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All That We Know (Candlelight Records 2014)

   Five wrecking crew signing towards their excessive force forgetting any revivals to reunions and there’s now only the time to blasts things forged within and in between big t letter of metallic Thrash as extreme proud pumping veins devotion over thus commercial and trough-peaks continues which campaign in disgusts provided a vibrant myriad influences as formidable as liking Megadeth, Slayer and Testament to Exodus much to assimilates elements of shredding sounds of guitars and riff-age slashing for traditional Heavy Metal on the rise again as your favorite neck-wreck violence sonic bursts performed by Cai Beschorner, Chris Martin, Jae Hadley, Jonathan Grimley and Nathan Sadd through their debut releasing album – The Virus Conspires came in like a time bomb ready to exploding the entire world apart. One can see thus monstrous images and visions of the futuristic and past colliding over Braindead, 22, Kingdom Come, The Wake, Red Terror onto Psuedocommando and Poison The Mind may returning the devastation plan from the hidden government to eliminates humanity once and for all within minutes before midnight. 

Remember and beware, scumbags ! 

The Virus Conspires:

Pointing Moralia Merch (Dirty Faces/Pumpkin Records 2010)

   May not really causing too much destruction but you will know the power of Hamburg’s player mixtures band performing their blends of Skacore/Punk/Hardcore and Reggae Dub in trio force tuning of high quality distorted and melodious sounds comes out off Chris, Jano and Yannig live directing arrangements and song-writing.
   Braindead would be your ultimate German unit that still dare to not ejaculating through commercial trends by keep on performing this type of Cross-Over musical for Weapons Of The Weak record and Rock-Reggae to Dub, Ska, Hardcore and Punk mixed shall forever remains fast and slashing when one tear their stereo system aloud in volumes by having To You The Answer is No, It Won’t Be Drawn, Slash and Burn, One Track Mind, Ask a Question and Scream When You Burn or even (This is) The Dead End and T.I.N.A may giveth dozen tons of the band’s repertoire muscles to fighting bad imaginations against dark secluded dimension creatures sucking via particle-processing machine into our planet system. 

Weapons Of The Weak:

Ski Major (Not On Label 2015)

   Pareidolia is the momentary timing when one can easily see or saw figures like humanoid or faces on non-biological things and daily stuff as that same word being chosen by Spacebag trio formatting for drummer Gorm, Dave on guitars and Luke the keyboardist producing this led-crazy tempos over Prog-partying Noise-Rock onto Grind-noise and metallic instrumentals shreds of weirdness outta Seattle underground scene. Within additional bass guitar played by Dave or Bagnus X-1 as well Gorm but Michael A. Freeman did a much artistic mid-term advance astronaut painting for the front cover didn’t quite matched through thus elements of devastating music sounds carried by Sequoia, Stairway Denied, Hypostasis or Sensitivity Training as well as Among Other Things – reacted like there has been a critical news about how the world’s going to end a week after this performance and death means business since then … 


Backseat Sinker (Self-Released 2016)

   Sydney, Australia band releasing this Tranceplanetsugarmouth from a local hero group Sharpnel known as slacker Psych-Rock and Alternative Indie musicians consisting for unknown really but written down about reality in lyrics towards these twelve tracks listing as repertoire includes on the releasing record showing the audience about most of the aussie vectors and factors that sounded interesting or fascinating to lifted up as themes like the elephant herds which isn’t local heritage or desert poisoning flower portraying there or lost letter and brownish sand and a kid imagining death may leaves your breath catches the catchy mid-tempo brands that goes in stereo via Fraction Man that hates mathematics, Leap Year which kicks the hell out of your boring lives or Carpet Yankers onto Big mouth for the anti-assholes mission as well as Drop Spot and Procrastinate/Disintegrate and Frozen Rock that tells us about this time around the colder season comes back in worsen moment might along sang through the Sharpnel’s catalog.


Stars Dry Rivers Cold (Subversiv Records 2008)

   With Daniel Fischer the man behind the drums, Leo Matkovic on bass guitar, Phillipp Thoni and Thimas Tschuor on guitars/vocals or Miriam Wolf did piano/synths or vocals forming the Switzerland hybrid sound-bursting of Metalcore/Noise-Rock and early Hardcore on this releases onto their third recording albums – Gold Cut didn’t truly related to the searching materials of monoatomic golden mining activity but for Unhold; this approval meets their plan onto describing their own statements and themes by thoughts being written and arranged into songs and music distorted blasts to send knowledge and imaginable progression forms among their listeners to believes that everything isn’t just as like as the goodies parts of the wall but behind that there’s hidden secrets waiting to be revealed.
   Expelling the numerous tracks from the record such as Sugarbread, Zeroend with Nadja Stoller for guest vocals; Commissioner onto Hunger Doesn’t Learn or Tossed into The Light really met the newest latest issues around flat earth theory or the firmament of the planet as well as the mistakes of Darwin on purpose or not judging the ancient civilizations because they’re pagans with widely knowledge may filling one’s Crowded Hearts under the shouts and howling vocals over the group’s crushing beats happening !

Gold Cut:

Nuclear War (Adult Crash 2009)

   Branding the non-copyrighted similarity from NOFX taken lead vocals, Gang Green-alike speeding tunes, punkish sicker protests and fast karma driven onto New Blood is these Copenhagen’s Hardcore unit – Night Fever with Mathias Friborg, Salomon Segers, Hasse Dalgaard, Jesper Andersen to Kasper Maarbjerg not gaining popularity within their other identity as Night Faggotz but mosh-pit breaker and slam-dance crowd surfers would really liking this presentations which pounding your fucking filthy ears and the brain cells that only thinking about shopping, buy more stuff and stop caring about the social values around yourself that shaping a modern humanity passing the new millennium to becoming lesser and less appreciates to preserving but selling out themselves. Now these Denmark punkish crew trying to re-arranged the majority views and the minority thoughts via their self-written musical rocking tunes through those fast tracks such as Still Kicking, Wasted, Insane, Better Off Dead and Twilight Zone against the lifeless dead birdbrains community suspicious about everything that doesn’t look the same like they wanted to see and because you need to listen for it and because This Is Copenhagen !!!

New Blood:

Special Rider Shadow (Klonosphere/F2m Planet 2013)

   Grungy metallic Stoner Rock formats that carries by these Limoges, France troops of young souls under the naming group of the lead-guitarist/bass player Julien Bernard with Jeremy Cantin-Gaucher on drums diverse their methods and influential taken from the Corss-Over militants like Suicidal Tendencies, nuaces power sensibility from Artic Monkeys, The Datsuns groovy Velcro glams or synthetic infamous gigs off Infectious Groves, Clutch or even Placebo not triggered from paris but Massive Rock tuning maker did puts elemental head-banging inventions over 7 Weeks recording on Carnivora that carries thus modern metal elements, standard distorting riffs and force of drumming as well as Southern-tuned melodies lead roles in solos or further monstrous display there among Year Zero, Acid Rain, Bones and Flowers, Diary Day-7, High in Heavenly Places, Let Me Drown and more.

Going to reminds you towards the mixtures off Tool and Deftones and the newer Motley Crew plaything with no nude live girls !