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Desecrator Legions (Roadracer Records 1990)


   New Orleans didn’t well-known just for its Old French Festivities, Mardi Gras or Jazz. Try to take Southern Rock to the next heavy level, tuned in below your average motherfucking rock key-riffs, adds more Doomy influences and rawest vocals available – you’ll definitely got a new form of Mighty Metal Thrash with Death Southern in full effects by the name of Exhorder. The long time member consisting of Kyle Thomas, Vinnie LaBella, Jay Ceravolo and Chris Nail quartet shall proudly destroying your hearing sense in seconds with their respectable records Slaughter in Vatican.
   Devastating tracks like Homicide, The Tragic Period, Anal lust or Death in Vain are the ultimate offerings you’d looking for in this miserable boring life – so, just listen and there ain’t no further comments needed y’all !!!



Fistful Sand Kills (InsideOut Music 2009)

   Just like the chain-links between Fates Warning and Dream Theater’s raw experimental symphonic, Ray Alder (vocals), Bernie Versailles (guitars), Nick van Dyk (guitars, keyboards), Sean Andrews (bass), Chris Quirarte (drums) and Greg Hosharian (keyboards solo) joining force and then snap ! Redemption is releasing their fourth album – Snowfall on Judgement Day. The chariot of remarkable tempos and full-point solos in speed are very well indeed become your attraction for hearing the record which so far, already sold out weeks earlier after the release !
   Progressive superb combination of riffs, various licks and great vocals adding the extra points upon their tracks which also already need to appreciated with two thumbs up as like as Leviathan Rising, Keep Breathing, Peel and Walls just a few example of them.

Awesome Metal album that you wanted to listening more than just once !


Hot Rod Pink Panties (Full Effects Records 2006)

   When Faster Pussycat band done with themselves after the fall of Hair Metal era and the dawn of New Millennium – every rockers saw the opportunity through Electro-Rock and Industrial music scene as the next smart choice to take and on this chance of a lifetime, Taime Downe made up his mind by chosing his fellow bandmates – Xristian Simon (guitars), Danny Nordhal (bass) and Chad Stewart (drums) for his devoted project The Newlydeads.
   Not for your consideration but another chance to viewing their scratching motivations is this compilation of their best works Dreams from a Dirt Nap which showing us how glamour can be a great essence to combining different tones from rock, Heavy Metal to Gothic music.
   A sore throat of Downe’s vocal character would do good for an addition to the mysterious banging music beats intense enough for digging these tracks of Skin Tight Skin, Sleeping Pill, Severed, Silent Night to the favorable cover of Siouxie and the Banshee’s Cities in Dust.

One will finding this to be either offending or miscellanously sexy !


Fruhling Roter Sand (Universal 2009)


   Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da (Love is for everyone) is definitely sending a kind of wrong message to the right people as well as the sixth album from the Germania Jaggernaut of Droning Metal group Rammstein precisely not suitable for any vegetarians out there. We're having a gloomy small room with soft nudity and a bitter taste of cannibalism on its content showing the member of the band dinner menu - a taste of beauty. Still distinctive raw Modern Pagan Metal made aus Deutchland with the angry lyrics, negative approach and heavy riffs between the crazy fireball freak acts or the taboo themes written by Till Lindemann. Machine guns and cannon blasting beats carried out the greater name of the band and its members - Richard Z. Kruspe, Paul H. Landers or Christian "Fluke" Lorenz displaying their thoughts about the next future German; right after the Nazi's, the Long Depression and the awakening until nowadays time of The United Sick Germany which cannot protecting his own traditional identity anymore.
Proud tracks (eventhough mostly telling you about how satire ideas towards the Teutonic Pagan beliefs revenge on modern day Germany) like Rammlied, Wiener Blut, Haifisch, Waidmanns Heil or the infamous Pussy might directly entertaining those Heavy Metal ears hungry for the Heavy Metal saviour caming back again - back from the cold Bavarian night to reclaims its throne.

   One didn't have to think what might people think about this Rammstein record or about how artistically sensual the album cover really is cause no matter what - Rammstein will not care a fucking lot about it. They're too exciting to serving great Hard Music for our pleasurement rather than just feasting their meal alone.

Mehr Sieg Heil !



Bloodsport Alkohol (KMFDM Records 2009)

   It seems that obvious that in a period of time due to the heating moment or just being bored – Tim Skold had decided to fight his own Industrial techno band but on this case, featuring another member revolting to the gigantium name of their previous and famous group by mixing strength into samples, noises and particular heavy beats of Electronic, Darkwave, Technorock or Sytheziser sequenced Metal sounds in a sudden duelling that creates power-drilling music - colder and damned.
   Skold vs KMFDM: surely will driving your imaginations to the outer limits of average Goth Dance ritual recording because of its well-mixed and provocative side of “the other faith” which definitely could penetrating thus sicken truth about the subconcious power of Industrial Rock mind control game.
   No one would realizing the danger of these standard beats contaminates through Love is Like, A Common Enemy, Porn, Kitsch & Firearms or Gromky.

Face your fear by creates fear; say no more to relaxing and don’t take it easy !


Leper Damage Messiah (Kerrang! Magazine 2006)

   You will be out of words for knowing that the UK’s legendary rock magazine Kerrang! Had decided to make a surprise gift to all Metallica-maniacs elsewhere by making the tribute - Remastered: Metallica's Master Of Puppets Revisited; oh yes ! this Master of Puppets entirely songs cover tribute must be beyond our imagination.
The eight tracks had been tackle loudly by some of thus promising names on today’s International Metal Scene like Chimaira, Trivium, Mastodon and more.
   As the record on – you already will facing Machine Head in sudden with the opening song Battery, followed by Master of Puppets and The Things that should not be (Mendeed) that awesomely shall raising the horns, the metal signs, all the anthemic sing-along and dready headbangs from every single one of us. Believe that James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Lars Ulrich and the spirit of Cliff Burton will gnarling happy and proud because of this.

   Raise those fists in the air saluting and Welcome Home (Sanatorium) Heroes of the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse !

Master of Puppets Remastered:

Eyeless Davidian (Kerrang! Magazine 2007)

   Obviously, metalheads always quenching for more and more good loud products out of rock magazine that keeps on producing the fantastic compilations for fanatics worldwide and there’s no exception for Kerrang! High Voltage (Another Brief History of Rock) album which already had its prestige on the previous volume one edition in 2006. Plenty Metal cover tracks salutation celebrates right here from the legendary names to the newer generation (still) with the same loudest attitude as Heavy Metal always be.
   From the Screamo genre – we got Lostprophet, Fightstar, Madina Lake as well as from the fearless metalheads contingent we have Signs and Soulfly while the tracks are filled with heavy duty cranked up power of the true metal attack – Creeping Death (Metallica), Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Napalm Death), Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row) to the older stuff like My Generation (The Who) and The Boys are back in town (Thin Lizzy).

This is one record you don’t want to miss to grab !!!


Dub Color I (Capricorn Records 1997)


   After the furor hysteria over their blue record and the rock radio hit single Down; Omaha, Nebraska’s Cross-Over heroes 311 coming back for another try with Transistor. Everyone shall notice that this great next album really diving deeper into Oriental-ism influences especially, of Hinduism and Buddhism. You can feel the self-respect and the bottomless thoughts swarming the minds with wishful thinking lyrics and unshakeable like a Lotus flower defending itself in the middle of vast invisible sea of questions holding onto just its own trusted-roots on the water’s molecules.
   Reminiscing in accessibility of yourself floating in pogo-trancing over thus leading powerful Funk-Reggae-Metal tinged track combinations – Galaxy, Jupiter, Use of Time, Electricity, Running, Tune In, Starshines and Beautiful Disaster as the best efforts of simultaneous handicraft mixing of Nick Hexum, SA Martinez, P-Nut and Chad Sexton respectively and as well as the great job producing credits from Scotch Rolston, making this lot more fun in sounds and incredible.

Transistor Link:

Erebos Beloved Poet (Bat Zuge Records 2013)

Full length album releasing by the Cleveland, OH Gothic/Death Metal duo Raven X naming themselves: Khaos (all instruments) and Nyx (vocals, lyrics). The symphonies upon the nightmarish Pagan-based music of Essence Without Light erupts the silencing sky and from there, shall remarks its existence onto the band’s independent listeners or fans. Both of the members giving their total action of screaming vocls for vengeance through the raw tracks from Angel of The Night to Blood of a Bitch to Soul Suicide or Sleepless Nights. And as the Autumn dry skin season slowly crawls inches by inches to be replacing by the cold, a gloomy sorrow lyrics carved in the heart shall marks the beginning comeback of the Black Sparrows to your small quiet town.

Raven X Link:

Hidden Agenda Scene (MCA Records 2000)

   One can never had enough cravings for more Industrial backbeat music noise and the Nottingham’s five piece group – Pitchshifter can be the one that will fulfilling your dehydrated thirst for thus Electronic bursting sound of the underground.
   The magnetic beats and drum machine-like pounding the ear-drums to their limit trying to consume delighted distortion numbers on the band’s Deviant album such as Water Thin, Keep it Clean, Dead Battery and Forget The Facts which using the various devices in the mix for having the distinctive rebellious cool sounds made by Jon “JS” Clayden (vocals, programming), Mark D. Clayden (bass), Jason Bowld (drums, percussion) and Jim Davies (lead guitars, backing vocals); a half-way perfect formula that always being loved by the computer addicts, game junkies, lone wolves and sinners on extracting the pressures effects As Seen on TV.


Enemy Lies World (Listenable Records 2009)


The French Progressive Death Metal unit from Poitiers calling themselves Hacride and just like the popular ancient meaning of that name; they're becoming the new sounds of France's underground scene that already reborn again slowly and keep on stronger each and every day as like a gentle giant with powerful strength and wisdom persuades to maintaining the balance in between and the positive dominance for Heavy Doom Metal and the arts entirely. The album Lazarus - shall definitely opening your eyes as the true Metal maniacs that Hacride is not a cheesy newbie and actually, needs to be listed for more attention on our Hard Music lists. These bearded quartet whose must be fit on any scene in Harry Potter sequels really showing their talents for exploring the riffs or the chords progressions crossing the limit as the burting decible of sound-blasts coming out from your stereo is lethal and seems to be endless for example on tracks like Act of God or the opening To Walk upon them whether the vocalist Luis Roux's rawest screams or Adrien Grousset's experimental long melodic solos which amazingly, deaf defying and deadly as if thus noises can digging down deeper into yourself, creating the intense etenrity of sorrow before the slip into the bottomless ravine below ...

Lazarus Link:

Mofo Crossroader Runaway (Ferret Music 2009)


   These days when you decided to calling yourself a skater or before shit happens to you like having a serious broken bones or concussion that making you had enough and decided to throw all your stuff freaking away, just hold up your stupid mind a while and gaining more skills by listening to Revolution Mother. Thus eleven harder tracks that gonna be sounded raw, cool and classy would still showing their claws to make you bled. Led by the ex-skater turning rocker - Mike Valley a.k.a Mike V (vocals), Jason Hampton (guitars), Colin Buis (bass) and Brandon Pertzborn (drums) didn't give a shit about the bulls but dangerous drum speeding beats which can easily sent you to the wall in a hard way as this band music slamming through the entire house in shake. Rollin' with Tha Mutha album presenting: Killin Machine, Born to Rock N' Roll, Ride The Sky, Hit List and Night Ride should snapping thus spirit back on your skateboard by multiple times to the extreme (or) easily sending you and everyone else whose only being a trendy jocker fuckheads to the nearest intensive care unit.

Let's go and jump the ride !!!


Happy Women Reaction (Columbia Records 1996)

   Before you decided to leave this world behind there’s a wise suggestion that you should reconsider to do which is to listening to Primitive Radio Gods. Maybe it’s not a worthy act or moves to be done but you will regret the moment you’ve decided not to try the band’s record – Rocket. Melting the Electro-Pop pot with rhythmic soft distortions and daily lyrics reconnecting the elegantly source of the internal sounds and noises echoed through audience experiences of the band’s independent works. Chris O’Connor, Tim Lauterio and Luke McAuliffe never thought that their single Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand would become a very successful hits on the radio and music television while the rest of their songs like the less weird Motherfucker, Chain Reaction and Who Say to its weirdest themes of The Rise and Fall of Ooo Mau, Skin Turns Blue or Where The Monkey meets The Man, all is be a welcoming favors for exploring the last glimpse of our own existing shadows before they’re fading by the next of days ...


Thots Filthee Confession (Capitol Records 2002)

Led by the extreme but attractive female front woman Otep Shamaya branding her Nu-Metal group with the same name – Otep; a quite emerging newcomers on the scene as their debut album  Sevas Tra (Art Saves in a backward meaning) released. Not only known for vomiting Alternative Metal but also got their harder side influences from Death Metal realm which demandingly adds more brutal aspect on Otep’s confront rebellious music. The power spiking growls from Ms. Shamaya really fitted the darker metallic spot that this band trying to focus at as the vokilist tearing down your fucking face off and proclaiming that male chauvinism is already dead here because now they’re ruling over you and your PA's as the record on and bursting out Battle Ready, Sacrilege, Menocide, Blood Pig and T.R.I.C as a combination of Feminism to Rock-Rap marking days revolution in order.

Art Saves Link:

Necromaniac Vagitarian (Relapse Records 1998)


   Sometimes one can daring to trust that even on a chaotic sounds of Grinding Gore Metal underground noises you can be an expert for finding the good and trusted supreme being in form of melodic and catchy riffs as well as like for this band – Exhumed; their three distinctive extreme vocalists shall reminding us about the late legends of The British soil – Carcass.
   Consisting of Col Jones (drums), Mike Beams (guitars), Matt Harvey (guitars, high vocals) and Ross Sewage (bass, low vocals); bringing the Gore Metal album as one of these San Jose grinders brilliant works so far.
   Open of Abscess, Postmortem Procedures, Casketkrusher and Deathmask completed the vision conquest to make an ultimate Deathgrind record just like the madness shown on its tasty front cover only for the sickest people.

Metal Gore Link:

Where Is Your God Now (Century Media 2007)

Mastering the art of destructive metal noises which can giving your grandparents a sudden death of heart attack as the deadly Satanic path sounds bursting out from your PA system, blasting Icons of Evil; the sixth album from one of the Heavyweight names on the Death Metal scene – Vital Remains of Providence, RI. Consisting of Anti Christianity, Satanic Occultism and Death for their lyrics, the brutal sonic terrorist trio of Dave Suzuki (drums, bass, guitars), Tony Lazaro (rhythm guitars) and vocalist Glen Benton (of Deicide) had more energy to continuing this Death Metal project in prolong. You will loved this unsacred beast-mark record which serving Satan very well by hailing Him as well as blowing people’s mind with more free-religious acts reality concluded on thus extreme and subversive tracks that will make your ears blew out – Hammer Down The Nails, In Infamy, Born to rape the world or the new cover version of Yngwie Malmsteen’s Disciples of Hell.

Listen to this blasphemous art and watch their beloved savior died alone in pain on the cross ...


Delusional Murdergraphic (Relapse 2001)


   Recorded on their drummer's basement, Prowler in the yard can simply barenaked to be described as a Grincore Music gory to the bone with the sickest performance from Brian Harvey (drums), J.R. Hayes the growled frontman and Scott Hull doing most of the slicing, chopping, drilling and shreddings for Pig Destroyer. An ultimate re-animation of brutality lyrics and horror blasting noisy music must be good enough to cure thus whose having too much problems, stress about living or just being an ill-disposed maniac. You will have Trojan Whore, Cheerleader Corpses, Tickets to the Car Crash to the more destruction themes wrapped inside dis-ambiguity such as Hyperviolet, Starbelly and Piss Angel.  
So go downstairs and locked yourself up then enjoy your private moment of cutting yourself as the next level of saluting mutilation experiments 101 don't forget to take a picture so people would believe that this is real just like the gory album full of disturbing front cover art creatively as well as all zombie lovers must like this art pics very very bad...

   It'll makes Saw movie like a lame ass show - feel the madness at the scene as red chumps are everywhere and more blood for your lame guts !

Die Jennifer Die Link:

Channel Control Fuck Off ! (Alternative Tentacles 2004)

   You can put everything "anti" for the beginning slogans about Leftover Crack as an established non-profit Punkrock unit whose also influenced by Anarcho Politics and Ska music.
Their second album Fuck World Trade soon to discovers as a highlighted compilations ideas and lyrics based on the respectful and capable source about what really happens around the horrific tragedy that struck the twin tower and then, destroying them both into dust forever with many lives dies dragged by the devastation of a horrible controversy global plot such as on songs like Feed The Children (Book of Lies), Soon We'll Be Dead (Feat. The World/Inferno Friendship Society), Via Sin Dios and many more.
This thrashy Punkrock anthems on this banned album by the government is a highly actual alerts against all controversies as well as the album itself  and by having the cover which tells us the real cause of the attack of WTC or well-known as 9/11 - killing thousands as there shall be no peace ...
   The lust for oil and the stupid ego's of some cruel world leader and business dickheads on their higher place of corrupted power and lies.


Stigmata Sombre (Unisound Records 1997)


   Sweden Land has never stop amazed you and I by keep on producing their heroic bands from Metal and Rock genre, just like this mysterious Goth Rock group - The Equinox Ov The Gods.
   Consisting of trio Gothrockers: JoakimWassberg (guitars), Melker Ryymin (bass) and Fredrik Wallin (guitars, vocals) initiating their ideas and life to achieve a goal for making Goth Metal elite and scarier and with this album Fruits and Flowers of the Spectral Garden - it seems like this lot already succeded the half-way.
   Colder atmosphere and gloomy period of the falling mankind to lust or painful death under the wrapping of intensive obscure literatures from every source collected by the band and mixing into a blending poisonous low end keys of despair symphonies for yours only.
   The mythical tracks of The Ogre Lord, The Witches Rune or The Golem and Thanatos shall hypnotizing you and others to obey the sleepless hidden mantras behind the ambiguity lyrics covered by the mists and shadows of immortal awakening supreme force which inserted through this record's realm where the Nightstalker never dies.


Enthroned in Clouds (Van Records 2013)


   Brough the essence of poweful Pagan Metal back from its birth place from all over Europe, to be precisely, Bavaria giving us thier mighty works out of the album - The White Goddess; Atlantean Kodex probably would be one of your new favorite revelation groups for today's The Real Keeper of The Metal Faith.
Led by charismatic vocalist with higher vocals range reminding us about Michael Kiske of Helloween.
   The premature quality but surely awesome to hearing them performing thus epic tracks from Sol Invictus to Twelve Stars and an Azure Gown and the rest of the entire album.

You shall amazed and admits their true genuine Speed Metal sounds and shredding progressions mastery ...


Abducens Ghouls Eminence (Relapse Records 2006)


   Stockholm, Sweden Gore grinding brutal metal scene has been alive and well over these passing years even when they're loyal enough to stay underground to forever. Regurgitate is one of those heroes from this mighty scene and with Sickening Bliss - their last effort seems to keep doing plenty damages to our ears and the world. These quartet of fucking blasted noises bearer - Jocke, Urban, Rikard and Glenn must be had a very bad times in their childhood in order to shaping them to be more brutal now on this present days but wait; maybe not cause they're just loving NOT to write lame music - that's all ! So, with no more futher introductions especially for thus beautiful mom carrying her own womb in front cover and any of those sort brutality contains on bloody tracks like
Undying Lust For Cadaverous Molestation,
Addiction (An Unconditional Love For Blasphemous Perversions), We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum and Cocoon of Filth may re-considering as "some of the horrific fast Grindcore finests with another sick minded art cover that surely could disturbed many people and feminists out there."

Either you would loving it or hate it (and die) ...
Nuff said !



Splurge To The Urge (Epitomite Productions 2006)


Used, Abused and Left for Dead ... Might be intepreted off this brutal fucking record from Lividity a Gore Grinding unit hailed of Decatour, IL written down tons of lyrics about whores, porn and of course, Gore !
No thanks to Dave Kibler (guitra, vocals), Von Young (vocals, guitar), Chris Campbell (bass, vocals) or Jordan "The Violator" Varela (drums) for creating this sickening chaotic album filled with excessive force driven feminal destruction through violence insanity carnal knowledge by having its disturbing images and noises over tracks like The Cumming Of The Trilogy (Pussy Lover Pt. 3), Stench Of Virginity (Sonic Version), Exhibition Of Carnage and Gore Epitome are the horrendous works of men.

Too sadistic - you will needed to press stop !


Descending Tied Up Conspiracy (American Recordings 1994)


   The third album made by The Black Crowes using the cover of Hustler magazine for Amorica that soon erupts a wave of controversy through the land or on some media admits as "Banned album around US for its overrated sensuality stuff in the front cover (but hey - its still legal pic in Brazil and they loved it)" that later re-make into just black blocking new cover only left the thong proudly wearing Stars and Stripes but still - this shitty misfortunes didn't changing (luckily) The Robinson Brothers music inside. Latent compositions that remarkably intacting Hard Rock and Blues as Black Crowes' trademark since the beginning can be hear here - safer enough even when you turning up the volume to ten. There's a little bit Salsa and Latin influences on some songs but they're too solid to be broken down with the formation leads by Chris and Rich then you got Marc Ford (guitars), Ed Harsch (keyboards), Johnny Colt (bass) and Steve Gorman (drums) performing the wiser of their ages as the music and the sounds becoming original - much better than what they'd use to be called as The Rolling Stones impersonator.
Caught the essence of the exotic Amor of America on High Head Blues, Nonfiction, She Gave Good Sunflower, Ballad in Urgency to Downtown Money Waster; still one of the greatest native rock sound made in USA.

Amorica Link:

Bliss Room Goodbye (Universal Records 2005)


   Hinder -  an Oklahoma's straight and ready to rock who can definitely playing harder and soften whenever they wanted to be sounded like are well-predicted as an ultimate replacement for the position which previously was inside the gripping hands of Hair Metal scene bands from the 90's. Equipped with the pure Hardrock, catchy Poprock  melodies and their "poisonous" mixing of attractive sounds that most of the rock audiences longing in wait plus the band's sad brokenhearted stories with romantic touch for everyone. Austin John Winkler's elegant voice has made Lips of an angel or Homecoming Queen both became their famous hits from this best debutant of Extreme Behavior album which really shown us to be precisely well-created in exact to establish Hair Rock and Glam-Metal back to its throne !


Vinegaroon Chach Stray (Quarterstick 1998)


   Not many rock band coming out from Tuscon, AR crazy enough to mixing Alternative Rock with Texas Mexicano music like Calexico; the band which its foetus created by two mastermind behind this unique band - Joey Burn and John Convertino whose being insanely creative for combining modern electric instruments with some traditional native like marimba, thunder drum, gitaron as well as Post Rock with Mariachi, Conjunto and Combia through Jazz or Country. One should capturing the real background of Arizona area which cannot find elsewhere but there; dusty wind and balls of hay rolling out while the black cloudy skies sending thunderous terrfying sound-effects by afar. Through thus tracks like Where Water Flows, Sideshow, Fake Fur, Minas de Cobre (For Better Metal) or the opening progressive number - Gypsy's Curse shall hypnotized every ears attracting by the sounds tremendously created by this group which already completed their formation by recruits some more members.
   Enjoy the ride with The Black Light, to the driest places in Arizona and back ...