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Corpolite Aphonos (Profound Lore Records 2015)

Sounded just like the Earth’s crest cracking terribly hard as one can facing the reality of massive earthquakes shaken the surroundings like a dry biscuit on water – sooner to be destroyed. Leviathan is a powerful one man show by the name of Wrest who did everything himself. From arranged, writing songs, play all the instruments and producing his album Scar Sighted this year. Mixing Black Metal with Ambient, electro samples, Dark Jazz and pain into his music, Leviathan would be sounded retro but modern in its most valuable underground way of devastating music. One will hear the tingled brass-chestral infinite between songs or skipped boards in song structure as if this chaos noises actually can easily collaborates with calmer sounds but shall remaining dangerous just like Wicked Fields of Calm, The Smoke of Their Torment or Veil is Lifted – showing the uglier face of underground music on their atmost cruel and provoking free-ideas times into the unknown.