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Something’s Gotta Give (Columbia Records 1997)

   Steven Tyler ain’t dead yet ! Aerosmith might be just another “old classics” but these Bostonian rockers refusing to retired from historical rock world that already showering them of fame and fortune for over decades.
   Nine Lives shall be the real proof as a comeback album on the beginning of the new Millennium and you will shit your pants up after trying this as promised. Just like a cat with more than one live chances in a life, Aerosmith directly aiming their straight to rocking attitude with the compassion of bluesy edge to combining Tyler’s personal charisma and Joe Perry’s handful of melodious licks for tunes like Fallen angels, Crash, Ain’t that a bitch and Taste of India which shows more variants to be added onto this soulful record.
As for thus whom always befallen on the misfortunes of love; Hole in my soul, Pink and Full circle shall be the guarantees to fix up some brokenhearted to blossoming them in hope as for the only lonely people might have their melting-heartbeats again.
Let those fingers crossed …


Nine Lives + bonus:

Next Dream Still Alive (SBK Records 1990)


   California dreaming early in the nineties - too many group popping out and produce another one hit wonder back in the days but these beautiful vocals trio; Wilson Phillips should not be the one of them. Under the influence from their parents whom already existing on 70’s music era and the modern pop in all comparison over them so - Carnie, Wendy Wilson and Chynna Phillips agreed to build up their own group which completely combining all the best composition in vocals harmonies and a self-titled debut album.
   Who can resists the glory and enchanted tracks like Hold On, Release Me and Impulsive which conquering most radio stations all across the country for weeks.
A great achievements for the girls and “a hat’s off” to Glen Ballard who produced this warmest and impressive pop album.

Behind These Hazel Eyes (RCA Records 2004)

   Being the winner of the first season of American Idol cannot hide the truth of Kelly Clarkson’s real determining talent to sing louder than anyone else in this world and perhaps, the next one.
With her ability to reach some higher range of vocals without too much difficulties might have been proven in her solid sophomore second album.
   The mix of beautiful low keys and double powerhouse hightones shall making most people amazed; tracks like Gone, Breakaway, Since You Been Gone and Because Of You already became hits as none can denied her presence anymore.
   Ms. Clarkson (in no doubt) has turning from nobody to a pop diva superstar – successfully, put her name to the famous pop-star lists and an undeniably beautiful record as well.
Breakaway Link:

So Fresh, So Clean (Arista Records 2000)

   Unique and evolving should be labeled to Andre 3000 and Big Boi whose the credits of being the most innovative rappers put on them nowadays. Outkast’s album Stankonia is one of the most fascinating records to be watched in the new Millenium. Combining hiphop, funk, rock and soul as artistic heritages would be the main reason why this duo are highly appreciated by the media as some of their tracks become favorites on radios charts and clubs too.
   The gung-ho powertrip of Bomb Over Baghdad showing no mercy for those who didn’t respect the freedom and the beats while We Luv Deez Hoez, Snappin’ & Trappin’ or Gangsta S*** are dealing with the environments where these two’s coming from, just like the story of Four Brothers.
   Packed with lots of featuring new artists and friends of Outkast themselves with highly poisonous groovy tracks to make you dancing in the street, still cannot make them forgetting to tune down the beat into a slow, self-reflected, socio-conscious anthem  – Ms. Jackson.
Black Music Link:

Third Arm Rejection (EastWest Records 1994)

   Pantera is the new Southern Pride in which without them there ain't gonna be The Southern Metal re-born movement. Anyone involving inside Pantera are masters, from the two brothers; one of the best shredder around in decades - Dimebag Darrell and power-grooved drummer Vinnie or the maniac redneck bastard son - Phil  Anselmo. Far Beyond Driven showing the most goddamn intense point of this Dallas Cowboys From Hell as this album approves to the rest of the world what is Pantera and  The Old South all about.
   The destinctive Southern metal sound and the hazardous tracks will punch you endlessly, leaving you black and blue for real"damn"good - with the blasting metal combining the wrath of old school hardcore angst, the thrashy rage and Sabbath's doomy influences - all in one package of destructions as for the lyrics are truly unlawful and the riffs are razor-sharping, they can slice up your throat or your guts as well.
The collection of "real" hard music for the outlaw booze and bikes like Becoming, Slaughtered, Shedding Skin and 5 Minutes Alone - there'll be no mistakes for real Southern men to crank it up to the loudest as well as women with great musical taste got their multiple Southern Comfort pleasurements of orgasm through this triumphant fucking record !

Far Beyond:
More about Dallas, TX:

Gate Of The Outer Dark (Rise Above/Candlelight 2008)

   A terrorizing satanic horrific noise for one hour may leave you insane enough to trying this record again and again. Sub Templum produced by Jus Oborn of Electric Wizard as the band themselves are truly encouraging by thus doom influence which re-birthing this "sick bastard" album filled with nothing but total darkness and unearthly noises. Olly Pearson's tortured screams sounded louder and successfully inviting all the ancient entities and ghouls from every corner of hell as their dead deafning terror-noise blasting from your stereo like its trying to force one to kill another as well. 
   Listen carefully to Moss from the beginning of the first track - Ritus nest to Subterraen, you will be already half-mad inside and just about when the third track Dragged to the roots already started, it's going to be too damn late to saving yourself from the deadly influence mad virus of doom metal even you tried hard enough i promise you there will be no used.
   There will be a risky consequence for one whom dare enough to finishing the record to the last; no one will taking responsibility for the (later) side effect of suicidal killings or cannibalism.

White Noise of Death & Silence:
More Further Down The Abyss:

Animatronic Modifiers (Hydra Head/Sargent House 2014)

   Dana James (bass, vocals), Hozoji Margullis (drums, vocals) and Ben Verellen (guitar, vocals) are not quite famous like Nirvana but coming from the same area and having the powerdome of metallic riffs and noisy beats might put thus trio's on the same path. Coming out with a buzzing rock and hallucinative atmosphere, Helms Alee probably wont be too soon to resurface as the next generation for the second comeback of Seattle Sounds but their music speaks louder than how the news media threats. Stoner meets doom rock and experimental tracks like New West, Heavy Worm, Fetus Carcass and Slow Beef will definitely blowing up your imagination with dreamy dark depressive and small amount of destructions as well as the shocking surprises like an addiction for late night jumpscares from Freddy Fuzzbear which shall approves that there's so much more to come.
Even the cover looks creepy enough ...

Stoner Corner:

Self Medication Blues Scheme (Century Media 2000)

   "Doomed to be stoned" might be perfect about how to describing this sludge-metal units from Louisiana; a founding father of anarcho-redneck thrashing sound of the wreckage world of the South.
The heavy doom-core under Sabbath's influence and the various blasphemous names in which combining the power growler-screamo a la death metal era and the highly technique of the Southern Comfort's killer riffs in a very slow and doomy performance.
   Their music sounded like the blackest welcoming team from hell as those sludge-core tunes ripping all ears and hearts on its path for good. I really mean - real good !
Jimmy Bower, Mike Williams and Joe LaCaze may soon found their fame in the violent and excessive hard music and endless drug abuses as well their tracks like Blood Money, Jack Ass In The Will of God and 99 Miles of Bad Road shows you how did these motherfuckers dealing with this pathetic lives in good times or bad, under the moniker gnarling misfortunes of pleasure or pain.
Play this louder and dig it harder !!!

Blast Out To Nowhere: 

Nude Flush Boots Machine (Ipecac 2008)

   Never underestimate the power of The Melvins even when you hardly ever heard about them.
Buzz Osborne a.k.a King Buzzo always had some of his magic tricks to surprise you and  for now its called Nude With Boots - a very dangerous sludge combatant metal record. 
These Seattle veterans will always been a fascinating act to be highlighted and the simplicities of being "bad or rude" shall never far apart from them.
   A dark punkish doomed rock and a deeply full of pain album filled with anger and insecurity not to be accepted by many for quite a long time career in hard music for this trio.
The celibate purposes of free thoughts lyrics in liberating bigotry minds indulging the in-sensitivity towards feminin-ism and violence among their elusive presence.
Suicide in Progress, The Stupid Creep, Dog Island or The Savage Hippy are all erupting hate and absurdity that really taste better than the truth itself.

Bittersweet Hopes Up (Columbia Records 1995)

   Replacing a drummer and achieved high-standard gold records hasn't slowing Soul Asylum down while they already heating up the alternative rock fans with the second album Let Your Dim Light shine with all the materials wrote down fast by the frontman Dave Pirner with the helping hands from his bandmates too. Still growing all the concerns about social daily life in America, these Minneapolis natives rock heroes seems to be revamped their cool productive song writings better with the small amount of pop-influenced mix.
   The balance of more matured influences and stability of balance soft punk tunes-hardrock performance blossoming several anthemic songs from the corporated concern on Misery to the heavy metal claustro-sociophobic track Caged Rat.
   Defending most of the lonely and poor street people by using a very simple perspectives to gains more attention from younger generations concerns.
A fantastic album which correctly not perfect in comparison to their previous one but undeniably honest - a dimmed light of hope for higher learning peace of one-self to (at least) arouse some hearts to do more in helping one another.   


Phantompod (Blast First/Mute 1998)

   Thanks to Campbell 2000, Dash 11 and Sadie 7 for their courage to recording "a getting even" tracks from Experiment Below may giving you a real case of bad headache when all that you can hear at first is just thus noisy instrumental tunes composed by Beth Liebling and her Seattle elusive troops which can also re-describe like millions of unknown signals captured by NASA's antennas on the outskirt parts of a remote hidden island that you cannot find on the map.
   Either it's Transmitter Down, Wire Trace or Benzedrine; somewhere inside the lyrics on those tracks can giving you an exact answer about what is really happening down here and only hell knows about who's truly got an answer about any intelligent life scattered around the universe ...
Another Secret Link:

Ocean Garden Flow (Epic/Sony 1991)

   Pearl Jam debut that started all the furore and hysteria of the golden age from grunge era. The Seattlesound heroes whom delivering not only the new modern form of rock for the future but also the trending style of "anti-establishment" genre movements. Ten (the album) featuring eleven "all the legendary" tracks from Jeremy (about suicidal school act) to the a tale of survival and success on Alive.
   Looks like nothing seems can stop these five rockers from reaching the top of everything in between as the media cheering them more and more as well in comparison to Kurt Cobain's fame too but Pearl Jam are no bandwagon - they answering it by tuning the louder volume of heavy rock a la The Doors and amazing melodic riffs from Mike McCready and the smart writings for their honest lyrics.
   Within Ten, Eddie Vedder has been baptized to become one of the speakers of an era; on which facing towards the uncertained footsteps in the future of rock and roll of our complicated complex generations. 

PJ Fan Link:

Simple Lessons To Tell (Maverick Records 1995)

   A simple (second) album from Seattle natives' Candlebox quartet which are darker and more private than their previous one and putting them explores further social lyrics that inspired from almost everywhere - the daily life stories. The atmosphere of electri-coustic spreads on several tracks which mixing by them with some Candlebox's modern bluesy-rock otentic formula of originality.
   Even when most of the tracks off Lucy presented in slower tunes, the characterised play of guitarist Peter Klett and vocalist Kevin Martin are definitely getting stronger to pour some eclectic profounds emotions in building up the plot of their own to the audience.
Don't miss Drowned, Crooked Halo, Butterfly and the punk-driven attitude - Best Friend for some progressive grungy grooves.   


Dancing White Man Blues (Capitol Records 1995)

   Guess that no one ever waiting for it but Gibby Haynes (famously of The Butthole Surfers) got lots of energies to waste. Already grabbed Johnny Deep's musical attention as they forming their experimental indie-rock P which to be considers not a fruit but a band by combining alternative music and stupidity but in a much serious way and then a record (with an ABBA's cover).
   Their self-titled itself hardly ever heard enough much but there are few good songs inside also, from the weirdness of punch drunk-rock Mr. Officer to the stoner-country louds of Zing Splash or Oklahoma and the experimental kraut - Scrapings from ring.
Honestly, this group isn't bad at all but it's just their consistences probably questionable later (though).

Johnny's Club:

Hood Hustler Broadway (Universal Records 2000)

   Striking while its still hot – a hip metal era in midst of 2000’s; famous names under the rap-rock empire like Limp Bizkit, Nonpoint and even DJ Everlast unite to celebrates the legacy of old school rap and hip-hop by covering some classic tunes from the past including Public Enemy’s Bring The Noise to Grand Master Flash’s White Lines with a result of groovy and brutal mix of rap-core and funky metal sounds that will forcing you to slam dance, move your body, bang your head (and shaken that ass too).
   No PMRC kind of bullshit nor politics, just dozens of energizing goodie tracks like DMC’s It’s tricky and Sucker MC’s with various others from Rakim’s Microphone fiend to the laughable BAMM off The Jerky Boyz.

… Take a bite outta rhymes, boy !

Gun Down The House (Reprise Records 2009)


   Presented in a pleasantly better way rather than the previous one, Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen soundtracks are probably – the best among those other “Autobots vs Decepticon” anthem records ever made. While most of the audience shall feasting their eyes on the yummy babe Megan Fox or the good movie plot, the music will attracting more to push-play, to love it. Great variety collections of hardrock, alternative and modern metal for all ages – from Green Day to Linkin Park, from Cheap Trick to Hoobastank.   You can (either) choose Nickelback’s Burn it to the ground or maybe, fallen onto the alt-rock newcomer - Cavo’s Let it go.
   The scene are equally fits – there’s metal giant robots fist-fighting and also the warmest kiss on Megan’s lips for the romantic pleasure as well as Optimus Prime and friends unexpendably efforts of trying to save the planet from the malignant Megatron.
Diehard-fans Link :

I Want What I Need (Geffen Records 1992)

   Listening to Standunder will make one think that My Little Funhouse sounded like a modern rock version Guns N’ Roses imitator from Kilkenny but don’t get them wrong cause it is true that these five rockers from Ireland are fascinated by the great licks memorabilia and rock energy off dear Axl and Slash. Actually, not many rock n’roll bands out there that can really resemblance or alike but in this case – My Little Funhouse; even when they’re decided to lower the tempo like on their ballad hits – Anonymous or the catchy “Paradise City alike” track Raintown this band really sounded like Guns N’ Roses (minus Axl).    It’s quite alright cause for some diehard fans of Soul “Slash” Hudson crispy power tunes and melodious sexy licks might find the league of their own on the guitarists - Tony and Brendan Morrisey as My Little Funhouse swept everyone out with Alan Lawlor's heavy repertoire from the hoter riffs of Been Too Long or Catholic Boy to the addictive track LSD.

Go to Ireland:

Handsome Blood Train (Reprise Records 1992)

Female trio with thus cutest names like Babes in Toyland are (obviously) not toys even though their independent self-concious as part of the riotgrrl movements - didn’t hated boys too. Minneapolis' Kat Bjelland and her cohorts might looking a little bit scary but when they’re rocking harder – they’ll show you the definitive sound of Grunge from girl’s perspective. Hailing from Los Angeles with their delicate album – Fontanelle, these trio really know how to put “gigantic noisy machine” mixed with metal emotions and pop loops while the storming grungy hooks and beats providing by Bjelland (vocals, guitar), Maureen Herman (bass) and the angry drummer Lori Barbero (with Lee Ranaldo as the producer)
Songs like Handsome and Gretel, Magick, Bruise Violet to low end gloomy crushing tunes like Won’t tell and Quiet room – as they remarkably, sharing the stories behind their instrumental elements about loses and found, about hopes which is never reliable to some, about dark dreams and monotone days in the life of all of us - mankind.

Police Truck Fuck Off ! (Alternative Tentacles 1992)


   Virus 100 are created as it meant to be definitely, contagious to people who accidentally already infected by listening to this compilation of various artists from none other than Jello Biafra’s label - Alternative Tentacles.
Chemical Warfare, Forward to Death or Saturday Night Holocaust might screaming out about modern slavery as well good behaving as a new toy. Armies of noisy underground bands of punks and old school HC are here – Alice Donut, Didjits, Napalm Death, Faith No More, Mojo Nixon and Neurosis. While the lyrical bursts of sarcasm and anti-governments tearing up your ears, the hidden agenda of mind controlling are also possible too.
   Mostly, the lyrics are made to pissing people but as time goes on and on – it’s time for re-education one last time with this compilation or (just pretending) to shut up or nuts-up.

Back To Dirty Looks (Sleez Records 2010)

   “Beauty in the eyes of the beholder”, that phrase need correctness when it comes to discussing CJ Sleez. As a Canadian-born lady rocker Ms.Sleez’s ill-reputed full tats or her good looking are simply unpredictable just like her “loud-fast-rule” music.
Combining the rock n’roll hysteria with modern warfare of steamy punk and sleazy metal; this Valley of The Shadows mini album will slowly gains her more fame and listeners.    There’s nothing but 100 k/mph pure rock that may sounded like an intimated hot intercourse between Bonnie Tyler and Slayer inside the club’s restroom somewhere around Sunset Strip.   So even – the vocal department is a bit annoying, the exact hotpots will always be the chaotic tracks such as Between Our Hate, In The Flesh and Lowest Low that really rocks your private hell out !

Steal Your Fire (A&M Records 1992)

   Underrated rock soldiers - just like the re-incarnation of Thin Lizzy younger brother from Glasgow, these Scottish rockers Gun can put their hard rocking acts as easy as push the play button awesomely by mixing the straight and ready to rock performance and tougher sounds that won't bore you up as promised.
   Their second album should be considering as their best record cause there almost no bad tracks in there. Borrowed Time, Long Road, Freedom and Reach Out For Love are some of them and Gun also put thus special country rock licks on some of their tunes too.
Like watching the anguish of Highland warriors crossing in nearby green distance ...
Rock On ! Rock On !

Insomniac Crash Age (RCA 1994)

   Sometimes stupidity can turned out to be dumbness but sometimes dumbness (too) could be changing you - from retard to famous. Those kind of story also happening to Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne as these two buddies doing various stupid things in order to help each other or simply just screwing around for fun and friendships on the movie - Dumb and Dumber.
   The soundtrack is having much better to offer with some of the memorable alternative rock tunes that will (definitely, like the movie itself) making you smile again.
   The lineup which consisting "weird" sounds from Green Jelly or The Butthole Surfers' tracks to the unforgettable modern pop-rock tunes like The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead and Where I Find My Heaven might changed your mind to choose this movie soundtrack as one of your favorites and completely, falling in love with this stupid comedy movie as well.
Don't be dumber and wait for the sequel, just try this one first (please) ...

Mp3 Links:

Fancy Lady (Island Records/Virgin 2014)

   The New Classic is a debut album of the new rising female rapper from Australia - Iggy Azalea a/k/a Amethyst Amelia Kelly which already accepting hot comments and reviews off all the top-pop music magazines worldwide. By mixing the balance of harsh lyrics and positive independent ideas with old and new school beats as well as the addictive dancable Rn'B and funky soul on her sensual appearance and voice, Ms. Azalea is definitely will shaken up your world in seconds.
  These full-loaded hip-hop attacks are conquering this record and copulates hot pimpin' sexy tracks like New Bitch, Work or Fuck Love - all leaving you wondering hard about Iggy's ass-shaking worked out.
It's quite alright afterwhile, if some of you might can't handling this new hot blonde and classy chick - I.G.G.Y.

Not An Exit Burst (Elektra Records 1993)

   The beginning buzz-news announcement opener signals that Scott Ian and his legion of Anthrax were decided to changing their sound as well as had a new vocalist John Bush (ex- Armored Saints) and most diehard fans pissed complainments off the so called "weird" album entitled Sound of White Noise as the guilty parties (with exciting bonus tracks) !
Come on feel the noise of indifference in Only or the creepy ballad - Black Lodge but the truth is that mostly songs on this records still sounded "Anthrax-ticide" with the metal pounding beats and extreme metal riffs on fire in Room for one more or Packaged Rebellion.
   John Bush power vocal is punchy as he rocking all out in burst with the providing epiphany of progressive selection beats behind the kit department by Charlie Benante shall give good kickings to all whom opposed.

White Noise Sound:

Damn Deal Done (Threeman Recordings 1997)

   As there's no denial that Entombed's name is a legend among other Scandinavian death metallers band around with their "extreme headbanging" career in metal music scene at its best for years now re-counts the up and down's in between as well. DCLXVI: To Ride Shoot Straight and Speak The Truth shall remaining us about how powerful these groovy death n' roll Swedish units truly sounded.
With the mixing of everything hard enough and the established death metal format; the group main conseptor Alex Hellid (guitar) and Nicke Andersson (drums) put the dynamites beats and crazy heavy riffs among thus sarcastic lyrics to make a good blasting tracks such as Wound, the power chords' Parasights and even the short killer tunes like Just as Sad.
   Even though, some might said that there's nothing new under the sun - (still) thanks for fuck sake to Entombed and the rest of the scene, Death Metal will always be sounded heavier like a bastard son.