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Started To Explain (RCA / Rough trade 2001)

   Melting pot of hysterical next fucked-up generation and nihilistic minds of the young should greater enough for creating the very best rebel yell anthems for this new millenium problems and for New York; they got The Strokes.
   This tranformation of the non-experimental rock sound with simple three chords root proudly presents this Is This It album. Semi-anarcho with good riffs and penetrated licks wrapping their sarcastic lyrics that takling about everything that became sucks even before the tones and melodies arranged by either; Julian Casablancas or Albert Hammond Jr in their dirty looks and stinky jeans taking over the center stage glorifying their new concept of anti-establishment point of views.
   Happy creative beats and short horny solos could be an accumulated saving plans for freeing this planet and society from killing each other. Take It or Leave it, Soma, Barely Legal and Last Nite are confessions that will taking you higher to thus sing-along paradise, trust me !

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