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Figurative Iniquitatis Mysterium (Frontier Records 1982)

Not quite The Cure but more gruesome in lyrics and music penetrations, Christian Death can be described as a camouflaging Goth-Rock band whose keep easily changing their formations along the band’s career but with Only Theatre of Pain; the Deathrock ambient cult group has reaching their fabulous achievement as semi-legendary on this scene or genre. Led by Rozz Williams (lead voclas, cover concept and production), Rikk Agnew (guitars), James McGearty (bass) and George Belanger (drums) with Eva O and Ron Athey as their backing vocals turning much lower down tempo of Goth with apathy and pessimistic lyrics but in sudden can changes a bit faster but keep on hanging in balance between cold reality and dark fantasies. Cavity – First Communion or Burnt offerings and even Stairs – Uncertain Journey to Spiritual Cramps are sounded too damn late for saving you and me through them. The encouraging heroes of sorrow music generations which later getting bigger and bigger each and every day which’s very amazing. Don’t ever expected to listening happier songs and wiser wisdoms on here cause this theatre would definitely be a wrong place for one who searching for hope and good news.

So, say goodbye to the world and slits your wrist ...

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