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If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (Fiction Records 1987)

   Opened by the mysteriously sonic-bold guitar under the goth-rock spell - The Kiss and Catch become the perfect opener tracks for the introduction to Robert Smith's gloomy sadness and paranoia of waves and bleeding heart.
   The Cure trying so hard to sounded a bit poppier than they used to but still some might catch the dark cold sorrow behind (even) some of happier lyrics and tones which glimpsed or hide under a hazy blanket of cloudy skies or camouflaging itself inside the last Summer's rain for a sacrificial lost love inspiring the "sore-kisses" (not) like heaven record.


Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me:

Armageddon To Assholes (Fat Wreck Chords 1999)

   The shortest duration album ever made by Fat Wreck, 101 bands and songs. Famous elite names and rookies from Less Than Jake and Fury 66 to Subhumans or D.O.A as well as Unwritten Law, Spazz and Caustic Soda. From the serious radical info like The Offspring 's Hand Grenades to the ridiculous I like food (Descendents).
   Part hardcore - part punk - part stupid rock.
You'll mosh, you'll sing along.
(Cause being short is not a sin)

Short Music:

Dearest Sickness (Sony/Epic 1999)

   Daniel Johns, Chris Joannou and Ben Gillies are back with their more established album whilst losing their early distorted raw sound as they change it with the breezing standard rock sound and profounded engineer. The result is these good quality tunes such as Anthem for the year 2000, Spawn again plus two powerful heartfelt ballads - Ana's song (Open fire) and Miss You Love.
   Silverchair aren't probably the same band as they used to be anymore but the well-producing album like Neon Ballroom might sparks a trend for better recording rather than just a buzz as well but also for these Aussies endless efforts just got paid off by this one !

The Ballroom:

Date With The Cold Night (Interscope Records 2003)

   A combination of the suburban relapse characters and big cities problematic issues - Karen O and friends really potential to handle all of thus screamo and intense beats of oddities as this trio of Yeah Yeah Yeahs screwing your ears with their noise art-rock diarrhea. The punkrock nihilistic ideas mixed with the hillarious pop whispers are in no particular order creating a punchy hooks and sexy riffs under the title songs like Man, Black Tongue, Tick and Rich while the lyrics are vomiting sensual lies, degradated social values, free thoughts and femme power.
   The most highly point of achievement as well as the media buzzings compliments are perhaps, the Grammy nominated hits Maps - the sweet bastard that naively created by Brian Chase, Nick Zinner and Karen O - the new queen of noise.
Yay !

The Fever:

Hail The South (Elektra 1995)

  Phil Anselmo's sludge metal incest project supergroup DOWN are the most intense point for the resurrection of the mighty South music scene and with their debut NOLA - grinding all in its path. Thank God for fucking Rednecks !
Along with Anselmo's long time bud from Pantera - Rex Brown, Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity, Kirk Windstein (Crowbar) and the killer multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Bower of Eyehategod, these masters of groove and noise deliver their destinctive Southern Comfort of metal-manic in low B-tune and mixing it with the likes of Sabbath and Zeppelin made this debut a supreme hardcore menu for everyone whose dying for "New Saviours" which guiding the true path of majestic faith in hard music.
   Their doomy sludge-core repetoire as like as Stone The Crow, Lifer, Temptation's Wings, Pillars of Eternity and Bury Me in Smoke among others are all soon to be classic. The heavy deep and dark lyrics, solid melodic and crushing beats with the mystical auras will shaking the ground, leaving you thrashed out for good.
HAIL !!!


Bitter Real World Behind (Columbia Records 1993)

   The infamous hero movie from the 90's about the adventure of a tough detective Jack Slater through the parallel universe chasing all the bad guys to be re-captured which giving us an entirely entertaining and not boring Last Action Hero movie with a highly anticipated soundtrack as well.
Heavy metal tracks with huge names on the line-up are picked collectively matching in accompanying Slater and his little friend Danny fighting the sinister Mr.Benedict (known by his one fake eyeball that changed everytime character) and the lunatic killer Jack The Ripper.
   Arranged by Michael Kamen; the soundtrack should be a good example of the alternative way on mixing variety of great licks of blasting metal tunes and some - either it's AC/DC's Big Guns, the death-rap Cock the Hammer (Cypress Hill), Fishbone with their thrashfunked hits Swim, the grungy doom-rock What The Hell Have I (Alice in Chains) or the more standard classic rock of Aerosmith's Dream On (live).
The good guys should be winning in the end of the movie, right ?
Nevertheless, (to be honest) The Soundtrack will always be a winner with two thumbs up. 


