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Cope Bloom Gun (RCA/Fire Records 1993)

   Reminding yourself about how on earth the atmosphere of the early to the midst of the nineties era of Grunge and Alternative Rock presentations that era as the thing representative for the honest, simplicity and spontaneous just like how Dave Gibbs (vocals, guitars), Phil Hurley (guitars), Steve Hurley (bass) and Paul Brouwer (drums) did to their own music performance which collectively, combining the Pop-Punk pleasure with thus seminal Hard Rock and Indie Rock N’ Roll baptizing as Gigolo Aunts as their third albums being a very good one released there under the title of Flippin’ Out - completing the great choices of melodies and short-story even for the anorexia person listening happy and sing through Lemon Peeler, Ride On Baby Ride On, Where I Find My Heaven, Lullaby to Mrs. Washington or Figurine and Pin Cushion; creatively bursting awesome solos, ordinary vocals and daily issues to crank a smiling introvert interests over their audience. 

Flippin' Out:

El Kanno Selah (Bandcamp 2014)

   Modern Progressive and Rock-Pop features in blending being centered for the worshiping on god’s son and savior by these Kansas City group calling themselves Sons Of Zadok with Borin Doulos on vocals/guitars/bass/keyboards and Benjamin Foss playing the drums and keyboards as well as Ashley Doulos on vocals dedicated their engagement to performing the musical of rocks on the total adoration about Jesus as the book of Ezekiel 44:15a said – “the son of Zadok, who kept the charge of my sanctuary when people of Israel went astray from me, shall come near to me to minister to me…” as these striving influences from holy spirits definitely can attracting several good people of beliefs to liking them.

   Figure of lion as tall white as the sun rising – the devotional experiments of Prog-Rock from Missouri releasing the Revolution album with Wondrous, Speak Again, Wilderness Warriors, Anaba Ode (Come Up Here) as well as Show Me The Way to Yahweh a place to clinging on your prayers when things turning to darkness and despair as there’s no more hope seems to be saved for the last anymore but he’s there and this band follows the light, spreading. 


Spiegel Ruby (United For Opportunity 2010)

Reality is to meet these trio from Dublin, Ireland collaborating themselves as The Guggenheim Grotto dressing up neaty even completed theirs with thus porky pie hat and dark suits just like the reality of the music made by them really sounded temporary – magnifying to listen on those whom liking the effects of excellent around the Progressive Rock scene genre of sounds.

The relationship of humanity and couples romance onto the dignity fantasies events and further wiser lyrics available on Wings and Feathers to Map of Human Heart as well as the opener inside Trust Me I’m a Thief through Wisdom, Concentrate as well as Never Before has being recorded over The Universe is Laughing facts of musical performance there and your abstracting images will also expanding along within the great compositions found and not lost anymore – collected by the band in peaceful realm. 

The Universe Is Laughing:

International Space Station II (Monika Enterprise 2001)

Second releasing from this newer group unit as they’re performing an honoring soft spaced surrounding musical slower in harmony tunes for the modern world with David Figurine, Jimmy Tamborello and Meredith Figurine as The Heartfelt closing the borders of deep sleepy timing and the awaken of the silence mouth to proclaiming the essential deals again over the millennium new zone project of Pop culture within this clever smart project making as Synth-Pop or Electronic possible pleasure touching your feelings quite humane and the love spreading through thus computerized issues available inside and outside the internet highway may given smaller beats a good bites for continuously, grab you by the invisible hands to shake awake the consciousness back to reality of non-fatal relationship between persons.

Impossible, Rewind, Wat Too Good, Time (His Mix), So Futuristic, Stranger and Pswd:pttrn through the untitled shall sounded lovely to your ears to processing how you used to be so mechanical but then, separately, travelling everywhere not staying central. Go out after listening to Figurine (the band) and find your passion !

The Heartlfelt:

Swamp Rainy (Bandcamp 2018)

   Sabbath worshipers continuing the legendary kicks within their self-inflicted magic and dark rituals carried on by the righteous reign over Stoner Metal, fuzzed Psychedelic Rock and excellent vocals are the reasons why you need to try listening the best parts of the band includes the imploding riffs, proto-tinged Doomy metallic and harmonies better abstract as Wicked Wizzard concludes themselves as a trio of Unai Minguez (guitars), as well as the main characters of Inigo Jauregui (bass, vocals and hammond) as well as Mikel Bidaurrazaga (drums and percussion) possibly writing their own materials and performing one hundred and one percents of themselves nonetheless but for the greater passions sharing on the Rock scene of the exotic Mungia in Basque Country which held a shocking giant explosion on the mountain top of the highest world spot destructing systematically spontaneous by this self-titled recording which carrying thus tracks of solid rocking played by three local self-heroic not promotional but being proud and believed in self-esteem as disaster struck down within Sin City, Witchstone, Rednecks from Hell, Hills of Madness onto Earthquake – miserably sounding too good to be true; penetrating the curiosity inside you by the solos and the partly, progressions as the similar card showing the fell of the highest thing must be a bad sign for the haves, perhaps.

Wicked Wizzard:

Of Gnosis Key (Bandcamp 2017)

Whether you discovering it accidentally or not on purposes; nothing’s changing how you will be slowly blown away by the sounds of these heavy riffs and psychedelic vibes joining forces from the Belgium unit of Doom/Stoner and Psychedelic Rock recorded by Grotto – the trio consisting on Marvin Dinneweth (guitars), Jeroen Moerman (bass) and Arno Tucker Cottyn (drums) assembling their bigger and thicker progressions over thus performance for the cult-tinged complicated album on Circle Of Magi. 

As the shroom, the sacred well and the masked brotherhood making rituals performs surrounding it calling the spirits and the supernatural from eleven minutes and six seconds onto another eleven and twenty-one seconds track number two that is Periphelion which opening the biggest veil in front of the universe smaller in shapes as seeing onto the wider spacing or the space journey to the exploding edgy stars by the spells under the dark magic reveals the truth to be spreading by rock music mysteriously. 

Blossoming frozen hell and blessings over broken promises is here displaying. 

Circle Of Magi:

Revelje Elve (Bandcamp 2015)

   Audio apocalyptic buzzing metallic sounds as this Trondheim, Norway mighty duo of insane talents musicians: Geir Anfinn Halland Johansen behind the drum-set and Knut Finsaas the shredder joining their force of extreme brutal earth-shattering blend of traditional thunderous drumming to the Black/Death Metal and epic Doom Rock noises combinations as winding the ragged pieces of instrumental dynamic pro-raw and bloody disgusting rasps grown within thus hint of melodies under the spells of upside-down cranking inspired Heavy Metal music performance over Anfinnsaas the unity. 

The natural branded autumn-atmosphere and the chaotic taste of the self-titled dragging course on writing down five tracks listed to the several Nordic hemisphere background stories there over Haladsdal, Slatt Fra Rostad or Spissarot through the four, more than that and even eleven minutes and four seconds duration about the crushing beats may turning your dark moods resonates to be tuned darker after this …