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Walk Across This Forest (Bandcamp 2017)

A new goody musical project that essentially, capturing all the session of celebrations as the Spring comes to your small rural town this year. In Love With A Ghost probably, shaping as an awesome Ambient/Chill-Out and Lo-fi of Down tempo dreamy Electronic Wave for soundtrack onto this package of Healing: a story about witches, magic and friendships combines within these remarkable recording as the witch-synth played by Azerty to the bass-destroyer by Qwetry to tchou tchou performed by Wagner or Nemu and thus grumpy tea cup or foley hums also recorded along with other samples noises from chiffon skirt, snapping twigs, fruit drops, sun-bathing or sorbet to deep sigh and caramel dreams mixed correctly in such a happy mystic special tunes of instrumentals written and composed with the strange funny tracks like I Know it’s not easy but You’re not Alone Anymore, Am I A Girl ? Am I A Boy ? Do I Really Care ? I’m Hungry Anyway or I Was Feeling Down When I Found a Nice Witch and Now We’re Best Friends – took a while to telling the audience that animated ideas can be matters if you made it proper and reasonable not only for young ages but to the older ones as well just like this example nicely mellow melodies.


Tierra Buena (Independent 2016)

Completed the formation of their Hardcore and Punk-Pop as well as the little bit Heavy Metal-tinged with Logan Miracle (vocals), David Nunes (guitars/vocals), Henry Cota Jr (bass guitar), Kody Rattler (drums) and Jon Habermacher (guitars) led these infamous lesser-known Phoenix, AR within the Post-Punk millennial modern sounds which sound-tracking the seemed to be a theme of deserted deserts living over the reanimating of Alternative Rock under the name of After The Calm with this one presentation on Ignis Fatuus. You might seeing and listening towards thus awesome sounds which blistering and comfort to all heavy rockers audience. In between that melodic music, cool vocals, excellent drumming to pretty much powerful twitching groovy beats for With Haste or False Idol or Bragging Rights – would easily drilling the hole into your brain and the force awakens blasts like the cooler side of Papa Roach offers you much better and awesomeness directly through-out the fence of a border-less land; finding the similarity brotherhood among Bloodlines. 

Ignis Fatuus:

Wild Dogs Eaten (Bold Stroke Records 2010)

Hard and heavy rocking music which carries the essential Hair-Metal and Glam Rock possessions on its rootsy sounds – the Orebro, Sweden Christian Heavy Metal group named Motherlode might at first being formed as the answer of the local rock scene for Def Leppard made of Baltic Sea but then slowly and reformed – the band which consisting of vocalist Sonny Larsson, guitarist Thomas Nilsson, drummer Par Hjulstrom, keyboardist Fredrik Backman to bassist Johan Evertsson as being established in the early eighty two’s; not quite well deserving good reviews and critics from the music media. 
The band disbanded or had a member changing for several times until the next new millennium giving another chance to them and Motherlode once again screaming loud as the releasing of their second album: Tomorrow Never Comes finally finished. 
Successfully or not, the five-piece keep on praying and rocking harder with maybe a slight good opportunity will delivering that lost little girl in the woods - a starting step front which luckily most of the Heavy Music lovers and LA’s Hair Metal-based fans plus European melodic ballads blending for Predators, Crying, Bring Me Down, Promises or Ice Cream Man to Crawling Through The Desert can guaranteed that most of you would loving to hear them – live and loud !  


Unstoppable Team (Bandcamp 2012)

Lesser-known artist but having the power to change your perceptions while got time to listening on his works right here – meet, Teflandon from Jersey City – NJ whose producing this cool mixed tape release between the battles of Hip-Hop Rap, instrumental beats and Electronic Chiptune borrowed some samples from the Sailor Moon series and elsewhere this Afro-American guy can find them. Giving the supportive for his own creativity without any expectation on attracting more women to kneeling down under him or bend over in front of him but surely, after hearing some tunes or two and four or five of them; your opinion soon will change from disrespecting to fully loving it. Teflandon seems not too embarrassed for dedicating the recording mix onto his own progress of shaping the music limits and mixture to be better and Moon Dreams might opening doors for him to make a change that we need to listen again or more like thus captured inside Red and Blue Stars, Grey Kingdom, Mars Mercury Venus Jupiter or Soldier’s Rebirth – allowing us to penetrate further privately virtual over beats of modern day youngster’s free-thoughts' firing-works ideology.

Moon Dreams: 

Eat The Skin (Black Hat Rackets/Cargo 2014)

   Counting your tales of survival for the militant miners looking alike band known as the Australian Horror Country band – Graveyard Train may had its members continuing to write down many tracks with lyrics like a fairytales' ballad story from the outback area to the swampy mist of the tropical places hidden or which cannot be named around the smallest continent in the world where most of the animals living there – either would just sting you or injecting their poisonous venom or you or maybe, eating you whole among thus harsh environments away to the desert, the murky water or the bushes and inside the hell hole. 
   Nothing can easily be spoken but the music mixing between Country-Blues and Indie Rock needs a solution – so Adem Johansen, Beau Skowron, Josh Crawley, Matt Andrews, Matt Duffy and Nick Finch decided to holding hands and keeping the spirits alive within the recording musical release on Takes One to Know One. Calmly sophomore and deliciously terrorizing in the most pleasant way to lullaby your ears to an induced coma by performing tracks with venomous beats like The Parasite, The Chrysalid, The Widow and The Creep as an invisible hand Close The Book making thus losing chapters gone forever with the harmony sitar or banjo melodies through minutes and more minutes flown …     

Takes One To Know One:

Longest Shadow (Black Hat Rackets 2014)

   Atmospheric and expansive to listen late at night as everyone already fallen asleep because you might never finding such a composite materials written and performance in the way these Alternative Country-Pop Classic sounds band – Eaten By Dogs from Melbourne did onto their prosthetic limited album like this Self-Titled recording that might guarding you all night long get-up and finished that whiskey down to the bottom, to the last drop as the faded black with no lights except few stars blocking you form seeing the empty desert as the windy cold blows like death comes whispering but fear not cause the exclusive melodies and semi-acoustic standard music of Eaten By Dogs would prolong the mistaken minutes to an hour of wisdom as you keeping the music on and try to re-think back about those lyrics down your throat. 
   The trio of Poy Litchi, Mick Hansby and Callum Preston brought you their finest towards If It Ain’t Killing You It’s Sure Killing Me, Gallows in Disguise or Holding on to Nothing as did the honest group said that they’re Ain’t a Bad Man just Fallen Not Broken so, as the songs continues to finishing what you’ve done before that – as the sleepyhead afraid to facing sunlight; remember to tell yourself to have Another Round Bartender ! 

Eaten By Dogs:

Ghost Head (Electric Earth Records 2009)

Stoner/Doomster/Sludge metallers from Massachusetts  owning their small crown of being the sound-dealers that manage to creating some of those awesome metallic rocking tracks, lyrics and themes forbid from being too close to the main supreme surface of the mainstream with this self-titled; the opening for six minutes and fifty two seconds through White Walls followed by the inner-consciousness of the master wreckage points of views in battle of occult-based duels on Hexe like you can really imagining them completely – this time in nine minutes top and exacts. 

The trio of Jack Donovan, Matt Couto and Nick Disalvo brought this Heavy Psych come crushing just like the clashing Riddle of Steel Pt. 1 and 2 by Elder within the flowing green liquid around the throne of magic master as the nude females guarding the essential sides like a great Heavy Metal painting for every Doom-meister to celebrating the best tunes since Black Sabbath inventing the originals and many pioneers come and go since then.