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Sufi Disco (Wonderwheel Recordings 2009)

   Don’t hesitate to get too suspicious not to trying and find that you might be just followed by The Spy Of Cairo; a protégé solo project of Arab-Dub compilation recording sounds made creatively by Moreno Visini also known a bit as Zeb or The Pleb but here this man had his time miraculously plenty with thus enriched tempos and infamous traditional sample, live music or noises describing the surroundings of Arabic neighborhood through the Middle East or North Africa via music to the world. From Electronic, Folk, Dub, Down-tempo and Break-Core that matters; Blood and Honey (vocals by Ghalia Benali) also Bennaty with Ghalia Benali – onto Saidi The Man, Leila or Kurdish Night onto Reggada must be really might amazed you how particularly various the Arabic World music heritage meets the modern beats must be sounded like in the recording of Secretly Famous … 

Secretly Famous:

Racatin Alfama (Wonderwheel Recordings 2017)

Feel the newest imaginative sounds mixing of Azulejos created y the Italian producer or live performer for Electronic music in your World Music’s kafe auch like upside-down corrections from slow-tempo to mid-tempo and futuristic noises by Andrea Mangia or known to some as Populous.

On this latest recording of himself through Hip-Hop, House, Dub to Electro-Pop under the art-deco non-commercial affections and both Southern European to Latino musical mergers; go dance and move your hips or stepping like flamingo on lust slower following these songs of lesser-known but magical to build back love via Alala, Azul Oro feat. Ela Minus, Voz Serena, Caparica to Mi Sueno. Feel the rhythm, feel the harmful beats …


Iconoclast Consecrate (Gasmask Productions 2008)

   Death Metallic and shredding skinned sounds would extremely terrorizing your surroundings once the stereo got a chance to play this brutal music off an American band recording straight from Atlanta, Georgia under the fearful name – Father Befoulded. Death eternal, blasphemy or destruction on the first full studio album released here to your all the maniac suffocated insane maggots through Obscurus Nex Cultus; scarring those reality as realizations that evil, demonic, darkness and the destroying of icons of religious beliefs has been done correctly – perfectly – totally without mercy by the duo of JBS (vocals, guitars) and Wolxum (bass, drums) bring us their ability to spreading disease satanic lyrics upon occult rituals within their tracks on this fucking heavy record; from Idolatry of Cursed Revelation, Golden Rivers of Heaven (Baptized in Piss) or instrumental ensemble of hell within Excement Pastorous to the closing song of blasphemy off the last track – Beneath The Spires of Nocturnal Temples. 

All preserving your faith in the altar of Extreme Black/Death Metal opportunity in order to cursing the world set in flames ! 

Obscurus Nex Cultus:

The Martian Way (Not On Label 2012)

   Another presentations of music sounds available when your ears just catching the soft and funky mellow tones from elsewhere floating by the smooth wind tonight and the coffee or half-cold beer already giving the head a good measurement whether it’s single night out or you having trouble with your quarreling wife or boring family at home but don’t wanted to go out and cheats. 
Then, Jazz music carrying its instrumental performance with high stills and techniques really squeezing your way to drop-off and moving to the right direction; going to thus small alley and following the louder beats of cool Jazz instrumental music from somewhere. 
Dark but never could stopping your steps to find the place of thus Avant-Garde/Post-Bop Jazzy tunes played by the trio of Anteater: Jacob Zimmerman the saxophonist, Kim Cass on upright bass and percussionist Sam Ospovat lending their half-commercial, good harmonies, sad tunes or remarkable hopes through the self-titled which presented by the songs of Blackupuncture, Form 1311 and Narrow Gauge and there you have it – the old lounge behind the unmarked old town spot where people may finding happiness but forever won’t coming back; some said the reptilians ate them. 


Skid Row You (Bandcamp 2016)

   A.K.A The young godless of the internet ghost chasing the dreams as being influenced by great grief, negative vibes, medication, substance of depression, blue sky black death to the sleepless and hibernation as the creative figure here known as Skinxbones from Neo-Manila; impressively – making these tracks over Distances and Xanax within the complicated suicidal cloud Rap or Dead Hop or Post Swag Emo-Trap to Drone-Hop or Rivotrillwave-motional as many more newer sub-genre of music taken out or blends from Hip-Hop or Rap instrumentals with Rn’ B, Alternative Soul, Indie Rock and Trip-Hop tremor beats like you got them here already recorded slightly good even though it’s only private sessions but one shall finding how unique the songs being written and composed here like Worst of Me, Eyebags, Collider, Bohemian Grove to How So ? feat. Nemesis Q or Ghost in The Shell feat. Omega will expanding your nurturing minds in search for more learning fusion off how massive and various Hip-Hop/Rap has becoming to turn in many differences like this Filipino’s instrumental musical album. 

Distances and Xanax:

Paradigm Sky Fish (Bandcamp 2009)

   Is it really good to be Animal Nation whose doing positive things within their lives like playing some Hip-Hop tunes, paying the rent or partying and relaxing while hanging-out doesn’t mean that you must be totally drunk or fucked up but for Mike “Armadillo Slim” Armitage and Garnet “Tall Man” Clare as a duo of your surely might be a new favorable Old School Rap and Alternative Hip-Hop collections by general through the ultimate Animal Nation music that proudly sharing the heritage of the good Big Apple rhythmic breath blessings that never faded away as the next generations needs to come back to hearing the magnificent superb scratching that can be found here on the group’s album release – Understanding More About Nothing that interestingly, sounded wiser and mature but on the same time also the protests from the Hip-Hop urban area to the social issues comes and go around them that sometimes can creating fatality towards good friends, neighbors to the love ones. With the scientific connection or opinions as well as the general themes which nailing almost the complete news to spreading by the lyrics from these Vancouver crew sticking onto your heads like a post-it or glue within the home-based repertoir track-lists such as Caribbean Nights and The Electrifying Technicolor Dreamscapes, The Fez, Her Dangerous Smile, The Caper feat. Mat The Alien to Feels Real or Street Shadows which calling the listeners to paying more attentions to them the cast-out or you childhood friends or even strangers; not to lose hope but trusted the hard working and the kindness where you can help the community by creating goodness or opportunity rather than toss people to laziness and shoot-outs by making great music beats within old samples and crazy style of scratches – kicking the fucking boredom out. 

Understanding More About Nothing:

Hunger Est (Dark Descent Records 2017)

   Debauchery curses, anti-christianity pleasures and occultism history as the forbidden lyrics of raw Extreme Heavy Metal grabbing the essential of Black and Thrash Metal combinations burst like explosions made out of the hell below upon your face as it melts and one scream out – the loud devotions of swearing and curse of spell to chants in turns filling the necessity of the magical black Satanism of London’s premium group called Craven Idol – releasing their latest off The Shackles of Mammon which consisting these four-piece fierce blasting of blackest force of destructive measurements over the religious community and Christian matters to be entirely destroyed onto ashes under the fleshy horrific influences from Bathory, Manila Road and Inquisition. 
As you might loving the early pioneers that making Black Metal Thrashy scene becomes alive and powerful thanks to the essential horrible hell-noise back then on the old days as the vulture gods conquering the last humans and the devastation of the planet surely, being perfectly onto the processing of torturing, mutilated, sacrificial and enslavement of mankind by the higher ruling order led by the old ancient pagan gods as the fire-blaster tracks like A Ripping Strike, The Trudge, Dashed to Death, Tottering Cities of Men and consuming the guts of what’s left of pathetic laws of the modern days spit or burnt like the bible-codes by Immolator of Sadistik Wrath, Suspiral, Heretic Blades and Obscenitor. 

The Shackles of Mammon: