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Onion Treatment (Polygram Records 1995)

Presentation of Seattle’s Grunge scene but this time with a slightly different value over just another distorted package but skills and artistic therapy lyrics within the name of Love Battery – the simple modern rock band with an outstanding acclaimed members: Bruce Fairweather, Kevin Withworth and Jason Finn trying to ignore the blueprint mark made by the media over the awakening of Seattle as a new rock capital of the world. Rather than cranking thus distortion fuzzed noise, Love Battery through their album – Straight Freak Ticket; peacefully exploring the strong outlined Midwest border music which covering of more Bluesy, Psychedelic and Country rock into their miraculous music project. I believe that you will liking most of their songs on the list like If it wasn’t me, Nehru Jacket, Harold’s Pink Room and Sunny Jim.

Building more confidence in you and me …


Weird Madeline (Mercury Records 1997)

   There’s a time where the radio airplay conquered by the single Mmmbop from Hanson – the little kid brothers family band whom luckily enough to recording an album and got a jackpot hit. Some people rejects them as a real time one hit wonder but others might considered them talented as the argumentation goes on and on endlessly. Middle of Nowhere a good title which explaining everything a lot) would make the trio Zach, Taylor and Isaac finding themselves on the top of the world with the hysteria of thousand teenage girls and the cursing critics from the media. Their looks might be cheesy as well as their music would be considered average but there are some values on this kids that made their name famous; young ages and talent. Even most of the songs sounded funny but there are one or two tunes which really worth a listening like Where’s The Love, Yearbook or I will come to you …
Maybe some of you still remember the lyrics.


Piss And Vinegar (Sire Records 2007)

The promising Alternative Rock group with a commencing right-winged lyrics before their vocalist Tom Gabel decided to change his gender identity transforming into Laura Jane Grace then some of the media started to woo-ing them. Particularly acclaimed their stardome name in fame because of the releasing of (perhaps) their best album so far: New Wave, this US Modern Day Punkers Against Me ! would be like one in a million for ready to shine. Completed with Warren Oakes, Andrew Seward and James Bowman; Against Me ! known to be owning their destinctive sounds led by logic and common daily issues on today’s society. Thrash Unreal, White people for peace, Up the cuts and Americans abroad showing how talented this band already become and how their creativity led into success by semi-legendary “Alternative Producer” Butch Vig whose searching for more than another Nirvana but a reinventing rock forms away from the shade of Axl Rose and stuff ...


Exploitation Sick Bullshit (Roadrunner Records 1994)

Hardcore irrelevant burst of total violence and demigods anger flaming the interface of our modern world intersections which already filled with hatred, enslavement and annihilation as Max Cavalera who teaming up with Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel realizing there are too many “suspended wrong suspicious things” happens around them and their comfortable realm while the outside world is dying slowly. Nailbomb – the project (with the help from Igor Cavalera on drums and Dino Cazares and Andreas Kisser; reflecting more degradations and human mistakes in a more fucking honest ways by using their hazardous approaching by combining the influental Industrial Metal Hardcore Death on a directed focus themes of desperation and the third world impossibility facts that actually happened mostly everyday. Jungle law slaughterings or corruptions become the gasoline to flaming the fire for their protesting tracks – Vai Toma No Cu, Guerillas, Cockroaches, Religious Cancer or For Fuck’s Sake are should be visible in their speed invisibilty for tackling thus civil wars, trafficking and nature destructions action in straight line from Eastern Europe to the Pacific Rim. 


Worn Dandelion Drown (Interscope Records 2005)


   Awhile from a short hiatus after the praising fame of their debut, the supergroup Audioslave is coming back with Out of Exile: the next level increasing for the quartet whose looking cleaner but sounded a bit weaker.
You will notice that Tom Morello riffings are too close to Zeppelin as well as almost entirely repertoir here are exiled under John Bonham’s power play influences greater than Morello's guitar effects came in second on the spotlight.
   Perhaps, the original gangsta-core of their trademark can only be found on man or Animal,  Yesterday to Tomorrow or the fine ballad single Be yourself.
The luckiest draw should be given to Chris Cornell; in which his liability high tones and vocals stamina would always be the band’s gifts along with Chris’ philosophy that sharper than a knife felt more real and mature.
   Move on and stop waiting for the world to change …

Exile and Out Link:

Metabolic Disasterpiece (Roadrunner Records 2001)

   Believed it when the psychopathic extreme metal group releasing their latest on Iowa.
Not only because they’re proud of where their coming from but also this record hazardously contains more disturbing materials which can easily turn a good guy to violent.
   Within their power blasts and groove of extremity conceals on thus straight and explicit lyrics written by this famous superb metallic 8’s.
Still dressing-up in their sickening self-made costumes and masks; the rest of the world still not aware about whose behind those characters in disguise really are but Slipknot never shortened out of diehard fans who would sacrificing themselves and die for this band.
   The mixing of terrible sample noises or the mighty shreds whether the spotlight displaying the leader Corey or the godless skinbasher Joey Jordison; this group is still have a fuckin’ dangerous influences on us.
Do avoid: People = Shit, The Heretic anthem, Left behind or I am Hated – at once before too late.

“Nobody’s safe in this goddamn life …”

Iowa Link:

Strain Skin Torn Apart (Epic Records 1997)

   When a soldier dies sometimes some of them went to hell or worst. Todd McFarlane’s antagonist comic character Spawn brought back to cinema and the result of Al Simmons sacrifices to meet his wife Wanda again has a price, a highest price.
   Becoming the warrior slave of Malebolgia to resurrects as a vengenful demon to kill and take all the filthy souls back to hell is painful to dod and it’s not just like a part-time job too.
   The soundtrack known as Spawn The Album is a creative delighted noisy compilation of various tracks that mixing Extreme Metal with Industrial, Rap and electronic and the result is brilliant !
   You have Prodigy back-up by Tom Morello on One Man Army, Orbital featuring Kirk Hammett praising Satan or Marilyn Manson teamed out with Sneaker Pimps wandering on Long hard road out of  Hell as Hellish Spawn creature slaying bad guys and mobs while he himself insanely confusing about how ended this freaking madness and his big boss inside the burning flamed throne.

Spawn Link:

Godless Suffering (Hammerheart Records 2014)

   The land of frosted fire Iceland brought you their new generation of Death Metal warriors – Angist, the Reykjavik deadly band that can tossing you easily into the hellfire pit with their blistered force of extreme metal sound combinations.
   Led by female vokilist and guitarist Edda Tegeder and her members Gyoa Hrund, Hafpor and Heraldur Ingi; this group would proudly growling their way of heaviness through the legacy of Angela Gossow to the early Death metallers from the eighties with slower tempo and destructive human misery story to tell.
   One can “thrashed” to death while listening to Unwelcome Thoughts or Death Incarnate (even on the lowest volume) !

We should be proud – for Metal once again ruling this planet starting from this coldest place.


Latent Thistle Fawn (A Sad Sadness Song 2011)

Alone (away afar from the crowds and the lights) Waldorf creating his own distinguished solitude sorrow symphonies under the moniker of Aquilus.
    Hailed from Melbourne, Australia baptizing his project under the sacred unholy alliance of Atmospheric Black Metal with Neo-classical touch as him celebrates the ceremonial ritualistic progressions of disturbing sounds in a dark place.
    Griseus is multiplying its echoes of the Pagan heritage especially the root of witchcrafting art within its music.
    The surroundings getting blurred by the incense smoke and silent mantras boiling inside the Atmospheric Black Metal cauldron of renaissance symphonies.
   In Land of Ashes, Night Bell or Nihil are some tribute to the Sisterhood of the coven inside the woods ...

Griseus Link:

Figurative Iniquitatis Mysterium (Frontier Records 1982)

Not quite The Cure but more gruesome in lyrics and music penetrations, Christian Death can be described as a camouflaging Goth-Rock band whose keep easily changing their formations along the band’s career but with Only Theatre of Pain; the Deathrock ambient cult group has reaching their fabulous achievement as semi-legendary on this scene or genre. Led by Rozz Williams (lead voclas, cover concept and production), Rikk Agnew (guitars), James McGearty (bass) and George Belanger (drums) with Eva O and Ron Athey as their backing vocals turning much lower down tempo of Goth with apathy and pessimistic lyrics but in sudden can changes a bit faster but keep on hanging in balance between cold reality and dark fantasies. Cavity – First Communion or Burnt offerings and even Stairs – Uncertain Journey to Spiritual Cramps are sounded too damn late for saving you and me through them. The encouraging heroes of sorrow music generations which later getting bigger and bigger each and every day which’s very amazing. Don’t ever expected to listening happier songs and wiser wisdoms on here cause this theatre would definitely be a wrong place for one who searching for hope and good news.

So, say goodbye to the world and slits your wrist ...

Death Christian's Link:

Fairyland Lost Nature (Caustic Records 2004)

A Neo-classical dark ambient Gothic Metal proudly represents themselves from Terrassa, Barcelona as a powerful trio led by Sathorys Elenorth and Lady Nott as they’re taken strong influences from J.R.R. Tolkien’s literatures for the lyrics and music. Enchanting bells creeping underneath our warm blanket and thus semi-acoustic symphonies sicken the wealthy greeds to their tombs after consumed by Narsilion’s dark spells and mantra through their releasing – Nerbeleth. Their third member Dark Wind seems to be loyal enough to providing the necessities for embalming those soften terror into atmosphere with hate and gladness as the cold tracks like My Falling Darkness or the march-in of sinful souls on The Voice of Sin or perhaps, their silent tribute to the personal beliefs in My Pagan Land as well. The effects of soothing vocals harmony and the magic flute delighted performance can dragging you to sleep or might provoking people to follow them and their musical project sound to the edge of the cliff, ended up inside the bottomless ravine and the raging sea rocks below.

Nerbeleth Link:

Corpolite Aphonos (Profound Lore Records 2015)

Sounded just like the Earth’s crest cracking terribly hard as one can facing the reality of massive earthquakes shaken the surroundings like a dry biscuit on water – sooner to be destroyed. Leviathan is a powerful one man show by the name of Wrest who did everything himself. From arranged, writing songs, play all the instruments and producing his album Scar Sighted this year. Mixing Black Metal with Ambient, electro samples, Dark Jazz and pain into his music, Leviathan would be sounded retro but modern in its most valuable underground way of devastating music. One will hear the tingled brass-chestral infinite between songs or skipped boards in song structure as if this chaos noises actually can easily collaborates with calmer sounds but shall remaining dangerous just like Wicked Fields of Calm, The Smoke of Their Torment or Veil is Lifted – showing the uglier face of underground music on their atmost cruel and provoking free-ideas times into the unknown.


Satan Prayer Death Knell (Rise Above Records 2010)

   Simply know as Ghost but this Linkoping, Sweden Doom Metal believers were forced to turn their name to Ghost B.C due to the copyrighted infringe with another band from US. Nevertheless, this lot ain’t preaching to one monotheist god but pro-Satanas.
   Mixing their more to 70’s rock sounds with horror moods and blasphemous lyrics to convert everyone back to Satanism – the ultimate superb beliefs for the present day and the future.
   The great licks and odd tempos in variety would giving you a different taste of dark ritual power from black magic rock-masters on this Opus Eponymous record.
   Opening with an instrumentalic Deus Culpa and followed by Con Clavi con Dio, Ritual and Elizabeth shall make the leader Papa Emeritus I a masked Ozzy with inverted cross on his Mitre whilst their Sabbath kind of music with less-distortion played as the demonic false pope blessing the house and the rest of the world with his new faith and green shadowy curses for those whom opposed ...

Rise the demon music in eternal magic, RISE !


Lustmord Venus Countess (Music For Nation 1998)

Based on the legendary Bloodthirst Queen Bathory whose consuming on young girls or virgin’s for blood-bathing in order to preserving her young and beautiful looks. Cruelty and The Beast are made by UK’s extremist metallers Cradle of Filth for this horrific tales soundtrack produced by Peter Genkel and Mike Exeter. Led by Dani Filth “the grim-lord”leader with Lector, Stuart Antis, Robin Eagelstone, Nicholas Barker or Gian. Their music actually are the blending blaze of night-terrors, Dark Metal and Gothic Doom metal extreme in which are sounded so disturbing both their sounds or lyrics. Once upon atrocity, Cruelty brought Orchids, Desire in violent overture, Bathory Aria or Beneath the howling stars can be trusted as ritualistic commences brought back at this hours along with the winds of Blackness majesty. One would kneeling before the disguising perfect Queen with her hypnotizing beauty or the beast lurking inside her regarding the cruelty.
Sonic Xenophobia Satanica of Lady Bathory !


Mayfly Duckpond Ballad (Burning Heart Records 2003)

   Erik Ohlsson (guitars), Mathias Farm (guitars), Frederik Larzon (drums) and Nikola Sarcevic (vocals, bass) of Millencolin knew how bog they’re now in US Pop-punk and Skate-rock scene and with Pennybridge Pioneers; this quartet are macho enough not to be too much shy for rocking out happy with their diehard fans by telling this story about the band’s early experience of life and on the road.
   Mutual hard edgy Pop-rock and BMX melodic punkish songs assembled to roaring to your face louder but still sounded safer. Material boy, Pinguins and Polarbears, Devil me, Highway Donkey or Pepper should put you ahead on crowd-surf injecting the fun into our bodies and in the end, riding towards the sunset with Millencolin and Stop to Think …
   Let this record rocking your boring afternoon until your skateboard broke or bleed - releasing you from the damn world that busy with itself !


Lynching Compassionated Dogma (EMI Electrola 2000)

   Considered as a non-profitable and anti-government organization than a music group, Chumbawamba still get up again after clashing with the police departments.
   Consisting of the fabulous compositions: Lou Watts (vocals, keys), Harry Hammer (drums), Danbert Nobacon (vocals, banjo), Dunstan Bruce (vocals), Jude Abbot (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals), Boff Whalley (guitars), Alice Nutter (vocals) and Neil Fergusson (bass, keys, mouse) huff !
   This Armley, Leeds modern rock-tivists sarcastically, speak-out their minds of New World Order’s control over Planet Earth’s population through every single aspects on our daily life but instead of being too darn serious and boring – Chumbawamba mixing their transparent messages on smart lyrics with Pop tunes and Rock steady-Disco with of course; funny atmosphere on this durable record: WYSIWYG.
   Listen to I’m in trouble again, Shake baby shake, The health and happiness show, I’m with stupid, WWW dot or I’m not sorry I was having fun would teasing you to sing but more further one will have Jesus in Vegas, She’s got all the friends that money can buy or Moses with a gun; should erasing your ignorance and foolishness from your smiling dumb face to stop follows the cruelty false world.
   You’ll dance and whining for realized that this modern life is truly rubbish on being controlling by the big brothers from behind the curtains.
The worst of evil is et to come cause What You See Is What You Get …


Lupercalia Alba Arcadia (Banshee 2011)

   Enters to the world of mythical reality of Faun where Paganfolk is your guardian and The Great Mother Nature is your precious breath which everything can be healing and the lost of death is just temporary, in waiting to be resurrected for higher form and purposes, a place where excuses and executions can be forgiven or done by mercy. This Folkish Pagan group made in Germany are actually a unity of artists and musicians whose having the same aim in life – glorifying Holy Mother Earth and all The Gods and Goddesses as above so below ... Eden is a perfect album which having mostly all the formula to be considered a classic Neo-Medieval of Darkwaved Pagan-Folk; contributed by its loyalist members Oliver Sa tyr, Fiona Ruggeberg, Niel Mitra, Rudiger Maul with Sonja Drakulich, Stephan Groth and Katja Moslehner. Mezmerizing thy hypnotic atmosphere for every senses like ritualistic mantras of shamans or the sacred dancing of the forest elves, we could easily fell asleep under the soft and tender of Faun’s natural lullabies on Hymn to Pan, Golden Apples, Iduna and The Butterfly in a smile through the seasonal changes.

Magnificent formation of a nature's magical melodies mastery ...


Edifice Generator Entity (Ouroboros 2011)

Burning to death you’ll be for trying to unveil this New South Wales’ Technical Extreme Metal outfit; Ouroboros. The music is damn fuckin’ well brutal as well as the lead vocals while the slashing guitar riffs will definitely slicing you slight like raw fish for sushi. This harbringer sefl-production record – Glorification of a myth is a patheon credits for an underground band like them but sooner or later some metalheads will discovering it, crank it so loud – then, a fight breaks and there would be perhaps bloodbath or murders because of that incident which in the end should make this album slowly spreading from an unknown material later to creeping up to the mainstream pathetic world and doing more damages. Avoid everything here – whether it is Sanctuary, Panacea or Lashing of the flames.
Trust me !


Dragons Realization Path (InsideOut Music 2008)

The magnificent seven: Mark Trueack, Sean Timms, Matt Williams, Tim Irrgang, David Hopgood, Craig Kelly and Daniel Burgess decided to establish their Progressive Jazz-Rock group Unitopia in Adelaide, Australia maybe with one hope which is as one thing where they can creatively creating music through experimental of sounds. Some might quickly relating them with Dream Theater or Rush but the more you’ll listening to the more you realized that there are more to delivers from this awesome band. Through their studio album The Garden; the exploration continues wilder within power groovy symphonies and mythical lyrics taking us away onto the dreamland and peaceful blue sky and greenish nature. The combination between musci instruments creating massive explosion which is a delighted strong tracks with long player to player solo jams tracing on songs like Journey’s Friend that parted in five sub-titles turning music into stories-telling which is well-done by Unitopia really good.
Chick Korea meets Yes in reverse ...