Bet U Wish U Had Me Back (Atlantic Records 2009)

   Hot and electrfying rock bursts out from the blasting debut self-titled Halestorm by injecting the beauty looks of the frontwoman Lzzy Rose and the combination of hard rock - heavy metal molten lava in the perfect right place. There are no bad tracks on this record - from the conquering solid sound of majestic heavyness on Dirty Work and I Get Off to the heartfelt but independently (still) straight and ready to rock softener Familiar Taste of Poison or I'm Not an Angel; everything seems created by these quartet in a very perfect fucking way.
   The stroming deliberation of double guitar riffs power and the highly standard beats which shall echoing every single songs inside your brain for a week.
Halestorm is definitely, one of the best new rocking bands of the New Millenium so far - the way that you always expected.

Distorting Dementia Access (Earache Records 1992)

   The combination of all destructive devastations of bloody gore cold inhumanity feelings through hate and war and those milions of explosions and heathen bullets may be found inside Napalm Death's Utopia Banished album. Believe it or not, this one of the sickest grindcore militias never metamorphose into any other form of chaotic brutal sound of death and despair over decades. Vomiting all the blisters crust-heavy-guttural form of primitive individual "ran-amok" patterns of death metal in their most endurable strength which can crushing your bones and existence equally guaranteed while the lyrics will be true justice for social problems nowadays shoved it up your throat. From the boredomness of globalization to the reliable stories of our damned near future solution plans; everything burst like an unpredictable hell-fire death of the eruption from active volcano's overloaded magma chamber to swallowing you whole with some gore-blasting tracks like I Abstain, Got time to kill or Cause and effect (part II) are discordant full blown rampage which rarely inspiring.
Grindcore grooves still approved to be one of the therapy effects against too much tyranny and in justification global.
Thus heroes of distortions - Barney Greenway, Mitch Harris, Shane Embury, Jesse Pintado and Danny Herrera are truly not your everyday average ass-licker hypocrites.

Banished Utopia:

Wherever Through The Roam (Metal Hammer 2011)

   The Metal Hammer tribute project to Metallica's Black Album.
How it's going to be ? Can it be fucking better than the original ?
Hey, fuckers ! Stop your whining, question no more !
   A complete best damn Metallica covers ever made in decades; from the mighty Enter Sandman until the last thrash epic saga of The Struggle Within; all tracks are shreds, rammed, rampage, rattling, rocking out with heart and soul made of real metal mayhem. So, if you fucking dare denying the legendary names like Lemmy Kilmister, Devildriver, Finntroll and Borknagar covering James Hetfield and The Black Album; (then) all of you sons of bitches better kissing Metallica's ass and think damn twice.

Bring It On (Epic 1991)

   An epic release of Mindfunk self-titled album may causing headache to someone somewhere whom trying to take chance listening to them. This cross-over outfit easily mixing all the goddamn type of metallic sounds into their molten chalice erupts with sarcastic lyrics and rebirth the proto-raprock or the first form of alternative modern metal. Their music are loaded with edgy, raw, ferociously brave and excessively loud - heavy funk groovy deth-rocking that produced progressive muthafucka tracks like Ride and Drive, Big House Burning, Sugar ain't so sweet and Blood Runs Red. While the metallic guitarists Louis Svitek and Jason Everman (Nirvana, Soundgarden) ripping off the smile out of your face, slapping pounder bass technique from John Monte really burning things up around even though vocalist Pat Dubar shall remaining himself under the great moniker of Anthony Kiedis (per se) still, this album is definitely a hard-headed hot metal and there's a big no to fucking deny it the other damn way !
Crank The Fuck Up:

Soul Acid Surfing (Sony Music Entertainment 1998)

   Brought back from the bottom onto the fame fortuning simple techno-mixer to championing the UK charts at number one - the club king DJ Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook) is one of the smartest mixer who can handle of any circumstance of under pressured works. Mutating the trad-latinos sequence and the old school beats to the more futuristic club anthems tracks  and rude words repeated like hundred times on his music which in advance making this second album blow up higher, purchasing this DJ the worldwide acknowledgment in his primetime peaking career - thanks to the main attraction of thus super cooler fun dance singles like The stupid funny Rockafeller Skank, the NatGeo re-educated  program of Earthworks History Right Here Right Now, Gangster Tripping, Fucking in heaven and of course - the phenomenal Praise You.
   Last but not least, try not to look at the cover too damn long, some might find it too irritating while some others will cry-laughing.

