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Foreign Body (Johnson Family 2017)

   Dangerous like how the first time Guns n’ Roses comes up the surface of rocking roady rousing party of their appetite destructively as these band members of Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons: Filfy Antz (drums), Dirty Jake (guitars/backing vocals) and Puss Johnson (vocals/guitars) only as trio can make differences like the five-piece crew of Heavy Metal copulating Punk-Rock from London – UK at the finest third recording release over Ain’t No Pussy as the lighten-out solos flaming and rhythmic bouncing not too popular with enormous sensations for the female sensuality and front attacking mistress screams onto Pain!, Surrender My Heart, Pretty Good For a Girl, Suneal or The Wasp really touching your elements of becoming a greater mocking to the world ordinary as the sign and the songs already aiming at once to the right place which is your social values that looks now old and irrelevant !

Ain't No Pussy:

Three Killed Baby (Rumble Records 2014)

   Madrid, Spain Punk-Rock for motherfuckers musical choices that consisting of the quartet whom looking like Rancid being led by a woman now as the rest mid-tempo swashbuckling tuning isn’t a history anymore which brought back by the Pussycat Kill crew off Anne the bass guitar Mohawk-ing player, Gatsu the guy whom aggressively bashing the drum sets, Walter the purging director of six-strings shredding and middle finger onto the queen of tattooed Rock n’ Roll musica pleasure as well as the artistic sided of the band – Sophie saying that Punk-Rock do having future as the group releasing their materials sooner or later gaining more fan-based towards an excellent record of themselves – Faster Than Punk as making the blends of socio-politics these days, war conflicts, refugees onto the economy collapse and daily issues around as their themes and lyrics aspirations just like the twelve track-listing songs of Pussycat Kill roaring harder through Coming For You, Don’t Go Away, Intruder, All Night Long, Eat You, We Say No and Whiskey Love.

Problems never faded to be solve or erase just like tomorrow never comes late.

Faster Than Punk:

Model Ex Citizen (Goner Records 2008)

   Fifteen years rocking the traditional defying genre on noisy and Hard Rock/Dance Music of New Orleans as Psychedelic souls filtered within thus Pop-Goth, Bluesy tough distorted Hammond b-3 as well as self-made Electronic instruments being well known locally as Quitron and Miss Pussycat plays some maracas, singing, entertaining all ages group with highly amusing puppet Technicolor shows.
   The tenth Louisiana’s full length recording being release there on this vampiric-background groovy/ghoulie Too Thirsty 4 Love with the helpful snake wrangler Jeff Matheson, back-up singers Aime’e Toledano, Elizabeth Macey and Judy Bolton to self-touching Quintron for drummer/organist or Miss Pussycat’s vocals/shaker/wind may causing damage as the biting extra and drinking late night continues with the playing music sounds over Dirt Bag Fever, Walk to The Harvest, Sunday Night, Grey Ghost and Freedom – forcing many to enters and dancing like a drunken crazy motherfuckers; saluting the grooves and the blood suckers couple on hunting duties !

Too Thirsty 4 Love:

Sisyphus Office (Bandcamp 2017)

   A train-wreck conditioning of a beautiful disaster sounds like three angry men being trapped somewhere underneath since the last hot Sunday afternoon alike situation while kinds of things makes you think for the Post-Hardcore band from Nancy – France consisting of Anatole Petit (drums), Mehdi Rouyer (guitars) and Benjamin Racine (bass/vocals) as being influenced by the loving on Shellac, Mclusky, Fugazi, NoMeansNo, The Jesus Lizard or Drive Like Jehu glorified recorded, mixed, produced and mastered productions of Bankrupt recorded by Tolstoi within their displaying tracks flown within sorrow-tinged frustration and grey-cloudy skies formations on Girls Gone Goner, An Essay on Brutalist Architechture or Fluctuat Nec Mergitur which systematically, suffered the process being desperate and alienated conflicts the real world by a non-rushy topics and Grungy tempo to burn …


Curtain Stop (Not On Label 2000)

   Modern commercial Indie Pop-Rock and boosted teenage-based musical themes which sounded like the mixing of Donny and Mary Osmond, The Brady bunch Family and softer Alternative music lust preventing you from stop listening to it; as the primary artists – Bachelor Number One existing after the demise of the old previous one group before it and being engineered by Mark Getten to John Carter with the lead figure performer consisting of Scot Sax (bass, drums, piano, vocals, writer) and Debbie Weisberg (vocals background) within their abstractive influences heavily provided by the likes on The Beatles, The Partridge Family and melodic harmony sixties initiative music products according to the blissful tracks listed here for the only one album of The Mini Series for Your Are, Earth and Sky, The Great Decide, The Discrimination Between Blue and Green or Down; classically sounding flattery, penetrating and romantic to make your after hours of midnight hungry delivery worth a waiting as this music making listenable medium on your stereo.


Finale (Bandcamp 2015)

   Rivne, Ukraine Sludgy experimental metallic band with members of local rock-heads genius performance on duty: Alex (vocals), Dima (guitars), Denis (bass), Roma (drums) and Koyla (saxophone) over this unique formations affiliated mainly their Post-Rock, Polyphonic melodies as the creating chords of guitar meets saxophone fixing their recording session by the releasing of Phoenix by the name of what they’ve chosen as Selma. Six minutes or eight minutes more duration longer or even twelve minutes and counting still – did manage to displaying Selma’s authority on performing the deeds of experimenting via Wail, Filth or Path.


Rowan’s Riding (Downwarde Spiral 1995)

   By the midst of nineties collective recording arranged and releasing by these Somerset’s Folk-Rock group named Blyth Power as the English musicians members like Joseph Porter (drums/lead vocals), Annie Hatcher (keyboards/harmony vocals), Steven Cooper (guitars) and Jerry Hatcher (bass) off Harrogate been completely written down lyrics and making music artistically, for Paradise Razed which blending Alternative Pop-Folk and Punk music into acoustic plus piano-tinged tinsels rural atmosphere stepping in the arch-bishop ruling crown by the social-values situation and problematic living of the upside down people.
Signalman White, Carlisle with Rachael Swindlehurst on backing vocals onto Milton’s Schemes, Winter’s Tale, Cold War Comforts and Cry Carrion relapsing thus past and presents to kissing the season goodbye and having the surrounding the unique than just another ordinary local Pop-Rock group.

Paradise Razed: