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Storm Whatever Come (Self-Released 2012)

   San Luis Obispo, California releasing its stateless border for an underground collision over this Progressive Black Metal and Doom Rock independent and blasphemous themed on space, time, death and mind as the extreme voices and sounds emerging harder as horror-atmosphere reached the reactive temporary fear onto your common sense and Bloodmoon unit consisting of Patrick Mulholland (bass), Jason Goldie (drums, vocals) and Peter Tomis (vocals, guitars) finally, opens their gate-away of hellish figures and witch-crafting with thus old dark magic tree and hooded figure of Satanism rituals for Orenda as the demo tape spreading the evil-messaging tales about the ugly truth and the bad seeds comparison within human’s excessive power to avoid immediate danger comes within thus tracks of non-withdrawal among As A Wind; Shallow Berth; Riding Eternity pt. I as well as What Lies Beyond.

Greenish smokes-signs and symbols you might already read before shows clearly on this one !


Bird Blue (Self-Released 2017)

   Grungy experimental Noise-Garage distorting deliverance of something non-sophisticated and sounded cranky like an ensemble of rioters came louder as the Intro goes out blasting; with vocalist/guitarist/bass player Goldfacemoneywatch; gutairst/bassist SunA’Marri and drummer Believe recording their mixed album of the self-titled as The Worms proclaiming the essential for breaking the mainstream fully attentions within the Grunge-Alt.Rock and Jazz desirable grooves stating that this joint is independent and liberates as River & Sky, Celebration, Party Song to Blue Man making their ways to forcing your stereo system to holding the punchy track-roars through it. Perfect gift for anyone whom needs to do something irrelevant towards the non-comfortable issues.

The Worms:

Verso Kartini (Intrapid Music/Gohan2003)

Amazing ensemble of the lesser-known high-tech maestro performance off these Indonesian musicians whom loving Pink Floyd and Weather Reports much as their vein bleeding Progressive Rock with thus atmospheric grooves addition from Jazz, Folk and Traditional sounds movement.

As Iwan Hasan (guitar,21-string harpguitar, Balinese rindik, electronic percussion and lead vocals), Anto Praboe (flute, soprano, alto & tenor saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet), Eko Partitur (violin & electronics), Fadhil Indra (keyboards, background vocals), Hayunaji]](premierdrums & electronic percussion), Kiki Caloh (5-strings & fretless bass), Krisna Prameswara (keyboards, midi percussion programming) and Nonnie (lead vocals) really turning your expectations for a brand new possibilities among how Indonesians can actually creating such of this mystical magnificent albums with the totality of both harder to soften parts choruses as well as the thicker build-up traditional incense sounded promising to just being ignored – especially, for those whom liking the Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal much go down the streams onto Jazz tunes and power-mending enclosure towards Discus’ works from their best of the best full length album … Tot Licht! 

From the nine minutes and twenty seconds oepenr via System Manipulation; P.E.S.A.N (message) crowned over its five minutes to thirty-two seconds or even Music 4.5 Players or Anne came across the distance horizon of our listening senses through 07:40 and 19:23. 

Screaming high-toned vocals onto the female sensual goods onto thus variable speed and low tempos remarkably in the making from them – there’s no reasons good enough not to have them.

Tot Licht:

Vent Ripley’s (Meta4 2017)

   Cross-breed of Industrial Hardcore and Slow-Core Noise Techno parable variants filled up fixing the entire experimental sounds created by the persona non-grata character in Thomas Visser damned to be alive and kicking as this man put on thus curses upon the extra-boomed bass-tastic for these five piece tracks from Strange Arrival – a Netherlands project compilation e.p on this Kane’s Son as the next generations descends of the evil incarnated person of the first cursed male by the creator now being admired and worshiping here for the Electronic views of instant riot beatniks pleasure. Crunchy and distorted sounds and the beats collaborations capturing the dismal blurred transmission over the meaningless Trance-Rave familiar addictions over the Automaton, Sevastopol and 303 Bloodstream.

Whether the recording cover showing us that the ants will conquering the planet by invasion or the terrible hungry Judas grasshopper and cockroaches attacking the mankind straight from the sewer revolution !

Kane's Son:

Orange & Blue (Doom Trip Records 2016)

   An improvising Synth-Pop/Indie Rock/Electronic and some parts or more of experimental through the designs being called later as Mutant Rock or meaningful explainable can be as Noise-guitar Blues-Pop Psychedelic blended onto Soul-Loops Left Field as Skyjelly that consisted of Mr. Jones, Dave Melanson, Eric (Jones) Hudson and Scott Sheik Levesque matching their levels of experiment-music which contains of the sounds of Modern day Rock independently and as well the Oriental/Middle-Eastern tinged collections of harmony melodies releasing not only just an album but the magnificent collective compilation records which gave a title under the terms of Blank Panthers/Priest, Expert or Wizard that divided into pairs of side-affecting sound-proof groovy beats and structured self-improvements products available through Seamagnet, Acosta or Sixes for the A Side onto the B-section via Subway Rider, Catherine’s Rabbi, Watch Out and Headphone Jack through the bonuses tracking like Solomon’s Theme and Babies in Light.

The vocals moving towards the essential British Indie Pop bands measuring and Pop-Alt Europe that spawns brief of happiness to hope sense leading the good variable of Rock N’ Roll cracks there made well by the musicians.


Saigon Lime (Burger Records 2013)

Synchronizing off the real meaning acronym of Hour of The Time Majesty Twelve based in Los Angeles, CA as well being known simply as HOTT MT.

As the band members comprising for duet of Ashi Dala and Spooki Tavi with (Auxilary Paladins) where there are names like Shaki Tavi, Guitty Dryver or Chairman Towel and E-Z available for the productive efforts making as the group kept generally, arranging music that matters to them. 

Taking the audience to the magical places just like when one listening to the recording album of debut called – I Made This; a noises confronting games of melodic and beats odds to normal naturally, sounding free to decided its own direction. Pop-Rock and Electro-Indie delivers to you YKWYR, Peachy Mermaid, The Family Flea, Country Club and Glass Sun – perfectly won’t be spoiling the day and driving alone looking for some opportunity ahead with hope in between the level of high or low …

I Made This:

Hiroshima Onomatopaeia (Lizard Records 1978)

   Funky formations of the Space-Rock editions and more blending ingredients off Psychedelic Rock, Disco, Electronic and Soul beats reliable to have its own lust-romance compositions within the jealous versions of younger Tom Jones type thing or as one can check-out via the multiplications of the performers listed there inside the groovy album like Brunel Bunny (bass), keyboardist Bill Goyonne; piano/synthesizers – Goubet Michel, electric guitar by Torelli Bernard; drummer Andreis Marc and much lead vocals like Bonfils Tony, Ma Sayuki Sasao, Attali Patrick or as the semi Jazz-coustic grooves through the recording self-titled from Human Egg like Love Like This, I Got A Dream of My Own, Rainbows All Around, Feeling on My Mind, You Keep Me Warm My Lady react.

Feels like the making useful movements on the penetrating where a phallus tearing its way through the delicious membrane of the chalice/vessel gate and the chemistry or the sensations moans harder like a spontaneous illumination process before the copulating process turning to fertile progressions as the seeds may then turning onto living flesh …

Human Egg: