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Paper State (Fourth Dimension 2012)

Wrote himself up with the ancient language scripts that nobody understands but himself and cementing the underground collaborative sounds of the intense music works by himself as the disguises figure named Sion Orgon as experimenting the totality over Electronic-Ambient music, Folk-Pop and weirdo spells of humanity’s extinction aspects as the main achievers points to build this five minutes profounding modern and ancient tales in between to bridging the track number one – Into The Dark where showing us how the childhood dies inside your older aging skull waiting to explodes again even after you already rotted for centuries. 

Five minutes and eight seconds of beautiful side on the parts where one should re-writing the story for a different angle and here it is shared to the global music fans by the same titled record of extended play by Sion Orgon; feels haunting, colder or definitely, weaves something incredible inside your soul as creative and fascinating to be the next creator of mankind beliefs via the sounds. 

No vocals needed and keeping the instrumental music led by piano and harmony as being background by thus gloomy humming continuous low-tunes did breaks many feelings for listen carefully to this 7” release.


Culling Strength (Bandcamp 2015)

   These tattooed foursome of the low-profiling figures from South Carolina whom rather hiding their identities behind the forest animal head-trophies and skewed the rhythmic stitching of raw, exploration and loyal short-blades of bleeding Hardcore powerviolence onto Progressive Black Metal instrumental onto the Punkish acrobatic Math-Rock blunt force generation renew there as Josh Bumgarmaer on guitars, Alex Strickland on vocals, Paul Huff on percussion and Kevin Scruggs on bass mixing the bullet-strikes or scratched bangs off jagged six-strings and riding tremolo Grindcore onto the blends of armory weapons as songs right on the spot to crushing your friends and pathetic grumpy world to pieces must be related to the death experiences, metallic sounds explorers and occult-beliefs on En Theory.
Which Abacus meant to attacking the audiences within the increasing blitz maleficent liturgy of boost eruptions of hatred anger through Snake Eater, Gold Standards, Bodies of Water, A Figment and Nothing is Sacred – spitting the angst of a generation underground towards the cooperative realm of men rulers giving no shit to the poverty issues and cursed burden while switching places as insects and assholes. 

En Theory:

The Faint Pimps (Range Life Records 2007)

   The cast of rotated local musicians of Lawrence, Kansas including the head of this solo project Brendan Hangauer with Brendan Costello, Patrick Hangauer and Brian Costello to Adrianne Verhoeven or Kelly Hangauer and Steve Swyers deciding to put the Indie-Pop recording together by writing lyrics and music and arranging them all through the baptizing name of a group called Fourth Of July as the debut revelas here as Fourth of July On The Plains means the flight crossing one’s face of the travelers would loving to hear the rural/suburban area theme ideas on the track-list such as Why Did I Drink So Much last Night ?, Long Gone, Surfer Dude, In Debt, Purple Heart and She’s in love or Like a Tiger as well as Killer Bees – may temporary gives you the measurement for going ahead to greeting new days since the old ones being bad to your unlucky charms before. 

Those orange metallic sky and clouds tells you instantly, to Be Careful of what you wishing for and be wiser to choose your plans tomorrow. 


Titanus II (Shithead Records 2016)

   Currently located themselves in Cologne, Mulheim as known for others as Koln and the members consistency performance to do whatever they loved to do for rocking the blasts off the non-competition sounds over Stoner Rock and Desert-tunes of bluesy/semi-metallic in the standard tempos performed by bassist Hannes, guitarist Mengi, vocalist Georg and drummer Remy did much freaking well to let their first press releasing on the album record – Vieh became sold out.

   The outer-space buffalo-like beasts pulling the heavy burden of the planet letting the gravity losing controls for the moments and shakes the entire surface just like the screaming rawkin’ vocals and groovy bursts of solid riff-age to the thumping drum beats met the exclusive brute sweeping blow-back for alternate Psychedelic Stoner n’ Roll smells induced to your nose and other senses as Phiasco the band pulls the trigger within Erasing Rabbits with My Phaserlight, Ultimate Warrior, Back to The Future and Old Town reaching the intense live recording emotions that slumbers the concluded mission exploring and observations onto thus fine long jamming tricks for crazy audiences. 


Yam Yam (Bandcamp 2017)

   Soothing harmonic softer kinds of formatted melodies for the genre tuning favorites over Dream Pop, Indie Soul or Alternative Pop delivery sentence on the thematic verses of broken-hearted tales or piece of the summer holiday experiences that needs to be shared with the listeners whom liking or knowing the band – No Vacation which having the strangest member names so far here like Harrison The Hammerhead, Superstar Sab, Lil Nubs Mars and Natty Ice would be the type of subgenre teams hailed themselves from the union spots off Brooklyn and San Francisco giving their self-written gravy wavy musical of independent female soft harmony vocals and male kindness touch as the line-up changes or the hiatus didn’t really put them to totally, unconscious but these good vibes along the released mini-album entitled Intermission should spreading thus amazing delighted five tracks of romance without the answers as well as being captures onto You’re Not With Me, Mind Fields and Reaper. 

Empty studio’s room and abandoned records lying on the floor means either a good thing just happened there or another tearing night occurs back to the lonely souls of the music players. 


Ergo Cassiopeia (Self-Released 2018)

   Polish team on Progressive Rock and Post Metal communion calling themselves as Cereus is the more modern and ultimate methods not theories while your ears might catching the small explosions of melodic here and there while having a conductive mission for taking time on listening to ten songs available inside the tight tied-up female figure over Dystonia LP project. 
Thus glimpse of the favorable sounds similar to the band’s influenced names of the old and new bands from the same or different genre of types like Marillion to A Perfect Circle and Peter Gabriel to Neurosis made these Warsaw rock-heads taking their own personal issues or primary scientific themes and the creations of genesis-like background within thus distinctive unique vocal colors and high techniques through either Icarus, Cogito, Ocean, Kraken King, Requiem and Sum; senselessly – blistering the hearing rooms of those whom liking to play the band works without too much prejudice. 
   From Michal Dabrowski on vocals, Pawel Sikora on guitar/ambient, bassist Konrad Pawlowski and drummer Maciej Caputa to Patryk Wozniak (guitar, electronic) mixing the real tuning progressions colony by as many elements suits to the merge music that comes out from the album. Believe in the sounds and progress – people !

Dystonia LP:

Unsterblich (Electrola 2017)

   Local heroes that must be famous to the national wide level with their written lyrics in German language playing the essential Pop-Rock made aus European area that you might didn’t really heard it nowadays anymore is the perfect timing brought back again by Brings comprising the members as Peter Brings on vocals/acoustic guitar, Stephan Brings on bass guitar, Kai Engel (accordion, keyboards) lead guitarist Harry Alfter and Christian Blum on drum sets off Cologne having their fantastic times since the early nineties periods onwards onto such of many shows and several Pop festivals or events in their Kolsch dialect sounds and some might loving how the band creates their repertoire so far on the latest record entitled – Liebe Gewinnt as singing the opener seminal ballad pop to the disco-pop catchy performance on Wo Bis Du, swinging the slow prom romance via Wunder and its story; the funky tunes approves via Mer Freese Die Stadt and slow jangling Cha-Cha popular tune came for Immer Nor Zo Dir which might coloring your birthday party and the drinking time with closest friends – leaving you feel lucky to light up the thrown bouquet have the simple lives and more people who care about you not because your money but for you’re really are to support them … 

Liebe Gewinnt: