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WWW Dot (Self-Released 2012)

An experimental freestyle of Hip Hop and Rap/Funk/Jazzy grooves made out of Bristol – UK by none other than your lesser-known intelligent artist, music maker or producer Mr. Woodnote & Lil Rhys just like a truck rebellion parade with full live band and musicians doing their fusion of the ultimate sexual-arousing themes as well as some social-values and problem issues in Rhythm and Blues correctly right in the street as the crowds cheering-up for them coming as the savior for music scene on thus semi-underground and mainstream friendly sounds for promoting a very good freaking time to dance and sing together via Modus Operandi. 
A releasing album fated to drive the listeners crazy (in a most peaceful ways possible and freaky not staying stiff but moving their bodies following the beats), sexy and cool. All you can get or eat there through the 2nd Hand Jam feat. Jimvincible, Count Me In feat. Eva Lazarus & MOE (keys), Diamond in The Dirt to People and They Say So even the live version for Unsustainable Thinking or SoulGlo – did well one at the time for not letting you stop form moving your ass shaken and the girls would love to have their pairs partner on the floor without seeing what colors you are born anymore … 

Modus Operandi: 

Mutombo Flip Money (Bandcamp 2017)

When Jason wearing his infamous mask once again but this time carrying a big machine gun and go out to kill every tramping sons of bitches with or without firearms and you will know him by the name of the frightening KirbLaGoop bringing the Goop; pushing the 100 Hip Hop and Gangsta Rap from the underground tunnels of Saratosa – Florida with respects and murder and as some would love to following the trails he made there in sounds of murderous beats – the slaughtering begins as it shall be continues …  
Touchdown (prod. ElijahMadelt), All There (prod. ElijahMadelt & Nat The Genius), Lost Tudda Trap (prod. Oogiemane) to Yom Yom x Young Mojo or Man Down x Lil Peep x Lil Tracy (prod. MoneyPosse & BigHead) and more of those tenure killer tracks going slow like tortures to your living hell days because outside isn’t gonna be changing to perfect like it used to be but a killing field and battle-ground as What You Like (Jaguar Claw) telling you to do the right thing which is survive the confrontations or be killed as far as the stories go worse here on this recording of Gangsta Rap tales.


Insensitive Help (Bandcamp 2014)

Mark Kronenberg (guitar/vocals), Jessica Otto (bass/vocals) and John Jakubik (drums/vocals) are in this Skate-Punk Pop or Alternative Rock Chicago debut consisting with their punching upbeats and fully materials of melodic talking heavily about mostly broken romance on the releasing album – Cheers To Regret divided by things related to love, lust, alcohol or regret as anyone would connecting into. Simple sounds and mid-tempo or fast tracks under the four minutes durations written and carried out fine if you are also the fun-atics fan of Blink 182 or popper version of NOFX – just sing along with the three-piece Punkers through Same Old Street, These Vultures, The Fireside Bowl, Death Row Lullaby and Dead Roses For a Pretty Face would be a good blow of powerful Pop-Punk for the detention room study club of dark and light …

Cheers to Regret:

Scalawag Streak (Not On Label 2017)

Fuzz Rock, Hard Rock and Desert Rock are the Heavy Psych-Stoner continuity for these New Jersey’s trio of Six Sigma featuring vocalist/guitarist Doug Timms, bassist Scott Margolin and drummer Mappy as completed as the new rock consortium as the band releasing their recording album called Tuxedo Brown which at first might only reminds you about a cheap independent rock recording off the nineties with not too much concepts to offers here but the facts are these guys truly playing the high-sensibility envisioned techniques in a spontaneous bursts on both distorted or buzzing forge of explosive Rock sounds to share within the sensual babe images or the bastard’s son kicking-ass themes via Curb Feeler, Here’s Yer Stoner Anthem, Black Sand Valley Cover-Up and She Burn in Blues. 

By the likes for Five Horse Johnson to Fu Manchu; the stigma views for the higher success on Six Sigma is tentatively clearer after this !

Tuxedo Brown:

Shit Whiskey (Furniture City Hardcore 2007)

   Debut comes with the New School bangs of the proud rooted scene onto their Grand Rapids, Michigan Cross-Over influences for playing the blending of Hardcore, Punk, Funk and Heavy Rock to Metal sounds as the formation for these six-piece group called ChuggerR consisting of Big Brad (vocals and grunt), Jason (vocals and screams), JRV (guitars and backing vocals), Action Jackson (saxophone), Das Hillbilly (bass) and Matt (drums) bring this FC/HC in free freedom fighter attitudes releasing the groovy punchers sounding like clever rebels to your ears and the rest of the audiences will going inside the mosh-pit and bashing each other as the respect signs towards Brokeback Redneck, Death Train, Weatherball Black, Queen or Johnny Likes His Orders until the Red Dawn. 

... Cheers the poisonous beers again bartender, long live the struggle and fuck the globe !


Poor Previlege (Discouraged Records 2015)

   Umea's Grindcore is the facts dragging to you through your stereo for branding the ultimate underground duo of Umea, Northern Sweden with Fredrik Larrson doing the drum bashing and low vocals to Andreas Backstrom doing the electric riff-age and high vocals mixing together as they’re creates the inferior tidal typhoon of Extreme Metal Music like many Swedish metallic bible-basher groups spawning their wrath sounds for years and some went legendary already. Human Collapse Syndrome is the very dangerous moment possible to you knowing them but everything would be erased by the total chaotic saga over thus Grindcore/Crust-core/Kang Metal attacks in darken ferocious and furious within the slamming blasts tracks off Sluta Grat Spela Snabbare!, Shackled, Constant Defeat or Debt completely dark and annoying to conservative people and their fake kindness on helping you with their aid of lies.

Human Collapse Syndrome:

Manufaktur Replika Baptis (Rottrevore Records 2009)

   Shall be unforgettable as one of the most powerful in high pressuring combinations of talented musicians who loves Death Metal extremity around Jakarta area as this Technical Brutal Death Metal named Deadsquad actually can only becomes a short-project for these bored rockers as they’re writing the lyrics variously wider in many aspects from religions, evil, criticism on politics to the daily killing sessions of many rich people of Indonesia did to their fellow countrymen in the name of more money, good business and high economy profits while corruptions with nameless traitors threatening the inside out security as well as fundamental fanatics forcing their ideas in order to change the basic social lives on the grass-roots levels to the top. Debut releasing for Deadsquad’s Horror Vision is awesomely featuring some of those band members well-known by the Rock music scene nation-wide such as Stevie Morley Item (guitars, song-writing), Coki Bollemeyer (guitars, lyrics) to other like Bonsquad (bass), Andyan Gorust (drums) and Daniel Mardhany (lead vocals) right from the underground arena of the local scene extremity. Die if you shy to trying them a listen at a moment or just- gears up and may your head-banging terror-disturbance through these eight tracks conquering torturing slams off Dimensi Keterasingan (solitude dimension), Dominasi Belati (dagger dominance), Hiperbola Dogma Monoteis (hyperbolic dogma of the monotheist) onto Sermon of Deception or our Sepultura’s favorable thrashing anthem cover on Arise – really worth a head-bang try-out to die for !

Horror Vision: