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Acropolis Peasant (SPV / American 1994)


   Lesser-known Stoner/Garage Rock and Psychedelic group from Buckinghamshire area calling themselves Thee Hypnotics is actually, one of the British good rock bands around that unfortunately didn't got more attention from public and music media at the present times of them back in the middle of nineteen ninety three. Consisting of vocalist Jim Jones, Ray Hanson and Robert Zyn on guitars departement, bassist Will Pepper and drummer Phil Smith are to be honest - sounded pretty much bad-asses as the last recording from them would likely closing the entire career of this rocking lives for Thee Hypnotics in such an epic way.
   The Very Crystal Speed machine shall be your good drunken album that went slower but giving the blasts after you experienced listening the whole record straight. These High Wycombe's boys would definitely amazed you because the essence of their Psychedelic that mixed with thick Stoner Rock background and Garage Noise influence making the sounds more like an American Bluesy Rock band such as The Black Crowes, for instance.
   Make some time to listening to them through Heavy Liquid, If The Good Lord Loves You, Caroline Inside Out, Down in the Hole and Broken Morning Has; you will be carried away by the effects of hallucination lies within the band's atmospheric auras ...

The Very Crystal Speed Machine:



Masturbation Murder (TVT Records 2003)


   The fresh combination of crossover unit which mixing hard rock and punk metal and thrash proudly representing Washington D.C - Nothingface are one of the real deal around.
Their 2003's Skeleton album can be considers as one of the best hardcore metal records during the moment of anticipated stagnant years of both modern rock and nu metal.
   As this less known "skeletons in a closet" quartet - Matt Holt, Tom Maxwell, Bill Gaal and Tommy Sickles really create a very chaotic straight and anthemic music with the influences marked up from both old school HC scene and the hip hop genre and shock-rock electro to emerging the core taste of honest metal music which later on shall spawning "the screamo genre" delivering sheer heart attack shreds with power tempo which one should fucking prove it on tracks like Beneath or Ether as well - to agree, approved and shut up .

Superhumans Monsters (Varese Sarabande 2005)

   A failure project destroying scientific labs on a remote secret ravine area on Mars leads everything to chaotic mess when a para-militer troops quickly sent there to save any survivals alive as well as to find out what's causing it (as everything's already too late).
Starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Karl Urban, Doom movie are capturing the core essence of the same RPG games simulation with the horrific and scary plot as the story completed the chilling end. Clint Mansell putting lots of efforts to make the score music that sounded scarier with lots of pounding metal drums and electronic samples with the strings arrangement in remix almost like speed thrash metal and industrial fest of sounds.
There's something happening in thus Olduvai Valley of Mars link between an eerie inhumane DNA experiments testing and the greed of mankind under the subjective law called the new advance technology.
Above all the gruesome creatures and countless death bodies during the surviving show, one will find out the wicked corporate's idea as usual in the end of this pitiful outer space mess.


Remember Us (Warner Bros. 2007)


   As The God-King Xerxes of the mighty Empire of Persia approaches to destroy and conquering Europe through Greece territory and while more Greeks already surrendered themselves to him, King Leonidas of Sparta choose to confronting the endless race army of whole Asia under Xerxes regime with only 300 of Leonidas' personal guards at the hot gate.
The blood shedding scene and the gory brutal death are there on almost every scenes with some romantic and inspiring quotes from most of the strong characters involved in it including the beloved Queen Gorgo. As Tyler Bates providing the music score tremendously and influentally fitted into thus scenary of the presents and the flashback past.
   From the beginning of the deadly training last test for young King Leonidas onto the timeless bloody patriotic battle of 300 Spartan men defending the narrow small gate against Xerxes army.
This music score turned to be a victorious soundtrack of the all heroic acts of the Spartans and The Greeks whom fought for their freedom against the tyranny and superstitious in magnificent resistance and endurability that known best as a Sparta trademark.

Two thumbs up epic !

Spartans Links:

Sister Nite And Grey (Geffen Records 1993)


   Chicago's power indie rock trio Urge Overkill isn't a new player on US alternative scene and with Saturation album they went straight to the mainstream of the international modern rock charts.
Powered by smooth form of the mix between stable punk pop n' roll, most of the tracks might sounded a bit bluesy as well as the lead figure and David Carradine's looks of Nash Kato's mysterious low voice sings the tranquallity lyrics of loneliness of getting old - grown up too fast kinda things along with the faking glitter of big city life.
   Accompanied by Eddie " King" Roeser and Mike Hodgkiss bursting their straight but flamboyant form of rock sound; Urge Overkill should be so proud of their repertoir on thus hot tracks like Vanilla Sundae or Positive Bleeding and The Stalker which is sounded exotic and haunting with their distinguished Velvet Underground meets Devo tempos.
   Album which is like a rare topic for cheap pop music discussion not to be mentioned and too pure to be ignored.

Finger Paintings Of The Insane (Rotten 1994)

   The dangerous dark side of Southern Metal is marked on this album - When The Kite Strings Pop by Houma's Sludge deth-core band Acid Bath.
Known not only by their excessive brutality death metal form music but also the using of some of "The Serial Killer Clown" John W. Gacy Jr's paintings for art covers, this Louisianians metallers soon to become public enemy for thus conservative fuckheads around US soil.
   Their music is creepy haunted but also loaded with personal psychotic bruises and total fuckin' heavy with all toned down and doomy disturbing like a sticking of knife through your ribcage in slow motion in form of evil tracks Mortician Flame, God Machine, Cheap Vodka and Tranquilized.
   The ferocious shreedings of Sammy "Pierre" Duet and hallucinogent screamo vocals from Dax Riggs respectively annoyable and vigorously violent.
If Halloween comes too early this year it'll be like a clown killer on the loose as well as hell follows him ...

Acid Bath's Gacy Links:

Life Goes On (Tommy Boy / XL 1992)

   Irish hip hop trio best outta of NYC's crew - House of Pain is one of the best flow- rhymings among the legends in old school rap and hip hop history. Their self-titled debut in 1992 shows all the low rider attitdue and beats which shall blown up your boom box away with all the stories about living to survive the daily life in Big Rotten Apple. This solid trio - the noise Danny Boy, the famous DJ Everlast and Leor Dimant a/k/a the mighty DJ Lethal teaming up with DJ Muggs and B-Real (respectively) of Cypress Hill and producing this most playable rap records in the 90's worldwide.
   Contributes the alternative way to bridge the old and new skool rap music by mixing it all from hardcore attitude, Latinos' low riding influence, irish militant's brotherhood and smart beats surely put the best quality into anthemic songs like House of the Rising Son, Put Your Head Out, Shamrocks and Shenanigans or Come and get some of this - are some tracks that straight enough to lighten up the backyard beer party or to turn your metalheads brother to a hip hop-ers.

This record is violently infectious ...


Cheap Cosmetic Husband (The Enclave 1996)

   Fluffy's built up with a really Londoner's punk rock attitude as well as consisting of four good looking rockhead girls - Amanda Rootes (vocals, guitar), Bridget Jones (lead guitar), Helen Storer (bass) and Angie Adams (drums). Teenage angst lyrics and adrenaline rush mid-tempo creating this good debut album from these girls not to compete but to rock hard and you might found their music interesting after listening to this record.
   Lusty tracks with cheesy acts on I wanna be your lush, Hypersonic, Crossdresser, Too Famous and Black Eye might be a commanding invitation other girls to start a rock band or for the guys - bubbled up their curiosities about Fluffy members.
   Whether this band sounded like an edgy side of Elastica or one may find a bad comparison between Amanda's sexy vocals with other female vocalist still the girls from Fluffy wont give a shit cause they're independent not a stupid pet.

Do You Miss My Head (Cleopatra Records 1998)

   There's nothing sacred or sanctified in the crazy psychotic world of Kembra Pfahler and her demented cult band - The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black (named after the influental Easy Rider movie actress). Combining nudity, Punk rock, sex and horror based music with the violent arts and exhibitions on most their shows, this band of freaks shall make some conservative heads drugged in vertigo. Their Black Date album is one of the highlighted best performance in their entire music production with ambiguos songs, blasphemous manners and negative contents inside but honest in a very bad bad way.
   Monkey Down The Street, Shopping Spree, Story of Vanilla, Underware Drawer, Bill to pay and Hard Nut to crack are sounded like the wicked punkrock answers for those commercialism, consumerism and modernism of the world around you which actually, not as beautiful as you know.
New cosmetic and drugs tests, Silent Serial Killers, Human degradations, Capitalistic Greed, Porn Industry, Trafficking, more consumerists, more commercialists ... (add some more sickening reasons here).

Welcome to the Freak Fucking Circus of our Modern World.

Millions Dead Zombies (Endless Brutality of Men 2010)


   One cannot believe their eyes seeing the hordes of thousand dead walker zombies shambling on the streets with their gruesome appearance and hunger for flesh.
So, before you decided to killing yourself or on the run for survival just don't forget to mark your last day by listening to Bay Area's thrash unit - Zombie Holocaust's Strike Force album.
   Why ? because they're might put back your guts intacted where it belongs or on the worst case scenario; the momentum music to end up the fight for good.
Fast, loud and brutal with lots of zombie flicks lyrics you could ever wrote down to a B-rated living dead movies - Impending Death, Strike Force, Massive Attack are only few tracks of all nine but the speed tempo shall helping you finishing more fucking zombies before it's too late to sneaking out and running out of time.
   Another Z-pocalypse anthems only for the strong as the deads getting deader on the world's end.

Doggy Style Interlude (Suburban Noize 2004)

   Before you confusing about which is the right title for this sophomore album in between For The Masses or For Them Asses by OPM; it much better for you to just fucking listen to it, louder on those goddamn stereo. Featuring John E. Necro, Big B, Geoff Turner a/k/a Casper and Jonathan Williams on board with some high performance from rappers like Eek-A-Mouse and Yellowman - this broken record contains of the influential low rider music style with a little bit of soft-core porn hip-hop, rocking beats, funky smelly stuff and tits.
   With "Hootie" tracks like Horny, Perfect Day or Viva; one can guaranteed that their pot party orgy or even the lamest nerd weekend's house crashers shall flame on in a loudest and dirtiest fucking a blaze with naked chicks, puking games and the conclusion for thus (never) planned pregnant girlfriends - with or without benefits !

Party on, Dude ...


Naked Boilermaker (Touch And Go Records 1992)


   David Yow's curiosities for abnormal things are endless. His explorations for the main purpose of what so called - raw rebellious art music is (sometimes) conservatively, disturbing.
Liar album might be the best example of thus description mentioning above by the mighty hand of god and demons or just a correct mixing between Seattle Sound and rock n roll swarming the stereo of true art-rock music seekers with naked aggressions.
   This band will be sounded like a cripple Led Zeppelin playing anthemic desperated songs on a sinking ship in the form of songs like Gladiator, Whirl, Perk and Rope.
   Produced by Steve Albini, Fucking crazy !


Skip Divided (XL Recordings/Beggars Japan 2006)

   Think not just about being stuck in a boredomness of time cause everyone knows that Radioheads is unhealhty and not fine (in a very positively musical way - of course) but something ticking Thom Yorke's mind and no one knows how many jenius ideas trapped inside this quiet gloomy man.
   The Eraser is the answer as a soloist with mostly, the integrity and the formula of 50% Radiohead's sound radiates by melody. The sickening world of disillusion and ambiguity react to reaching the listeners to care a lot about the process of terraforming planet which already over the limit by us - the mankind. Yorke's voice sounded so sad and low drowning deep into the Mother Earth's pain and the misguided voices of rapid post-modernism under the command of progress and technology which shown up on the smart but apocalyptic lyrics and the ambient tripping music of Analyse, The Clock and Atom for Peace.
   Mixing the core of intelligence with awareness in one album is never a new step for men but when you need to do it - (at least) do it correctly ...

Watercolours Euphoria (Epic Records 1993)


   Name changes and slimming up to just a quartet really put lots of fortunes to New Yorkers - Bakers Pink even though (still) not many people out there really ever heard about them yet.
Came from Kansas City under the name The Front but really quick switching up name and moved away to NYC, got a record deal with Epic Records and Michael Anthony Franano and co. found themselves recording this marvellous album in the legendary Electric Lady Studio. This self-titled album contains an a'la mode delicious mix of blues, goth, and grungy alt.rock sounds consisting powerful tracks with a very deep essence of rock rhythms.
'Julianne' sounded like the missing link of early age of The Cure while 'Soul Connection' shall be your freight train of funk and rock rawest experience at the finest.
   Other tracks like Lonely Lonely Lonely or Untouched might delivers your memory back to the Neil Young golden era by asking yourself how painful is the loneliness can really be along the loseless pit. A well-produced album with the great music and one of the best vocal ever resurfaced in the history of alternative rock times.
It's a shame that this just likely a one night stand record but foremostly, this one should be legendary.

Seven Days Overtime (RCA Records 1991)


   Released after guitarist Alan Murphy's death, Guaranteed might at first looks like a stupid gambling for Mark King's Level 42 offerings to the world but with Jove and Fortune blessings upon this modern Fushion Jazz band - the album explodes !
   Produced by Wally Badarou and Level 42 with the lineup of awesome musicians around - Allan Holdsworth, Dominic Miller, Annie McCaig, Gary Barnacle (saxophone) and John Thirkell (trumpet) with the blueprints of long solos and progressive collaborations in between spawned up great tracks like Set Me Up, If you were mine, Lasso the moon, Seven Years and the radio hit single - Guaranteed.
   The combination of new and old and the prog-jazz with more poppy touche' in order to widespreads the more influence to wider audience as well as the central spotlight still on King's remarkable bass-licks; nothing seemed to be too bad to begin again here.

... Infusing characterized music, Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Pointing Archery Wings (Equal Vision Records 2003)


   Striking back the surroundings while "Emo waves" just gets hotter is a real coincidence between the band's name and the disturbing cover of their self-titled debut album. Alexisonfire from St.Catharines, Ontario and led by George Petitt (screamo vocals) and Dallas Green (clean vocals, piano); these group really have it all at the moment - fame, fortune and talent with the bursting heat of blast crust post-hardcore punk mixed with nu melodic metal beats and attitude and semi-apocalyptic songtitles like The Kennedy Curse, A Dagger through the heart of St. Angeles or 44. Caliber Love Letter. Nothing presented with too much hysteria but anger and pain like a dodging psycho during the headbutt killing week or the brutal backyard freaking fight after school ...
Nice !


Glass Planet's Dream (The Echo Label/Parlophone Records 2009)


   Two Suns - the second album from the British multi-instrumentalist singer known as bat For lashes (a.k.a natasha Khan) is a very complicated record which concludes disturbance lyrics, awesome beats and strangely, a relaxing peace like a twin reflection of better sides from the combination between the higher power reflection and self-introspect of loneliness that will freezing your feelings a very cold way. Falsetto vocals and modern touch of heart shall lullabying some to sleep while others will just sit there and listen, self-pitying themselves for the lost and the regrets they've already create in the past and the present days.
Combining pop, goth, trip-hop and gospel, spawning lovable tracks like Sleep Alone, Piece of Mind or Moon and Moon and the haunting - Siren Song (not just) for lonely people's pleasurements; this brilliant girl has shown all that her best performance is here to stay and still to come.


Blue Fear Chocha (American Recordings 1996)

   Nearly closed to the non-mainstream but glamour to be easily popular carrying its androgynous figures musicians playing Industrial Goth Rock mixed within Electro-Pop and serious “over-the edge” out-looks thrilling the conservatives for seeing some of those bands coming to emerges the surface within Lollapalooza along The Ramones, Soundgarden or Screaming Trees even Metallica is the one and only seminal group with varied quick success led by Pat Briggs of NYC Club owner and “ENA” spirits of artist/painter Paul Costabi to formed Psychotica as releasing their debut and the best recording ever made in self-titled album. Along with the recruits for Enrique Tiru Velez, Greta Brinkman, Pete Asarisi, Reeka onto Tom Bryton or Tommy Salmorin; the images of leading role for their main vocalist Mr. Briggs starting to gained more controversy as big as Guns N’ Roses red haired singer whom loves to make trouble but on stage mostly – Psychotica dreadfully claiming their spots while doing the rocking out bashing tones illegally as the themes chosen really out of the box or may causing the censorship to raise their eyebrows while cranking louder closer to the screaming stereo that plays Starfucker Love in its Electro-Reggae-Core or slower classic theatrical rock stuff for Ice Planet Hell, Little Prince, Freedom of Choice, 180 Degrees or Barcelona might taken you away for good with them following the distortion guitars or mighty harmonic keyboards or just sampling through Cybernation or The Awakening arrived.
   Fear the New Yorker Alternative Industrial Rock in a dangerous Goth-tinged carried poison; your children and your sisters would be next victims following Pat Briggs and co. by commandos.

Psychotica Links:

Blind Faith Blaze (New Heavy Sounds 2012)


   From Leeds, UK with storming Doomster breath is a perfect description for Harriet Bevan and co. distinguished music. More mysterious and faster than Sabbath but these band respectively adoring thus Birmingham Masters like fanatics and one can proving it onto this album - The Killing Jar (without regrets).
   Technically more brutal and modern but never forgets the heritage and the legacy of Ozzy and co. there's - Blackbirds Fall, Chicken Shit, Banished but Blameless and Land of the Sky which sounded cool, rocking, aloud and dangerous with an awesome sexy vocals and original heavy as fuck collection of great riffs and shreds - ready to bang your head !
   If wishes were horses than this album should be your new metal bible ...


Untitled Fever (Level Plane Records 2007)


   (Ashes fallen while everyone's dying) Slower and heavier in between and all the way, the independent and depressive Bloody Panda which is consisting of the founder vocalist Yoshiko Ohara, Dan Weiss, Blake McDowell, Bryan Campshire and Josh Rothenberger seems to put their every dark energy into the doomed sound of the forever castaways out of heaven and happiness. You can never find any positive vibrations in this Pheromone record, all the devastated noise of Ambient Doom, Metallic Black and Dark proto-postcore deliberating the inner demons from within you to burst out.
Don't ever judging this album too short just because of tis four tracks and prepare to be cursed down under the spell of sacred sorrow and blown up into pieces cause this deep slumb-New Yorker band is built to kill not to entertain.



For The Travelers (Trustkill Records 2001)


   Hailed from Highland Park, New Jersey these Metalcore outfit - Nora is straightly heavy and strictly honest to their roots and music. Fronted by Carl Severson with Tim Cucculo (bass), Matt Haick (guitars), Matt "Portland" Hay and drummer Chris Ross; Nora surfacing the US Metalcore scene right after the furor and hysteria of Emo generation and the bad credits to the more metallic music scene as well as the rising of the so called Christian Metal almost on the same time.
   Nora's combination of  great hooks and shreds with ambigu lyrics about daily problems and mystery cases in life but their down to Earth profiles soon creates the good National-wide appreciation and drew lots of attentions from the new metalheads for their music and concerts.
   Loose the lousy life problems inside you with the bursting bastard son of Death Metal and Hardcore split marriage; from the tracks like Kill you for a dollar, Leadpipe Moment, Bloody Clownsuit or Wave Goodbye - for you to crank up louder !

A new generation of pissed-off teenagers now born ...

Here are The Links:

Every Werkin Woman In The World (Lakeshore Records 2013)


   When an FBI agent Sarah Ashburn assigned to Boston and meets Shannon Mullins a local rude mouth cop to solve a hot case involving hooker, drug dealers, cold blooded killers and a brother which just unites this two women like they've ever needed before to closing the case succefully and alive.
   With Ashburn's too much arrangements boring lifestyle and Mullins' lose-cannon wild acts; audience will never ever get bored with the movie storyline and the sicken jokes that sometimes really sounded hillarious and awfully fun - about why you need to get drunk and loosen up doing really stupid things ...
   The soundtrack is also can be categorized as - not sucked.
We got Boston's classic and Air Supply to thus new yummy names like Angel Haze, Santigold, Kimbra and Kreyshawn.
   A comedy-side of The Heat shows you all that when there's a good cop and bad cop around, things gonna get really messed up but fun cause all the girls and the bitches needed is just to have some fun with guns!

Fun Brainscan (RCA/EMI 1991)


   Not many people have heard Hoodoo Gurus's name before and even more unfamiliar with their music either. It will changed today cause here is the review of their finest iconic album around - Kinky. As well as the title and the songs inside it, these "gurus" really have pretty damn good ideas about what should write and how would those tracks sounded like. A great album with a cold berry juice and beer flavor in one big bowl on a colorful Prom Night with lots of girls to be picked.
   Mixing pop tunes, rockabilly to hardrock in which on the otherside of Atlantic already called Alternative Rock but here - they called it Kinky !
Something's Coming, Head in The Sand, 1000 miles away or Castle in the air shall dragging you down to the dance floor or flying up high to Wonder-rocking-land.
   As for this Aussie's band leader Dave Faulkner - he's one of the real jenius bastards from the 90's and I'm sure you'll admit it too, buddy.

California Babylon (Hellcat Records 2002)

   What if two eccentric energizer rockheads with too much ideas decided to combining force in a band ?
You may never heard of Transplants or perhaps, you should just listen to them and shut the fuck up.
A cross over punk meets raprock meets dub music and anything connected to it created by Rancid's Tim Armstrong and Travis "Fuck Boy" Barker of Blink 182 and resulting their self-titled rocking record.  All twelve songs are telling stories around thus degradated California areas and its daily up and downs with lots of lousy punk, visible music and wise lyrics in combination.
Either you like the rudey Romper Stomper or Latinos Soft-core DJ. DJ or the Dancehall gangsta rap anthem Diamonds and Guns, everything seems to be fit and honestly, down to Earth.
   A perfect soundtrack for a fighting biting hangout partying on the suburban area with cool buddies, rocking chicks and beers ...

Silver Bitch Something (Small Stone Recordings 2010)


   This fourth album from the Stoner Metal band Red Giant marks their glory of hailing heaviness of beats and pounders with the eternal like of Aerosmith, KISS and Sabbath on their catalog.
   Dysfunctional Majesty embarks the straight and tough rock serum to be injected onto your thick skull for good under the reasonable ideas to rock n' roll the hard way even (though) the cover really shows a parody of KISS' Love Gun album.
   These quartet really driving the inner power-self out of them and giving all they got to blast and to delivers by tracks like Easy Killer, Chopper, Lamentation and Million Point Buck will slapping you in the face just like Soundgarden's Kim Thayil having fist-fight with Joe Perry or the flaming stage after KISS concert kinda feeling.

Glass raised for them and HAIL !!!