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Brook Haven (TriStar Pictures/Davis Films 2007)

   Rose Da Silva the mother of Sharon her little daughter driving together and headed to Silent Hill as she kept crying in sleepwalking for many days since; finding the abandoned and burnt old town with a creepy environment as ashes fell down to earth continuously and dark creatures lurking on the corners of it; adapted from Konami’s game – this movie showing the accident of Rose car outside Silent Hill as a police woman stopping her to questioning the event while Sharon gone missing.
Rose husband Christopher trying to find out where his family went with the help of some policemen as inside the scary place and darker alleys; Rose found out many hideous frightening things as some creatures trying to attack her and the presence of her daughter reveals some strange connection with the town’s cult community sacrificing a young girl long time ago. Foggy haze and bizarre dimension changes in front of Rose as officer Cybil Bennett concern for helping her finding Sharon and exploring the scary town together only to meet psychological thrills obstacles, mysteries and hidden stairs led to the story of the existence of Alessa the young girl whom being burnt by The Brethren cult fanatics called her as a representation of evil witchcraft as her mother Dahlia wanders around and met those two women. 
   Old photo, outcast streets, isolating entrapment rooms, the orphanage story of Alessa and how the town turning to a transition darker dimension after sacrificing the little girl led by Christabella as nightmarish alarm sounds transforming gloomy light day onto total darkness as many horrible creatures coming out for revenge to the fanatics. 
Giant metal masked gladiator, desperation, manifesto of evil incarnates via the horde of bleeding nurses holding weapons and flashbacks attempting from Rose to search for Rose and the church shelter burnt offerings that kills Cybil but as the secrets reveal and Rose promises to the payback vengeance from the restless burnt Alessa – comes back and having her revenge on the Brethren community as the nemesis-like appearance within her branches/tentacles ripping and torturing every single towners inside the church and you might get really terrifying while following the scene off this malevolent and complicating film which having its freaky soundtrack compositions as well which being created by Jeff Danna and the original game composer Akira Yamaoka : in these two sets of discs that haunts everyone who dare to listen with Xuchilbara, Waterfalls, Tainted, Entrenching Ashes, You Flesh is Also Mine or Midwich as well as Find Reason, Straight Down to Samael, False Prophet and Magdalene Tears Of… even Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash rings a reality of frightened possessions and terrible solutions since the first idea to come to this place might be a mistakes but ended up for poor Christopher missing his wife and daughter forever on the other dimension while his reality world felt empty … 


Minaccioso Dolce (Gentle Machine Productions 2014)

   Peter Joseph’s works of a series documents over the modern tales off conspiracy theories from footage assemble and archival narration to animated from many viewers of the international viral experts and interviews according to humanity about how corrupted is the Christian religion really actual was and is still. Multimedia events with such a interesting style to represents here on Zeitgeist The Movie is nothing but a reality purchased and being drag the clash of civilization as well as wars, famine, destruction, economy collapse and infrastructure within the works of some secret society and the manipulation for millions being enslaved through the decades age of history turmoil under the name of monotheist faith as the ultimate truth- as here portrayed specifically on Christianity which taken its religion roots from mainly deprived beliefs of the ancient and old ways such as astrological myths, astronomical assertions onto traditions nurtured as hybrid forces on opportunist influencing human beings in part I while part II claims the lies and unexplainable things occurs and happened during before and after September 11 attacks on World Trade Center buildings in New York spawning the new program of large budget of dollars struggling for the war on terror.
   As Peter Joseph did most of his time performance every pieces of vaudevillian, music recording, live instruments and video editing presenting this film format over the caged world of men by the mind-controlling religion beliefs system and unconstitutional laws or rules of the so called police-states.  Whether you interesting to learning the skeptical connecting dots between conspiracies and propaganda but in between that you may finding good soundtrack score music for the movie such as March, Grave, Pesante, Overture onto Exposition A or B or Maestoso to Marcato trying to dig the dealt of facts and emotional relations over ancient history, idiosyncratic anti-religion and authority for fooling millions or do so for greater good like they said it is.


Surprised Collects… (Polyvinyl Records 2014)

   Contacting the sounds of gritty likewise fuzz from these Chicago Indie rockers trio: Tim and Mike Kinsella to Victor Villarreal on performing their modern challenging new sounds of Math Pop meets Progressive experimental as Owls within the titled recording of Two; might fixing the eardrums for softer and more influencing music classification through the balance of sonic deeds of guitars and prolific drumming as well as good rhythmic values and easy simple lyrics with wider themes to share among honesty and sociable values indeed connected the audience and the lecturer without being over lecturing as the front cover showing choices will be yours to choose and the tracks may going on playing as you wanted them too.

Ten ingredients and less artificial popularity programs did causing either interests or boredom but people would love to have The Lion…, Four Works of Art…, Why Oh Why…, Oh No Don’t… as well as A Drop of Blood… seems to be came in like questioning rather than commands.


Road Down (Noyes Records 2008)

Expansive onto wide-open spaces as heavy-texture inspiring squalls of tunes made as droning feedbacks for the influential remote rural and suburban country-sided area in regent rocks atmosphere bringing back the seminal Psychedelic to Shoegaze/Dream-Pop and Post Rock roundabouts by Tyson McShane, Jeanette Stewart, Chrix Morin, Levi Soulodre with Aaron Scholz and Jordan Kurtz as the Slow Down Molasses coming like a package of grungy distortion disease of harmony and mystery enjoying their days under the sunny and lake-terrace views from I’m An Old Believer seeking Slow Motion, Fucking Up, Leaves & Lay, Hazy Summer Days, Knife Fight as well as Dead Daisies and Dirt Beneath Our Daydreams or And You with it Speck of Dust! shall remains a incomplete buzz carried as whispering sands through the late Spring times breath …

I'm An Old Believer:

Dear Mrs. Touma (Giant Records 1988)

   Formatted their line-ups as names of semi-legendary Washington D.C crew basic Post-Hardcore groovy teaming within Dave Smalley the vocalist, bassist Doug Carrion, many drummers such as Colin Sears onto the newer formation led by guitarist Brian Baker sounding like the mid-tempo version of Minor Threat cleverness meets newer Glen Danzig bad attitude multiplies as their third recordings so far made a touchdown interests via Field Day; protesting Dag Nasty's thoughts to the mindless social values and lame-ass community being enslaved like robots by the authority laws such a disaster not to put interests on these warning lyrics and collectible mild chaos via The Ambulance Song, Staring At The Rude Boys, Under Your influence, Typical and Things That Make No Sense as you must moving on forward not duck and hide ! 

Field Day:

Our Father (Workshed 1991)

   Loose the shoes and jump to die in the fucking moshpit  where true Hardcore-Punk of American’s Huntington Beach bursting their anger anthems via Dan O’Mahony, Josh Stanton, Kevin Murphy and Mario Rubalcaba forcing the fast beats and violent tempos among the tracks available on the recording of This Isn’t Me; try to reshaping the bored generation separated from the addiction on MTV and corporate fast-products within the theory against the things dangerous to come yet as Blackout, Destroy The Dream, The naked Face and Those Homophobic kissing your face like fists of rebellion of the young by (Four One One) 411 complete works as the band !

This Isn't Me:

Conversational Bull Rider (Sixgunlover 2001)

   Amazing soft sophomore tinged melodic and full harmony total of Emo-tional instrumental rocks on your stereo through the performance of Ghosts & Vodka formerly, the combination members of such good independent band around like Cap’N Jazz or Tetsuo on these line-up for Scott Shellhamer (drums), Erik Bocek (bass), Sam Zurick (guitars) and Victor Villareal (guitars) adding their interests for making standard mid-tempo music that can really moves the listeners to another brighter levels of living after this; Precious Blood is their proof for you to having them in your collectible Emo-Rock items per se as the combinations between Math Rock to Indie Pop sounds emerging as seems to be lasted through Andrea Loves Horses, Good Luck With Your Multiple Personalities, Futuristic Genitalia as well as Four Red Brains and Is That A Person ? qualities may affects your ideas on re-thinking about the purposes for human intelligence creating artificial intelligent today as necessary helps.

Precious Blood: