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Feel So Close Here (Columbia Records 2012)


   Listening to better and fresh beats and creative mixing from Calvin Harris might be a very delightful thing to do on your daily driving or even on your wasted times without any good plans for the end of your weekend.
   Satisfaction guaranteed by the awesome mix of addictive clubber electronics, poppy tunes and list of good vocals from some of the best featured singers around – Kelis, Tinie Tempah and Ne-Yo.
Bet some would instantly falling in love with the attractive power-beats of Let’s Go, Bounce, Drinking From The Bottle and the world wide hits – I Need Your Love (featuring Ellie Goulding) – thus tracks shall lifting your soul up higher above the clouds, flying away from the boring of works and bureaucracy life.
   Surely, within this record there shall be no more lonely nights cause the colors are already drawn as well as the cheering smiles re-appears even inside the wishing lyrics for the one you love and misses the most on the beautiful Sweet Nothing (feat. Florence Welch) or Thinking of You (feat.Ayah Marar); which approving once again that distances cannot separate two hearts in mind.

(Mote It Be …)

Wild World Tempramental (Atlantic Records 1993)


   The nineties might be too painful for some “normal” hardrockers because of the massive grunge hysteria but with a little bit of bravery and luck, the quartet Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, Pat Torpey and Paul Gilbert can still launching their mighty record Bump Ahead; a record filled with rocking riffs and some long play tunes of melodies and progression.
   This odd covered but powerful album consisting the elements of steady hardrock standard and the tasteful melodies of bluesy pop-ballads which easily will become everyone’s favorites – Price You Gotta Pay, The Whole World‘s Gonna Know, Mr.Gone, the drilling-core Colorado Bulldog or the majestic love-ballads Nothing But Love that showing the more fantastic side of Paul Gilbert’s guitar compositions and finger licks without underestimating the great personal talents of those three other “Mr. Bigs” especially their awesome vocalist Eric Martin whom always ready to rock by giving his hundred percents all out and loud.

There’s no promises of comforts but if you feel like loving it, you’ll know cause you feel it.

Stand My Ground Here (BMG Records 2004)

   Sharon Den Adel’s crystal clear and distinctive voice sounded like a dreamscape’s lullabies from the land beyond beyond the seven seas far away in combining with Dutch finest masterpiece of  symphonic goth-metal superstar Within Temptation marvel-icious sounds. The Silent Force bringing the illuminated and sophomore of how the best goth metal been produced by far. Track per track shall brought images and ideas onto you like an epic story from the middle-ages; of heroes and heroines, conquering love or endless quests or like riding fast onto facing the hordes of Ogres and Trolls down the green hill under the misty mountains (or) simply - into the symphonic journey of  this liberated metallic high quality riffs of goth-rock musical choice.
   Juliam, Pale, Forsaken to Angels and Memories are believe to be so spell-bounded as well as the mighty rock It’s the fear and Aquaries. Sharon Den Adel proves that Within Temptation and her are one and solid in creativity to make a massive record no one can really denied it whilst their own name became bigger in Europe and worldwide.
This is one of “Swan song” album you’d wish you’ll have to hold (now) and for a lifetime.


Motion In Furs (Capitol Records 2001)


   Coming out from the ashes of Jane’s Addiction demise doesn’t mean Dave Navarro’s story become one of thus remarkable comeback of the year. The guitarist solo project shows that without ability to sing, your guitar technique might be ended up useless.    Tipping his self-ego on the edge of modern guitar effects with a very talent grips and good vocals, mixing the looping beats and electro-rock and honest lyrics producing a result of this underrated record which sounded like those one of the hip-metal projects.
   Tracks like Sunny Day, Rexall or Hungry showing the progression of riffs and intense beats created by Dave himself without prejudice and commercial purposes but pure art – rock music in a disc.
   Although boredom might comes around the corner cause of the same tempo on each songs (still) Mr. Navarro will never trust no one not for nothing.

Knowledge Of The Absolute (Equal Vision Records 1993)


   New York finest Krishna-core unit Shelter releasing its one of the best record of all time - Attaining The Supreme that shakes mostly all foundations in their home country. Mixing straight edge attitude and Hindu beliefs with tranquility lyrics and hardcore beats, Ray Cappo and Porcell were proclaimed as important figures of the rising conciousness of the New School HC scene in America.
   Peaceful thoughts and lyrics to respect Planet Earth and preserves Holy Mother Nature is the key to attract more attention from young generations whose already bored with their lives to get back up and do something more important than just spectators.
   Tracks like One Concern, In Praise of others, Progressive man or Consumer are all about that by NOT just screwing around and do nothing like irresponsive deforestation or animal cruelty.
This album will give you another trancending experience with an average speed of lights of the Gods and Goddesses blessings.


Message To The Soldiers (Priority/EMI Records 1993)


   While you were at work or out for doing shitty things, leave your desperate wife and boring kids with nobody noticing that some stranger already sneaks inside your home.
   Ice T quietly enters your children's mind through the walkman or thus dusty stereo, sending his messages of rebellion and the deranged art of hip hop rhymes, brainwashing them and made them his new uprising soldiers. Gangsta mantras from the depth of hell (means) South Central with groovy rhythms and infectious beats inside tracks like Addicted to danger, 99 Problems, Race war to Warning/It's on will slapping the new reality in your fuckin' face like a killa.
   The new gangsta is not about criminals but the mind itself which is always be a terrible thing to waste or taste but a latent infection.
   So, next time you find yourself lying on the floor and bleed while some gangsta bruthas doing violent things to your lovely wife it's really damn late to call the motherfucking 911 for help.


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Say Hello 2 Heaven (A&M Records 1991)


   Started up as a deep tribute of the blatant loss of longtime friend Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone) with the alt.rock all-stars lineup names from both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam soundtrack. leven songs were created and mixes into a powerful blending project which spawning the truth and the best blues rock, straight anthem and powerful honest lyrics ever made by any Seattle bands around.
   The groovy tempos and the melodious intense beats can be found on Reach Down or the solid grunge anthem on Hungerstrike and Pushin' Forward Back - forcing, pushing us to care a lot with the surroundings and every single problems around us everyday.
   The duet of Mr. Vedder and Mr. Cornell might be another highlights attraction before and after you got there first time for this definite album.


Climb Ev'ry Mountain (RCA Records 1965)


   One of the classic soundtrack which beautifies its original movie would be the soundtrack of  Sound Of Music; starring Julie Andrews and Christoper Plummer - a once gloomy and widowed captain with his amazing seven children.
   You might cannot resisting to operatically hums and sing along to the most cheerful and unforgetable (and wonderful) tracks like My Favourite Things, Do Re Mi, Sixteen going seventeen, Edelweiss and So Long Farewell - smiling in hymns.
   Bringing you back to the best memories of how life once having beautiful corners and amazing alleyways filled with kittens and puppies; when everything still simple and easy.

PS. Thank You Mom !

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After The Rain And Desire (Geffen Records 1990)


   The twin brothers Matthew and Gunnar Nelson led their self-baptized rock band with the same name to producing one of their best record in their entire rock journey history. Combining long blonde hair and good looking out,  pop-rock freshness and stadium rock attitude seems to be effectively attracted most of the high school teenagers and babes around the world to liking them.
   Actually, not all of their tracks were cheesy, there's one of the best ballad-coustic combination in hair rock history so far - Tracy's Song/Only Time Will Tell, I can't hardly wait and of course - Nelson's number one hit single (I can't live without your) Love and Affection ruling over radio stations in your town.
   This album also marking the very endtime era for hair metal glory which is a bit sad but everyone knows that it's also a must.

Although, the truth is rock will live on forever, more than ever ...

How Bad Do You Want It ? (Atlantic Records 2015)


   Releasing right after the shocking death of Paul Walker, looks like almost half part of the world waiting for Furious 7 which is (yet) another sequel for the previous six movie series that already released. It's not just about fast cars, hot chicks and doing dumb things on the road anymore, it developed onto more serious story board so far and this time involving the revenge of Decker Shaw to the thus Furious crew and with blood and sweat and blasting fight actions, you'll know whose going to be turned down to what in the end, right ?
   The soundtrack so far is full of beats and boombastic (as usual) with the line-up of the best RnB superstars around today - DJ Snake, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa and David Guetta behind the turntable kit.
Pumping up the volume and shine on girls cause your own private rave party on flaming bikinis will gone wilder.
So, Ride out, Blast off, Get low and Go hard or go home ...
Kablaam !

End Of Overdrive (Mercury Records 1993)


   Some called this album mediocre, some calling it average but Metal Church's Hanging in Balance album will drop your jaws down after you listening the whole record.
   Mike Howe's screaming might reminded you of  Joe Belladonna or Judas Priest as well as the metal sounds too but (again) you will be amazed about what they can delivers and bringing to your face !
   Mixing of art-coustic, speed metal and heavy rock from the late 80's emerges like a silent injection treatments with poison on a coma patient or like Megadeth sound tuned down in D minor after too much weeds smoking.
Who's waiting for a savior ?
Hypnotizing Gods of second chance ?
Losers in this game ?
Probably ...

Golden Sin Carnival (Blackend Records 2004)


   As the cold Winter wind blows softly to the southwest and eliminates the last Autumn breath on its course, the whispering of deadly undead souls which awaken again with the unlimited thirst over flesh and blood of the mortals.
   Theatres Des Vampires are not Macabrian but their symphonic music are truly dark with manic distortions, demon-speeding but melodious and openly - Sanguine worshipping. The tangled beauty art of death's duet by Lord Vampyr and Sonja Scarlet are infectious and addictive, hypnotizing all mortals whom lured by their powerful gothic metal music with tracks like A Macabre Banquet, Angel of Lust, Lady in Black and Luciferia; slipping and drowning into the thickest pitch black trap.
Release the beast inside you and feast, let the thirst be the cure in the name of blood under fangs ...

Sanguine Science Links:

Back Road Shame (Virgin Records 1993)


   The debut album for a Birmingham, Alabama quartet rockers Brother Cane consisting of Damon Johnson with his buddies Glenn, Scott and Roman.
Shining their record with the power play mix of juicy Southern barking grooves and bad-ass alt.rock attitude that giving you a fresh new beats of the early 90's modern rock sound which slowly and ready to emerge.
   Hard act to follow, Pressure, Got no shame, Don't turn your back on me and their finest ballad single The Road - a track that will leads you back to the one whom you loved the most, to home.
   One of the last underrated modern rock bands which leads to nowhere but only leaving a good and intimate rocking record as their legacy.
Try this and don't try to forget some of those yesterdays ...

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Everybody Gets A Second Chance (Warner Bros. Records 1991)


   Blending soft rock and gospel atmosphere into one good disc which probably never heard by most people before wasn't the main purpose for these brothers but just keep playing good music and put on a record filled up with hope and pain combines.
   The self-titled from The Williams Brothers duo shall reminding you about how some parts of life were really not easily to forget and mezmerizing sometimes under their nice acoustic/electric folkish songs like Happy Man, Give it all up for you, It's a wonderful life and even - the saddest ballad out of Can't cry hard enough and Miss this world which could easily put you down to tears in minutes.
   Brilliant record and perfect harmonic vocalizations almost on every tracks, you will loved this - even after every sincere promises already broken.

Lady Of The Night (Earthshaker Records 1985)


   The rules are faster than lightning, louder than thunder and cooler than your uncle's crappy nostalgia collection songs. Trying to be sounded just like Iron Maiden but actually they're NOT Iron Maiden - Lions Breed's the name and Damn The Night's the album title.
   Track per tracks, this Bavarian five pieces Speed Metal unit seems to be sounded provable and promising - All Night Be Damned, Seaover or Heavy Current showing the strength and speed up ability like a hybrid of The Scorpions and early Helloween with Ronnie Dio on lead vocals - out of them but the truth and well known phrase about "you need more than just a luck" is what these German metalheads needed.
Another rare old metal collection from the mid 80's.
Too bad, too short, too soon.