You've Come A Long Way:

Lost In The Beat Hole (Virgin Records 1997)

 Dynamic duo kings a.k.a Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons a.k.a The Chemical Brothers releasing their second album during the midst of the so-called "Electronic Invasion" or simply, the comeback of dance music just before the next Millenium. Dig Your Own Hole is an independent album that stands for freedom of expression and choice under the influence of a disc jockey and a programmer whose potentially mix the intense underground techno beats ecpecially those old school hip-hop rhymes and rhythm and the computer sequencers or samples from almost everything with live music recordings.
The results are Elektrobank, Don't stop the rock, Setting Sun and as well as the huge global mass-controlling with Block Rockin' Beats that can be heard inside some friends car, supermarkets or somewhere in a remote country.   Also featuring Noel Gallagher and Beth Orton.

Block Rockin' Beats:

Dead Poet Massacre (Century Media Records 2013)

   Two ex-pin up Playboy models beauties and their band which deliver the backdraft deathster grooves of crushing metal from its purest core off the pit, to hell and back. The slicing sharp riffs, the counter-attack raw tornado-speed sound and the fucking hostile-double pedals rage with screamo growling that will put you into a permanent deaf-defying dumb and blind damages with some of their finest brutal tracks like Grim Sleeper, Axe Wound and Magnolia Blvd.    These babes aren't your normal ordinary girlfriends that you can take home everyday as you might pressumed; Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey surely can punching harder right on your face and bite maliciously deeper !
Yes, you will fucking bow down to them in  a fist-fight.

The Goliath:

Friends Like Me (Atlantic Records 2004)

   The Donnas turns softer and mature on their sixth studio album but anyway, there's nothing to be afraid of cause these babes still know how to presenting The Best Medals to the die-hard fans out there. Packing with more melodic fragrance and AOR to punk-pop riffs with the mix of daily life lyrics and more reasonable solutions to be concluded in this almost perfect record that keeps on rocking.
Don't Break Me Down, Fall Behind Me, It Takes One to Know One and Is that All You've got for me may sounding too tamed but proffesionally, Donna R surely keeping her "Glamour-rock" spirit's riffs way up higher as well as her three cohorts do to and yes, she's sounded better than ever on this one !
   Thanks to Butch Walker to making sure that these girls didn't have to lose their rock-essence even though this might be followed by more mainstream fans attentions which is a very good way to promote your (once) suburb garage band to a wider massive crowds with or without teenage angst cuties and too much red lipstick. 

The Gold Medal:

Long Ride Home Theme (RCA Records 2005)

   A very touching story with the deliciously beautiful background of the Elizabethtown, Kentucky. A heartfelt moments of past and present memories which includes the son - Drew Baylor, a girl (Claire) and the mom - Hollie which putting the fresh and truly perfect sceneries picture perfect fits with the movie scenes on almost every moments - in worse of sadness and the best happy hours.
   Like flowers blooming in springtime, the soundtrack are remarkable and emotional with few warmy soft-tunes from Tom Petty and The heartbreakers, Nancy Wilson, Sir Elton John and Ryan Adams.
Feel the peaceful and crystal clear calmness during the lifetime journey of thus couple (Drew and Claire) in search of love and ture meaning of life itself far away from big city crowds and the magic of  good relationship and understanding. The very best surprise might burst out unnoticed - out of somewhere (even) in the middle of nowhere just like Wheat's sweethearted song - Don't I Hold You which shall be a perfect companion for a goodnight sleep.
Free as a bird ...

* Elizabethtown Soundtrack:
* Visit Elizabethtown:

We Want The Airwaves (Arista Records 1994)

   Some dreams do came true as for Chazz, Rex and Pip known as The Lone Rangers trying to grab the Los Angeles opportunity during the hayday and fame of to be rockstars from radio to radio and some worse places around. Airheads soundtrack might be the same with its original movie itself but as this looney toony trio finally manage to hold on to their dirtiest wet dream on rocking harder - the album tracks also well enough to terrible to listen as well to rip your stereo heart out too. Motorhead mix with Ice-T flicking Born to Raise Hell, the horrorcore headbanger Feed The Gods (Rob Zombie) or 4 Non Blondes pushing the beats to the limit with I'm The One.
Mostly, everything is a-okay as the sillyness and the spirit of hard-working middle class Suburban Whites shall make you laugh a bit - Primus highlighted here too with bastardizing Jellikit or the hot tunes from The Lone Rangers live performance - Degenerated which more hard-rock than the punkish original version.    Not too bad at all for the louder cranks and alternative pranks, least - you'll howl.

Greedy Holloway (Trauma/Interscope 1999)

   Gavin Rossdale probably gambling himself for keep writing down more depressive songs and serious topics onto Bush’s elusive second album by the helping “cold hand” of producer Steve Albini (Big Black, Nirvana) and after that Greedy Fly, Swallowed and Cold Contagious are already griming as tracks for proof. Still, with the lack of bright hopes and up-lifting lyrics are ready to make these quiet quartet for not to be too famous but luckily, recognizable as an important parts of the alternative history (later). Buzzing grinds of low-end keys and feedbacks reminding us again to imagine how Mr.Vedder taken the lead vocal on Teen Spirit but fortunately, Gavin Rossdale’s distinctive rock voice is one of  the most important selling point off anything else of this group from Shepherd’s Bush, England. Far and farther the noise brings us all avoiding the normality; Bonedriven, Straight no chaser or A tendency to start fires are sounded strange by the time one finally got the message form a distance voice, everything is already become useless at all.
Razorblade Suitcase:


Somebody Crawl On Fire (RCA Records 2008)

   The four Followill Brothers in Kings of Leon might never predict that Sex on Fire will become not only a nation-wide but global hit one day. These soaked and sober boys aren’t really preaching as their lyrics mostly talking about relationships and daily problems including thus intimate love-flicks during their road shows and touring. Armed with melodic desirable guitars sweeping your moody feelings away – making you want to jump in the car and driving oneself to the nearest house-party for good liquor and some warmth hugs from a stranger. Track by track is agile and filled with simple hot licks as well as the combination of good looking out and Southern vocal magnetism like on Use Somebody that shall collectively put these handsome boys on the front row of new emerging modern rock bands which showed the eagerness, fresh looks and smart writings may lifting their name up higher than just another one hit wonder in the golden age of rocking new millennium.

Only By The Night:

Padre Narcos Sacrificio (Roadrunner 1995)

   Anti-trend brutality and malicious death metal burst with chao-seismic damages shall be no exception ever during the defying blasts of Raza Odiada. This Brujeria’s debut that will forever be banned from famous cd retails and several stupid countries because of the madness ejaculated negativity inside their dangerous album. Powered by the cursed demon-talic riffs and their lethal approaching whether the performance or the invoking satanic lyrics which simply just showing the daily reality of the poor and the have nots and facts of illegal criminals that happens inside Mexico states area and the borderlines. Tracks like Colas De Rata, Revolucion, El Patron or La Migra will insanely enslave your mind and raping your weak eardrums to bleed.
As their demonic blood-ritual continues behind the thick wall of purely pitch-black death fucking metal shaking your pathetic stereo-set as none can ever be saved.
Siempre De La Muerto, Putos !!!
Rip Yourself Up:

The Darkness Awaken Its Path (Lakeshore Records 2012)

   As the war between Vampire and Lycans became legendary endless, the new conspiracy and allied forces continues in the near future as our beautiful heroine vamp – Selene are trapped between the secret society movement and the police. This original motion soundtrack off the fourth sequel of Underworld (Awakening) are filling up with highlighted new and old tracks with a collectively pick to the best re-mixing like Linkin Park – Blackout (Renholder Remix), Lacey Stun featuring Geno Lenardo in Heavy Prey or Amy Lee’s Evanescence Made of Stone (Renholder Remix) to the brutal blast of industrial metal in Ministry’s Watch Yourself and (&) Sons’s Consolation Prize to the neo-romantic heartfelt of Young Blood by The Naked and Famous – giving “a slight breath” on hope to the crisis of trust while Selene must also saving her only daughter through series of almost endless terrfying fights against the Lycans Clan as well as there’s shadow puppet played by the one who owns the ultimate power of lies and deception on both sides of them now onto forever.

Seizure Of The Infinity New Plague (Roadrunner 2002)

   Disaster struck our daily busy life every time and unpredictable, in this case – an accident inside this famous corporate laboratory; a deadly virus and rapid infections turning all the scientists into ferocious flesh-eating zombie like creature. Resident Evil movie is definitely gory including the soundtrack which is really helping out to terrorizing the audience as if it’s a reality event. Produced by Marilyn Manson (and perhaps, Red Queen), the shock-rocker himself has making a tremendous brutal project with damned names like Coal Chamber, Rammstein, Slipknot and even the rapper Method Man. The convincing of the eerie sounds and deader atmosphere shall remains inside your brain just like the undeadly zombie virus meanwhile some rookie names are also making their debut cranking skull or biting chunks on tracks like Everyone (Adema) and The Infinity (Five Pointe O) as the tension and the horror for the surviving female agent Alice became more morbid by bloodbath combat to the eaten alive feast. A must see devastated zombie-flick movie by far and let the soundtrack be your own survival guidance, friends.
   Try not to get bitten (and) always remember saving one bullet or grenade to yourself (in case) …

Be With Compilcated Girl (Columbia Records 1988)

   The Bangles - a leading all-American girl band that exposing themselves a bit late right after the booming of New Wave movements everywhere in the world. Whilst being mature in a very quick way after "the Manic Monday" hysteria, the girls are back with Everything - the more poppish record but still carrying the sequence of shilouettes from their early days. Songs like In your room, Crash and Burn or Make a play for her now are half bubblegummed half rocking out the better parts of Susanna Hoffs, Michael Steel and the Peterson Sisters but the best tracks are ultimately list of romance in the air of Eternal Flame, Glitter Years, I'll set you free and Something to believe in.
Everything is the sweetest thing !

The Innocence Diva and The Church Of Lucifer (Steamhammer 1999)

  The Innocence Diva and The Church Of Lucifer (Steamhammer 1999). Driven by the power of equality in the ultimate name of Femme-cracy, these six bizarre lady rockers mixing industrial metal, rap-rock and traditional New Age in an easier way without regrets or being afraid of anything. The sound of this record may not offending you but the lyrics would as well as their "abnormality" stage performance which championing free-thoughts, sensuality and vulgar love which surfacing the very remarkable Wiccan Cult's beat-tempos as like Tom Morello having affair with The Wizard of Oz - all combining in one big sexual package by these Rockbitch.
   With title songs like Bride of Christ and Sex and The Devil - trust me, these girls will kick the shit out of you with their maximum insanity of funky metal with a deadly hook of naked cult's ritual and the magic of femin-ism.

I Love You To Death (Zoomica/SPV 2001)

I love You to Death   Autumn's mist must be creeping around thee backyard gloomy corner again and soft cold wind invites the frozen solitude from the north. As deep as the aching inside one's bleeding heart there shall be a heathen resurfacing oneself to ressurect just like the greenish ghouling shadows and the dry of dead leaves in yellow, brownish and orange fallen to the pale emptiness below - such a perfect atmosphere for the darker melodies of the tribute to Type O Negative as the thirst of adoration for Peter Steele's death shall forever (then) be a sweet silent revenge upon those hypocrites dwelling their tiny pathetic secret world.
Zoomica   Darkwave, electro-goth, heavy metal mayhem and doomy industrial artists are decided to get drunk by the legacy of the bloody tracks and fanged lyrics as they giving the best of themselves as the humble offerings.
   Blood and Fire, Wolf Moon, Christian Woman, Black no.1, I Hate Everyone to In Praise of Bacchus are served iced cold in a very eccentric and hard-possible way. The dried out of succumb souls that left behind alone and rusty rot as every other things around them dies.

For Your Consideration:

Space Oddity On Mars (Manimal 2010)

   Pretty sure that nobody would deny the almost perfection of David Bowie's legendary songs for decades. Thus truly original - half illusions as the rest of the lyrics contained reality which marvelously put Bowie's figure as a fortune-teller of a generation, his precise predictions and the ability to forsees the near future of modern music (pop, rock, punk - you named it) under a moniker character of Ziggy Stardust. This compilation of various artists (most of them is a die-hard fans) are dying to create and performing what the world would called "The Best Bowie Tribute Covers Ever" as they recorded more than 20 classic tunes from The Man Who Sold The World - himself.
Duran Duran, Warpaint, Megapuss and Devendra Banhart are some names to be mentioned here among others.
   Mixing retro-tronic with robot-rock and soul to folk experiments on gloomy beats of goth or funk or anything else as for the final chapter of this musical intercourse shall be forever awaits to concluded.
Modern art meets trancending tribal might driving some to a deep trance level of contemplation under Bowie's legacy - just like discovering Andy Warhole's secret agent paper proof while you using a very large and excessive amount of LSD inside the dark room with a china girl ...
We Were So Turned On: