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Lynching Compassionated Dogma (EMI Electrola 2000)

   Considered as a non-profitable and anti-government organization than a music group, Chumbawamba still get up again after clashing with the police departments.
   Consisting of the fabulous compositions: Lou Watts (vocals, keys), Harry Hammer (drums), Danbert Nobacon (vocals, banjo), Dunstan Bruce (vocals), Jude Abbot (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals), Boff Whalley (guitars), Alice Nutter (vocals) and Neil Fergusson (bass, keys, mouse) huff !
   This Armley, Leeds modern rock-tivists sarcastically, speak-out their minds of New World Order’s control over Planet Earth’s population through every single aspects on our daily life but instead of being too darn serious and boring – Chumbawamba mixing their transparent messages on smart lyrics with Pop tunes and Rock steady-Disco with of course; funny atmosphere on this durable record: WYSIWYG.
   Listen to I’m in trouble again, Shake baby shake, The health and happiness show, I’m with stupid, WWW dot or I’m not sorry I was having fun would teasing you to sing but more further one will have Jesus in Vegas, She’s got all the friends that money can buy or Moses with a gun; should erasing your ignorance and foolishness from your smiling dumb face to stop follows the cruelty false world.
   You’ll dance and whining for realized that this modern life is truly rubbish on being controlling by the big brothers from behind the curtains.
The worst of evil is et to come cause What You See Is What You Get …