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Curtain Stop (Not On Label 2000)

   Modern commercial Indie Pop-Rock and boosted teenage-based musical themes which sounded like the mixing of Donny and Mary Osmond, The Brady bunch Family and softer Alternative music lust preventing you from stop listening to it; as the primary artists – Bachelor Number One existing after the demise of the old previous one group before it and being engineered by Mark Getten to John Carter with the lead figure performer consisting of Scot Sax (bass, drums, piano, vocals, writer) and Debbie Weisberg (vocals background) within their abstractive influences heavily provided by the likes on The Beatles, The Partridge Family and melodic harmony sixties initiative music products according to the blissful tracks listed here for the only one album of The Mini Series for Your Are, Earth and Sky, The Great Decide, The Discrimination Between Blue and Green or Down; classically sounding flattery, penetrating and romantic to make your after hours of midnight hungry delivery worth a waiting as this music making listenable medium on your stereo.


Finale (Bandcamp 2015)

   Rivne, Ukraine Sludgy experimental metallic band with members of local rock-heads genius performance on duty: Alex (vocals), Dima (guitars), Denis (bass), Roma (drums) and Koyla (saxophone) over this unique formations affiliated mainly their Post-Rock, Polyphonic melodies as the creating chords of guitar meets saxophone fixing their recording session by the releasing of Phoenix by the name of what they’ve chosen as Selma. Six minutes or eight minutes more duration longer or even twelve minutes and counting still – did manage to displaying Selma’s authority on performing the deeds of experimenting via Wail, Filth or Path.


Rowan’s Riding (Downwarde Spiral 1995)

   By the midst of nineties collective recording arranged and releasing by these Somerset’s Folk-Rock group named Blyth Power as the English musicians members like Joseph Porter (drums/lead vocals), Annie Hatcher (keyboards/harmony vocals), Steven Cooper (guitars) and Jerry Hatcher (bass) off Harrogate been completely written down lyrics and making music artistically, for Paradise Razed which blending Alternative Pop-Folk and Punk music into acoustic plus piano-tinged tinsels rural atmosphere stepping in the arch-bishop ruling crown by the social-values situation and problematic living of the upside down people.
Signalman White, Carlisle with Rachael Swindlehurst on backing vocals onto Milton’s Schemes, Winter’s Tale, Cold War Comforts and Cry Carrion relapsing thus past and presents to kissing the season goodbye and having the surrounding the unique than just another ordinary local Pop-Rock group.

Paradise Razed:

A Death (Abduction Film 2014)

   Music composed by Blitz/Berlin based on the script by both Vicious Brothers on the science-fiction horror movie Extraterrestrial or used to be called The Visitors; telling the story about strange case of alien abduction stroke April and Kyle her boyfriend in a cabin on a remote forest-edge inviting others like Seth, Melanie and Seth’s girlfriend Lex as being pulled of by sheriff warning them about well-behaving continues with smoking and drinking as Kyle proposing April but she rejects. Later on some weird things happen as the crash nearby the woods being investigated as what seems to be an alien spacecraft as footprints leads away from the site suggesting them something alive still. While returning the group encounters one of them as they’re shoot one of them; driving for help to town but a tree blocked the road as giant spacecraft overhead them and abducts Lex while others flew to Travis place whom later giving the group a glimpse of real information about US government and Roswell incident treaty theory with the abduction for humans by aliens; government left to clean up is mess but if they’re engage to human or get killed – then the aliens shall hunting down the kids – as they’re going back to the cabin while Travis fighting the incoming alien attack raiding his territory. Seth is arrested for shooting the officers mistakenly for aliens finding that Sheriff’s wife also missing by abduction. 
   The aliens raiding the cabin and abducts Seth, leaving panicking Melanie overdosed by sleeping pills; April still trying to fight them and realizing Kyle being taken by them as well signaling fireworks to attracting the spacecraft and being abducted as well. Selecting tracks of creepy instrumentals like Where You Go I Go (April’s Love Theme), Into The Dark or The Magnetic Fields to Crystal Castles did their songs like Baptism or The Book of Love as the movie rolls; to the tragic end where the couple toss-down back to earth; landed safe covered with dark thick liquids only to encountering US Army who executes them with reigning shells confirms about no surviving witness as the dumping bodies pit filled up to be incinerated, the military closing the area and operates the cleaning up confirming suspicions on the hiding existence of Extraterrestrial cover-up.


Repulsive Reactions (Bandcamp 2016)

   Splattered things like innards and intestine creature mixed the Finland demo tapes of Grindcore Punk Thrash Metal recording grinds up your hearing senses as the ten minutes on pure worshiping production matches origin extremity you would appreciate after listening even though it’s too fucking soon as like Entombed crew did their rehearsal with thus Napalm Death members here for Harsh Demonstration… by Sonic Poison. Some favorite tracks includes: Carbonized, Hoarders of Annihilation to Noisy Graves and Miserable Death.

Harsh Demonstration:

Fender New (Independent 2014)

   Wicced Sarah is the average terms explaining about the reality of Hillbilly Garage Music and Custom Guitars of a dark brooding dose of Prank Metal homebound or bedroom recording from your stupid Doom and gloom sounds imaginable to be heard here on this Heavy Metal releasing via Rockabilly Staind – an instrumental sounds album with perhaps, older/new technique combination played under the name project off the Midland, Texas recorded using squire bullet or 4th custom six strings as rebellious as sexy as possible but behind the lame experiments noises play and such tracks like Nothing Left to Leave You, Oklahoma Groove or Looking For The G Spot – lies something wicked that way comes.

Rockabilly Staind:

Slukad Forintelsens (Nuclear Blast 2001)

   Within the manic distance present days on combining some project massive Black Metal compilation recording where the members of Hypocrisy plays numbers of different instruments away from their main previous group for The Abyss must be a changing sounds to the audience ears which combining the two releasing albums of them from the mid era of nineties extreme underground days music as The Other Side/Summon The Beast turns up becoming something more dangerous than just totally changing artworks which describing what Black metal/Death Metal really is all about. From each old materials recording album like The Other Side and Summon The Beast that revealing ritualistic cult and hatred vengeance blast-heavily towards the brutal truth themes on TjanareAf Besten, Massacra, Morkrets Vnadring, Blessed With The Wrath of Evil, The Hymn, Cursed onto Feasting The Remains of Heaven recommended for those whom seeking the beasty background reasons to slaying your weak neighbors along with their family as mutilated within bloody weeps did well performance from Mikael Hedlund and Peter Tagtgren’s chaos madness creations.