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The Doubt Bump (Austin Town Hall Records 2016)

   Garage Surf-Rock and Pop-Indie for the rise and shine again even not as softer spoiled innocent as The Cardigans only almost having the same layers of retro-vintage style as these band from Texas named Mean Jolene formations off the quartet led by a girl singer Jolie Cota Flink whom also playing the bass guitar, Adam Sharp on drums, Will Glosup the guitar player and Ben Seligson the vocalist/guitarist whom brought their harmony swinging of West-coaster music sounds of Pop glitter sparkles within the sunshine and the evening breeze replacing those sandy shores or convertible driving cars in fully colors recaptured almost completely on – Salty; even though its always pretty hot there in Austin, TX. 
From Black On Blonde, Winning, Sick Obsession, Scumbag Summer, Actin’ Thirsty to Twin. Sparky semi-mono/stereo sounds truly like a time-door for you to jumping to the past lapse to experience those moments again when you still a bit young, sexy and attractive as Power-Punk.


The Quick Downtime (Overture Records 1996)

As the line-up consisted as Keith “The Suit” Lowers (guitar, programming), Jason “J-Hauz” Garrison (drums), Dennis “D-Hauz” Hogan (vocals) and David “Dirt-E” Biganeiss (bass) – this American Rap-Metal group that used to be formed in Detroit but later on moving to Huntington Beach as their decision to relocates themselves from being monotonously plain to have more mixing interests over their grinding music beats which sounded pretty much fucking intense. By the releasing of the group’s first debut album – 20 Dead Flower Children’s self-titled recording which carries the distinctive Nu-Metal/Rap-Rock or the grooviest indie-metallic acts that for that time is still quite rare reality not a massive trends and those ornaments or replicas of a broken doll, disturbing arts or parental advisory label still meaningful as dangerous contents for this one. 
The additions for some Industrial touches like the background influences from Al Jourgensen’s catalogs there seems to drawing how this band really needs to be watch as one of those perverting agents of changes in rocking metal music scene of uncle sam’s closet’s skeletons. 

The picking songs: Give In, Tear The Tie, Detached, Here I Am, Focus to Burn 777.


Mercurial Ann (Cass Records 2007)

   Retro and vintage as hell got freeze over from the catalogs capitalized on being melodiously Rock N’ Roll productions within the works of these Detroit, Michigan’s Bubblegum Psychedelic of Garage-Punk sounded mature and has successfully brought the essential of the sixties rocking fresh sounds – thanks to the members of the band: Bobby Harlow (vocals, piano, harmonica, bass, lead guitars), John Krautner (vocals, rhythm guitars, bass) onto Marc Fellis (drums) and James McConnell (vocals, lead & rhythm guitars) with the front cover just like bandwagon-ing the photographic off The Stooges legacy recording with more rockers posing there and the song not too exactly sounding like Iggy Pop or Mc5 but closer to The Beatles, Hoodoo Gurus and R.E.M in rocks through the releasing of Howl on The Haunted Beat You Ride album right here by The GO. From the rocking rolling psychedelic of You Go Bangin’ On, Invisible Friends or So Long Johnny to the ballad on renaissance of Victorian music as being mixed with Folk-Pop sweetening. The listeners shall loving what they’d hear then there inside while discovering it.


Pyrrhic Victory (Relapse Records 2017)

Four quartet of misery mystical occultism empowered Doomy Metal and Sludge-core unit from Portland, Oregon; slower riffs, deadly chorus, blasting drumming and screamo vocals re-growls within the introductions of the group members: Joel Williams (bass, vocals), Zeke Rogers (drums), Johnny Lovingood (guitars) and Justin Cory (guitars/vocals)calling themselves – Usnea (as strange as the word itself which refers to old man’s beard or thallus plants) shall soon being your favorite album for the fanatic fans of the blending seizure earthquakes off Electric Wizard, Candlemass and Tiamat in one way ticket to doomsday on the front seats place while your finger pressing play button as Portals Into Futility cranking like a bitter blasting erupted explosions as the opened sky showing you the holy altar of judgement crafted by the influences form of dystopian depressive and science-fictions comes and crushing the reality by Eidolons and The Increate lasted to the eleven minutes and fifty-six seconds process of elegant evolving strength and structures in brutality, heaviness, discord, anger or mournful slashing melodic under the darker tales or themes like Lathe of Heaven or Demon Haunted World. 

Nothing last or save from harmful materials in this material world living within thus material humans.


4 Steps Introvert (Medea Records 2000)

Detroit’s five-piece Nu-Metal that combines the essential roots above whether Post-Metal, Hardcore and Rap-Rock perfectly suitable in a combination unites the differences toward the blasting blasphemous beats, screamo vocals and cross-over jumping courageous bravery to make the slight attacks over the established society with their social values which always chained us down but with this bursts of freedom of speech or music by the metallic dynamic movements on the midst of 2000 peaking the Hip-Metal performance going global as Too Many Gods – whom being some of those ex-members from Pitbull or 20 Dead Flower Children dare to slamming their mixes of Techno, Industrial Metal, Hip-Hop or other imaginable sounds influence as the hard-hitting album release through Blind Soul Lottery – disguising thus depressions replaced by angers in the form of fistful of tracks as exampling likes Mindless, Reflect, Scare Tactics, Empty Man, The Letter Y or ETU. Bashing them who dares to get to closer to your mosh-pit !

Blind Soul Lottery:

Sanktuarium (Machine Tribe Recording 2017)

A sudden gripping of blasts of noise attacks from your unguarded sections comes like a thunderous freaky train with no breaks as the tracking on Mammon just begin for about two and a half minute goes slitting the edges of thus non-commercial experimental coalitions of burning desires and ego-vultures of men – eventually, not enough space for delivering their many ideas almost blown up inside their brains. Digitally, reserved and responsibly – may causing the heart-failure syndromes for anyone whom listening to them here. 
The quasar-particles of coloring works like paintings in void universe sending the materials of inhaling or exhaling irrelevant Noise-Core figures onto darker themed version of Industrial-Ambient and Electronic attractions through a self-titled recording by A Wet Palace; not referring to a mythical hell-hole of the North pole points of even femme vagina per se. One needs to take their one and only chance to do the leap of faith before the giant asteroid or wormwood star passing you by onto the destruction of the planet nearby is certain well going to happen. 
A Child of Too Many Gods to Invasion to Our Fires Burn with Violent Warmth in ten minutes over are the example tales of our modern day catastrophe which almost reaching the final counting …

A Wet Palace:

Me With Love (Bandcamp 2017)

   Confirming that the essential members must be having their own zodiac background explanations and liberty of power will according to their basic talents as the band members of Astra (Pisces) on guitars/vocals to Dustin (Capricorn) the baritone guitars/vocals as well as Josh (Libra) on keyboards and Collin (Taurus) the drummer and the band naming the group: The Gods Themselves which playing the exquisite parallel universe between No-Wave Art-Rock to Disco-punk and ElectroPsych-Pop from Seattle, WA. 
Trying to rescue the mundane feelings attached to the self-rejecting for the Alternative Rock scene sounding abroad like the influenza tactics for carrying the legendary beats that used to play by Peter Gabriel sophomore and non-aggressive to the intense formats – for example: Slegdehammering toned disco-rock and more catalogs of non-artificial world and activism against the natural destruction via the French-kissing tongue-taste pictography over Be My Animal. 
So, singing loud through these songs whether PETA or Unesco approving them or not but remember that any donations are important to give cause you got inside your pocket the rights of the righteous and the voiceless poor and the modernity talk-is-cheap but dance music collisions over Pop-culture non-popularity contest on Tech Boys, So Hot, COOL to St. Mary or Alone; you will be seduced by the femme vocalist and the groovy sounds to make love with – but don’t make more kids because we are already becoming an over-populated planet !

Be My Animal: