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Worn Dandelion Drown (Interscope Records 2005)


   Awhile from a short hiatus after the praising fame of their debut, the supergroup Audioslave is coming back with Out of Exile: the next level increasing for the quartet whose looking cleaner but sounded a bit weaker.
You will notice that Tom Morello riffings are too close to Zeppelin as well as almost entirely repertoir here are exiled under John Bonham’s power play influences greater than Morello's guitar effects came in second on the spotlight.
   Perhaps, the original gangsta-core of their trademark can only be found on man or Animal,  Yesterday to Tomorrow or the fine ballad single Be yourself.
The luckiest draw should be given to Chris Cornell; in which his liability high tones and vocals stamina would always be the band’s gifts along with Chris’ philosophy that sharper than a knife felt more real and mature.
   Move on and stop waiting for the world to change …

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