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T.I.M.E Void (Self-Released 2016)

   Mixed and mastered by Adrian Hidalgo on the studio; these nine tracks written, arranged and composed by the rest of these intellectual rock musicians – originally, from Murcia but then moved to Madrid-based off the Progressive Rock as being detects from their highly wider influences making this recording from these Spaniards sounding crazy and brilliant might giving you and the rest of the listeners a magnificent compels of awesomeness shit in progressions and experimental of metallic rocking music.
Pervy Perkin which consisting of guitarist Alvaro Luis, Carly Pajaron on drums, vocals to Alejandro Macho the lead vocals and keyboards through Aks the bass player and Dante The Samurai on guitars/vocals have given the audience a very freaking powerful roller-coaster riding version on this album called ToTeM. 
Taking back the themes onto the past histories concerning the magical of primitive but advance beliefs and cultural race of many ancient mezzo-america tribal kingdoms and civilizations. Listen to the recording tracks like KountryKuntKlub in 04:29 or Hypochondria comes in six minutes and eighteen seconds or even the longer songs like the twenty-six minutes off Mr. Gutmann and I Believe lasted through fifteen minutes and fifty-six seconds topping the regenerations for those whom living their lives only to have good progressive metallic of Rock Music performance and albums. 

Pervy Perkin shall be one of those ultimate new choices among the pitiful modern fake Pop-culture for learning and listening pleasure.


One Sad Promise (Bandcamp 2016)

Seminal Art-Rock and Emo-Metalcore within thus Progressive Rock like complicating musical arrangements made in Chicago, IL’s group consisting of five-piece metal-heads musicians: Austin Ramsey (bass, vocals), Brycen Doby (guitar), Giovanni Franceschi (vocals), Maru Martinez (guitars) and Tristan Zemtseff (drums, vocals) and also written down the music and lyrics with Maru and Giovanni and friends – calling themselves Paper Hero. The releasing superb of this recording with high techniques and performance onto Colorless Aquarium might telling the story background about one being another figure and clearly, seeing himself covered by stressed and sins inside the glass box as pet of the society or fate; ready to die or killing oneself suicidal but afraid on the same time to leaving the pleasure of the world. The brave six tracks releasing for choices to the audiences to taking chances further more are either Detached, Express, Think Deep and even Already Too Late; where the sessions of jamming fusion and brilliant techniques blending to bind and blinding you on the same time possible.

Leaving the listeners addicted for more noise affections created by the group freely !

Colorless Aquarium:

Arise 02:39 (Black Metal Rituals 2010)

Very much underground blasting format of Black Metal Classic from Baghdad’s one female project over the metallic sounds brutality as it is very much unknown to trace but the single name called Anahita the mistress-mind off this band – Janaza (dead corpse or funeral in Arabic).
All instrumentals of musical and vocals are directly, shown dubious as being lesser known to the world but the releasing recording that spreading the hatred demos over anti-islam and anti-religious completely – darker. 
Through these five tracks simply, annoying to most of the fanatic fundamentalists in limited editions of blasphemous themes connecting to the most primary laws of the sharia as disturbing as mono-bursting echoes for destroying the points and the philosophy from the religious acts and scriptures already made. 
Burning Quran Ceremony is your choice for either just showing hate towards the followers of the last faith came from the Arabia peninsula or truly, believes that the wrongdoers of mankind has reached the final battle starting with this musical of the damned versus the fake of lies. 
When Islam Brainwashed Mankind (Outro), Burn The Pages of Quran to Black metal Ist Krieg (Nargaroth Tribute) must be an intellectual cause for the searching of truth against the tyranny of a lying caliphate ...

Burning Quran Ceremonies:

Sacrilege Of (Black Metal Rituals 2011)

Yousef and Muhammed taking their band name from the Arabic word meaning of desecration and Tadnees might be one of those from Saudi Arabia whose never will playing live o the stage or then, those two members will be definitely, executed by the authority of those fanatic fundamental and religious hypocrite of the kingdom.
Tadnees closely, like Burzum is the actual underground – in the infinite meaning possibly formed for hating the massive increasing of violence as the rise of Islam rapidly wiping almost the entire globe today but with that comes the dark secrets also reveals and the band collectively, creating their recording blasphemy themes of anti-religious and anti-islam as a permanent armour to fight the hideous plan of the fanatic heads of its imams and clerics whose spreading hatred towards the imbeciles and non-muslims. 
Satans Of Mosques combining the reality of Black Metal with Ambient to proto dark force in order to fight the infections of the fascist-based laws of the sharia and the blind jihad foolish concepts of obligations embracing by the most of fanatics of the realm under the prophet’s words and lies. Before It’s Too Late (Intro), From Mosques To Dust or even the tribute honoring Burzum within Dunkelheit will be the first act in tongue to destroying them completely.

Satans Of Mosques:

Ordeal Amartad (Terror Records 2017)

Formed in Tehran but then moving forward to their future homeland in Hamburg – Germany would be the story of a long journey for this Iranian group named Mogh – the anti-religion, anti-islam, zurvanism and war to Thelema occult and ritual themed lyrics and musical written active to today concluding the trio known to be Waruhr (drums), Caruk Revan (piano, accordion, keyboards) and Lord Faustoos (bass, cello, santoor, singing bowl, tanboor, guitar, vocals) blasphemously never stop cursing the middle eastern within mayhem beliefs as the incorporated sounds of brutal Black Metal finest finding its way to breaking the surface windows of mosques and ears of the fundamental fanatics to hate them while the band hating them back for more.
This latest album of Gach Pazh meaning something wicked comes in the way as the populations of worshipers in following the Arabian prophets wisdom and words have been exploded by numbers like nobody can imagining before – so did the hatred messages blasts from the underground of hell via Sargashteh, Eblis Abr E Siyah, Thirsty for Annunaki Royal Blood, Alamihtra Mithra Mesr onto Puraithoi Eyes of Kappadocia may historically, telling the truth hiding from the public thoughts for centuries as nothing religious as they’re man-made could escaping mistakes and misguidance. 

Our satanic growling vocals and bashing beats sending the fanatic to their grave ...

Gach Pazh:

Relenting Of Ummah (Independent 2014)

   Toronto, Ontario and Edmonton – Alberta (Canada) kept a very distinguished hateful thoughts in form of a band as Svolder could be your ultimate signs for the downfall battle on Black Metal beliefs as being anti-Islam, religious hatred themes, mockery and independently brutal as you can hear them roaring harder with the trinity of the unholy members: Imam Obama Al-Hussein (bass), The Prophet Muhammad (bass, guitar, vocals) and AbraHaraam (drums) unpleasantly – quickening the phase of destructions over your religious fanatic beliefs as thus sharia laws and the scriptures of lies being predicted to be the locomotives of the next century to destroying all the kufr or imbeciles on the face of the planet and letting the caliphates ruling the globe.
It shall never happened as these group like Svolder exists as well for the millions followers of the sceptic minds ready to flicking the wars over the fanatic arrogant just like the opening instrumental Introduction for their album on Desecration of The Five Holy Pillars as The Hadith of Gabriel or Deviant Rituals of The Sand Orphan, The Sunni Whore and Ibrahim’s Vile Swine completing the blasphemous anthems to abolish the tyrant governments and the empire of evil carrying the flag of black confessions that nothing greater than the pagan god and the its messenger. 

Twarts !

Desecration of The Five Pillars:

Mad Stone Trips (Bambeats 2011)

   Broken-beats to healing out rituals, Trip-Hop, neutral Hip-Hop or Future Jazz from Groningen – The Netherlands performed by Planet Monkey certainly, shortly comes to experiencing the experimental formats of thus blending signs over tripping the light over Electronic Down-Tempo saccharine quartet attempts in the mixing of worldwide and universally sounds taken and converted almost form every influences and roots and through this second efforts recording entitled To The City Of Green Lights one might exposing the internal elements turning the complicated parts onto clearly simplified tracks to listening and enjoy by ears and minds and souls via Through The Waters, Steal The Fruits, Bring Back The Trees, Finding The Trail, Don’t Eat The Flowers onto Crack The Nuts – which must be said honestly – really relying on the preserving and prosper conditions for Mother Nature to healing up and grows back again with no more disregarded disturbance from mankind and their greed invading the globe. 

Greener thoughts leading Techno-Electro retaliation further as the cure and the harmony keepers ...

To The City Of Green Lights: