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Zillion Dollar Sadist (Burning Heart Records 2003)

   Dressing up all in black leather jackets and biker’s attitude not looking quite like a decent Viking men from Norway; Turbonegro is a sarcastic Rock N’ Roll Glam-Metal sex maniacs whom refused to be categorized.
Their music is raw, rude and loud with plenty members on board: Chris Summers (drums), Happy Tom (bass), Pal Pot Pamparius (keyboards and percussion), Rune Rebellion (rhythm guitar), Euroboy (lead guitar) and the fearless band leader Hank Von Helvete (vocals), ready to rumble to deafning your pathetic ears out !
   Got the best influences from The Dictators, Jello Biafra and The Ramones; these Scandinavian fuckers plugging their electric shocked tracks to stun you down in highest voltage – Selfdestructo Bust, Monkey on your back, Don’t say Motherfucker – Motherfucker or Prince of Rodeo shall destroying not only your room but the entire house to the ground ! 

Taste the Apocalypse Dudes and visit their crazy rock n' roll world today !

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