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Lock And Key (High Noon Music 2016)

Kali Phoenix given her soul-enigmatic debutant of Bristol produced recording with the written lyrics or music tracks mostly by L. Berry and D. Dubuison with T.S Haddon and Hundred Strong mixing as performance for the beats/keyboards/bass is by B. Dubuison, Evan Newman did the keyboards/bass play and Gary Alesbrook doing trumpets within this project soloist Kali Phoenix providing her poisonous spiritual delights vocals for Neo-Jazz, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and Downtempo Rap and instrumentals via Voices.

 As beautiful as sophomore unique and rare of retro-taste here over So Sweetly, Bolt From The Blue, Save Me, Washington through No Mistakin, The Old Days and Good Man being miraculously, a savior through your Sunday afternoon quiet times. 


Creeps Night (Independent 2016)

   Ramones-que tuning perfect copying by the awesome next generation of college drop-outs wannabe mighty morphine-based heroes between Illingtons to Perth, Australia written targets co-working in the making of these mini record entitled The Lost Cosmonauts – seems to be offered for the politburo party congrats their success outer-space explorer: Yuri, Andriy, Daniil or Dzhessi off Silver Foxes crew on blasting Punk-Rock popular and Rock n’ Roll formats via Evil Bong, Decampitated, Wasting Away or Radioactive – which tolerates thus secret programs and experiments over local population and humanity through rather exposes riff-catchy and good sing-along tracks available by Pop-Punk rather than pressing red buttons and launches attack towards the western world.

Watch the thrill movies and don’t follow your friends for trick or treats tomorrow, young communist because it’s the commercial capitalism way of having fake fun ! 

The Lost Cosmonauts:

Cool Stuff Here (Independent 2017)

   Cooling down grooves and vibes originally taken from the New York, NY fresh of alltestifies Soulful Funk under thus Gospel/Rn’B rocking tunes writing unit naming themselves as the lesser-known Orange Burn; comprising for Shilan Douglas (vocals, piano), Isaac Friedman (guitars, vocals, Adam Marr (bass, vocals) to Theo Moore (percussion and vocals) as well as Rich Formidoni on keyboards and David McKoy (drums) letting their works being mastered by Louis La Rocco in that self-titled album that can easily burnt the stereo system over uprising interests from the audience on likely love to listening their performance there. 

Good solo melodies, tuning beats catchy onto the rhythmic tempos that brings I’ll Go, For Too Long and Love Me – reigns the local music templates for beautiful female leading role vocalist. 

Orange Burn:

The Triple Man (Self-Released 2017)

After Midnight, Dead End Town, All The Same onto Nightmare, Anywhere But Here as well as Negative Space and Empty House seemed to sounding closed relates through your Halloween afternoon days before and maybe after session where parents going away to visiting their sick friends while your friends making scary tales inside the tree-house as the sun goes down into twilight zone as Hearts and Rockets music becoming the background for insecurity order dwells on your faithless feeling – scattered and tore for knowing about your old-folks divorce plan or cheating shouts includes within The Silence song within over thus Synth-Punk and Goth and Post-Punk rocking out of Melbourne, Australia area duet heads on Dead Beats by Kalindy Williams and Jurt Eckardt debuting like the other self-version from The Ting Tings being bitchy more and eerie to non-stopping party terrible anthems via too much pinkish love and heatwave brats in their mugger shots picturesque pose.

Dead Beats:

Imaginary Blur (Sony Music/Chess Club 2018)

Less anticipated good vibrant from the girl who lent her vocals for Avicii’s singled song and continues to mesmerizing local scene to perhaps, national interests which carries not relevant over Danish singer Karen Marie Orsted loves Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Sonic Youth but receiving first popular tuning music over Spice Girl cd makes this staging female figure known now as MO seems to getting matured and manage to producing her own written lyrics or songs in showcasing glitch Electronic, sparse guitars and sultry melodic vocals comparison to AlunaGeorge as anticipating record release for the next moves from MO – here collectively, doesn’t farther away in quality from your newest Pop-EDM artists inside this – Forever Neverland.

Go listening for Way Down, I Want You, Nostalgia or even Sun in Our Eyes, Mercy and West Hollywood really proves that her music should also selling more dollars in the presence of this talented Beautiful Wreck and Red Wine blending session of catchy voice over thus pleasure popular tunes.

Forever Neverland:

Lara Biggest (Ninja Tune 2018)

Existential from Berlin living spent or Frenchy Pop cultured of Montreal based production reflective Electronic and sequencer Synth-Music on documenting her own state of mind proving that Marie Davidson can working out the self-intuition project soloist recording on number four so far at the sphere of experiencing Dance Music realm as mirroring the arrays over her other talents in becoming writer, thinker or film-maker as some names also influencing her thoughts to do so. 

Reaction and poke fun through this build-up trajectory in non-commercial seductive licks about Dance-floor suffering honest may be caught inside the journey at The Psychologist, Day Dreaming, The Tunnel onto Workaholic Paranoid Bitch and La Chambre Interieure on kinds of intensive beats going steady to moving bodies but never craving consumption too much there for the skinny Working Class Woman figure and fusions under the Ambient constellation or minimalist Synth-Punk shaped of Coldwave jumps onto the solid bag and EDM/Eminem-based interpolation. 

Working Class Woman:

Grave Hope (Not On Label 2014)

   Breakdowns invigorated escorts on chorus parts and slight riffs or solos and neaty drumming but the Thrash Metal/Death/ melodic Hardcore fusion contains heavy guitar shredding; specific category of gore music but not that offensive violence or vulgar displays on fire as Thrash-Core elements bending times for Vagelis Papadopoulos on lead guitars, Andreas Tasiopoulos (guitars/vocals), Tony Alexandris on guitars, Panagiotis Loukaris on bass guitar and Nikitas Mandolas on drums; combining their efforts of orchestral keyboards within harsh-cleansing loud music – hailed from Patra, Greece as Bionic State by Bionic Origin controlling the insects lives by bio-engineering them onto ferocious useful one for sudden hit and run attacks.

Growling for five minutes and five seconds in Bullet of Silver or Rise of The Androids which going to happen very soon with influential ranges grabbing the whole brutality while not let the insects controls us but melodic Death Metal.

Bionic State: