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Exploitation Sick Bullshit (Roadrunner Records 1994)

Hardcore irrelevant burst of total violence and demigods anger flaming the interface of our modern world intersections which already filled with hatred, enslavement and annihilation as Max Cavalera who teaming up with Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel realizing there are too many “suspended wrong suspicious things” happens around them and their comfortable realm while the outside world is dying slowly. Nailbomb – the project (with the help from Igor Cavalera on drums and Dino Cazares and Andreas Kisser; reflecting more degradations and human mistakes in a more fucking honest ways by using their hazardous approaching by combining the influental Industrial Metal Hardcore Death on a directed focus themes of desperation and the third world impossibility facts that actually happened mostly everyday. Jungle law slaughterings or corruptions become the gasoline to flaming the fire for their protesting tracks – Vai Toma No Cu, Guerillas, Cockroaches, Religious Cancer or For Fuck’s Sake are should be visible in their speed invisibilty for tackling thus civil wars, trafficking and nature destructions action in straight line from Eastern Europe to the Pacific Rim.