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Fairyland Lost Nature (Caustic Records 2004)

A Neo-classical dark ambient Gothic Metal proudly represents themselves from Terrassa, Barcelona as a powerful trio led by Sathorys Elenorth and Lady Nott as they’re taken strong influences from J.R.R. Tolkien’s literatures for the lyrics and music. Enchanting bells creeping underneath our warm blanket and thus semi-acoustic symphonies sicken the wealthy greeds to their tombs after consumed by Narsilion’s dark spells and mantra through their releasing – Nerbeleth. Their third member Dark Wind seems to be loyal enough to providing the necessities for embalming those soften terror into atmosphere with hate and gladness as the cold tracks like My Falling Darkness or the march-in of sinful souls on The Voice of Sin or perhaps, their silent tribute to the personal beliefs in My Pagan Land as well. The effects of soothing vocals harmony and the magic flute delighted performance can dragging you to sleep or might provoking people to follow them and their musical project sound to the edge of the cliff, ended up inside the bottomless ravine and the raging sea rocks below.

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