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Macabre Consecration Epilogue (Century Media 1992)

   Yet, another Swizerland's heavy music pioneer of extremity - Samael; established in Sion with the prosthetic intense of highly dark metal influence as their lyrics speaks about human sacrifice, blasphemous lyrics and massive Satanic worshipping.
   Their Blood Ritual album should be a good example for studying those mysterious litanies and rituals futher more; Pure Black Metal dark music, growling scream vocalist and excessive use of inverted crosses, mystical hooded figures and plenty of skulls collection images (and) the foursome members - Vorph, Makro, Mas and Xy.
   An album which can be consider as one of the heaviest one which came out and made in Switzerland shielding by its terrorizing tracks - Beyond the nothingness, Poison Infiltration, After the Sepulture or Bestial Devotion; heavy enough to sew-shut most of thus filthy mouth of the critics.
   "As heavy as fuck - this one is a real chaos ! ..."

Blood Ritual Links:

Necromantical Winds Return (Combat Records / Noise 1985)


   Satan's living well in the coldest inland part of Switzerland by the name of Thomas Gabriel Warrior. Known as one of the well-respected extreme metal pioneer musician; Tommy G.Warrior and his band "The Mighty" Celtic Frost releasing To Mega Therion - an ultimate record which later influencing mostly the next step of extreme metal genre on the near future. This album having the dark power, brutal force, thundering tempos and magnetic influences toward Satanism, hate and agressiveness. Companied by Martin Ain and Dominic Steiner (bass) and drummer Reed St.Mark, Tommy G. Warrior delivering his best Doom sludgy darken death metal form as if Satan himself just decided to make you his sandbag - hanged and brutalized beaten up real good while the cover album art done by none other than H.R. Giger (the creator of Aliens).
   The strong magic and mystisism of the extreme underground alliance has been built since then as the one whom admitted that they're a real metalheads without knowing any Celtic Frost legendary songs here like The Usurper, Dawn of Meggido, Circle of Tyrants and Eternal Summer must be slaughtered at once. Perhaps, you'll think twice before trying this record cause after that there's no turning back.

Celtic Frost, We Salute You !

Pro-Lifer Suspect (Cherrydisc Records 1996)


   The hate crew of solid Hardcore power freaks out of Boston consisting Mike Cahill (vocals), Keith Arcari (bass), Rich Fortin (drums) and Bruce Windon with Jerry Kyn (guitars) is deifinitely undergound and full of hatred towards anything in life which is free or not. Their Righteous album is a massive HC local horsepower with the speed-up spinning strikes of jaw-punching music on a busy highway ready to damaging your ears drums. The perfection aims in noisy music from the gutter mosh-pit party anthem of ruined society and metallic riffs aggression awarded these tracks of forbidden angst; Reason Enough, Salvi, Chinese Mafia to HIV are worth listening whilst some should be aware for the blurry messages of Toetag lyrics (perhaps) consisting the false intepreted political point of views.
   Short songs for aggresive and untamed people.
Toetag - Righteous Links:

Final School's Out Rumble (Rockstar Games 2006)

   I bet most of you have been experiencing the act of bullying in your life while some might already dealing with them and become one later or for some its like an endless horrific puzzled of unworthy lifetime; Rockstar Games decided to release its own Bully Games - one of the most controversial games ever created filled with domestic violence and terrible bad actions for therapy and pleasures and having its own music soundtrack arranged by Shawn Lee. You will playing a role of Jimmy Hopkins; an unlucky brokenhome boy sent to Bullyworth Academy School after his mom marrying another shit guy as his "new" stepfather decided to thrown him away. The place is awful and looking mis-management with both students blend inside from retarded and nerds to local fightclub teenagers and teen whores are there. Young Jimmy must fight to survive this hell hole dormatory life by dealing all the bullies damn hard and sometimes learning a good lesson from his own troubled school experiences. The soundtrack itself really works by availabling all the bad luck moments or exciting ocassions off this interesting games. Synth-pop, Jazz and Soul-Funk mixed the complicated environment with the daily adventures of Little Jimmy whom also (sometimes) loves to have a good time by kicking some Senior students' asses, kissing girls or rudely attacking other students whose trying to standing on his way. So, whether you like to do Comic Klepto, having a Vendetta Nerds, celebrating Carnival Date or stuck on a Punishment; make sure that you did a payback and sweet revenge later to those whom deserved them. Parents will spoken outloud and complaining about this game but actually, no one can banned it just like no one can dealing with acts of Bullying which happened everyday, everytime, everywhere.
It's time to fight the bully and buggers with fists and fury NOT kinder words !!!

Refrigerator Alley Exist (Epic Records 1991)


   Collaborating little piece of rock n' roll, blues, funk and jazz into a modern taste of flavor which really fits for boring generation of the early nineties; the cartoon-looks quartet Spin Doctors releasing their famous album ever - Pocket Full of Kryptonite with joyous tracks and flower-power peace character of music and sound combinations. Rather than becoming just another "Clarke Kent" super diary, this record really full loaded with great anthusiasm and drawing public attention very quick - thanks to the hit radio single Two Princes that turning them from an ugly little frog into one of the brightest acts on the Alternative Rock scene everywhere.
   Chris Barron, Schenkman, Mark White and Aaron Comess still shocked to realizing that this lesser known band suddenly pops up into superstars in no time (even though) it's not too surprising cause based on their talents and musical ability on performing, this four pieces musician is to be honest - better than average.
   Still not convincing enough ? Even after listening to Jimmy Olsen's Blues or Little Miss Can't Be Wrong ?
Something must be wrong with you, then.
He He ...


This Is A Call (Roswell Records 1995)


   Started as a one man solo project and named after the mysterious objects seen by jet fighter pilots during World War II - Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters were claimed first as the next incarnation steps of his devastated super band and Grunge martyr Nirvana. Later on, everyone everyone can see that this modern punk rock project soon turned to another powerful band rather than just a solo career pursuit. Dave Grohl playing mostly all the music instruments and wrote and sang with additional members and friends like Greg Dulli of Afghan Whigs and Barret Jones on back up vocals (then) Nate Mendel (bass), William Goldsmith (drums) and ex The germs guitarist Pat Smear.
   The music is intense and straight with punk D.I.Y attitude and rebel rock riffs in more positive way aside of Cobain co. era.
I'll Stick around, Alone + Easy target, Weenie Beenie, Wattershed and For all the cows will forcing you to mosh into the distorted chords, catchy chorus and lethal grooves.
Dave Grohl.
Salute to Him, big time !

Foo Links:

Mystic Force Of Evil (Spikefarm Records 2000)


   An answer on this Satan's New Millennium to the worldwide "more commercial" metal compilations; from the cold dark land of Extreme Black Metal - Norway. This dark and extremely hostile record - True Kings of Norway is a real gift freshly from Spinefarm's sub label "Spikefarm" compilation metal lab simply for an educational metal history purposes and history study !
Although the recording sounded aggresively raw and disoriented but honestly, this is actually how one captures the power dark essence of Black Metal magic sound should be - fast, sharp, noisy and deadly.
   13 extreme tracks with double satanic pedals and Hell-Awaits' riffs from some of Norway's finest legendary names like Ancient, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and Immortal for only about half hour; it might be too short to distorting your disorder time and life but as a true fan and the defender of dark-side metal faith, you must know that death is forever and this music will be the prolonging background noise on your funeral and inside your grave ...

Extreme Norse Links:

Spermnavigator Infection (Nailijar Records 2015)

   None can describing this as art or music but Goregrind survived down there on the underground scene far from the lights, tender pray and good will. Nurtured only by insanity and hatred; False Pregnancy the brutal grindcore unit ready to tear you apart on their first striking wave of mental insability due of abnormality delivers thus pig squeal chaos or grinding lobotomy jokes on tape.
   The Dance Your Meat Off ! must never be handed over to peckers and fuckheads but perhaps - pornogory title tracks such as Soft and Juicy Angelina Jolie's pussylips or Flower Shop Guy might be helpful to ease your ugly wife delivering process soon.

You can easily starts blaming the guilty parties:
Henri Mäll - Drums
Sergy Brutal - Bass
Alexey Antropov - Guitar
Aleksei Sorokin - Vocals

Sick Links:

Let's Get Retarded ! (Razor And Tie 2004)

   Finding your favorite food and the way through there can be rally dangerous which means sometimes it'll turned out to be disasterous adventure on your life. Two Asian descents living in America good citizens with good jobs and plenty weeds to supports their bad free-time habits at home decided to go outside for a burger when then their luck looks a little bit change to worse.
   Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is a real funny comedy with spontanious stupidity and more dumber actions and (don't forget - Malin Ackerman sexy appearance).
   The soundtrack of this movie will be a great companion for you to laughing about them and also yourself cause things like this might be happening to us sometimes. You have MxPx, Fannypack, Black Eyed Peas, Heart (even) thus ridiculous pop songs that you hate the most but sounded cooler right here.

   Will they get the burgers or ended up suckingly stuck with the horny Neil Patrick Harris ?
Just watch and enjoy the show, dude ...

Harold and Kumar Link:

Dirty Dirty Go Store (Blumhouse Production 2013)


   On Best Night Ever: our girls going to celebrate their best friend wedding to Vegas turned to funny disaster romance-comedy when they're being robbed up somewhere on the outskirt area. Leslie, Janet, Zoe and Claire must putting up their strength and skills to surviving the Bachelorette party night including the catfights, bruises and broken bones - doing all the weirdest things - from Jello -nude wrestling to dump craps on a wrong "bad guy" which is totally embarassing and hillarious. The best comedy movie ever made, directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer with loads of surprising soundtrack songs from Electrolightz' On the floor to make a noise (Mikey Likes It) or some punk-techno torpedo mixes off a band named Revenge of The Nerds, Skull Boyz, Toothpick Warriors and more outta controlled sparkling beats of Vegas.
   Far better than just a hangover and not boring I bet no one will regret watching this as thus sexy yummy babes midnight adventure went little bit wilder for everyone having their good laughs and forgot to finish their popped-porn, ups, I mean popcorn !

Best Link Ever:

Twice The Leaving Pictures (Sony Classical 2003)


   Some story will always looks better and real even if its just based on a novel or purely fantasy. Big Fish telling us about that kind of thing which really affected lots of people at one time of a momentary spot of lifetime. Tales of encouragement, hope above fate and strong heart with a fairytale candy-coated influence around the magical life story of Edward Bloom whom effortlesly succeded for having most of his dreams and his love ones whilst adventurously traveled across half the world; from Spectre to Pyongyang and beyond recognition onto his last day - with the starring line-up of Ewan McGregor, Jessica Lang, Danny DeVito and Helena Bonham Carter. Along the delighted beauty and (even) spooky and bizarre scenes and features, the music producer Danny Elfman like always when teaming up with director Tim Burton releasing the magic magnet soundtrack and score from this movie. Pearl Jam, Bing Crosby and Buddy Holly are on the lists with many great songs like Let's work together, Five O'Clock World to The Allman Brothers Ramblin' Man and Elvis Presley's All Shook Up as well as thus remarkable strings based music scoring background by Mr. Elfman - Shoe Stealing, Underwater or Jenny's Theme which are really suitablly fit perfect for this "two thumbs up" odd-melancholic and extraordinary romance comedy beyond imaginations !

Big Fish Music Links:

Poor Cow Credits (Wichita / Startime 2006)


   The great exhibition of a third record display from these Stockholm folk-pop trio Peter, Bjorn and John might attracting your attention for their catchy harmony and mellow chords diversity. Writer's Block which is dominated by not only melody and guitars but also "hand-carried" friendly-socio lyrics and simplicity at its best. A right choice for your late night work companion or just a background music for someone whom wanted to getting high on their tall rooftops during the peaceful moments of twilight.
   Go try them all - Amsterdam to Up against the wall or Young Folks (feat. Victoria Bergsman) to Start to melt and have yourself a merry little quite times.


Almost Human Injected Poison (Kicking Records 2008)


   Starting from just an unknown thrash metal unit out of France, The Black Zombie Procession soon gained their respects and fame from hundred fans across the world due to the worldwide cyber network helping hands. Mixing the likes of Gwar, Body Count, Accept and The Accused into their own fuckin' mud-blast terror zone of the metal Zomblorg-pocalypse theme, the debut "Mess with the best, Die like the rest" showing the very promising progress for these Frenchie metalheads. The batters of heavy speed energy with horror punk lyrics ingredients spawning thus terror tracks with the strong force of flesh-eating horde of the walking dead and the rest of surviving and failure stories around it. One would declaring being "thrashed" after listening to the shocking songs in motionless feasting process - You will rise stronger from the grave, Toxic punch, Black mark on a dark uniform to the deader beats on Sheer Terror or the shambling acoustic form on Soul Dealer.
   Before you think that they're sounded too much like Papa Roach, just remember that this original heavy weight horror rock band consists of 50% punk rock, 50% heavy metal and 100% Zombie core.

Aaaarrggghhh !!!

Zombie Procession Links:

Beyond The Pale Child (Vertigo / Phonogram Records 1994)


   Sum and Substance compilation marks the long existence of the UK Goth Rock band - The Mission for lurking onto the mainstream surface of international rock music scene. The length measurement of music career for Sister of Mercy's veterans Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams, drummer Mick Brown and guitarist Simon Hinkler lies on the great cold and dark mixing of goth beat tempo with standard depression for quite strong influence to the lists of their best art-work songs - Deliverance, Severina, Tower of Strength, Never again, Into the blue, Butterfly on a wheel, Amelia and Afterglow; sensitively enlighting the last souless breath outside on the streets where the soft evil night's wind and the damp winding empty road carries them away to be lost again in blurry mist of the Wasteland ...


Steal My Sunshine (Work 1999)


   Consisting of Obe One, Vandal, Abs, Asicks and KNG; this Canadian cross-over pop creative unit decided to releasing their best record ever - You can't stop the bum rush with nothing inside it but beats and happiness. Those joyous party and cool catchy melodies in remix might releasing you from the daily burden problems completely with the relaxation feelings of chill out session moments just like on the discotheque old-skool rappin' track Cold Chillin' or the Hip-hoppin' representation on Cryptic Souls Crew. The sounds might reminding you back to the early 90' over East Side and Brooklyn with the touch of Motown Souls and Dee-Lite's funk in-flow-ence and some serious damn dj scratch and samples of motorik emulated mix-sound from the hood to move you in and songs like Hot rod monster jam or Beautiful day (ft.Biz markie) would burning out da house down ...
   Aaw Yee, we want to party !
   You named it, they'll shake it !!!

Altar Of Cataclysm (Revenge Productions 2000)


   "Leave your pathetic shallow minds outside" before this lot's gate across the eternal sea of fire which you've already chosen to enter. Satanic lyrics about full speed ahead of extreme metal attacks, death, dark desires and painful despair onto the ultimate devastation of mankind shall decorates your new visions off this dangerous black metal album - Hell's Unholy Fire. The true devil worshipper trio of this Pittsburgh's satanic metal explosions Nunslaughter really will blown you all away, apart - into pieces for whom daring enough to trying this album in loud volume.
   Raised your fuckin' horns for Don of the Dead (Christ killing vocals), Jim Sadist ( skins of the holy) and  Blood (all apocalyptic guitar devastation) whom are definitely NOT your daily average metal band with blasphemous tracks of the unholiest vomit via Satan's wrath presented here for your "satanic pleasurements" - Burning away, Killed by cross, Seas of blood and Inverted churces; all is metallic legals and served raw !
Stairway to Hell:

Torn Bastard Self (Victory Records 2004)


   Hard and heavy by mixing the thrash and metalcore onto their unholy ground for a good stomped of defying the wust like a wicked theft of the night. This Chicago, Illinois basher unit consisting of vocalist Jonathan Hunt, Matthew Matera and Antone Jones their devilish duet guitarists, bassist Justin Jakimiak and drummer Evan Kaplan decided to simplified their lyrics with the daily even stupid events on lives but increasing the dosage of heavier slamming plasma of pure metal and hardcore into their music bowl and the results is this fuckin' album - Villainy and Virtue.
   You don't need to have guts but ears for this tracks: Stand your ground, Blood of the moon, Master exploder or Cross section. If you liking them it's not your fault but if you're not then maybe - you've already dumb and dead ...


Primitive Forgotten Ways (Relapse Records 1988)


   This is the real death metal bastard band whom should be considered as the pioneer of Headbanger Keepers that start it all. Death (a band) consisted of Chuck Schuldiner (vocals, bass, guitars), Rick Rozz (guitars) and Bill Andrews (drums) releasing their second heavier album Leprosy soon shall be remaining to remember as the the day Death Metal taking over the underground world for good.
   Crushing slabs of uncompromising storm of death growls and tempos will bombarding you fuckers to deaf upside down and nearly coma like being slammed into asphalt concrete by them - Open Casket, Left to die, Choke on it and Born dead; these tracks should sunk you to death in vomit.

Nuff Said - Hail Chuck and DEATH or go fuck yourself !

Fuhrer Flotzilla (Metal Blade Records 1986)


   Jason Newsted started as a metal debutant on this power thrashing record of his previous band - Flotsam and Jetsam. The promising heavy riffs and goddamn shreddings and progressive chords and solid lyrics within tracks like Desecrator or She took an axe should be enough to give this Phoenix, Arizona crew as one of the awesome new rising thrash bands at that time of thrash birth era (as actually, it is !)
   Blending the best of speed metal tracks and violent tempos so far, brutal tracks and vengeance screams of vocalist Eric A.K to thus mad metal guitar duo - Michael Gilbert and Edward Carlson birthing the hydrolic-pumping tracks like Iron tears, Hammerhead, Metalshock and Fade to Black for the excitement and pleasure beer fuckin' headbanging lovers out there.
   This Doomsday for the Deceiver album might really sounded like a close cousin of the incest marriage of Anthrax and Slayer somewhere on the Arizona remote desert of nowhere.

(Should be a cool record to play out loud on a busy highway before doomsday)

Go Thrashed:

Cinnamon Spider Overjoyed (Risk Records 2000)


   Produced by Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails but with more harder edgy metal influence, the transmutation gender band Jack Off Jill is sounded clerly like an odd team of alternative metal group with hardcore aroma. Lead by the Goth-beauty Jessicka and Agent Moulder presenting the dark groovy Clear Hearts Grey Flowers album in your face like a slapping strap ke your ears bleed a bit. Standard tempo of heart pounding symphonies may crack up the wall, turning the quiet place into small chaos within thus flirting songs of hyper-metallic noise in no particular order: Fear of dying, Rabiteen, Nazi Halo and Strawberry Gashes. Listening to this record might be like going inside the house of scream on a mystic baloon carnival soon before midnight among the restless spirits of the lost children of the corn.

Clear Hearts Grey Flowers:

Harpies Bizarre Parade (Warner Bros Records 1991)

   Former punk pioneer and (then) finding his stars along his solo career, Elvis Costello is still strong and loaded with lots of great ideas of songwriting thorugh his nineties era. Mighty like a rose is his 13th records yet and possibly, not to bold enough to worth a listen but wait a minute - this album actually irresistibly weird.  Filling up with loads of arts and farts (means nasty beats) and soft tunes of relationship problems, sillyness and romance; Elvis' tortured Baroque vocals screeching out to reach out your attentions up not your money. Respectfully reasonable doubts and imperfection clearly reacts to pumping ballad tracks like the questioning How to be dumb, the creep-ocalypse Hurry down Doomsday (The Bugs are taking over) or the romantic strings towards the beautiful curse of old ages in All grown up. Not a mistakes to loving this record rather than hate it cause most of the songs are actually dedicated to every single beloved person in Mr. Costello's life which can be also expanded onto your personal story to share. Beyond the unexpected and the other side of boring Summer, there's a mighty rose - touching its fingers softly over you in warmest comfort to tender the love ones with care.

Listen Carefully:

Catch The Curly Girl (WEA 1992)

   Dance dreamy pop and RnB combination creates the rare combination of music which sounded like post-New Wave commercial advertisements in which is how you describe Grrr! It's Betty Boo album. Kensington - London born Alison Moira Clarkson might sadly be an overlooked singer but turly, she has talent for making good music with her unique looks, silly "Betty Boop" voice and plenty ridiculous techno beats, complete brass sections and semi hip-hop acts to make you sing and dance or having boner. Thus artificial charming tracks - I'm on my way, Hangover, Skin Tight or Wish you were here are going to lighten up your Long Island Bikini Tea Party for fun right after you kicked out those "non alcohol pricks" off the backyard fence for good !

Betty Links:

Watch How Neon River Go (Island Records 2012)

   "Don't be scared if your days are numbered or the hope's gone with the hands of love as long as time is still on your side." Strangeland might be talking about chances just like one that has been giving to this British indie lads - Keane.  Melody flows as quiet as the breath of Sunshine carrying the peace in the soft wind of pleasing numbers in Sovereign Light Cafe, Silenced by the Night and On the road to everywhere within the sympathic soft tunes and elegance braids of tempos start to filling up your surrounding air like sweetest parfume in peaceful songs wrapped in nice arrangements which the credits should be accounted to not only these trio but also the frameworks of perfect producing from Dan Grech - Marguerat; making from just "something" to be pleasureable sense of everything you can imagine through the delighted desolation ...

Enjoy The Melodies: 

Sympathetic Good Character (Reprise / Maverick 1998)


   Experienced the next steps of Alanis Morissette after the big success of her debut album - now entering this new realm of Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie; a more wider album above her self-proclamined independence to more global perspectives. You can still found her anger and soulful combines inside some tracks which sounded nurtures in a very careful touch but also vulnerable. The reflective correction and liability endorsed on her beautiful lyrics as well as her most well known voice, thus direct anxiety as human being to another's burden shows on Baba or her reflective single thank You and much more of gorgeous tracks further down this record.
   Ms. Morissette seems to found herself trapped inside the media webs and commercial brand garden which moved her up and out to breaking away from this addictions.
   Above the experiences of career oportunities, failures and reflections looks like she's finally found her place where she belongs within the self-concious truth and the vacant highway, ready for her next journey to peaceful paradise.

Know Your Enemy (Epic Records 1992)


   Hailing from the inner slumber of Los Angeles where poverty is real and everyday is gangwars day, this infamous debut of the multiraces quartet self-titled album which combines the angst of minor generation and angry youth of the American Dreams broken products in the name of malfunctioned Capitalism.
   Rage Against The Machine music are loud and provocative like the complete mixing of Ian McKay, Noam Chomsky and Public Enemy on one solid album. Zack De la Rocha, Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk are not your daily heroes with all the shining armour and patriotism and shit; they're learning to achieve highly education to then educate others whom still being invaded, tortured, raped and oppressed by the major authority senseless power holders worldwide.
   Blasting like a big bang of Leftish Ideology lyrics and the truth of being really free is their main goal for the concerned young generations to unleash their wrath upon the false leaders and the fuckin' injustice system. You named them all tracks - Bombtrack, Killing in the name, Take the power back, Bullet in the head and Township Rebellion soon rising up high with the red-black flag over the world as the new form of revolution planted everywhere and ready to explode.
   We should be thanking them not for the clashing shouts, the revolutionary strikes and the anti-New World Order but foremost - the BEST rock / metal performance ever existed !

Note: All Noises Are Made By Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Drums.

Rage Links: