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Michael Jordan Parade (Sony Music Entertainment 2000)


   Should be just another easy modern rock record for the world but this (supposed to be) a music project created by John Ondrasik on a moment of time turning to something powerful as it unnoticed by others got changed clothes inside the nearest phonebooth to Five For Fighting.
   Accompanied by the debut album American Town, this alternative rock group with low profiles started up painting towns in colors like a touring carnival coming to your place and surrounding areas within folk rock music performance and simple truth lyrics nurturing their melodies and slow tunes on some of the songs already became hit single fast – Easy Tonight, Bloody Mary (A Note on Apathy), Superman (It’s not easy) or Something about you.
   An easy listening record to be shared among friends but you also knew that it’s not easy to be an ordinary …

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Wuthering Allegro (Virgin Entertainment 1993)


   Angra must be the name stuck into your melodic metal catalog over the progressive rock scene. Hailed from Sao Paulo, Brazil, getting big in Europe and giving us this Angels Cry album which can be called as one of the brilliant symphonic speed metal records of the nineties.
   Lead by vocalist Andre Matos and consisting of the amazing duets Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt (guitars), Luis Mariutti (bass) and Marco Antunes (drums) are once considerable by critics as a comparison for Gremany’s speed metal giant Helloween but here; Angra showing spectators that they’re sounded better while raging on their speed progressive roots within thus edgy double pedal angst, heavy riffs and awesome melodic licks and shreds all over your face in Streets of Tomorrow, Evil Warning and the Lasting Child saga in two parts and Kate Bush amazing cover.

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Cripple Creek Zip A Dee Doo (Polygram Records 1992)


   The secret of Blackberry blossoms is a longlife for watching them grows and the surroundings Bayou getting green again once told to you as if this ain’t horseshit.
Believe it after you’d asking Michelle Shocked or just play her indie Bluegrass(es) Arkansas Traveler record on.
   Those Southern Comforted tracks were recorded live on several places; a legendary steamboat, riversides and on an antique store filled up with local flavor stories involving the old South memories of glory, gold and Gospel.
   Strawberry Jam, Prodigal Daughter (Cotton Eyed Joe), Woody’s Rug, Over the Waterfall and Shaking Hands (Soldier’s Joy) shall be the cherishing songs in praise for the rising guns and ammunitions and the bravery of the good ol’ South hospitality …


Piccadilly Touch Me (Polydor 1996)


   There’s not much to tell about the real existence of Raissa (Khan-Panni) but this Meantime album might at least, giving you a recognition for her music project, lovely vocals after listening to the entire record.
   The modern trip hop influence is stumbles on and off along with the live musicians; Paul Sandrone (electric and acoustic guitars, bass and keyboards) and Joe Fernandez on drums brave enough to move one emotion while performing soft distorted Green as Sea, Worm or Murky to the slow beat tempos on We are nowhere and a fascinating Joy(able) Division’ flicks track The Space where you are.


Scorn Not Human Simplicity (Ensign Records 1994)


   “This album is dedicated as a prayer from Ireland” sign on the inlays should gave you a hint about how serious this Sinead O’Connor record really meant to be not a masterpiece but cultural jewel of her legacy.
Universal Mother may sounded sadly sore within its depressive core but radiates hope inside the most prayer lyrics creates in it.
   Sinead screaming voice spontaneously might invited you to cry, feeling her anger and disgust below the surface of tranquility and soothing harmony and slow tunes with Celtic’s sound and melodies.
For the sensitive sense of feelings; she beautifully wrote In this heart, All Babies and Tiny Grief Song and for the angst over indifference and injustice she had the angry tunes like Fire on Babylon or Famine which a semi-hip hop version of a great disaster in Ireland history retold.
   Thank you for hearing her as there'll always be cause and effects on everything in life, alive.
All apologies.

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Polo Mint Advice (Polygram Records 1996)


   Many were already fall in love with the romantic hits single Say what you want which quickly topping the music charts but never heard about the band itself – Texas.
   These five pieces group from Scotland really nailed it all by making catchy modern rock songs and loveable melodies on gorgeous tunes like Drawing Crazy Patterns, Halo or Put your arms around me that honestly fits for lovers out there.
   Consisting of their cutie frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri, Ally McErlaine, Eddie Campbell, Richard Hynd and Johnny McElhone; White on Blonde which contains of elegantly gorgeous and honest sounds of Modern Rock and strings arrangements that can definitely melt one's heart, already making them superstars (with) longer smiles even without a gold certificate or many awards …

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Honky Tonk Satisfaction (EMI Records 2006)


   The compilation of cover tracks tribute to The Rolling Stones on a high level with more superb hit lists from 19 respectable artists and musicians uniting their love and spirits for praising one of British most legendary rock bands of all time.
   A must have record for you – The real Rolling Stones diehard fans out there and beyond with the all-stars line up performance from David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Otis Redding to Ike and Tina Turner.
   Various version and interpretations will put you in Majestic Lullaby of Rockland as soon as Aretha Franklin kicks it with Jumpin’ Jack Flash, 19th Nervous Breakdown by punkish influence group Jason & The Scorchers or thus sweet ballads parade – Tumbling Dice (Linda Ronstand), Leon Russell tackles Wild Horses or the live version of Brown Sugar by Thunder !
Thank You Jagger/Richards (!)


Get Dick Off Whore (Artemis Records 2000)


   On the edge of Heavy Metal rebirth in the beginning of the New Millenium where everyone is equal in hard music, thanks to grunge and riotgrrl pioneers; four female metal-heads Kittie resurfaces from the underground to breaking the mainstream trends.
Their debut album Spit is an offensive breakthrough armed with brutal sounds and scary growl vocals.
   Hot teenage chicks rolling their thunderous metal music and groundbreaking double pedal beats that could cracking up those fascist minds as well as Morgan Lander (voc/guitar), Talena Atfield (bass/voc), Fallon Bowman (guitar/voc) and Mercedes Lander (drums) spitting their angst and disgust over the dominated manly world, striking and bashing and scratching their claws deeper under your skin with steel-nerved tracks like Trippin’, Raven, Choke, Brackish and Paperdoll.
   These gurrls RULE !!!


Forever Lucky Here Tonight (EMI Records 1994)


   Blessed Union Of Souls may sounded like a soulful version of a mix between Counting Crows and the restless spirits of the Delta Blues.
Home is an album which consciously reminding how this young blues rock musicians are lucky enough to use the opportunity given  over them with a courageous music, lyrics and ideas in their hometown Lebanon, OH on Summer of 94.
   The spotlight must be shined over the social theme that talks about freedom, fear, prejudice, friendships and interracial relations which for some are still little bit taboo to discuss.
The healthy down to earth simple tunes of slowrock and RnB mix might catching one’s attention – I Believe, Let me be the one, Oh Virginia or Would you be there could giving you a warm loving intention as well as enjoying Eliot Sloan's everlasting genuine voice.

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Fatassed ‘N Narrow Minded (Sony Music 1992)


   Beatcream; an unknown cross-over metal band from Holland playing an uncompromising rock forms with their exhibits influences of wider music and refuses to be categorized into any genre presenting People Stink album with fucking awesome music for a best good times. Mixing hardcore, funk, jazz, tribal and silly music in a disc under the will of groove shall turning your world upside down with uncontrollable headbanging and shout along or jumping nuts.

   Turning your boring neighborhood into a party crash course and Mosh Pit carnivale, this quartet is an ultimate contender to anyone whom trying to bad commenting on them. Promise kept for the rockin’ on with Pinball Boogie or Urban Cowboy !

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Grouch Of Lost Words (A&M Records 1995)


   Produced by Peter Smith and Glenn Tilbrook himself, Squeeze album – Ridiculous isn’t sounded really ridiculous.
Electric Trains which a joyous reaction of fallen in love or the Waltzing romantic ballad of Heaven Knows should capturing your attention; music lovers.
   This oldie rock band must have a very sharp good instinct for making soft rock songs and album which make sense. The rest of Squeeze team are Kevin and Keith Wilkinson to Chris Bifford and John Savannah (Keys).

"Just because the cover looks really odd or a bit ridiculous doesn't mean the music inside is the same ..."


Urinal Stance Job (Slap A Ham Records 2000)


   Defining Crazy ! Spazz would be a proper answer for that;  a sick crust-punk HC power violence unit whose releasing their Some Releases compilation record the day they decided to broke up or the chaotic full speed ahead of uncompromising heathen music that loudly giving you a worse headache ?
Or maybe, the band personeel biodata; Chris Dodge, Dan Lactose and Max Ward making this sicko record by using an artistic works of Kung-Fu figures and weapons just like a Martial Art’s manual guidance.
   Spazz is no more but still rules the stage!
Fast, dumb and Idealistic, tracks like 4 Times a day, Death rivals or Shaolin or Campaigne for emo destruction are totally noises fiasco festivities for bastards and badasses !

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Crash Diet Mercy (Virgin Records America 1993)

What did you expect from a band named Asphalt Ballet with the Pigs in their front album cover ?
   The actual explanations are this is a Hair-Metal five pieces band which trying to steal the Guns N’ Roses persona but didn’t quite sounded like Axl and co.
These long-haired guys sounded more like the half-breed descent of  stylish Ugly Kid Joe and Dave “The Snake” Sabo in front of SOHO. The music is more aggressive and edgy – a mixing of Hard Rock with rude bluesy Pop influence.
   Finding their own backdoor way through yesterday and now, cranking up Angry Youth, Weeds and Dead Horse Kick.

Am I The Same Girl ? (Phonogram Ltd. 1994)


   Slow dancing between the thin line of Jazz Pop and Rn’B; this London duo of Swing Out Sister - Corinne Drewery (lead vocals) and Andy Connell (keyboards) whom also acts as the conceptor and conducting music direction and lots of assembly of mucisians wo helped them to finishing this album – The Living Return.
   An actual catchy beats and up tempo for Urban Gypsies, Techno-realists, System survivors and Soul Defectors over tracks like Ordinary People, Don’t let yourself down, Making the right moves and Notgonnachange.
They’re strong together and never giving up their originality touches.


Condemned Dusk Fermentation Sacrifice (Earache 1992)


   The Gods of Grind compilations must be a good answer to the world from European Extreme Metal Society which consisting of “Killer tracks” by the Northern Atlantic Death O Grinding pact – Entombed, Carcass, Cathedral and Confessor.
   This almost perfect record legitimates the terrorizing characters of both Europe and US bands seems to be on the same exact extremity levels.
   You will definitely going insanely thrashed to death while listening to those heavy riffs and major brutal tempos in variety forms; Stranger Aeons (Entombed), Incarnated Solvent Abuse by Britain’s Mighty Carcass or maybe, trying to swallow Confessor’s extra length progressive performance of groovy thrash on Endtime or Lee Dorian’s Powerhouse Doom squad Cathedral; slicing you piece by piece proudly equipped with solid repture and twilights.

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Mandatory Mortem Warfare (Blackend 2004)


   Slayer is one of the most important Metal Band for the awakening of Extreme Metal Scene back since the mid eighties.
A grand tribute on worshipping every slashing riffs made by their Hellish dueling shredders – Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman to the unmerciful unlimited skin bashings and Tom Araya’s killer vocals as an ultimate frontman for decades.
   Please, welcome Slatanic Slaughter; a two discs of Metallic storm blistering Slayer-maniac tribute with loads of unholy names in extreme metal generations fresh from the bottomless pit of the underground.
Dissection, Merciless and Enslaved to Coffin Man and At The Gates; this is a Satanic Metal Festivities for you the diehard fans ! Just let it loose and kill someone if you must …
   The air will be red-painted like blood hymning Antichrist, Criminally Insane, Hell Awaits and Season in the Abyss. Go bang your head and light up thus time bomb fuse; for Benediction, for Vader and for the Silent Scream’s Death Praise !

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Grand Trepidation Threshold (Roadrunner Records 2006)


   Considered to be one of the BEST metal compilations in extreme music history for all time, these two discs of nearly two hours of dark militia head-banging party wilder and chaotic than ever before happens.
   From the last heroes of louder noisy music to the newest edition of psycho-extremo growler generation, thanks fuckin’ much for the endless great work from Roadrunner and MTV2’ executive producer Mr. Monte Conner choosing very wisely only the best; Trivium, Mastodon, Still Remains or Chimaira are just some of the famous names around. Raise you HORNS and shouts or grinding growled for the Metal stars line-up of the non-stop brutal hours of this generation anthems – Slipknot’s Before I Forget, Korn’s Liar,  Now You’ve got something to Die for (live) by Lamb of God or Norma Jean’s Liarsenic.
   Everyone will definitely hailing this feast of Manna from the Spiritual Extreme Metal seventh Heaven and depth of Hell for over two hours of snapping neck LOUD music blasts thus stereo up !

Raise your glass and Your HORNS for thee !!!


Last Temple Of Holy Diver (Rhino Records 2014)

The Dio's Heavy Metal Heaven is here !  
   Rocking rockets of high tension of rock art gemstone tracks of Legendary Dio bursts up with flaming Anthrax rocks their pace up over Neon Knights while the newcomer of Modern-Rock Adrenaline Mob tackling The Mob Rules sounded pretty damn awesome as well as most of the performers are none other than those legendary names in Metal History, cracking the real rock attitudes by proudly covering the late Ronnie James Dio’s This Is Your Life listsongs of decades through ages.
   You’ll find Glenn Hughes, Corey Taylor, Scorpions and Metallica here in one album. Most of the tracks can be traced thru Ronnie’s Sabbath or Rainbow’s era and thus capable solo years in his rock career with countless and timeless performances – shall forever remain here inside our hearts.
“May your memory never fades cause there’s only ONE Dio to forever.” Ronnie Dio Lives !!!

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Moondog Club Voyeur (Elektra Entertainment 1994)


   Led by the charismatic “Voodoo Moon Child” singer Dave Alvin with Dave Barckow (drums), Eric Brodin (bas) and guitarist Craig LeBlanc; the funky-metal band from NYC – White Trash will definitely caught your attention’s curiosities !
Looking like a quartet of Central Park skaters but easily combining various different elements into their music – from Jazzy rock, Soul sick-bass, Glam-pop to Retro Thrash/Punk that perform in a very high level and leaving nothing but excitements.
   The parody-ous acts and divine comed-amn of awesome tempo, riffs and licks on Minor Happiness, Young Zombie in Lust, Pigs or the cool easy lyrics on Come Tuesday should be enough to assure most of you people to liking them – so much !!!
There are more songs that really needed to be check out cause Si O Si, Que ? proudly produced by Daniel Rey. Get It !?!


Then I Met My Way (Chrysalis Records 1988)

   Performing as a duet, Craig and Charlie Reid proclaiming themselves as The Proclaimers and playing rock n’ roll music with local Scottish accent.
These two curly glasses Scotsmen blonde brothers are one of the most famous one hit wonder group that actually had more than just one good songs.
   On Sunshine on Leith, The Proclaimers duo promoting some danceable rock music with  both electric and acoustic approaches; What do you do, It’s Saturday Night and Teardrops to Cap in hand, Sean to the famous HIT (which always become a regular track on a movie soundtrack lists) I’m Gonna be (500 miles) to her door ...


Bard Portrait Fairytales (Warner Music UK 1992)


   Enya’s The Celts is a masterpiece of Celtic Heritage musical which successfully assimilated with few percents of modernism inside the global pop culture. This record is a promising capability of few artists whom seriously dedicated to keeping the spirit of their ancient history with originality of magnifique.
   Along with Roma Ryan and Nicky Ryan; the beautiful Irish singer Enya releasing her inner talents and Elf’s voice within the realm of the “old ways Eire” belonging of the green grass fields, misty mountain and foggy hills and the majestic land of magic and mystic dweled by supernatural beings and fairies which all leads to the beginning of everything, the epic struggle and battles and the journey to the distance to an end.
Whether it’s a story about the Queen of Iceni Tribe, St.Patrick’s new tricks to the great migration of The Celts and their native beliefs; everything sounded soothing and peacefully perfect.
   Great combination of a simple softened melodies using traditional instruments and the atmosphere that only can be found on Lords of The Rings trilogy movies.

The sadness and the faded victory become one knitted inside magic memories songs from the God Epona To go Beyond …

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Alimony Get Around (Roo Art / Phonogram 1989)


   Happiness chords and joyous melodies on 28 degrees Celcius is not a dream anymore, thanks to The Hummingbirds’ LoveBuzz.
Jangly Pop tracks with extra smiling powders perfecting the Alt-rock make up for the band consisting of 2 boys and two girls.
   The music is not too intense, lesser grooves but transcend and entertaining. Guitarist Simon Holmes, drummer Mark Temple, Alannah Russack and Robyn St.Claire both tackling guitar, bass and both harmony vocals as their tracks coloring the afternoon’s background and linings.
Songs like Michelle as well, Hollow inside, Barbarian, Everything you said and She knows talks about friendships, long distance relationships and how to keep someone’s secrets.
   Yours are saved with me ...


The Pearl On Lambs Radio (EMI Records 1995)


   Looking like the calmer and faithful George Michael version over a glimpse and having half percent of Elton John distinctive voice – Joshua Kadison must be worth while a listen.
   His Delilah Blue album reacts in its very good ways putting the spiritual Blues-pop music which containing souls on every each; if you an Rn’B or Blues fans, I’m sure you’ll love this one.
   Let the Delilah’s quest begin again within these songs Writing in Green Velvet, Take it on faith, Rosie and Pauly or The Gospel according to my Ol’ man - would make some focusing more to reflecting all things which already too late or perhaps, for some - can still be fixed on time ...


Cloudy Candle Skies (Polygram Records 1995)

   Only one year after their last successful album, the fate of these bastard sons of bitches on Ugly Kid Joe slowly became uncertain.
Changing their drummer and cancelled shows might putting them down but that doesn’t mean these funky five long-haired rockers are stopping.
   Menace to Sobriety is their latest album based on Southern Rock influence and bad habits for destroying suites and hotel rooms.
Ugly Kid Joe sounded more like biker’s anthem than average naughty boys; lower tones down and barking riffs shall striking ears and stabbing guts.
   Jesus rode a Harley, Tomorrow’s World, Clover or Milkman’s Son patent these rockers’ quiet comeback while carrying the cool combinations between Black Sabbath and Judas Priest metal legacy.
You will be terrified and shaken by tons of metal riffs, chords and some river delta's wiser words of wisdom.

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Debt Collector Jubilee (Food Records 1994)

   Parklife sparkling more bright promise added for Blur after the dissapointed from their previous one as it putting much smiles on both fans and Damon Albarn and co.
For these Londoners Brit-Pop quartet, their payment for sweet revenge coming with this record – a brilliant comeback before more shit hitting the fans and messed up.
   Righteously rude blending back of more 16 Pop songs and fun stationary into sound and lyrics, nor Graham Coxon and Alex James briliantly put their joyous mood into place with more possibilities of prank jokes of naughtiness sticking in.
Tracks per tracks will providing various stories Blur’s fans ever dreaming of. From Tracy Jacks, End of a century, Far Out to Trouble in the message center could lifting up life or simply, giving back the good old sarcasm of Damon Albarn !