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Demons Follow Angels Go (Relapse Records 2012)


   Technical Death Metal mixed with Progressive Rock Music can be so exciting and Spawn of Possession (of Kalmar, Sweden) really knows how to delivering it - in atmost devastating way ! Crowning themsleves as the next emerging extreme metal band from Scandinavia that eventually already pioneering more genre to completed the extreme music variety worldwide. The collection of riffage destroyers or the malicious double pedals maniac performing brilliantly on this album - Incurso which taken from Latin meaning of I Attack in Raid. Whether the bestial drumming from Henrik Schonstorm or shreedings of the death duo Jonas Bryssling and Christian Muenzner will cracking your head open wider ... Apparition, Servitude of souls, Spiritual deception and Abodement are thus reasons why many people had choose to be atheist these days.
   Feel the experiments of noises and the experiences of having a cleaver cutting your neck while you still breathing - is that how to describing this Metallic Attack form this Swede para-troopers at their best excess.


Dead Land Life (InsideOut Music 2008)


   Yeretz Israel - Present Day: even though the intrics and the clashing civilization or borderland always be a daily bread for the people living here but still the community creatively spawning great bands and musicians for Heavy Metal scene locally and worldwide. Amaseffer is one of them hailing from the capital Tel Aviv, this joint taken their heritage and influences back from the Old Testaments, Exodus or Moses by mixing thus stories with their modern progressive metal in most of the musical aspect. Collaborating the trancending Jewish and Middle East heritage and passion in form of traditional choir and instruments showing the limitless creativity of this group members - Mats Leven (vocals), Hanan Avramovic (guitars), Yuval Kramer (guitar, bass), Erez Yohanan (drums, percussion, narrating vocals) with plenty gueststar on vocals from Kobi Farhi, Yotam Avni, Angela Gossow and  Maya Avraham with additional local musicians Amir Gvirtzman on flute and Yatziv Caspi on tablas. A powerful recording rocking the tremendous tracks like Midian, Zipporah, Return to Egypt and  Ten plagues which instantly brought us back to the time of great migration of The Jewish People crossing the wilderness after leaving Pharaoh's scattered army behind the Red Sea. It's just like Moses decided to arranged his own music of praise on the successful epic journey by the help of armored angels and invisible hands who torching the spiralled fire-storm in the horizon proclaimes the rebirth of a new nation. .


Malachite Saint (Midium Records 2006)

   Deep on the Southern cold land – just go witnessing the re-birth of Modern Pot-rock progressive performing by Jakob and their album is called Solace.
   Hailing from New Zealand a.k.a Middle Earth, this instrumentalist group seem didn’t care much ado about people critics on their myterious non-branding music that spoke for itself using the skill abilities of knitting those tones and melody into their most likely longer form of unspeakable kind of sounds to noises.
   Mixing the semi-conducting effects to create buzzes or gloomy hums which trying to tell us more about the sadness and solitude on the wilderness beyond our logic thoughts.
   Choose Oran mor, Safety in numbers or Lonesome for your great companion on your lonely hang-out nights without cheerings.


Virgin Blood Smegmatic (Embrace My Funeral Records 2003)

Gore-grinding noises and pig squealing in the middle of blasting Porno-Grind-Core music would be extremely disturbing for most fainted pussies heart men but maybe some of you could be an exceptation for it. C.A.R.N.E is originated from Mexico City and we knew about how brutal a hard life can be back there. Devastating slabbing gang-bang of earaching rotten metal with “cookie monster” vocals and unearthly sounds of drumbashing to the anal-orgy raping slasher ritualistic of the satanic rites perfoming by this psychotic trio. S.A.L.I.V.A, Command Garcez 6ick 6ick 6ick to Hello my name is Larry are sicker than the illegal porns and not music but The Taste of Latex.  
So use your cock !

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Blut Royale Rifle (Out Of Line / Metropolis 2005)


   Aggrotechno-lectro blasts shall pump-up your guts, fluttered hearts and melting thus hi-fi stereo to the ground are what you hear and what you get for listening to Combichrist's Everybody Hates You. The second effort from Andy La Plegua troops of booster-blaster industrial-ists whom mastering their sounds and enjoying to creates more sonic waves especially to blown up the entire fully booked stadium within seconds. Lots of you screwheads will hypnotized by the highly intense power beats of sound spectrum created here on this semi-sadomachochistic creepy-techno album by the songs like Enjoy The Abuse, Today I woke to the rain of blood, Who's your daddy snakegirl ?, Happy fucking birthday and Feed your anger - would definitely sounded scarier after midnight. Besides La Plegua this unit also consisting Joe Letz (drums), Z-Marr (percussions, electronics), Eric 13 (guitars) and Brent Ashley (bass) completed the insanity booming noises creator line-up.

This Shit Will Fuck You Up !


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Over Drive Cherry (Sony Records 2010)


   Japanese anime-rocking band consisting of three cute girls from Okinawa, Japan performing these favourable Pop and Rock tunes which can be so fantastic to your ears even when you actually didn't know what are they singing on the Japanese lyrics but have no fear cause it;s not a gap or big problems for dislike Stereopony music. Meet the members - Aimi Haraguni (guitars), Nohana Kitajima (bass) and Shiho Yamanoha (drums) dressing up in a simple Japanese style wrapping their cuteness inside this power garage-pop record Over The Border. Fast and glittering good like colorful candies on your mouth as you tasting Smilife, Happy A, Tomodachi no Koibito and Never Look Back; reminding us about how Avril Lavigne could be sounded like when she decided to learn Japanese Harajuku Rock !

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Undercover Brain Stew (Epic Records 1998)

   United artists revealing the disasterous event during the raids of a mythical monster “Gojira” on the city of New York. Greenday, Days of the new, Ben Folds five to Foo Fighters are join forces to help securing the Hudson river banks or thus landmark property buildings from further destruction from that beast.
As the story roled down to the surviving games for Nick Tatopoulous and Audrey Timmons helping the French Agents to solve the mysteries brought back from the secret project near French Polynesia for several years through the Philipines or Jamaica.
   While the army troops entering the city to maintaining order and parimeters and the major office’s pull off in confusions for solutions (and) most of the million citizens flew away for safety to Jersey or everywhere far away from the monster; our real Heroes finally found a very surprising things inside the Madison Square Garden compound.
So, pray for the good endings where there are peace Out there even when you got No Shelter while Looking for clues – Deeper Underground.
   Cause we or even Sean Combs alias Puff Daddy should now admitted that “Size does matter ! ...”

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Express Something Advized Set (Priority Records 1998)

   Words out on the streets that N.W.A – one of the legendary Gangsta Rappers/Hip-Hop pioneers broke up and scattered probably not entirely true. Yes, maybe they’re no more nowadays but if one would asking Snoop Dogg, Big Pun and Fat Joe or Jayo Felony; the answers should be “NOPE” cause ya know why ? This SHIT ain’t gonna die even thus muthafuckas agents of CIA try ta shut ‘em down – da hard way ! So, right here on N.W.A Straight Outta Compton (10th Anniversary Tribute) all of dat classic of criminally insanity and raging tracks from the beginning of thus Gangsta Rap days to the last are here – I ain’t that 1, Dopeman, 8 Ball. If it ain’t ruff  and officially war anthem against cops Fuck The Police represented proudly stronger by the next fucked-up generations with more revolting ideas above the gap between racial prejudice and brutality on our streets.
   Nothing but Gangsta and the new order on what they’re afraid of called Black Power !

Straight Ta Compton Link:

Army Bomb Of Aurora (Elektra 1995)

Jamie Hewlett’s creation with the help of Phillip Bond and others for further drawings on Tank Girl – an alias character of Rebecca Buck whom describes as a maniac heroine with loads of anarchist and absurd to fighting for what she believed and protecting her possesions like her ride –a real tank (also as her permanent home) and her beloved boyfriend – a mutant, dark, stud Kangaroo. Surprisingly, not too contemporary suitable for all-ages by having explicit harsh language and disturbing materials on it; the soundtrack side for having executive music coordinator by Courtney Love-Cobain are filled with the most extreme chosen tracks for all genres – rock, electronic, hip-hop and industrial metal completed. Fabulous soundtracks like Mockingbird girl (The Magnificent Bastards), Roads (Portishead), Let’s do it (Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg) to Ice-T with Big Gun or Devo performing their classic – Girl you want; are favorable and worthy to listening as well as a great movie to watch.

Sex-plosions from an art-weirdness ...

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Ballroom Blitz Ride (Reprise Records 1992)

   Local indie rock show live around your block and hosted by two rockhead weirdos cooler than your average big brother and making lots of brand new ideas that inspiring MTV to make a sequel for this one. Music from the motion picture Wayne’s World is a good soundtrack accompanying the movie itself with p-lenty great rock songs – old and new. Starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, this seemed to look like a retarded metal show actually succeded for making millions and among that also fame. You got tracks from Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Black Sabbath also you can hear the dynamic duo Wayne and Garth rocking out through their theme song. The movie is never boring as well as listening to Bohemian Rhapsody, Feed my Frankenstein, Rock Candy or tastefully adoring the sensuality of Tia Carrere whose not only had her play-role but also rocking out hard with her band several times during the movie. A credit goes to every single creative ideas on making this funny movie available.

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Tomorrow’s Girl (Sony Music UK 1999)


   Boys will always attracted to girls who playing in a rock band and its obviously correct to adoring Hepburn (named after Katherine) the all female pop-rock band from Britain.
   Having their first record in self-titled, this cute band offerings their simple blend of cuteness and soft tunes included on their melodious singles – Here comes Napoleon, I Quit or Deep Deep Down which might caught your attention more. Most of all will agree for adoring the bass player Sarah Davies for her awesome smile or Jamie Benson for giving her nice performance with that British accent per se.
   Such a gummy yummy rock Barbies …

Hepburn Girls Songs:

Boof and Swat (Warner Bros. Records 1992)


   This is a recording by a smooth authentic Jazz-Pop group Flim and The BB’s which consisting of Billy Barber on keyboards, Jimmy Johnson the bass player, Dick Oatts (sax, flute) and Bill Berg the beardy drummer also playing percussion.
Presenting high-skilled compositions on most of their tracks with the soothing influences toward nature and original outdoors moment sometimes lead by additional vocals by Michael and Nadia Ruff, Scott Nelson and Corliss Magee.
   Referring the splendid sound for Jazzy lovers tiptoe-ing the melodious grips for Universe of two, Some other time, New show or Hopeland; this group knows exactly about how to entertaining ears that searching for the right tune or decent touch in the relaxing eve.

# Have a great weekend - friends ...


Arrival Convent Guests (Dwell Records 2000)

Explicit lyrics and ferocious high tension of Satanic metal music, Church of The Devil (Tribute to King Diamond) could might be your selected favorite for keeping those unholy spirits of a true Heavy Metal faith prolonging to eternity. One will terribly regreted for not having this or (worst) for never heard about this record and King Diamond – the evil legend. You would severly nailed up to an upside down cross or circumzised and bleeding to death for not knowing a single tracks covered by the new generations of Mr. Satan’s worshippers. You’ll have Ion Vein tackeling Victimized, Prototype covering Welcome Home or Vladimirs serving up The Poltergeist raw and dangerous with other songs having darker lyrics talking openly about mystizism, angry ghost, serial killers and mass murderers on Earth or from the otherside. Yet, the most ghoulies and terrifying moments of reality check on our daily demons and bad lucks with every evil lurks and waited for their siege on our weak society scarred by hatred and horrors ...

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Analog Plain Soundclash (One Side Dummy 2005)

Loving the extremity of freestyling Skaters or BMX bandits backing up by hundreds of Punkrock grand army bands in the world ? Yes, you needed Vans Warped Tour 2005 compilation where the time and place are fantastic and the music is rocking right ! Two discs having 50 awesome groups on them making the great moment worthy a fuckin’ fun. Names from MXPX, Dropkick Murphy and Fall Out Boy to Pennywise, Millencolin or Gym Class Heroes are all performing to give you Their Best. Not to forget to mentioning more fine bands independently strong and proud to their various type of rock music; Atreyu with Bleeding mascara, Youth Group (Skeleton jar), Go betty Go (Saturday) or thus veteran performers like No use For A Name or Flogging Molly and Rufio. One would definitely not asking much better than this package because this is it ! This compilation album could be The Best Days Ever for you and millions of Bored Generation Kids out there (even) when you cannot attending the real spectacular events – life would still be rocking hard, fast and FUN !!!

Vans Warped Tour songs:

Private Whatever Wherever (Jive Electro 1999)

A solid pollenated dripping sounds of Trip-hop, Jazz-Rock and Electronic beats are the choice one could tastes from the experimental deep house and chill-out experts duo Groove Armada. Vertigo is a gratitude form of noise which combining perfectly good into soundbeats and for this credits you can thankful Groove Armada. The chilling electro beats with various mixing of flavours creatively created by this English down-tempo masters Tom Findlay and Andy Cato only for every pleasurements ever exist on great clubs, bars, pubs and hang-out places. Your local free-nights would be colorful as well as those weekend shall be filled up with relaxing hours and gladness. Whether you listening to Chicago, Pre 63, If everybody looked the same or I see you baby (feat. Gram’ma Funk) will lift up thus random boring minutes into romantic cheerful hours in no time, my friends.


Lament Earth Sleeps (Sony Records 1995)

Brave combinations of both World Music and Electro-dance served on a plate and deliciously invited everyone to join the celebration and the beats on a record. Boheme – produced and written by the French dou Deep Forest (Michel Sanchez and Eric Mouquet) consisting of various traditional beats from almost around the world especially some of the remote places with distinctive unique strong characters by taking mostly non-Western elements on their sounds. Miraculously, some of thus songs are still sounded modern and up-to-date to some ears whom dying to drinking the fantastic “minor happiness” created by several tribal tranceding of traditional ways of musical noises and sounds. Pleasureable of satisfaction guaranteed by how Boheme won a Grammy for their endless efforts making colorful concerto of the united global community and indigenous people around the world. Listening to Bohemian ballet, Bulgarian Melody (feat. Marta Sebestyen), Freedom Cry and Cafe Europa would be a great selection for choices.

Boheme Links:

Caramel Radian (Source / Virgin 2001)


   Featuring plenty of additional musicians like Brian Reitzell (drums), backup vocals and harmonica by Beck, Jason Falkner, Buffalo Daughter and Roger Joseph manning jr; the Versaille, France duo - Jean Benoit-Dunckel Nicolas Godin known as Air on the electronic music scene recorded 10 000 Hz Legend filled up with lots of variety of beats and tones which would sounded a bit gloomy but still strong enough to shaken heads or hips on some of their “happier” repertoir. More melodious vocals and slow-pop tunes dominate this records but those essence of philosopy and conjungtive diagnoses on daily life radiates through its numbers – The Vagabond, Lucky and unhappy, Electronic performance or Wonder Milky Bitch.

Reflecting the bias of modern life catastrophes.


Gutter Sux Dirtbag (Giant Records 1995)

   Parade of Losers is a massive punk-rock lovers and actual political and parents haters especially those who restricted their kids under their conservative dumb will. P.O.L’s began as just a small cheap clubs band with independent diehard fans and groupies whom stranded on the unexpected career journey after releasing their debut – a self-titled. A power punk-house anthems with sarcastic and rude lyrics while giving their middle fingers to you, bassist/vocalist Da Skunk can be compared similar to The Offspring but with more sleazy aroma; double rushy guitars of Loopiss and A-man and an authentic basher boy named Tiny Jesus mixing the best of Punk and Pop into their blender distortion to creating thus shout-out anthems for generations – Attitude Check, In me I trust, She’s Dead and Hemphead. Listen up for P.O.L heartless critics on society before (then) laughed at your dumb-ass world and shitty jobs chained commands, pal !


Haemorrhoids Hoax Protervia (Metal Age Productions 2005)

Completed the commencing of commercial suicidal patron for their immolated record - Gorespattered Suicide; Madrid, Spain's Avulsed is a main convict for spreading the free-tought ideas about ending lives through their extreme gore-grinding music. A pile-driving loud noise over distorted sounds and horrific images and murder arts should be giving someone enough reasons to kill themselves. Led by Dave Rotten (vocals), Juancar and Cabra (guitars), Riky (drums) and Tana (bass); Avulsed always be known ofr their disturbing cover arts and grinding-Fucking-gore form of music but here on this album you also can hear them performing some Symphonic Goth and Epic intro before the usual ferocious penetration blasts. The threesome of "gory and soon to be decapitated and die" couple on the cover are also can be describing as the failure of relationship, the faked love and guttural lust orgy displays which actually, already taken over our minds and society's nowadays as if thus can now being considered as modern day acceptance because life is cheap whilst everything's already failed.

Crank them up: Filth Injected, Let me taste your flesh, 4 n sick and Burnt but not carbonized - before you shoot yourself up, jackass !


Missing Link Murdered (Immortal / Epic 1993)

Pretty damn agrees when sometimes excitement can easily turned to disaster and this shit happens to a group of Boxing Camp members trying to test Ray's RV after their gym class. Avoiding the crowded traffic and went to the suburban hood; both Frank, John and Mike later finding themselves trapped inside the hostile situation under the mercy of a gang leader named Fallon and his goons.
Judgement Night soundtrack showing the intense and dangerous moments of surviving the late night runaway from a dangerous people who will not think twice when it comes to killing someone even their old timers. Judgement Night soundtrack is also a great example about how to mixed Rock, Metal, Rap and Rn'B on one single record. You got lotsa good choices right here whoopin' up the dense and tense of through all this escaping parts story on an abandoned alley, sewers or empty buildings without any helps coming in. You would shout it out loud for those crunking power-house beats of whether - Living Colour and Run DMC's Me, Myself and My Microphone, Therapy with Fatal on Come & Die, Just Another Victim by Helmet & House of Pain or Slayer feat. Ice-T rocking as fuck onto Disorder. You would considering yourself lucky - far much better than serious situations these boys had to face. Misfortuned bastards escaping the brutal darker night of a terrible confrontations ...

Judgement Links:

Golden Age (Avantgarde Music 2015)

History reborn and destroyed – an ancient megalithic tribe of Nuragic in Sardinia Island which had been vanished for over thousand years ago became a basic influence of this one man Atmospheric Black Metal meets gloom-coustic project baptized as Downfall of Nur. Loaded thus dark avenging lyrics about the fall of this ancient civilization and buried them deep with the blackest wall of both creepy traumatic effects and horrified noises in distorted edges making Umbras de Barbagia as one of the closest independent Doomy Black Metal records onto chaos. Within only five tracks each with different stories about Folklore and Paganism interconnected to others from Intro to Ashes ...

Nur Downfall Link:

Elegance Cold Acceptance (One Eye 2007)

Collapsed death, despair and revolution under Drone/Sludge Metal cult group from Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Thou; featuring those underground five metalheads – Terry Gulino (drums), Bryan Funck (vocals), Andy Gibbs (guitars), Matthew Thudium (guitars) and Mitch Wells (bass) recording this album – Tyrant as their cornerstones for making the Southern heritage of hard music lives on forever. Day by day, night by night; life is nothing but a rotten shaping of dead flesh on an open field lasted as a meal for scarvengers. Thou; written thus lyrics and put their bone-breaker music in front as main aims. Mostly, would be sounded corrosive and anti-social with heavy low distorted and doomy beats in half-perfection that will bake your brain slow. I was ignored and judged and cast down, Fucking chained to the bottom of the ocean and What blood still flows from these veins is a guttural ridicule buggers-spitting which can easily ate those faces of the established bigotry and screwheads society in morbid.

Thou Links:

Devil Council Rides Out (Spinefarm Records 2005)

   Devil Council Rides Out (Spinefarm Records 2005). Spreading Doom over the World and releasing their second album II: Crush the insects as this Reverend Bizarre trio emerging to resurrects Finnish Doom Metal scene back alive just like what Grunge did it to Heavy Metal.
   Bursting within the slow-driven bangs and non-stop pounds of gloomy backlashed stories of the commencing warcry battles and secrecy of the underground, right between dying and defiance. Cromwell, By this axe I rule, Fucking Wizard or Slave of Satan will lighten up those Horned torches along your warrior’s hall and putting back the spirits of Heavy metal in you once again. Give praise and thanks to them – Earl of Void (guitars and drums), Albert Witchfinder (bass guitars, vocals) and Peter Vicar (guitars) for this endless Pagan battle classic anthems as our headbanger blessings !

   As if that ressurected authority decided to promote a new terrible inquisition against everyone who dislike Black Sabbath or Doom Metal and this record would be their perfect background tracks.

Rev. Bizarre Links:

Furrows Ashes Flame (Supernal Music 2006)

Furrows Ashes Flame (Supernal Music 2006)A natural born Black Metal with mystical aspect for having atheist lyrics talking about Folklore, history or poetry; Drudkh (means Tree) is one of the most elusive underground band whom stayed lesser-known and underrated but in some part of the world and true metal scene - they're already considerable as semi-legends. Mixing the heavy distortions of atmospheric Funeral Black Metal with all-access pass unlimited which their music will reaping your guts off or just simply, asking you calmly - to kill yourself whilst some considering this group as part of White Power movements. Blood in Our Wells marks Drudkh's fourth releases onto this damn world, giving the trio

Roman Saenko, Thurios and Amorth another chance to exploring their druidic extreme metal influences and the rest of the world. You'll get dizzy headache when the cd reaching the first 30 minutes as thus edgy metallic noises slicing your brain's up little by little with Solitude, Eternity or Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

Lethal ...

Blood Wells Links:

Wild City Boys (Mercury Records 1984)

   Wild City Boys (Mercury Records 1984) . The Scorpions sounded stronger and complete on their most successful album in US  - Love at First Sting not only for its controversial front cover but also because it is simply the best record ever created while they’e still in complete formation and united. These German rock prophets opening the a side with one of their most authentic rock song written to be a classic legend Rock You like a Hurricane, Bad Boys running wild and closing it with the Same Thrill.
   Consisting of the significant solid band members through their career; Hermann Rarebell (drums), Mathias Jabs (lead guitar), Rudolf Schenker (rhythm guitar), Francis Bucholz (bass) and their mascot vocalist whom his voice is always be the band’s soul Klaus Meine.
Rocking out hard but also making space for their slow ballad tracks, The Scorpions loaded their b side with As soon as the good times roll to Crossfire only to put an epic ending through another classic ballad tunes of all time hits – Still Loving You.
   They’re not perfect but this record is too good to be left behind without one last try.

Perfect companion for your forplay session before passing midnight in warmth cuddle.

Klaus Meine & co Links: