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La Sirena (Burger Records 2015)

   Definitely, would make most of the male audience staggering in lust, opening their drooling mouth and even stands stood there like a statue for seeing how delicious these trio of three gorgeous female rockers hailing from their native San Pedro, California’s scenery of Surf-Rock tunes and Rock n’ Roll punchy beats to dance-able the beachy life’s back alive again as Angela Ramos, Jerico Campbell and Paloma Banuelos hang-out like a best friend forever and ordering the snack menus with red and white classics straws and cherry bombs lemonade or juice of alcohol-mix tempos screaming music as smiles can melt or sending boys to a psych-conditions as this recording EP adding tomato sauce wish-list shall enamored everyone to jumps and dance silly craze within the background of louder tunes - Swedish Fish, Cosmic Surf, Pow Wow and Dance Just Like Annette from A Date With Bombon releasing where summer’s already drifted out and cold winds taken over but warmth didn’t really changed while the Garage Rock girls of Bombon predictably could makes you twisting and turvy as traditional brass-sections added more complete life and salt-water with bottles of alcohol and fun days in a package of beauty sexy cool. 

A Date With Bombon:

04:52 (Zankyo Records 2007)

   Slower sounds of opening flute major to minor adjective sessions leads to this seminal experiments reader to not relating the disney’s absurd similarity logos and Japanese faces smiling for gorgeous, good looking or just regular people like ordinary as harmonic voices of female sounding spreads the entire awesomeness to hear in English lyrics and sensual melodies mode on from Asako Natsubori (vocals, guitars), Mikiko Degawa (bass, chorus), Kaz Ichimura (guitars) and Nadehiko (drums) from Tokyo, Japan naming themselves as a group of band musician as Texas Pandaa. 

   Ethereal/Shoegaze of Pop-Rock transforming thus written lyrics and arrangements towards you by a great choices to be favorable tunes for audience of them; as ten tracks with experimenting brass, harmonies and further weridy sounds mixed inside it – casting you the coloring virtue and dimension over Days calculating things daily usual or none as Old Times, Blind, Dry Me Up, Sway, Inside The Sad CafĂ©, And What Flows, No Recall or thus Meow Version effecting the surprises adds to the musical strange cat saying hi to the world.

Sweeter accordion plays performed by Anoa will lullabying yours fast.


Breakfast Own (Almo Sounds 1998)

   She’s the half-sister for Chynna Phillips as daughters of John Phillips from The Mamas and The Papas dabble the success of their seventies and late eighties before the children grows up and turning not cute anymore with beauty mysterious and naughty attitudes stays with Bijou Phillips whose use to have long-term relationship with Sean Lennon acting as actress, youngest models appearance to music lovers turning singer/musician as forming herself best known wild child celebrity personal lives and background of addictive cache tracks lure into the co-working gets a record deal with Jerry Harrison of The Talking Heads expecting to find peace but meet the placing of today’s environmental music applications far worse to better or general balance in the midst of popular culture and media bias under I’d Rather Eat Glass from Bijou Phillips sounded far right to the unsigned hell-rocks but colder beats tuning down as Little Dipper, I Am A Mountain, Polite, Hawaii onto Stranded or I Never Shot The President acoustically, fills thus questioning of non-politic towards the destine on slight onto socio-issues of destroyed environmental as activists loves her style to send messages upon Just Look Around, mermaid and The Earthmen, So Tired or the broken romance-based to be related to anyone on When I Hated Him reveals the sexy textures for further comments by listeners.

Like her or not … 

I'd Rather Eat Glass:

Heroin Gloves (Bandcamp 2014)

   Los Angeles, California – present day package of covering tunes from the Classics numerous numbers written by the time era of The Velvet underground frontman as ReLoaded: A Tribute To Lou Reed makes your awful times seems to be remembered to reflects and some mistakes might be forgiven as thus yellow banana that used to be describing the fresh ideas and balancing of peace natural of human beings turns out to be showing its real insider looks as gun comes out and fully bullets – ready to shoot anyone that moves being alive that stung the reality checks for the fans and the artists himself for written down further sadder songs complaining the modern lust and greed of mankind above the law and twisting the rules as society doesn’t care but making themselves wealthy like capitalism asks for and arts dying as buried next to freedom of speech by fear. 

   Six tribute tracks listed there over the album and various artists or groups hanging on as the opening Perfect Day salute to late seventies era and beyond imagination of bad lucks nor boredom means a lot to sang by Grain Thief, Holland Belle did their sexy textures tuning over I’m Waiting For The Man in anthem goodies, Stout Cortez’s The Gift or The Seats within All Tomorrow’s Parties stops you all from wasting more eagerness of information gathering and knowledge ability to re-creates the better future not with greed-controls over us all but friendly populations loving artistic sounds of experiments recycling on everything and preserving the planet before the signs of too late alerts to extinction rang just like Walk on The Wild Side for three minutes and six seconds format variations thrown The Shaking Hand a closing end features as proclaiming fans of Lou Reed says aloud on this – here ! 


Room Syrian (Certain Esthetik 2016)

Nudity, raw harshness noise boom bombing your stereo like hell awaits finally, comes in form of scary recordings might can be describing how this Pete Jennings project that spawns kinds of Industrial Noises and Power-Electronic to the spoken words of perverting tales and stuff conjured in between darkness-based to thus more terminated tortures record for disturbing sounds affecting people treated like the asylum patients by the non-stop hour of mind breaking cell-melts and image corrupting via Pain Appendix’s Choir of The Annihilated cassette.

From True Sadistic Pleasure, Humiliated, or Circle of Shit/How Will You Escape ? could lesser be completed by putting dots after dots after dots and let madness prevails to taking over your healthy mind – the killing of your beloved ones isn’t your vault but creators fate urgency needs to be judge by non-origins figure with high intelligence animal-fusion and sensual driven symbolic of death and demonic occult ruling the small realm of you.

Choir Of The Annihilated:

Clothesline (Bandcamp 2018)

   Melbourne, Australia bring its lesser known productive band or group called Pting (weirdy nerdy or anything you might calls them) but Elsie on vocals/guitars, Yura on vocals/bass, Rhys on vocals/guitars and Ben – strictly no vocals but playing drums did well written tracks and music creation within their short mini record under the title of Beep Beep and thus flowery blossoming colors shines as the springs might comes back later after the worst stormy and winter season and these tracks of song would be a perfect additions to sing along for celebrating the friendships and relations with hailing Bus Driver for three minutes more and slower safety roads meet Rathdowne Street remembered to the last school days as you might never seeing some of your good friends anymore – moving, lost or even just stop being around your country for no good reasons remains over thus daily family issues and problems brought to the writing paper on the table – to becoming reality shared tales while the wiser stops speaking for the recording by Cody Matthews and Calum Newton mastered of Pting resolves alone for Power-Pop and Garage Rock as alternatives to the popular music media boring existence.

Beep Beep EP:

Jackals Lonesome Throwa (Matador 1992)

   Shall the nineties generation whose loving Alternative Rock ever forgets about Stephen Malkmus and his Stockton, California’s unit of seminal legendary crew of musicians calling themselves as Pavement and bring the fresh rural coloring tunes to Indie Rock in general and US scene a legacy to always remembered for while sing along to karaoke or covering the tunes taken from the group’s finest debut album – Slanted and Enchanted with Bob Nastanovich, Mark Ibold, Scott Kannberg to Steve West did the melodic and catchy songs written within thus daily stories or issues surrounding them as everyone will waiting impatiently, mastered to let them sing together for the choruses alike the opening single hits Summer Babe even if it’s not a hit at all as well as Trigger Cut / Wounded Kite At:17, In The Mouth a Desert, No Life Singed Her, Zurich is Stained and Chesley’s Little Wrists seemed to be un-important subjects or object to share to public but we all knew that most of this lyrics tales happening to our effective lives as it goes more complicated or easier. 

The style of singing like they didn’t care much means kindness still floating the air at the time to smell.   

Slanted And Enchanted: