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Untuk Semua (Independen Records 2000)

   Indie Rock movement pioneering around Jakarta as being founded inside Institute Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ) as managed their self-titled acts and album just at the same time where most of the young Indonesian and the rest of the public being sickens over the turbulences of the politic and economy inside the country as RumahSakit bursts out their Alternative Pop-Rock distortion materials just like the Indonesian answer to Radiohead in local lyrics-written but came late a bit still it goes to capturing the interests of as many audiences nation-wide to love having them stays onto the charts of the indie-scene sounds and this second album Nol Derajat (Zero Degrees) really means something related to the feelings of the urban neighborhood and thus instability carried the incompetence and miserable conditions needing to be cured y taking the patients to RumahSakit or hospital.

   Go finding your favorite songs onto Manuver Gelombang Pasang, Terbalik, Beku or frozen, Mati Suri, Ruang , Kuning, Anomali and other melodies which freshly came in with the distorting smooth noises like thunders, lightning and sky-sparks electrifying the listeners to either not hating them or just following their steps to the save house. 

Nol Derajat:

A Song Wide (Bacott/Ceepee Productions 1996)


   Formed by these Bandung musician smart-ideas for corporate their mission in the making of households melodic catchy fusion sounds via the “good darlings, indeed” performance by Muhammad Suar Nasution (vocals, guitar), Ade Purnama (bass), Adithya “Adhi” Ardinugraha (guitars), Yudistira “Udhi” Ardinugraha (drums) and Arief Hamdani (guitars) pioneering their hometown trademarks as the basic base of trendy new kinds of music presentations there of the nation of nusantara archipelago as that time.

   Top-hits single Kosong rules the college radios and the public places and sang by as many different people from various background whom loving on how Pure Saturday (the band) gave them a new meaning of making honesty turned to gold for powerful and soulful Indie Pop rocking the atmosphere without too much pretensions challenging as the tow takes no winner but mesmerizing feelings gone higher up and freely released by listening to their debut record with thus toy war-ship waging the water and playing Kosong, Enough, Desire, Simple or Coklat as the non-U2 type of arrangements charged onto the best Shoegaze Rock delivering smoother sounds to the stereo and ears soon to collecting more fanbase for them non-stoppable after that thirty minutes and sixteen seconds …

Pure Saturday:

Haunts In Tongues (The Bronze Medal 2010)

   Raging in silent changes and clever develops their musical sounds from the catchiest Noise-Pop and Indie Rock to Baroque Folk and Electronica Ambient going to the city street’s parade of the non-debuting record here called Manimal sharing the cult stories of thus non-personality from Jakarta area to the nation wider listeners.

   Led by Marcel Thee to Stranger Mountain figures or The House of Faith and Mirrors as one bigger unit or more smaller in group as Sajama Cut dare to comes to the surface bringing their Lo-Fi Folk Pop against the steel and stormy-rains releasing the good tension track-lists off Paintings/Pantings, Twice (Rung The Ladder), Untitled #4, Whores of The orient and The Hong Kong Cinema in English lyrics but deep inside these guys are still Indonesian with spirits and national prides making their sound of music relevant within thus modern advance times of the humanity felt ashamed finally. 


Quid Pro Quo (Not On Label 2017)

   Alternative Metal collaboration between the two fanatic fans of Rock Music from Planet Earth or North America locations been kindly, enclosing the infamous guitarist Jarrod Alonge and Lauren Babic the dark-haired female vocalist bursting the high-out lungs screaming to the growls effectively – for inviting the listeners to head-banging harder like the band’s music calling themselves as the gang of character of the meanest in Tokyo via Kill Bill series as CrazyEightyEight and this Post-Hardcore EP of these non-japanese crew roaming and ramming your stereo within thus four tracks of the self-written by that horns up and fast beats coming like an avalanche from above the mountains firing the sky in order to showing you all their ability here through Tommy’s Planet, You Were Right and Seven Six Two taken from this album of No Words Spoken.

Waiting for the next female lead singer to teaching the world to rock again after Amy Lee’s vanishing points.

No Words Spoken:

Bentley Young (Frisson Entertainment 2014)


   Born from the wealthy parents whose an Indonesian industrial trader attaché and exporting insurance of Indonesia CEO father/mother didn’t really satisfied the adventurous living as she moved to another countries to another one; smoothly/softly digging her own musical talents within Ratih Suryahutamy to be shaped as one of the brighter shiny song-writer/singer and artist from Jakarta to raising herself describing music making by the combination for Folk, Rock, Soul, Rn’B and Electronic mixed with violins, harp or acoustic guitar as well as banjo, koto of japan and mandolin or glockenspiel, table and synthesizers becoming letting her to be on the list of Indonesian bands you should listening to today’s choice as Seeds (her album) recorded and being released like an egg for the beginning of everything such as the beauty blended of Pop-Rock to Blues style like Neonomora’s sounds closer to Beth Hart works but has her own materials blessings via Repiblic 106, Verge of Universe, The Man, Fight and Palace in My Dreams – really amusing to catch by good ears of music lovers.


Letter To You (Elevation Records 2013)

   Smaller stages to the bigger ones was where these troops of musicians off the local south Yogyakarta, Indonesia came with their ideas to forming the group of musical project to kill the boredom caused by thus academic living everyday which turns out to be a delightful choice for Aurette and The Polska Seeking Carnival appreciating and being appreciated by the audience in Bali, Bandung to Jakarta independent fans universe for liking them and as the cirque team goes on delivering you their sweetest sounds on Pop-arranging traditional inspiring songs in accordion, semi-acoustic romance even if it’s not in Paris but you’ll feel it alike once the self-titled album play, meet the entire crew of local college students believes that nothing will eternally stays attached before decided to foolishly disbanded themselves; Dhima Christian Datu (accordion, ukulele, lead vocals), Aurelia Marshal (ukulele, guitars, keyboards), Aris Setyawan (drums, cajon), Danny Rachman (electric bass, contrabass), Ahmad Mursid (trumpet), Khrisna Bayu (trombone) and Rian Hidayat (conga, djembe, tambourine, marching bells) taken their steps and build in the large circus tent to mass entertainment which really sounded like how French people playing this performance within I Love You More Than Piza, Someday Sometime, Wonderland and Lies in a Cup of Cappuccino as actually, this is Indonesia future Pop-Indie speaking !


Sadranan Replaced (Paperplane Recording 2013)

   Basically, it is sounded like a villager’s Folk-Pop independent forming as the group named Answer Sheet within the formation members of local musicians given to play their loveable music instruments as they wanted to through Wafiq Giotama (vocals, ukulele, live looping), Suryo Baskoro (guitars), Abdullah Haq (bass, backing vocals) and Mas Gilang Karebet (vocals, ukulele, keyboards) whose left the band long after they’re getting fit together as a unit of natural catchy sound-proof creations of mind-thoughts helping many souls to listening and rethinking about celebrating the differences in unity like the country’s long-time principle told them to.

   Now as a trio releasing the debut album called Chapter 1: Istas Promenade; writing their English lyrics with Indonesian cultures and further goes internationally national in harmony colors as the sounds of the relaxing like paddy farms and fish ponds of the birds chirping in the morning glory as the farmers and others waking up finding that they’re so lucky living in this archipelago just like Yogyakarta kids praising their good life singing Riverside, One Last Smile, Stay Leave, A Regretful Season or The Pleasant Drink of United Ink and Hills of Rabbit Face as well as A Girl From Kyoto mixing the stories and smiles in a bi-lingual lyrics tales that showing how the real smart Indonesian people whom loves to seeking or spreading friendships and peace rather than doing violence.    

Chapter 1 Istas Promenade: