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Metabolic Disasterpiece (Roadrunner Records 2001)

   Believed it when the psychopathic extreme metal group releasing their latest on Iowa.
Not only because they’re proud of where their coming from but also this record hazardously contains more disturbing materials which can easily turn a good guy to violent.
   Within their power blasts and groove of extremity conceals on thus straight and explicit lyrics written by this famous superb metallic 8’s.
Still dressing-up in their sickening self-made costumes and masks; the rest of the world still not aware about whose behind those characters in disguise really are but Slipknot never shortened out of diehard fans who would sacrificing themselves and die for this band.
   The mixing of terrible sample noises or the mighty shreds whether the spotlight displaying the leader Corey or the godless skinbasher Joey Jordison; this group is still have a fuckin’ dangerous influences on us.
Do avoid: People = Shit, The Heretic anthem, Left behind or I am Hated – at once before too late.

“Nobody’s safe in this goddamn life …”

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