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Weird Madeline (Mercury Records 1997)

   There’s a time where the radio airplay conquered by the single Mmmbop from Hanson – the little kid brothers family band whom luckily enough to recording an album and got a jackpot hit. Some people rejects them as a real time one hit wonder but others might considered them talented as the argumentation goes on and on endlessly. Middle of Nowhere a good title which explaining everything a lot) would make the trio Zach, Taylor and Isaac finding themselves on the top of the world with the hysteria of thousand teenage girls and the cursing critics from the media. Their looks might be cheesy as well as their music would be considered average but there are some values on this kids that made their name famous; young ages and talent. Even most of the songs sounded funny but there are one or two tunes which really worth a listening like Where’s The Love, Yearbook or I will come to you …
Maybe some of you still remember the lyrics.