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Transmutation Funeral Throne (Asenath Records 2011)


   Monterrey's Maligno isn't just a doom band, they're the original one straight out of Mexico.
   Led by Luis Barjau with guitarists Ivan Tamez and Zef Vega, Marco Gil (bass) and Andres Saenz (drums); one will found out that the invisible wall of doomy sorrow in a very magnificent mix between sludge, goth rock and heavy metal creates the next steps of progressive doom metal today.
   Cold dark tracks like The Curse (exploring their Southern Metal border connection), the eerie and mysterious composition on Coffin of Dreams or the grid anthem - Shine.
Head shall bangs, face shall frayed and the world once again will slowly creeping itself slow ...


Safe in My Heart (Atlantic Records 1991)


   Unusual Heat; the seventh album from AOR unit Foreigner which marks their separation with vocalist Lou Gramm as their music slowly turning a bit harder on this one (still) trying to offers you catalog of hardrock melodies, soft touch of ballads and the crispy taste of whole amount of good music that you can always tuned in safely and louder through the highway on your long escape weekend.
   Mick Jones doing mostly all the instruments as the new vocalist John Edwards endlessly tried to fit in Mr.Gramm's boots on high tones and some memorable songs highlighted here.
Key tracks for the brokenhearted adventure of the 90's - I'll fight for you, Flesh Wound or Only Heaven Knows.

Fifteen Minutes Of Fame (Warner Bros. Records 1992)


   Tough octane of real time rock and roll  burst up high like sparkling flamed on of stars and stripes through the air. Damn Yankees quartet are one of the true American rocking band around which at one time got their moment in a good spot on distorted music history. All the gritty groovy rock hymns from "The Land of The Free" like Dirty Dog, Don't tread on me and Firefly carried thus sexy hot Southern Comfort licks and its bad attitude which can always be describes "cannot be tamed".
   The short time living supergroup consisting of Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw with the craziest motor city shredder - Ted Nugent.
... One nation under rock.


Ethereal Fury War (Relapse Records 2007)


   Somewhere in the midst of the worst Winter on a remote Viking area, bloody battle happens among two or more tribesmen with blood spilling everywhere, heads rolled and dying breath of hundred soldiers on the coldest foresthill floor. Its only killing to survive and High on Fire knowing better how to make thus semi-legendary epic story gory and brutal.
Matt Pike with his trio presenting their gloomy-core essence with almost perfect Thrash Metal touch era and the best of doom and atmospheric black metal in a good healthy dose of Industrial.
   High on Fire undeniably is one of the fave new act from the metal-heads community as well as the sludgy welcoming comittee baptized in blood of their enemies.
Waste of Tiamat, Turk and Headhunter are the indications for thus act of grinding doom metal as an inspirational of total devastation from a dark butcher figure onto your communion - very soon.

Guttershark Bombings (Vagrant Records 2005)


   Screamo-rock is the latest issue back in the year 2000, more like a sequel of Grunge hysteria decade before. Among thus zillion ocean of bands out there - there's The Bled.
Led by the charismatic vocalist James Munoz, this Mathcore fanatics are lucky enough to have Mark Trombino (of Jimmy Eat World) producing their second album - Found in The Flood; a self-reflection of a teenage urban characters living in isolated cell of world called reality.
   Loaded with anger and (im)perfections shreds both guitars and the beats for making most of the cranking tunes like Hotel Coral Essex or the blatant alienated journey to the inner ego's mind on Antarctica might giving you a new perspective about how newer generation of rock trying to combine the distortion and philosophy in a mid-tempo core of emotion as if the screamager is a fire to the alt-metal tinged boom out the box.
Taste the water but don't get drown ...

Prime Cut Fear (Epic Records 1989)


   Before grunge genre born onto this fucking planet there was trashcore.
Loudest blitzkrieg hardcore beats and fast tempos rules the streets of Brooklyn and Yonkers with one of the martyr warrior - Prong.
   Led by guitarist Tommy Victor with bassist Troy Gregory and drummer Ted Parson, these New York crossover trio are slowly gaining sympathy and fancrew around Big Rotten Apple by simplifying the bridge which connecting power metal speed, grind o punkish themes and groovy systematic beats all in one package.
   Ferocious force fed up of tracks like Steady Decline, Lost and Found and Beg to Differ is powerful enough to slamming you to the wall and back again into the fiercy metalhead's pit - leaving some bones broken and forehead skin shattered.

Unspoken Burning Forms (All Blacks B.V / Roadrunner Records 1993)

   Not too really sure whether the At Death's Door II is a succesor sequel to follow the previous one (or) perhaps, these twelve brutal songs are dedicated to the death metal fans which having newbie of younger siblings whom learning to tune onto Death Metal realm.
  Unholy names of heavywight kings of grinding like Death, Immolation, Fear Factory and Malevolent Creation will banging you ears bled, giving your parents temporary loss of hearings and thrashing up the nearest neighbors if you playing this tape really really fucking faster loud !
  This heretic alliance of metal blasting tempos and manic headbanged growl monsters are never meant to be made for those small guts asses folks - At Death's Door II are only for the Diehard Keepers of the Underground Faith.

So, you've been warned !


Fun Trouble Weather Night (Fearless Records 2014)


   Covering other people's songs are formidable and reluctant issues nowadays within all social media avaliability to make it more simple to do it on favorable considerations.
   All the emo-genre kids knows that most parents hate loud rocking music and less of them following their grown up children and teenagers interests' modern day pop culture.
So, Punk Goes Pop vol.6 keeps doing what they can do best - doing the cover songs from newest pop's catalog in the most distorted way they can !
  You can labelling them horrific, horrible or simply, agonizing cool but you must remember that everyone used to be wild once and that's why most of parents can't tame their kids correctly.
It's fun and energetic - you will sing along the way and dance onto your own private slumber party like men or animals.
Fyi - We Came As Romans, August Burns Red, State Champs and Pelisades are few of the names of the worst of the worst teenage "dirty" bands you should googling up to banned off the net !
Ha .. Ha ... Ha ...

Punkrock Party Pukes:

Invisible High Place (Columbia Records 2014)


   Not tired of bruce Springsteen old records and die hard fans needed more at least, a new materials from The Boss himself ?
Thank God that Mr. Springsteen already done a new album with a mix of newest songs and old covers helped hand in hand by his famous E Street Band and Tom Morello of Audioslave also lending his awesome guitar talent to this records.
High Hopes still blending "The All American Rock" with more softer sides and mostly, talking about human relationships and modern problems worldwide.
   The Garden State's atmosphere and Irish heritage mix in poppy melodies and good intentions for better tomorrow and sounds are smoothly peaceful wrapping bright ideas and reasonable lyrics providable for present days.
   Hopes are high enough for the lists of great songs - American Skin (41 Shots), gloomy Down in a hole or the cheerish moment captured on Frankie fell in love to the Saint's cover Just like fire would and Suicide's sweet lullaby - Dream baby dream.
No argue for the album only respect ...

Silent Marionette Ways (Century Media Records 1999)


   Lead by their female front-growler Lotta Hogberg, these Swedish underrated death n roll outfit Scheitan will blown up your stereo for good. Nemesis album is one of their most great works during the band's musical career since 1996 and the sounds definitely a mixing somewhere between murderous kitchen knife and the small acts of behexen or "a rock and a hard places" with songs like Black Rain, Psyched and Fury Flow, you are never wrong to liking them.
   Surgery blade's melodies and box of dynamite's shreddings are the perfect blanket to Lotta's distinctive growlings - not to embrace anything but despair and deathly hallow's lyrics.
   Even the Trance Dance cover of Emergency sounded like something else rotten inside human's heart of thus dark and burning desires !