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Edifice Generator Entity (Ouroboros 2011)

Burning to death you’ll be for trying to unveil this New South Wales’ Technical Extreme Metal outfit; Ouroboros. The music is damn fuckin’ well brutal as well as the lead vocals while the slashing guitar riffs will definitely slicing you slight like raw fish for sushi. This harbringer sefl-production record – Glorification of a myth is a patheon credits for an underground band like them but sooner or later some metalheads will discovering it, crank it so loud – then, a fight breaks and there would be perhaps bloodbath or murders because of that incident which in the end should make this album slowly spreading from an unknown material later to creeping up to the mainstream pathetic world and doing more damages. Avoid everything here – whether it is Sanctuary, Panacea or Lashing of the flames.
Trust me !