Requiem Beyond Seas Of Stars (Nightmare Records 2011)

Tales of The Sands might taken you to an epic magic carpet ride crossing the wilderness of an endless desert of the Arabian Land. Progressive Metal journey of sounds providing by this Ezzahra, Tunisia band – Myrath which have a meaning in native language as Legacy and as the power metal music rocking high so did your ride along with the turnings or the chords progression which naturally sounds very awesome to our ears. Taking the influences off Dream Theater and mixing it with the dialectical Arabian Night’s magic portions in which are made in forms of allegiance between modernism and traditional culture in blend. Fine artistic penetrations and smoothered progress might forcing you to give this record two thumbs up as well as the members: Malek Ben Arbia (guitars), Zaher Zorgati (vocals), Anis Jouini (bass), Elyes Bouchoucha (keyboards) and Piwee Desfray (drums) playing the best of them in Under Siege, Merciless Times, Dawn Within or Wide Shut; re-generate themselves whose turning from just another copycat into a better group, proud enough to standing up their heads facing the future of the next Maghribi’s progressive rock scene !


I Kill Everything I Fuck (Alive Records 1993)

   If brutality is what you’re looking for, look no more further but this album from GG Allin and the Murder Junkies’s Brutality & Bloodshed For All. Recording live from Jackson State Prison where Mr. Allin locked down backing up by his brother Merle and his loyal band cranking the filthiest lyrics and rock n’ roll music ever made by human. Sickest tracks are all here – Kill thy father rape thy mother, Anal cunt, I’ll slice yer fucking throat or Fuck off we murder - combining every single disturbing noises from punk, hardcore, metal and raw rapping.
   The new Terror in America has begun and nothing can stop this cruelty of madness created by this insane maniac whom calling himself – Sadistic Christ Almighty ...


Macho Rock Stars (Ever Rat Records 1989)

Recorded live on Seattle in December of late eighties perhaps, as an x-mas gifts for the screwheads whose in love with rude sexuality, racist sarcasm, anti-censorship, homosexuality-taste and off course, The Mentors ! This freakazoid brutal rock unit established in Washington is one of the worst bands ever exist in US soil as they’ve gaining their reputation as creepy bad-ass motherfucker out of pedofilia-la-land which had cemented them a public enemy status until now. People cheering and get nuts for every dirty tracks ever written here on Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll album where you got Big baby boy, Every human gotta have sex, Woman for Sodom and Peeping Tom.
Sarcastic to the bone with their dark humour lyrics story of degradations by putting your morals to a blender !


Gibbon Elk Rabbit Zebra (Big Scary Monsters 2008)


   Oxford based musicians Stuart Smith (lead vocals, guitars), Dan Adams (bass, trumpet) with Tim and Chris Collis on guitars and drums must be certain to their aims for creating a musical group while creatively, crafting the methods of a populist Math Rock ready for taking over the front row full of college students or thus private secret society whose smoking too much weeds sitting in front of their fraternity porch after dark listening to Animals.
   The energetic tempo of up-beats manual sounds and irregular licks will be your breakfast as well as crunchy vocals tried to keeping up the pace of the ambiguity tones in twilight progressions.
   Listed in non-alphabetical order track titles are Chinchilla, Baboon, Lemur, Badger, Quetzal (should I continue ...) etc.
   No matter what thy're trying to accomplished or how weird their music would sounded like - still, this youngster fresh-fellows could taking your attention right away (even) before the Animals getting too boring with their own routinity.


Ka Ba Ta Bo Da Ka (Sargent House 2013)


   Experiencing the slight look when like for the first time you saw the painting as a front cover album for this Experimental Rock band And So I Watch You From Afar coming from nowhere or just popped here in sudden, bringing their noisy attributes of chaotic peaceful sounds into your ears as they're distorubing everyone with their egoistic tempos in a very bad manner to destroy the quiet surrounding by shook our tiny polluted atmosphere.
   Having the concept of artificial distortion penetration to drill your skull with a permanent hole and filling you up with melodic of periodical progression of anti-vocals compositions like Ambulance or Mend and make safe.
   This quartet is really act like they're a bunch of new rockers in youthful age rocking their smart-ass way through progressi-delica on a fifth dimension before All Hail Bright Futures.


Melodiekometen (Phillips 1974)

Inventors as well as mentors for the experimental machine music from the Europe continent, Kraftwerk is purely German and Electronic in their ways of thinking and creates. You won’t believe your ears when listening to their unspeakable signal sign music which might sounded meaningless and numb as them spreading up and gone with the soundwave onto unknown limitless universe. Mixing those experimental sampling machine music with live violin, piano or guitars, Autobahn must be authentic or outragous creation  of the masterminds behind the band – Ralf Hutter, Klaus Roder, Wolfgang Flur and Florian Schneider and resulting the weirdest game creation of sounds or noises on Mitternacht or Morgenspaziergang; the oddity commodities.