.

Rose Hill Drive:


We Ride Tonight (Tee Pee Records 2009)


   Southern Rockers may reappeared explicit can be imported from across the border-side away from the American soil, Priestess should be one of them whose proudly can be called a true heroes of Southern Groove Comforts because these Montreal, Canadians heavy stingers crew really knows how to rocking harder than your average rock bands. Combining thus early influences from Allman Brothers to Molly Hatchet to power-house Bluesy Glam Metal to their musical veins running faster and wild through their loud music itself.
Prior to The Fire is the second effort coming out off this band releasing catalog but not just meant to follow the previous record, this one actually is the jewelry and almost legendary album for this buzzing Canadians.
   Raccoon Eyes, Murphy's Law, The Firebird or It Baffles The Mind successfully would punching you in the guts or face because of the exciting marks for the melodies and the heavy riffs on it. Mike Heppner (lead vocals, lead guitar), Dan Watchorn (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Mike Dyball (bass) and Vince Nudo (drums, backing vocals) can be your new heroes for keeping the Rock Sound refreshed again like it never been before.

Eleven tracks, great rock sounds, Highly Recommended ...


Different Frequencies Only (Skyhill 2007)


Elegance and far from wasted should be labeled on this glamour Indie Pop Rock product from a Skyhill duo Peter Lennox on guitars and keyboards with vocalist Leigh Daniel Avidan whose having a perfect chemistry in musical making resulted on their Run with the Hunted release. Just like a lonely wolf wondering around the edge of town as the night went down real slow and most of the towners are about to go to sleep; Skyhill music is honestly crunchy by using most of the Pop influences in mixed with Soft Electronic to Synth Rock which collaborate to make a Jangling tones for most of the tracks inside the album as an awesome outcome. The beats are intensively caring coming like a low-fi waves swirling around our ears and giving out good wisdom talking about urban relationships and particular issues of daily lives on it. You should trying Glass Doors, Afterglow, Storms of September and The City as You Walk as if they're built from everything undeniable sweet like chocolate.


FYI I Wanna Your A (Micro Inc. 2013)


   Unless you have a good sense of humour then this awkward band (or penises) are yours.
Danny Sexbang a horny masculine meets Ninja Brian tried to expanding their Pop music dreams mixing it with the harbringer shocking 80's Dancebeats and also mixed them with (yet) Hip Hop, Glam Punkrock or Electronic - made Ninja Sex Party music sounded like Chicago the band put inside a room for too damn long with The Village People just around the Pooh Corner.
   Amazing lucky bastard duo with plenty opportunities of partying harder, slipping into girl's panties or just simply destroying your "cool music" catalogs in alphabetical order.
Silly intros, smacking asses melodies and thus undeniable dancing beats shall knocking you down in turns suddenly after one decided to turn this shit on your stereo.
   Sensual recording of Strawberry and Cream actually sounded firm and safer but on a contrary - this album is definitely sexually oriented by having Unicorn Wizard, Best Friends Forever!, Everybody Shut Up (I have an erection) and The Sacred Chalice pt.1 could eventually giving you a great sensation of wet dreams or strippers or sex.
Just keep masturbating (ehm) I mean listen and let yourself rocking loose by a sexy dancing !

F This:

Hypermountain Orbiter (Not On Label 2016)


   Having thus tracks ranging from six minutes up to ten and beyond is a suitable progression one would wanted to have for a debutant record with only seven songs recorded in it and as we've welcomed without invitation inside the Poland's Spaceslug realm, this means only one thing - a longest time travelling made again.
The trio releasing the heavier Lemanis album as part of their transformation of music as their Doomy Stoner Sludge and Progressive Post-Rock sounds evolving wider that can be heard here inside the caravan of logic inhabitatns: Bartosz Janik - guitar, vocals with Jan Rutka - bass, vocals and Kamil Ziółkowski - drums, vocals really jamming hard by merrying their effects for providing more and more celibate solid performance on this record.
   Begin your journey with Proton Lander to Suppermassive and never questioning when will this ends. You already lost out there on thus sound flows of the unknown territory ...


Criminal Wanderer (Awful Records 2015)


   It is him who sending the deadly beats of poison not you; Slug Christ is a mysterious Atlanta, GA rapper whose refusing to compromise with the living wealthy world. Instead, this skinny white trashy thug proving that his style of music which can be described as "Death Rap" would sounded doomy and devastating to listen but sounds fucking good blasting over your stereo in loud volume just like a sexual intercourse action in the middle of demonic summoning.
   The Crucifixion Of Rapper Extraordinaire is kinda mixtape of everything negative bursting through his lyrical flowin' mantra which shall inhabited your brain like a brainwashing ritual of dark Hip Hop all day long as one needing to trust that this type of Rap Music would be slowly infecting the mind of the desperate people in a contrary also the healthy ones after the incidently listening hour of it.
   Beware of these tracks - You With Them (prod. Slugger), Crucifixion Day (prod. Lucifer) to Holy Descent To Hell Ft. Gahm (prod. Gahm); avoid or throw away the record before something bad happens to you and the rest of your family !


Her Demon Widow (Stormspell Records 2015)


   Heavy Metal is spreading everywhere even when the media said that this type of music is already dead; an incorrect statement labeled onto this awesome rooted hard music ever made by men in history.
   Thus music media is too dumb to incompromise and too idiotic to understand, you needs to listening to this lot - hailing out from Kildare, Ireland we got Stereo Nasty - a four piece rockers whom refused to bow down to the mainstream demands and keep on going to producing their loud music as the result should be this one: Nasty By Nature.
   Consisting of Rudd Holohan (bass), Fran Moran (drums), Adrian Foley (guitars) and Mick Mahon (vocals) might sounded tight and quick enough to snapping those necks in headbanging action as these Heavy Metallers slicing their ways to some deliverance of their finest number of hard rocking tracks here.
   Not alphabetically order through Interstellar, The Fear, Death Machine to Holy Terror or The Warriors. Prepared to get really burn out and crispy with this one !!!


Dawn Seal Faster (High Roller Records 2015)


One of the finest Speed Thrash Metal band out of Vaxjo, Sweden - Ambush equiped themselves with the faster heavy riffs and power beats through the second album Desecrator which should be good enough to kicking you hard on the balls with their delivering strong sounds. Linus Fritzson on drums, Ludwig Sjoholm on bass, Olof Enkvist and Adam Hagelin conquering the double head-up shredding department and vocalist Oskar Jacobsson blistering crack wide open freshy Thrash attacks through their performance which can be considered as clean solid kicking ass heavy sounds at their best onto your ears to bleed a lot. Maybe some might already hearing them as a newer copy sounds of any Maiden's works but for sure, these Scandinavian rockers whose honestly influenced by Iron maiden, Motorhead or Judas Priest keeping their own ideas and realizing them to Metal Music which would sounded majoring better and better as it evolved too as we know it. Power slamming speed and awesome riffs can be found easily when you start to cranking this record; Night of Defilers, The Chain Reaction or Southstreet Brotherhood are those reasons why you should picking up this album !


Dolphineus Painted Silver (Relativity Records 1995)


If you loved Blues Rock much then the self-titled debut recording from Gov't Mule should be on your lists of favorable bands around out there. Recorded by Warren Haynes (vocals, guitar), Matt Abts (drums), Allen Woody (bass) with John Popper or Hook Herrera on harmonica and well-produced by Michael Barbiero; this album might looks like a parody for any Democrats Partisans but truly that Gov't Mule had chosen a donkey as their mascot because its suits with the hard-work efforts and can be describing as the metaphore of how this group's mixed of Hard Rock and Bluesy melodies sound really would giving you a great honest feelings about enjoying a Band Jamming Session like this one. Perfect and rocking hard to the bone is their presentations while the lyrics are a bit taken from the Dylan or Simon-Garfunkel influences but added by more Southern/Psychedelic aroma of blitzen riffs and licks amongst thus socio-relations issues. Get your ears fried through power-grooving tracks such as Grinnin' in Your Face, Rocking Horse, Monkey Hill, Temporary Saint or Trane (mostly written by Haynes/Woody/Abts) respectly could electrfying you and friends even some people who didn't like Blues Rock the first time. Barely, should be - a legendary record !

