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The Touch Fallen Ben (NuYork Disco/Essential Media Group 2017)

   Dance the Electronic with the choice made to pick one of the finest yet not too famous then but you would find the intensive mastery of moods being compelling to once again, reborn of ideas that stuck before listening to and further more as one exploring the secret wonders of applying vibes from the House Music experts such as Chris Diodati himself giving the blending scenes over fifteen brand new compositions in accurate and compatible for reflecting the smoother and relaxing yet unified uncanny displays from the man throughout any Club-House sounds demanding the audience to addicted for more listenable and sampling mixtures of mostly instrumentals songs that kicks the corner cleans for anyone who sitting still to get up, drinking more and grabbing partners to dance on the damn floor since the play button being pressed marking the starting line-up of Bangers & Mash, Sup, 7:15 A.M onto Throw Your Hands Up, Disco Ballz and Riots In Leeds which widering the Bass Nationfor masses in capacity that never has been maximized before not by using blasting boom-bardment but via clever moves, skills for mixing the entire materials surrounds your existence and keep on believing that music is the healing power for mankind to getting well through dancing like crazy and having lots of good time went sweaty, sticky and Undisputed – thanks for the releasing of this London Essential Club – London’s Sound Of The Underground from DJ/music mixer/producer/arranger of the United Kingdom: Chris Diodati leaving us his Old-School clubbing styles.


Adrenaline 3:23 (TOT Records 2012)

   Musical abilities within men with their talents then creating this hailed Hip-Hop breeding ground crew of Adelaide Hills as Levelheaded to the FTO MC former-members decided to combining their force together within the results for consisting developed grouping off brothers and Rappers Eslev and Levelheaded mixing their opportunities within Mix Zagger DJ Snchez and Chris Weber to Willy Metzer and Jack Radford from the boys to becoming Full Tote Odds whose came closer to be incarnating as Aussie’s Beastie Boys version but not because they’re born white doesn’t mean that they’re didn’t wanna to adding some more tuning catchy by the chance of sell further more about their music to you and the additions for joining the leftish sided political views, numbers of recognition well-known acts national wide within others compiling the international recording as well technical high level knowledge and the examples for the group’s song-tracks would be you taking them out of this debut album – Place Your Bets featuring Ain’t Coming Down, Feeling Alright, Call It A Night featuring T. Jones/ guitarist C. Ward or The Answer, For The Music featuring J. Radford/T. Spreadbury onto Southside, Sweet Touch or Southern Wind feat. T. Jonesand the scratching cuts by DJ Hacksaw bleeding you up being stilts on tha autonomous semi-monumental beats before collecting your coins for winning ! 

Place Your Bets:

Da Zone Back In (King Kong Holding Company 2009)

   Ever heard something related to Ramson Badbonez lately ? Seeing any Rapper from the UK wears his skeleton mask on the fucking stage before ? So, meet the infamous Highbury discovered at the age of 14 thanks to Task Force the Hip-Hop godfather leaning the path crossing in many more ways for him culture-titled out as Rap game MC’s for rhyming machine or breathing Rap-Music ever since with stellar performance and exploding itches clique-blows as semi-legendary in slow steps but surely, will be somewhat few really knows about and interacts but Ramson Badbonez would becoming your role model for being honest, converted to the street-life solidified for not leaving fans and possibly, high rated maintaining as untouchable, pure raw and unadulterated as rapid flows of lyrics sounding awesome portraying the gutter without dipping into clich├ęs on the releasing time-bomb for young generation for learning more about the real truth in Tales From The Staircase: Chapter 1 where the ghost-writer wrote the best thing of being dangerous like Hip-Hop by living not too perverted horrific but never gone soft either means these thirteen songs alike Death Iz in D Air, Who Dares to Compare, Want U back, Black Widow, Ladidada, When I’m Strollin’ or Kill Sumbody and Fashion 4 Da Young protesting the generic community property that slaughtering freedom of speech and replacing it with planted bombs, riots, economy collapsing, building collapsing, high prices making us mad and secret experiments to take over the world is almost final !

Tales From The Staircase Chapter 1:

Antidaephobia (Dream Machine 2014)

   Written down and produced by Rick Coenen (or Natrion the project) whom consciously starts to pressing his own imagination over the making of music which for now further deeper exploring the universal musical subgenre in particular thinking outside the box as creating a renewal kinds around distorted experimentalism beats across the atmosphere through define darker style of a non-simple horrification must be liked by the audience with deranged taste of irregular for having Natrion’s Corrupted Breakcore onto Drum N’ Bass and Dubstep freestyle adding by Electronic-ambient and soundcapes onto those four listing songs that has been written among the haunting skeleton figure and wings of lights singing for Butterfly Chemotherapy bursting Immortality on about three minutes and thirty-nine seconds or even thus four minutes and twenty-two seconds of the intense beats of scary thoughts or themes in an often sorrow in electric future doubt over sci-fi fake stories.

Butterfly Chemotherapy:

Emanuel Desperado (Independent 2017)

   Homegrown adding musical in shades or layers combinations over Alternative Folk-Country and Americana rocking indie tunes recording sessions that continues to challenge their orders in usual roots taken-music ready to giving additional instruments or overdubs with Julian Falck the lead vocals/guitar/drums covering the front stage while Anders Christensen leading the vocals as well playing guitar; bassist Simon Dyhr to keyboardist Lasse Storgaard and Jens Stoklund for drumming certain in keeping their balance as Stranger The Horse band holding the red flower and giving the public their – Play It On The Tannoys recording as taking inspirations from Ry Cooder, Neil Young, The Flaming Lips and resulting thus eight tracks like the Bossa-Nova on Indie-Pop collective upon Back Round, I Am War, In Spcae We Keep onto Closer To The Bend or During Half Sleep or featuring the sweeter voice from Sara Grabow proving the Copenhagen boys – a worth listening momentary pointed on to this !

Play It On The Tannoys:

Safari Song (Republic Records/Lava 2017)

   In the woods gathering by trusted brotherhood companion with no further explanation ringing the bells for your favorite Rock N’ Roll and Heavy Rock basic group and their occult-tinged passion there to the world opening their ears wider to listening on Greta Van Fleet – the Frankenmuth, Michigan crew whom actually, brothers as well in the flesh hailing your newer Rock heroes with a cause subsequently: Joshua/Josh, Samuel/Sam, Jacob/Jake Kiszka’s onto Kyle Hauck whose being later on replacing by Danny Wagner as then answering many questions for their unique creative mentioned naming choice as relative for one of the resident of Gretna Van Fleet used for blessings transform quickly to Greta Van Fleet quartet whose leading the sounds of influential seventies rock heavier through the likes for Robert Plant, Whitesnake, Deep Purple and (if it’s not about) Led Zeppelin there must be Uriah Heep and Humble Pie appearing in your mind while hearing their great rocking rolling musical performance over this debut recording that also reminding you for The Black Crowes compositions inside From The Fires – cranking pure powering solos, bluesy rhythms and awesome crisps melodic harmonies brought quite artistically by A Change is Gonna Come, Highway Tune, Edge of Darkness, Meet The Ledge and Talk On The Street may causing spellbound aura spreading among us and addictive Black Smoke Rising signs the eternal bonds between the new millennium genre lovers and the band that starting it all – this century. 

From The Fires:

Miramar Off (Fennely 2009)

   Crepusuclo can easily being pronouncing as cray-poo-skoo-low in spanish having a wonderful romantic meaning for twilight and because of that choice chosen by the project of Americana Folk-Pop Alternative independent soften music with unique taste composing by the event of unlucky living birth entering the world as a child of blessings before something went wrong makes nor sadness and mourns getting rids out leaving only positive thoughts as decisions by Jessica Peters Malmberg continue on giving in her vocals/keyboards/bells performance entirely, while John Askew did the bass, drums by Max Diez, guitarist Tad Wagner and cello-player Heather Houseman and euphonium/trumpeter Cory Gray shiny playful the combining great ideas with gently smooth piano displays as honestly simple to lullabying the soul of a little boy whom pass away by the accidental cord problems cannot stopping the singing after the silence of days as sweeter holding the tenderness of love comforting the guidance passages on both mother and child’s separated ways. 

   Kept in floated down but solid one piece performance for Petracovich the group growing by releases like this Ambient-Country Pop and Indie-Rock tuning and taken her best grandpa suits from the late centuries migrations tales as the old man’s loving for New York opera always carried within this woman’s musical as like I’ll Return as Waterbird, Heaven Help The Day, San Rafael, Syracuse Next 6 Exits, Big Heart, Boy Who Was Caught and Last Day of February means everything considerable not just about the loss there but reflecting wisdom lyrics can be told to your beloved ones too; the next day of wonders.