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Deceived By An Angel (Sony Music / Columbia 2000)


Don't have much time for sneakers, so just run outside on your slippers cause you ain't want to lose too much time for not enjoying the New York lights. Don't call a cab, just walk - defying yourself as locals not some stupid tourist and put on The Gateaway People record on that walkman, my friend. Let the cross-mix music flowing as cool as what the evening breeze gonna brings to town tonight. Turnpike Diaries is your chosen one album made by Boots 9vocals, rhythm and acoustic guitars), Honda (keyboards, backing vocals), Leroy (drums, samples, programming), Race (bass, upright, backing vocals) and Stone (guitars, backing vocals) as they're sharing laughs and tears from stories of living in legendary big city like The Big Apple. The cool mixing of Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Latin Music and Old School Funk affiliates into the dancing beats to fragrant melodies off Six pacs, Sleepwalkin' Soi Cowboy, Good Life and All About It.

What an amazing night it is, thanks to these Norwegians !


Anorak Isom Useless (Independiente 1998)


Hardcore beats of synthesizers banging your eardrums between droning Industrial Metal guitar riffs and then, you'll realize there's no ridiculous escaping from Vitro's Distort album once you're try to listening to it. Created by the mind control quartet - Jason Puncher and Darren Jelley (drums, synths) with Wayne Simms (guitars, vocals, synths and programming) and Dave Googe (bass, guitars, synths and programming); as the journey through their odd sounds might proving that there's always be new experiences for everyone out there inside the music beats in electronic bridgings. Bucket, Orange or Head should already giving you a good kick in the butt but Mentally Dull and Liquid would making you bow down to the majestic limitless power of the P.A.

Get too close for the risks and pay the price !


Invincible Love Clouds (Frontiers Records 2011)


Norway is never will out of stock for birthing excellent Heavy Metal acts in different genres and right now please, feasts your ears and eyes over the beautiful new Rock Goddess Issa Oversvenn while this tall, blonde and sexy vocalist slicing thus hearts by using her charming action in a Hard Rock Arena and Symphonic Pop-Rock tunes that no one can ever resist in her record - The Storm. Watching this bombshell sings out loud and tried to claiming the throne for the next queen of Melodic Metal because with the great vocals range that she had only time will decided when she shall be reaching the top spot on the glorious Heavy Music place. Besides of her fantastic good-looking or the talents, Issa actually really can producing a very awesome album whilst the repertoir is truly a killer with best tracks highlighted on this album like Please Hold On, Take A Stand, Two Hearts, Looking For Love and You're Making Me.

The great combinations of Symphonies and ballads in one sexy package.

The Storm:

Violator Alchemist (Pony Canyon / Coroner Records 2011)


   A very complete combinations of Melodic Death Metal and Electro-Rock made out Osaka's Blood Stain Child might putting you and every headbangers or Electroheads in total trance mode for having this band blasting your stereo fucking loud. Explodes the earthquak-ing extreme beats with distortions and symphonic Metal mixed; we can trust these Japanese Kamikaze rockers on acid Nintendo-core with Sophia on sophisticated vocals, Ryo (scream, bass), Ryu and G.S.R (guitars), Aki on synthesizers, keyboards and programming to the drummer Gami melting your hearings through their sustainable shocking pulses sounds with Epsilon. This brutal record will definitely reminiscing the new ground for anihilated headbangs in between the crushing tempos and laser-lights for an infinite electrifications. Best cuts: Eternal, Stargazer, Forever Free (feat. Disarmonia Mundi) and Sirius VI. Suitables for metalheads and clubbers elsewhere !


Fuck Like A Star (Universal 2012)


   A great combination must be for Alaina Marie Beaton of Detroit, MI that used to be performing her talents as a song-writer, an Industrial Rock singer, a model and a rapper in really delicious mixes you could possibly imagined. If you have a favorite figure to be picked out of any Suicide Girls galleria, perhaps - she's the one that you will definitely choose. Dark haired plus sensual tattoos more than half of her beautiful body but deadly in many ways somewhat might kept as secrets between the commercial music media and the interpretation of a smart girl's mind to telling the world what to do or cannot do or never will, this is the time that the mixing of various music with free speech or sexuality becomes a new trend to be toasted around sommunity and society because freedom means simply to be free to expressing yourself above prejudice and irrelevant values nowadays. As Porcelain Black - Ms. Alaina knows better about how to be controversially clever and the results of her higher talents and creativity would nakedly showing towards her self-products on tracks like This is What Rock N Roll Looks Like, King of the World, Naughty Naughty to Teeny Bopper Crack Whore shall renew your trust for a female version of Industrial Metal Dance form once again as Ms. Black got all her loves and influences from many great names in Rock History; from Hendrix to Reznor to Zeppelin or Bjork and more. She even now compared to some controversial names in Pop Culture story such as Lady gaga, Courtney Love, Nicki Minaj to Marilyn Manson. Even there's legal problems with her producer as well as dissapointely a cancelling of her album which already become a success singles scaterred across Europe and other places have made this "One Woman Army" girl (might) seems to be famous too fast ...


The Bears Aren't Sleeping Tonight (Alfa Matrix 2009)


Cruel and relentless for deafen everyone's hearing senses through its progressive Industrial Electronic Dance Metallic music which is almost purely Trance-ing blasted firing up the heat of how dark-side bloodsuckings' club corners trapping one weak soul, pulling it inside the black thick fog of the unknown evil which loved to feasting on souls of the lost generation - after dark. Claus Larsen; an ElectronicDance programmer, producer and musician from Denmark had his ideas of delivering "scary and terrfying" of Electro Dark beats which used to be a higher order on the Blue Continent's underground Dance music charts several years ago and this baldy guy aren't just the one whose walking the right path as the next generation of successor for this kind of musical genre. Established himself using a project name - Leather Strip; Mr. larsen writing mostly lyrics about solitary lives of an unwanted person or being alienated in the middle of the hysteria and complicated social living which generates more of its own problems or sudden death or just historical legends to be told and mixed into thus art of broken noises called Electro-Industrial Metal. Upon these two cd packages one can slowly turned to feel the reality of how cripple people, strangers or freaks acts to hiding their feeling for being incomplete through these tracks from It's Who Am I, Love Me or Die, Don't Tame Your Soul to Almost Too Much or Kill a Fetish. One will finding this kind of music rude, nude, lewd for symbolizing sexuality !


Fly To The Angels (Chrysalis Records 1989)


Dare to watch the gambling between a rock band and a midget over whose going to have this young girl with dark hair and sexy body ? As she's tied up on that roulette plank table and cannot moves aeven a bit then, the knife-thrower begin to do his sleazy dirty work which definitely should be making your heart pumping up faster. Slaughter daring to take their chance by releasing this debut album called Stick It To Ya as these Las Vegas, NV Hard Rockers pouring several grams of glam-coustic into their ingredients formula of straight Heavy Rock through the late of the last days of eighty-nine completed with the great licks of rocking gears melodies mantra, anthemic sing-alongs and solid beats that will make your stereo system vibrating harder just like a girl having her first orgasm. Mark Slaughter (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards), Tim Kelly (guitars, backing vocals), Dana Strum (bass, backing, vocals) and Blas Elias (drums, percussion, backing vocals) rocking and bashing free but keeping their one final purpose only to save the girl in white satin sexy dress whose still tight up there waiting, wanting to be saved by the quartet of Slaughter. Throw after knife throw they're miss because of the power-house music coming from fabulous tracks like She wants more, Thinking of June, That's not enough and Gave me your heart cranking up the focus of the evil circus master for doing nothing but surrender to Mark Slaughter and co. whose already took thechick away save in riding with them to the sunset like a real rocker heroes.
Vroom ! ...

Stick It To Ya:

Big Pitch Believer (A&M Records 1989)


Never gets old or left behind because Rock music is forever and for everyone, one might finding how powerful is the opener number on Giant's debut album - Last of The Runaways which recorded and release two years after this group consisting of Dann Huff (lead vocals, guitar), Alan Pasqua (keyboards) had Dann's brother David Huff on drums and Mike Brignardello on bass for completing the formation. Having the charming persona on the lead singer Dann whose his voice reminding us most to Simple Mind's vocalist in instance. Good rock or AOR music is the one that you can depends on when one turning the volume ot aloud but still safe driving on the highway; great licks and awesome songs like Innocent Days, Shake me up or I'll See you in my dream that certified them as one of the greatest band on the lists. No more runaways - use your concious-mind. Yes, this band is played their amazing Hard Rock tearing down the wall and ready to rock your boat up.
Viva Rock - we'll never gets tired of you !


Pikebubbles Carnival (Stockholm Records 1995)


Tasty so sweet like cotton-candy by using the format of "back to the future" where Retro Pop music recaptured once again in the mixing term of absolute sixties and seventies background brought to the nineties completed with the atmosphere that you can really feel from their music sounds and the tracks or the lyrics; this Jonkoping, Sweden Alternative Jangle Pop and Retro music named The Cardigans is the answer for parents whose always complaining about how terrible rock music already turning their children to brainless animals. Nina Parsson - the cute vocalist or the other freshly cool and charming members of the band: Lars Olof-Johansson (keyboards, piano), Bengt Lagerberg (drums, percussion), Magnus Sveningsson (bass), and Peter Svensson (guitars) didn't really had too much spectacles to making it happened and slowly gaining such success from Life - the album. Crunchy retro vocals off Nina or the soft toned musical mad eby this Swedish group really brought older people back to their days when the decade is still young and friendly. Daddy's Car, Fine, Rise and Shine, Over the water and even the bonus Sick and Tired would digging back the romance and nostalgia of your momma and poppa.


Clatter Cling (Dreamworks Records 2000)


   Remember the first time when you hear Hanging by a moment on the radio ? How cool is that single really was or still today. Actually, some knew a little bit story about how that sold-out song from a LA Alternative Modern rock band Lifehouse luckily reaching great good spot on the mainstream Pop Music charts worldwide. The quartet of these fine young Americans - Jason Wade, Rick Woolstenhulme Jr, Bryce Soderberg and Ben Carey starting it as a church band but nevertheless, Pop culture finally taking over and the quartet begin to writing popular rock music resulted No Face Name as a public debut record. Playing the almost similar music to Seattle Sound rock type and Jason's vocals also could easily riminding us about Eddie Vedder but adding their pretty sweet romance into standard soften rock wouldn't be too much sin and there you have it then; an album with many Modern Rock melodies with softer distortion wrapping these tracks: Somebody's else's song, Only one, Trying or Sick cycle carousel - crunchy bites of the commercial rock.


Rosalyn Sweet Morning (A&M Records 1996)


   As the succesor for her first album, the talented multi-instrumentalist musician singer Sheryl Crow decided to put only her name simply for her next works, then - we had Sheryl Crow (the album) which vulnerably stronger than just another second album. The songs collectively recorded here are precious and pure with more gallantry moves for having various great mixing sounds on it and Sheryl voice should always be her trademark to sell, (beside her gorgeous looks) of course.
   With her straight hair changes the old days appearance but the music stays the same or maybe sounded more couragous on this self-titled record. Sheryl plays most of the musical instruments here; bass, wurlitzer, harmonium, keyboards, acoustic guitar, loop and even producing herself but some names might be too rude to be forgotten - Steve Berlin (saxophone), Steve Donelly (guitars), Wally Ingram (drums, djembe) or jane Scrapantoni (strings) for creating some of the best atmosphere for Pop Rock recording session inside some of the great tracks like the longing dreams of Home, the classic romance on A Change Would Do You Good, the everlasting neverending wisdom on Everyday is a Winding Road and carefully, try her all the good lessons in life on her radio cuts hits - If It Makes You Happy. You will loving to hear these tones, these melodies from her again because they're really worth a listen.


Everything I'm Not (Sire / Warner Bros. 2005)


   Good-looking charms, lucky, talented and soon to be famous, the Origliasso Sisters - Jess and Lisa might just having the ordinary teenager appearance for some but these gorgeous girls actually knows how to writing very good Pop Rock songs that would giving you chill of both temptations and admiration on the same time.
Calling themselves The Veronicas and got backing up by their full live band; their fabulous debut - The Secret Life of ... is a pure Pop album with a gladly glance touch of Modern Rock which will be sounded yummy amazing for any Pop rock lovers for these "Rocking girls of your dreams".
   From Brisbane with plenty love and stories to share as thus glittering tracks for advancing indipendent teenage girls burst up on 4ever, When It All Falls Apart, Revolution or Secrets and Mouth Shut may shining your days again or at least, pumping thus hearbeats quicker.

Don't ask, just listen !

 The Secret Life of:

Lewis Death Wonders (Geffen Records 1993)


Not trying to impersonating Jimi Hendrix or even collecting more money by using his guitar's playing style but to be honest, Mike Scott really got inspired and idolizing that number one shredderin the world since childhood and not because of that then, Mike's band project - The Waterboys decided to recorded Dream Harder which not similarly the same as any Hendrix recording works would sound alike. More to a poet, a low-profiled guitarist and a great song-writer or composer (with the help of session musicians) eargerly presenting his collection of Classic Bluesy Pub Rock works on this elegant album. You will agree as soon as The New Life starts in as it follows by Glastonbury Song - we just witnessing a guitar hero reborn. The great things about Mike Scott is he can really sings with his distinctive NYC/Scottish accent vocals and totally written many good tracks for everyone to listening. One can capturing the hope and courage clinging on Preparing to fly, mystical storyline on The Return of Pan, an amazing facts about Corn Circles and thus longing for sunlight kind of feeling along Winter Winter. Dream Harder for those whose just loved an epic journey of the Wizard of Oz to Spiritual City for hearing a strange Good News about The Return of Jimi Hendrix

Dream Harder:

Ellis Island Brother (Giant Records 1993)


Brian Nevin, Rob Squires and Todd Park Mohr group or known as Big Head Todd and The Monsters are pretty much sounded straight to rock on Sister Sweetly and even one can hearing them playing the combination of Classic rock rhythms to the Trippy-Hop beats. These Modern Rock trio formed in Colorado as day by days their hard works for playing festivals and bars actually gained them a recognition and as it proves to be reality for them to be concluded on Led Zeppelin's tribute album and slowly being famous in some part of US soil. The kind of Jimmy Page Bluesy style approaches mixed with various new and old sounds probably become this band energy to writing lots of good songs here like Turn The Light Out, Tomorrow Never Comes, Soul for Every Cowboy or Groove Thing and thus sweetcorn melodies, etc ...


Effloresce And Deliquesce (Flying Nun / Slash 1990)


From Dunedin, New Zealand down down under near the South Pole where only a few type of Jellyfishes really feeling comfortable to breed on that icy cold environments of living, you got a surprise melodies made by a Jangle-Pop pioneering band - The Chills.
Their most creative and mesmerizing record of all time should be Submarine Bells, the brilliant collectiveness of powdery blossoming harmony and sounds so sweet like Heavenly Pop Hit, you would be singing with them or listening to this album over and over musn't be that enough.
Martin Phillips, Andrew Todd, Justin Harwood and James Stephenson awesomely written and composed these nurturing tracks floating weightless but fantastically interesting for any souls to sing along with Tied up in Chain, Singing in my sleep to The Oncoming Day.
Like swimming with jellyfishes with no stings inside the bluest color sea ...


Mockingbirds Godiva (Slash Records 1994)


   Tight combination between Folk, Post Rock and Shoegazing Fuzz-Pop is the menu for you gave by this Alternative trio Grant Lee Buffalo whose always sounded sad since the day they're decided to recording songs together and here one will again hearing their prosthetic works and semi-romantic lyrics telling stories about Urban love poets, Southern heritage or just that boring life in a very artistic ways on Mighty Joe Moon.
   Led by Grant Lee Phillips: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin and harmonica, Paul Kimble: bass, piano, pump organ, electric organ, vocals and Joey Peters: drum set, tumbuk, tambourine, tablas, maracas, marimba, shakers, and acquired hunks of metal; the trio themselves sounded a bit like a softer distorted version of CSN&Y through their tracks of It's The Life, Sing Along, Demon Called Deception and Last Days of Tecumseh which are very contemplative ...


Woolywollygong Yes You (4AD 2011)


   Merrill Garbus seems to be a re-incarnation of Funk Parliament on heroin or just a Caucasian daughter for George Clinton whose insanely recording her afiliates project on Afro-Beats, Jazz, Crazy Pop and Funky grooves that sounded so fishy and abnormal the first time you hearing them.
An experimental of inappropriated mental noises collectively bounds here on the Tune-Yards' self-recorded album Whokill.
   Welcome to the odd world of Ms. Garbus whom reluctantly baptizing herself as a figure on the borderline between androgynsm and creative madness for making such a unsplended music for this entire "broken" generation and those bunch of consumptive effects of our daily lives.
Start up - Gangsta, Es-so, Powa, Riotriot, My Country and Bizness are your proves for a whole bizarre new world we're living in.

Much kisses to this smart New England artist !


Auditorium Jumpstart Straw (Matador Records 1995)


   Semi-legendary Ohio Alternative Rock gifts to US scene by the late of nineties should be Guided By Voices whose recording their most entirely works with lower budget and even the sounds would be sounded that they're recorded back on the sixties on some of it. But nevertheless, these group should always being exposed as one of thus pioneers which collectively connected with the development of Indie Rock, Pop Jangle and Post Rock experimentalist experts came before the rising of Grunge and the whole bunch of Seattle Sound existed properly in media.
   Simple and spontanious as they're led by Robert and Jim Pollard with several members changes as time goes by; this Alien Lines brought us the tangled twisting of experiments-coustic of They're not Witches, Evil Speakers, A Salty Salute and much more stranger tones of creativity and a new hope for Rock to evolve ...


3:30, Part. 6 (Disques Dryfus / Polydor 1978)


The trancending formation of harmonies and deep thoughts of noises which smartly given its meanings by the amazing works of Lyon's Electronic composer Jean Michel Jarre might truly saving you and calmness not for being anxious or envy but peacefully unites with the Planet we've called home. The intuitive surroundings of reckless, power, surrogates and tranquillity shall circling around us changing the atmosphere above us and wisely, teaching us about the mysteries of the bigger or smaller worlds nearby. Some symphonies might delivering thrills or haunts you but boredom isn't the choice at first to be brought here when one decided to listening to Equinoxe cause Ambience and Progressive Synth-Pop Music is created to sounded serious from the beginning but on its temporary moments - sometimes they're also can bring you courage, hope, happiness and knowledge. This recording should making you think about Space Explorations and NASA which also true, Jarre's works are always be mysterious and deliberating through these eight parts of compositions of Equinoxe. When some needed a first step to begin their road to explorating the existence of themselves and the invisible force of universal power beyond their imagination, this album is righteous choice to start it.


Marrakech Flame (Kontor Records 2004)


   Dance Music would sounded having its point of views when one unfortunately stuck in a deep unpleasant situation where there's nobody there for you and the most person you'd definitely relying on to is probably hundred miles away but fear not cause if you got ATB with you means that you still can relaying on to something, danceable. Andre Tanneberger is one of that famous and great DJ and mixer for most of the Clubbing World would even considering him a demi-god of sounds with his excellent works and intelectual mixings over millions of remixes as well as this record - No Silence which could giving anyone a reliable ideas about how to continuing the lives they're already step in. Stranded in the middel of nowhere isn't an option but sometimes happening on us, the job is how to stay alive and the beats of this album shall carrying your mind away for a happy place and a solution through Slow Dancing tunes with freshly female singers. Everything is natural and Mother Earth would easily go dancing with you through Ecstacy, Autumn Leaves, Mysterious Skies and even Black Nights to creating or find a way to lighten up signs to the wilderness out there for help, stay calm - kick thus depression away !
So, don't give up and never give in for the prices of being eager and stronger to survive must be an option as well as the good music around your distance loneliness ...

No Silence:

Dragonfly Dream (Angular Records 1998)


   Hard Rocker Singer Lana Lane might not be as famous as Doro Pesch (for example) but if one could trying to compares her vocals to others, we should be assured that this Santa Rosa, CA born female rocker needed to be given another second chance to showing the world about how awesome her voice really is.
Along with her band including her beloved husband and producer - Erik Norlander (organ, piano, minimoog, mellotrone), Neil Citron (lead guitars), Danielle Kern (rhythm guitars), Mark Crite (lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars), Don Schiff (bass) and Tony Amato (drums); Lana Lane not only dare to rocking out in standard or medium tempos but also providing a space for progressive actions and Slow Pop with the good mixed with Classic Rock or older stuff and sounds from the early ewighties rock music formation.
   The central figures must be directed into these couple but both Lana and Erik didn't forgot to sharing their magical performance and stage with their musicians on this great record - Garden of The Moon that shall hypnotizing you and I with thus magnificent tracks from Seasons, Destination Roswell, Evolution Revolution and Under The Olive Tree where the lyrics is abinding and the atmosphere of the sounds are (like standing on the edge of time) perpetual ...

Garden of The Moon:

Hide Your Heart (Phonogram / Mercury 1989)


   Trouble or Nothing actually is a cover version album with the rocking tracks taken and compiled for your pleasurement purposes; produced by Desmond Child and sang enitrely in a magnificent greater voice of Robin Beck.
This Lady-rocker whose born in Brooklyn, NYC is already re-considered as one of the best female rock singer in the world during the hair Metal decade as she's empowered herself within awesome dark-haired good looking and powerful voice less other singers can compare bringing this AoR, Ballads, Slow Rock show to the highest limit.
   Putting the works of tributing some of her favorite chosen tracks written by some legendary rockers or musicians highlighted here such as - Don't Lose Any Sleep (John Waite cover), Bonnie Tyler's works and the attractive Hold back The Night that written by Alice Cooper and Desmond Child; resulted this supreme record to charting on a good position in Germany and Switzerland.
You need to believe this and got to listening to this, this is amazingly rocks !!!


Critical Reverse Plasma (Nuclear Blast America 2001)


   Come in and welcome, its so thrilling ocassion for you to visiting the Gothic Metal small world of Dismal Euphony through their recording release of Python Zero.
Mystical mayhem mixing between Dark Metal, Gothic symphonies and classical music relentlessly would caught your attention and imaginations through the repentless sounds on Zentinel that thundering the blast effects of melodies and disorderly builds from the fathom collaboration of male/female and growler vocals as the tempos going uphill before bridging the basic standard sounds of enlightment or ethereal progressions pleasurement to the Heavy Music lovers alone.
   The composition of the proud members Anja Natasha - vocals, Ole K. Helgesen - vocals/bass, Frode Clausen - guitars and Kristoffer Austrheim - drums would gladly giving you surprise like the obsessive track Magma that lies in the Midwestern eulogy sounds as the primal attraction which still carrying the cruely of an endangered in its dangerous deadly influence ...


CB4 - Perseverance (Supreme Musick 2001)


   Compiling the rehearsal demos, extended play to the independent releases; as they're decided to put them into a record entitled - Digging Up The Remains, Tim Pittides (vocals), Pete Mussillo (guitar), Jay Carbone (bass), Kirill Gluharev (guitar) and Brian Wiskin (drums) of the very much underground Melodic Death Metal acts Entorturment having their beliefs and self-confidence to make their extreme terror music heard through concerts or festivals.
   Go feel the real deal "Death Metal" noise spirits and sounds erupting through Reality Check and Decryption and more deafing tracks to find how "Metal" are you exactly ?!


Ugly Bastards (Tribal War Records 1997)


   Marginalized boredom and the consumtive living will soon taken over our lives and creating the anti-matter of itself, as for Capitalism - its already spawning many mortal enemies and the Crusty Crusher Punk is one of them. A new villains named The Casualties; a Punkrocker group whose always giving their middle fucking fingers onto the modern world (mostly) will also proudly to stabbing, shook and destroying the establishment social values that protecting rich people up there on their ivory towers as poverty slowly awaken and shall banging the doors, breaking and enters, raping back the wealthy life and win in the end, started with this kind of extreme rebellion music from the streets. Consisting of Jorge (vocals), Rick (bass), Jake (guitars) and Meggers (drums) for tearing down your pride and prejudice's wall by the rioting chaos sounds which some can called it a beautiful and glamour parts of Punk Rock essence. The coloring Mohawks and extreme tempos fastening the hatred for being honest through For the Punks' nihilism and anarchy rock according to Punk and Skins, Police Brutality or City Life.

Oi !