Gov't Mule:

Who Needs Sleep ? (Reprise Records 1998)


   With Jangling catchy melodies on their tunes for tracks like It's all been done, I'll be that girl, One week or Leave; Andy Creeggan, Ed Robertson, Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Steven Page and Tyler Stewart truly releasing their most commercially successful album of their entire career. Barenaked Ladies' forth album - Stunt, might become one of those brilliant records ever released by our new Alternative Rock genre scene and this one coming with thick Pop influences like the combinations of The Beatles and The Monkees without "good-looking" but more to topping the crazy happy feelings during the Abby Road crossing sessions.
   Great more tracks would be awesome to listen after dark or on your backyard sale; Light up my room, Never is enough or Some fantastic (ivory and ivory) should be another pleasures for one to discovers the truth fact about the temporary listed little things about happiness made by Barenaked Ladies - in full colorful suits.


A Distant Invitation (Mercury UK 1999)


   Pretending that you are having a chance to enjoying your last days, where would it be ? It's okay if you confused with the question but don't taking it too long or better, don't be confused cause everytime you had that kind of chances always grab this Cafe Del Mar compilations album fast. One will not going to regret this because Cafe Del Mar volumen seis perhaps, is a definitive one of the best for compiling the great various soundtracks only for changing any boring days into colorful moments as every seconds of it counts. This mixing of Acid Jazz, Ambient, Latin Downtempo to Chilling Out soft tunes will creating the sweetest scents of amazing atmosphere around you whilst the romance sparkling and radiates through the free air and cuddling everyone nearby as Mother Nature's sensual force uniting us all - mankind and our surroundings including the white sands on sandy beach, the perfect ray of lights, the taming crystal clear water and the sounds of melodies capturing our prescence to the one perfect moment gifting us a special person as an everlasting inside. From A New Funky Generations' The Messenger, Talvin Singh's Traveller (Kid Loco's Once Upon A Time In The East Mix) to Afterlife's Dub in Ya Mind or Paco Fernandez/Levitation featuring Cathy Batisstessa giving you Oh Home; the mixing of calibrative collaborates between Modern sounds of Soft Electro and great samples from Traditional music really would accelerates anyone whose always loving the outdoors activities - simply because life is never flat or too boring to turned exciting !

Enjoy this friends ...


Yacht Tango Ambrosia (Pschent / Wagram Music 2000)


The Stephane Pompougnac's Hotel Costes compilation series probably will be your ultimate choice as a companion for wasting the beloved weekend alone or with someone new secretly on the bed or undercovers especially in particular - Hotel Costes vol.3 Estage 3 as one of the album with variable Electronic Deephouse, Bossanova and Downtempo Latin mixes. Oldiest tracks from Shirley Bassey - Where do I begin (Away team mix) to Cleopatra in New York by Nickodemus or Hacienda's Late Lounge Lover are supposed to make the listeners feel like floating while follow the relaxing beats and safer from any disregardless unhappiness just like a girl laying back half-asleep thinking about whether she should planning her sweet revenge or continue facing front against the discomforted previous lives she had before. Various melodies swirling between the beats and the natural kindness in between the warmer last sundance and evening wind. Drink thus wine softly slow and let your mind kissing your heart as all the plans for tomorrow already and correctly scheduled in good managing pretty well because whatever you do, girls - you will always be beautiful.


Lorelei Honey Song (Resurrection Records 2015)


Formed back to 1989, Gloucestershire UK's Pagan Goth-Rock band Inkubus Sukkubus never changing their musical style until today. Stillness of the Walpurgisnacht and mysterious ritualistic mantra music and spellbounding lyrics keep creating here on their newest album as a adoration tribute to one of the most powerful Goddess of Pagan beliefs - Mother Moon. Sinister soft traditional beats and original sounds influenced by the 70's cult music must be this band trademark as far as their fans remembered; consisted loyally by Candia McKormack on vocals, Tony McKormack on guitars and Adam Henderson on bass. Thus ritualistic celebration art and mystical atmospheric sounds would filling up the air with magic and viral wisdom of Blessing message towards Dance of The Death, Lose Yourself at the Nymphaeum (Acoustic), Zephyrus, My Demons, Dark Sisters or Witch Child.
A Witchcraft practicing records resurfacing to radiates the non-believers about true Natural powers by using melodies, images and words of perpetual magic not tricks ...

Mother Moon: