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Piss And Vinegar (Sire Records 2007)

The promising Alternative Rock group with a commencing right-winged lyrics before their vocalist Tom Gabel decided to change his gender identity transforming into Laura Jane Grace then some of the media started to woo-ing them. Particularly acclaimed their stardome name in fame because of the releasing of (perhaps) their best album so far: New Wave, this US Modern Day Punkers Against Me ! would be like one in a million for ready to shine. Completed with Warren Oakes, Andrew Seward and James Bowman; Against Me ! known to be owning their destinctive sounds led by logic and common daily issues on today’s society. Thrash Unreal, White people for peace, Up the cuts and Americans abroad showing how talented this band already become and how their creativity led into success by semi-legendary “Alternative Producer” Butch Vig whose searching for more than another Nirvana but a reinventing rock forms away from the shade of Axl Rose and stuff ...