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Roughness Down Hypocrite (Noise Records 1998)

   All is not well is produced by Ross Robinson; this raw Rap-core album from Tura Satana might be your first choice for favorite best damn metal products with female fronted vocalist. Semi-legendary Tairrie B a.k.a Queen Bitch is as famous as the real dead model with the same name from the past decade and this girl really can screaming louder to melt your face off while she’s doing the neat rapping beats at her best by praising her metal revolution against thus nerve pains of killing creates by religious bigots and man’s dominated world per se. This Los Angeles destructive crew would be sounded irregular and absurd in many ways but every single heavy riffs wrapping those angry woman’s lyrics on Victim, Break, Cycle of Violence and Kiss or Kill.
   Love her because you know that everything is fair in heavier music !!!


Phantom Of The Opera (DRZ Records 2005)

Vocalist Aja Kim narrated prolog smells like terror in the air seemed to be so real and of course, most of the legends - Iron Maiden fanatic fans will be a bit shocked or perhaps just raising one eyebrow while listening to The Iron Maidens: World’s Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden. Consisting of talented, diehard fans and damn-hot female rockers who can really rocking out heavy metal stylished and NON wannabes; from bassist Wanda Ortiz, Linda McDonald (drums) to the “beasty” sensual duet of duelling powermetal shreds Sara “Mini Murray” Marsh and Josephine “Adrienne Smith” Draven. Let your fantasies radicalized and your ego exploded over all classics - Children of The Damned, Wasted years or The number of the Beast while doing the air guitar attraction before collapsing yourself banging the wall with that head ruled by metal !
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Manipulation Corridors (Unexploded Records 2004)

   Consolidates for total darkness and destructive messages through their brutal music and suicidal lyrics, Halmstad - Sweden's Dark ambient Black Metal band Shining might be one of the worst to be added to your extreme music collection. Established as sickening trio surrounding them with their own filthy in bloodbathing characters - Niklas Kvarforth, Peter Huss and Christian Larsson taken their name from the same horrific sickening movie and baptized themselves with anti-humanity thoughts. This banned compilation (both for the content and the cover arts) should giving you enough answers about why Shining should be considered as "fucking dangerous" especially for narrow-minded people and hypocrites for hiding their faces behind the mask of censorshit, those who would closing their bleeding ears tight because they cannot handle hearing the truth messages on powerful hatred tracks like Submit to Self-destruction, black Industrial Misery or Endless Solitude.
   Crank this record loud and learn my friends; you can go outside after that and kill everyone on sight !

Amen ...


Parlor Murder Temptation (Unicorn Records 1976)

   Bernard Herrmann cold hands work out music scoring is too brilliant for making Alfred Hitchcock's classic legend thriller movie Psycho truly a legendary among every completed horror collections. Story about the mad young hotel owner and manager of Bates Hotel named Norman whose allegedly having complicated behaviour over his dependable to his mother. Killing people in silent is his other bussiness or more to pleasure wrapped tight by his guilty feelings for every disobedience actions against his mother's crazy whispers for hating women, telling Norman about how awful they're  as some tracks tells stories about them - Marion and Sam, The Rainstorm, The Knife or The Cellar will sounded too chilling in real life and nightmares. Starring Anthony Perkins and Vera Miles; this suspense genre might easily grabbing your nerve while your mind trapped inside the psychopant's tricky illusion, forcing you to believe that his must do all wicked and cold blooded things because someone forcing him against his goodwill while actually - the truth reveals perhaps, in a final blurry conclusion surrounding this mysterious Bates Hotel.

   There's always a vacant room available there ...


Abominable Blacklight Doomsday (Geffen Records 1997)

   American Psycho is the real moment for Horror Punk legends The Misfits coming back from the dead even without the main dangerous figure Glenn Danzig no more.
The rest of members in creepy-outfit including Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein with his brother in arms Jerry Only and scary drummer Dr. Chud keep moving on to scares you all with their trademark fast songs and nightly-terror lyrics subjected everything about one hundred percent horrors filling your intoxicated air or under your girlfriend's bed.
   More aggressive with new frontman Michale Graves and the help from their producer (the already legendary) Daniel Rey; this first record in decades after Danzig's departure would raising furor hysteria to millions of their ghoulie fans.
Blasting hardcore as perhaps, this album is a tribute to psychotic killers worldwide in such way of evil direction methods might be too annoying for parents and asshole narrow minded people and we all pretty sure that The Misfits didn't really give a fuck about it anyway.
   So, beware cause all their classic tracks are re-record again here on this precious infected album - from Dig up her bones, Mars Attacks, Hate the living love the dead to Crimson Ghost and From hell they came; the sickest compilation from The Misfits to accompanying your haunting hours moment, as the clock struck to 3AM ...

Note: You're on your own and your own only - try this at your own risk.


Throw Your Set In The Air (Columbia / Ruffhouse 1995)

   Darker than the previous ones - Cypress Hill's III: Temples of Boom not just sounded spooky sedatives and hypnotizing but also branding the art cover equally to more heavy metal-ish products like the names of Black Sabbath or other extreme metal albums did.
   Dj Muggs, Sen Dog and B-Real exploiting new beats that will make you chillin' in dizzy daze of Marijuana's thicker smoke haze and admiring them as the new hip-hop latino gods.
   The blackest side of edgy rap-core in explicit lyrics and every story about traumas to degradations of being shitty confusing under the dirty money power and endless thrilla which for some it might be hard to focus on getting up right after slammed by reality's worst conditions.
   Stoned Raiders, Boom Biddy Bye Bye, Killafornia to No rest for the wicked would shown our problems today compiting with the real world nowadays which is never easy but doesn't mean that you cannot having some fuckin' fun creating true music and shit too
, though !

"Come mierda, Hijo de tu puta madre ..."


Negasonic Teenage Warhead (A&M Records 1995)

   Stoner Metal respectable crew from Red Bank, New jersey – Monster Magnet releasing their Dopes to Infinity which slowly shocking the media for its apocalyptic point of views and utopian lyrics mixed into a solid blend of Space rock and Psychedelic version side of Soundgarden meets young Ozzy.
   Semi-naked redish gilr floating on her trip toouterspace on the album cover becomes another hard evidence for some who can’t believe how the quartet of David Wyndorf, Ed Mundell, Joe Calandra and Jon Kleiman manage to escaping PMRC censorshit campaign – that time ...
   Dead Christmas, I control I fly, Ego The Living Planet, All friends and Kingdom Come to Blow ‘em off and Third Alternative created the smokey haze of hypnotic atmosphere dragging you into the void of blank place where weeds are infinity and naked dancing chicks are dope !
   So, inhale your bong deeper and blow ...

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Brick House Satan Scream (Geffen Records 2003)

   The bloody gore soundtrack off Rob Zombie directed psychotic horror movie House of 1000 Corpses starring “sicko” names like Sid Haig, Karen Black and hot blonde Sheri Moon. Bunch of indie college journalists or stupid city folks trying to do backpacks into the dense part of the unknown Southern area; went to Dr. Spaulding’s freaky place and got wrongly redirected. These couples finally find themselves stranded on a disgusting place owned by seductive woman living with her entire “degenerated” family whom then known loves to butchering lost travellers, twisting them until mostly got mad before it. The seductive blonde Baby or her incest-brother Otis or even their grandpa are both evil since they’re born but the ultimate of all would be the legendary Dr. Satan; a fictional folklorish terrifying figure whom loved to torturing people inside his dark and dirty dungeon. The horrid pictures of the deepest secrets of redneck’s dark-sides in B-rated low budget crazy film about bloodlusts and nudity also shown its madnesss through several haunting trackof necrophilia and masturbations – Pussy Liquor, Scarecrow Attack, Who’s gonna mow your grass or Run Rabbit Run.
   Guaranteed to entertaining you covered in blood, dead !

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Furnishing Pain Apartment (Dot Records 1968)

   Mia Farrow plays the role of a pregnant woman trapped under the spell of Black Magic Witchcrafting community surrounded her on Rosemary’s Baby. The classic horror story that tells us about how success can become the twist of knife when it exchanged by your  cult group neighbours. Misguided in mistrust to be misused by The eccentric Castevet couple and Dr. Sapirstein for wanting her baby to be born healthy for the cult community dark purposes, Rosemary tried hard to do an act of abortion (after she found out the real facts) hoping to failing the plan.
   As the intensity of horror atmosphere getting terrorizing every audience and the intrics become unhandled, the composer Christopher Komeda heartlessly keeps on going to haunt you with his works on the motion soundtrack of this movie – rather than soothing, the mix of jazzy instrumental tunes are compose to injecting more adrenaline pressures among the audience. All the Chanting, Lullaby, Short Dream or Fragrance only lead to The Path to the pit of Evil where the monstrous baby form born and raised by his loyal guardians.
A masterpiece psychological thrilling classic of Roman Polanski.

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The Dead Walk ! (Waxwork / Saturn Records 1985)

As the terrible nightmare event happens not only just a bad news but worldwide spread panic of Zombie Apocalypse, some survivors manage to seeking safe place on a military compound inside the Florida’ everglades. Instead of having security the survivalists must facing the mad science experiments project led by the scientist and military to domesticated the flesh eater behaviour but turned to disaster as the tension boiling up and rises as well as the traumatic deaths inside the base caused by the breaching by horde of zombies. Showing Deadly beginnings, Bub’s 9th, Diner of the dead or Escape invasion, this Day of The Dead soundtrack composed and produced by John Harrison is for this zombie-flicks trilogy sequels of “none other” than George A. Romero done exactly fits the horror movie. The combination of Midi sounds and other effects especially to build up the characters and the scene during the actions; captures the agonizing terror moments but also for the non-violent one in somewhat way. Did Dr. Sarah Bowman and the rest of her companion left survivingthe Zombie overrun ? It’s your job to find an answer about that; finish the movie while listening the soundtrack (and survive) ...
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Things We Lost In The Fire (Virgin Records 2013)

   A reluctant but reflective record Bad Blood gains lots of attention for the creator Bastille which actually is not just Dan Smith but includes Kyle Simmons (keyboards), Will Farquarson (bass) and Chris Woddy (drums) as every single one of them are also talented multi-instrumentalist.
   Magnificent modern sound of Synth-pop and electro tribal beats painting this band’s sounds made it bigger than just a breakthrough creations.
   Depressive atmosphere and daily life influences in repetition regrets of the mistakes on youth complex and sensitive area made most of the tracks respectable from Overjoyed to Icarus or Weight of Living in two parts.
   Even the highlighted hit single Pompeii would make you think again twice about how things changes in unexpected ways with eerie regrets that always comes too darn late at last.
   A reliable source for you to learn more about how urban noises should sound like on our present days...


Beware Of Death’s Coming (Chapter III Records 1999)

The eerie horror of an actual event based on the lost footage from a video belongs to the three film makers whom lost without a trace inside the dark forest somewhere in Burkittsville , Maryland soon discovered year later and then, reused as a movie.  As the beginning for Josh, Michael and Heather to investigating the local folklore known as Blair Witch as well the story goes far with lots of evidence and related interviews lead the trio to camp deeper further into the inland thick dense woods. The industrial goth soundtrack is also playing a major important action for giving the audience a terrifying sense of real terror on the dead of night among those misfortune three. From Lydia Lunch’s Gloomy Sunday to Laibach’s God is God onto thus darker edge tracks background such as The Creatures depressive tunes Don’t Go Sleep and Antonio Cora’s The Cellar which compiled on Josh’s Blair Witch Mix tape. In the end no one survived the terrible deathly hallows night after one by one being attack by the supernatural entity which led the last two into an abandoned old house – to meet their doom. Recognized as one of the scariest indie horror film of all time on the genre with enough scary music soundtrack for scoring the restless soul from the dark forest; luring our curiousity and blind selfishness into demonic traps behind irrelevant ghost stories and hideous symbols …
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Morbidity Liver and Lungs (Prosthetic Records 2011)

Molten heat of thundering blast of the perfect mix between pure Death Metal and Hardcore tempos shall be risen up as it kicks you in the face real hard with terrifying growled female vocals from Landmine Marathon; an efficient lesser known metal unit of Phoenix, Arizona. Consisting of their female frontwoman Grace Perry whom vomiting her power-violence growl burst as if she just swallows sharpnels with brutal sounds from double shredders and insane drums speeds. Gallows providing all that you need for destroying your living room apart because this album are made of chaotic vengence fresh from Midwest. The slicing riffs and dangerously smart lyrics accompanied this package with several terrorizing songs of high energy destruction bravely enough to shut imecile mass media’s mouth up for good. Listen to the very best brutality “incest of SIOA and Angela Gossow” carried inside Dead Horses, Cloaked in Red or Beaten and left blind to washed away your problematic stress out !


Mistaken Love Division (Self-Released 2013)

The Chilean Symphonic Goth-Metal proud product lies on this album – The Sleeping Moon with the pleasurement of listening of a masterpiece soft-rock side if only The Scorpions decided to teaming up with older goth-coustic generation from the eighties kind of moment. Hailing from Santiago as a trio of Niko Orell (bass), Angie Bernini (vocals, guitars) and Marco Cusato (guitars, vocals) creating their provisioned atmosphere of depressive classic cult taken from the influental Vampire-ism scene and mixing it with more calm yet dark and colder characteristic in sound and lyrics. Most of the listener will feel alienated and abandoned inside the empty vessel trap called miserable life forever and nothing sounded better than The Fallacy’s hollowed scenery of despair in mental mood on songs like The Omen, Black Magic, Twilight, Other Side and Angel Face. Leaving us desperately forgotten in frozen eclipse of time.


Reunion Bleed River (Atlantic Records 1995)

The second syndrome album eventually would destroying some bands in the process and seems like that bad thing will be happened to on Collective Soul but Ed Roland the band leader co-working with producer Matt Serletic proving that his fellowship of allegiance can providing fresh sounds and more rocking tracks also manage to handled the curse of being famous - too soon. The self-titled record with simple blue arts on its cover really makes the media underrates this one just before everyone realized the power of melodies and pure licks and chords which ready to rock anyone up high within amazing hard rock tracks like Gel, Smashing Young Man, Bleed or thus soft modern folk-rock such as She gathers rain and The world I know; making Ed and his brother Dean and the rest of his band members (once) again finding themselves inside the giant fame bubble with sparkling glitter lights and worshippers of their both old and new diehard fans !


Orange Crush Pop Song (Warner bros. Records 1988)

Michael Stipe and friends have decided to start national education of self-studying for opening eyes of all fellow Americans with their album Green; including Peter Buck on guitars and mandolin, bassist Mike Mills and Bill Berry on his Jangling low-profiled drums. Creative modern day music with clever lyrics and catchy happy tunes providing various moods for an exchanges of listening to this record. From indie scene of new emerging Alternative Rock R.E.M has slowly turns to be an important ingredient of flavor to the Western Front World which already stepping out the wrongly way. Cherishes joy and delicated melodies of awarness reforming inside their best tracks – Stand, You are the everything, World Leader Pretend, I Remember California, Get Up and Hairshirt. Such a good start beginning of an environmental purposes title ...

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Stardog Champion Heartshine (Mercury Records 1990)

   You can called this Mother Love Bone album – Apple a bitter blind witness or a precious valuable legacy from the Seattle legends themselves (including) to mentioned vocalist Andrew Wood’s tragic death in between their career zenith point.
Forgiven and unforgettable, Apple is a truly essential record of Rock N’ Roll on its most vunerable form and revolting against any establishment authorities but available for opening minds.
   Consisting of (also) Jeff Ament and Stoney Gossard with Bruce Fairweather and drummer Greg Gilmore; their charismatic leader Andy Wood easily became a major figure for these rockers to rocking out and shine on the world surrounds them.
The great licks and beats of a mixing between hardrock and glam-metal in songs like Holy Roller and This is Shangrila will definitely fried up your ears or filled your hungry mouth with divine pleasurements of rock.
   Purely straight and honestly humble lyrics about everyday stories and ambiguity of endless addiction might sounded cliche but true. Those bluesy Bone China or Capricorn Sister would be good proof for it.
Eventhough everything can be brought back but regret, Mother Love Bone had proven that once again enthusiasm and free minded keeps finding their ways to walked in the road of success, (not) temporarily but ready to become martyrs for the proud waving flag on the “New Rock Capital” of America.

   Rest In Peace Andrew Patrick Wood ...

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Karma Never Forget (Roadrunner Records 2015)

   Your Roadrunner edgy metal catalog won’t be completed without includes this “Goth Sickening Core” semi-legend masters Coal Chamber.
   From the creation ideas of none other than Dez Fafara on the mid-term of Nu Metal addiction back then completely with their famed and broken up in which rebirthing DevilDriver.
   Now, they’re back again with Rivals as features here a reunion of these long-time original members Miguel Rascon (guitars), drummer Mike Cox, Dez himself with their hot new bassist Nadja Peulen bringing back the pyschotic  beats for a pleasurement to slapping your face up. 
   Acknowledgement signatured sounds and tempo described so damn real when you blasting tracks like Light in The Shadows, The Bridges You Burn, I.O.U. Nothing or Suffer in Silence which featuring a guest sonic terror vocals by Ministry’s Al Jourgensen.
   A nu-OUIJA board community’s on your head and will twisting thus faith.

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Deadwood & Milk (Mercury Records 2006)

The medium stories of some of their short history compiles on Waterloo to Anywhere, exclusively made by Dirty Pretty Things. This Indie Pop meets delinquent cabaret created from the certain ideas from Carl Barat (The Libertines), Didz Hammond, Anthony Rossomando and Gary Powell whom lighting up more sarcastic humorous lyrics and tricks recorded in Glasgow which would sounded slick and freshly fun. Purchasing the indefinite addiction of crazy times as well as reluctant and wasted kings of new wave of British Indie scene; Doctors and Dealers, Bang Bang You’re Dead or Blood thirsty Bastards might laughing the world out loud whilst shed a tear for its tragic comedy but also ourselves …


Eroding Bitter Edict (Stillborn Sounds 2003)

“Everyday is a new reality as a new reality has its own worst experience…” a phrase that suits for the opening of chain reaction Dethcore pumped up proudly by Day of Mourning on their final full record Onwards to Tragedy and Contempt. This unreliable definite legacy of compiled tracks taken from ep, split-albums and anywhere portraying the very essence of how worse the primer society in U.S have been banished. Along with the various sample skits you will find yourself caught in the middle of horrible moshpit of metallic sounds and conspiracy throughout blasting tracks like Cleanser, Parable for a Holocaust, Poison from the chalice or Wading in Suffering. Worst Worshington have spoken even when they’re no more …


Heaven’s A Lie (Century Media 2003)


   The strong essence of New Italian Goth Metal Renaissance has arrived in form of a breakthrough format band named Lacuna Coil which including two vocals for the more symphonic experience that started first as an experiment.
Comalies is definitely would become one of your new favorites even there are plenty Goth-Metal horde out there nowadays simply because of the brilliant performance and more constructive music and progressive sounds this band have made here.
   Led by marvelous twin vocals Andrea Ferro and the beautiful Christina Scabbia whom driven the soul of this band to victory of winning the hearts of thousand fanatic fans and endless adoration in which have gained faster by Lacuna Coil.
The perfect standard tempo of cold Goth-influences creates a quench of liberation to going forward without any boundaries as the beauty of rock radiates through every single essential tracks from Swamped, Daylight dancer to Aeon onto The Ghost Woman and The Hunter or Angel’s Punishment that shall be forever remains in Heavy Metal Heaven catalogs.
   Such a bravest creation, from here to eternity.


From Repulsive Darkness (Clenched fist Records 2001)

A power-violence combination of both Thrash Metal and Deathcore with soaring vocals and a little bit acoustic side has given this Jacksonville metalheads – Thy Pain a warm recognition on US underground scene. More Than Suffering is an extended album that must be highlighted here as the very first wave of genre which can be traced as the missing link where Death Metal and darker side of hardrock supposed to copulate (somewhere) in time. Remains as a metallic duo; David Sroczynski (drums) and Damien McNeil (guitars/vocals) really knows how to gearing up the pace with certain progressive power beats (especially) to knock your head out !
Becoming a Ghost or United in Blood might be a good start to bashes up and thrashing the rest …


Bloodgrief Slavesend (Displeased Records 2000)

   Unlord's undisputed “tribute to the Reign King of Evil Himself” in form of modern mix of raw Black Metal and symphonic atmosphere with a subsequent background history of the Gladiator.
   In order to obey and taken lives while being caged like animals and acting more lower than thus, the blood thirsty onslaught killer found an eternity bound with Satan whilst the Dark Ages rules that century.
   These Darker Hate Metal quartet from Holland releasing their most brutal recording tracks which having both of Motorhead and classic Thrasher influences on it.
   Swallow all pride, Evil Spawn and Impaled Liar are wall-blasted dynamites - into the fire !

Hail Satan ...


Rock N’ Roll Bubblecum (Music For Nation 2000)

   Bad Sneakers and a Pina Colada should easily giving you a cool-hetero boner cause these album really sounded fuckin’ sleazy hot and terribly delicious to swallows. Just like a great mix of good old damn beverage brewed in perfection and served icy cold; Hardcore Superstars truly knows how to rock hard without exposing too much extreme appearances for it to get through it. The rockin’ quartet of Jocke Berg (vocals), Silver Silver (guitars), Martin Sandvik (bass) and Magnus Andreasson (drums) solidifying their glamour sound and combines it with heavier pop penetration which concluded a smartly fresh power-punkish beats, glamorous buffet ala mode.
   Dig more with Beat You Down, Someone Special or Strapped for the high voltage of heavy sleazin’ hour with your girls until everyone pleasurely wet.

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Green Fields Sun (EMI / Parlophone 2007)

A more less-ruder side of the mirror definition created by a strange collaboration of Paul Simonon (The Clash), Damon Albarn (Blur) and Tankgirl’s creator Jamie Hewlett in which cumulate The Good The Bad and The Queen as well as their debut self-titled. A non-sarcasm record which beautifully embracing the great sensitivity and wonderful sides of falling down cause of bumpy gravel roads and holes in our lives; performs in sincere without too much pretensions. 80’s Life, Herculean, Kingdom of Doom or Nature Springs and A Soldier’s Tale creates a new perspective for next uncertain days to come.

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