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Sugar Of The Dance (Majic Jungle Software 2013)

   It is a two point five dimensional gaming for single player and multi sets for a massive evolving generating world as avatars control on The Blockheads developed for explorations to building/crafting and sandbox survivalist to creates or destroying collection of blocks, craft-materials and resources in forming exotic structures as one please for their minds towards that vast enriched equators, climates as well as oceans and mountain ranges to the barren desert that looks similar to an infamous other well-known one but having its own tricks over game-board at the maximized minimum effects.

   Aware for energy level, environment to happiness health as well as checking inventory or locations; creating tools such as machete, spade and spear to collecting food supplies such as bread, cherries, chilli, coffee cherry, flax seed and prickly pears to worm being details describing on the gaming play. Exploring to different directions of center of the world, east equator, north pole and space by making things from the simpliest campfire to metalworks to train yard and much more while the original choice background music scoring the temptations and the silly ideas onto a great displays of art-buildings there when a compilation brought to you by Rufles Kuroi as Sneaky Snitch, Divertissemet-Pizzicato, Ranz des Vaches or even Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46 – I. Morning and Symphony No. 9 “From the New World”, Op. 95 – II. Largo to the extra anthemic opening of the game console moderate models In The Hall of the Mountain King by copyrighted products which certainly, suits for smaller children to had time with their friends thinking about their dreams and hopes for a better future through Prelude in C BMV 846’s beautiful piano instrumental lullabies. 


Fareoh Hoverboots (Self-Released 2016)

   Don’t know if it’s true or false but when one playing the infectious silly gaming with high addictive exposures – the choice could fall on a pick for this multi-players massive web browsers or iOS to Android development as Steve Howse creating the for controls play objective towards the resemblance on growing worm-like creature that consuming colorful pellets to grow the size from a tiny one as the longer you get the harder you need to move carefully, avoiding from other worm-snakes from killing you as they’re hitting your head to head accidentally or on purposes but the compilation of NCS works releasing tracks for the loving on various compiled sounds of Trap/Trance/Dubstep/Drumstep and Nu-Disco to House and Glitch progressive songs better and well-known or unrecognizable being the guidance for players to stick around and survives the video game – defeating opponents into loop of death; while other dance following music. 

Colorful snakes slithering around inside the realm boxed showcasing as consuming or being consumed for the stronger ones to win this is sometimes – surprising and very obvious to predict. Hacking your ways to beat other competitors might be not easy as it looks here but when one’s being eager … 

   Moving faster, in case you see the chance to grow bigger by eating the opponents then, it’s the way it is and … ! (and someone just ate you snake up but the game not stopping there). This game site has been visited more than ten thousand times – this shiny bright avatar back to normal or shrinking smaller and one needs to begin again by fun not like those angry youtubers because you can think better about how to win this. 


Bad Communication (Not On Label 2013)

   6 σ: Side A must be the moment where everybody found Heavy Music for everyone in giant groovy tuning and distortion walks freely as the impressions that you get via the Mexico’s Drone/Doom metallic band – Vinnum Sabbathi consisting for Alberto (guitar), Samuel (bass) and Mico/Gerardo (drums) to the live samples and synth player Roman attracting thus minor keys of listeners whose demanding their worst underground talents to bare sights off the mutual mainstream commerce thoughts deeper and releasing themselves from banned or chained by a daily activities meet this caution music sounds that delivers apparently, bad distorted noise like the space rocket preparations or the boosts from hell-pit opens as the line-up did not lying to the audience like NASA did several decades cause here – the first twenty-minutes and forty-six seconds blast-off within 3C273 (Quasar) goes abroad through any guitar effects and other significant unknown sounds to experimenting tights as samples and echoes stolen from the astronautic company in US to Sir Arthur C. Clarke work-creation while the artistic front cover design was made terribly wrong by Biance Yazmin. 

   This wouldn’t goes on for your wishing lists as three instrumentals Sci-Fi musical arrangements put filling the extended play whilst no further mainstream limits being breached as total duration and the heaviest riffs seemingly, erupts as your final reports being unsent to the headquarters when the nearest opposition satellite and stations being interrupted by the worst cosmic storm in the aging universe and many faces haunts the continuity for those whom dare to crossing the strange clouds atmosphere over the eight minutes calm turning to dangerous typhoon with SN 1604 (Kepler’s Supernova) written to your leader’s log and the bass-line towed down means the last fifty-eight seconds may be so rough to landed and you might not surviving this mission successfully. Head-banging audience startle as there’s no signal-sign being send back from the spacecraft  of Vinnum Sabbathi unit until it is too damn late to go back heading for the nearest orbit of neighboring galaxy but straight your course dragged to the black hole of eternity – welcoming pitch black.

6 σ: Side A:

Clue Get Bound ! (Aim Down Sight Records 2014)

   Gianluca Sironi led the movement of anger tracks on the steamroller full of hate as the Italian Hardcore group from Milano-Voghera releasing their blistering faster record as Upward forcing the mosh-pit to growing insane within the started lapse on whiplash sounds available by the performance members: Matteo Fossati, Simoni Oriolo and Davide Fracchia assuring that their written messages being heard a loud and body-contact shall spilling blood from the broken nose and countless bone breaking within as independent and run amok via the seventh track-lists threatening to urban city society that squeezing the have—nots and the working-class with low wages and poverty while they’re displaying expense and wealth party but that should stops by the angst door slamming through Dodgy, No Luck, Take it to The Rhythm, Dead in The Water taken from the ep of Warning Signs for the rich dicks !!!

Warning Signs:

Kismet Der Weg (Dynamica 1994)

   Being influenced by those late acts of Modern Metal Industrial of the nineties and most arguable influential controversy following the likes for Rammstein creates the intensive next Alternative Metal of Wolfsburg choose the simple slang word for name – Oomph! Which means cool and the original members of Dero Goi for drumming and vocals, Andreas Crap doing the guitars and keyboards to Robert Flux on sampling/guitar as they’re stand inside the local underground scene on Germany Industrial Rock before the new millennium changing their purposes to go mainstream outside Lower Saxony and the background liking for New Wave between the personnel obtains this project to happens and song-written or arranging sounds blast considering to moving on into more KMFDM-esque music and the following secondary album release via the sticky English and sexual related off censorship getting eyes on the record as Sperm collecting interests from swarming of listeners and rock-heads as thick distortions blend towards hitting machinery percussion as well as Hardcore tempos, Techno-magnitude beats and quirky Industrial basic themed tunes just like the swimming seeds of evil making your slutty momma pregnant again.

   As simple as connected onto better noise inducing through this one; Oomph! Gets their sending messages on Electronic-fusion Rock taste fully sinful and deranged but delicious to head-bang. Right in between the opening Suck-Taste-Spit to War, Feiert Das Kreuz, Das Ist Freinheit for the germany side and Breathtaker or the live version on U-Said will smacking the real meaning of Love broken your spirits and destroying your dreams for through ear-raping your girlfriend whose judging for bigger orgasm waves made by this shit Dickhead’s cum-blast with Modern Metal's sharp-teeth ! 


Voyage Last Pain (Sword And Chains 2016)

   Loudest format of Heavy Metal coated early mix of Thrash/Speed Rock for the liking on Skeletor, Fallen Angels to Witchhaven and Iron Kingdom on the live-show group gearing up and bites you hard like hound of hell is this Seattle, Washington crew comprising for the lead female singer Amy Lee Carlson, Max Nazaryan and Johnny Haynes on guitars/backing vocals; bassist Matthew Vogan, drummer Eric Smith and hailing their wider influences off Anthrax, Uriah Heep, Warlock to Van Halen and Twisted Sister completely to drawn the existential of the band self-titled releasing record as Subtrantum.

As being tightly don’t care on keep bursting their magnificent metallic sound of music on stages as Old School Heavy Metal plus NWOTHM and Rock N’ Roll can be your healing potions to drink and drunk within these nine tracks of ammunition attacks spank and kickers while the outside world burning onto dusts and ruins as the alien-race of hostile invaders came from the nearest galaxy and turning our planet into graveyard and junkyard within six months. 

   High toned female vocals, vengeance riffs and standard tempos may needing a little bit boost up as the solo melodies going crazy soaring accompanied the songs of sorrow destructs or theorized critical to be proven soon as we must be imagining that in fear bombarding by Room Of Eyes, By Any Means, Who Am I, Curse of The Soothsayer Part II: The Cycle Begins Again onto the series of unfortunate events blown and showed in front of your terrifying sight before the reptilian claws or the killer laser shoot the crowds and changed the population into silence. 


Ellipsis Dwell (Self-Released 2018)

   Even though these guys prefer on liking different type of music al artists such as Dave Matthews, Guthrie Govan or John Mayer but as well there are lists on rock-head legends like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai to Marty Friedman of Megadeth among others newer and classics bands such as Nirvana, Pink Floyd and Poets of the Fall and The Aristocrats but the real deal here for ArrowBridge from New Delhi – India is they’re sticking streaks over their own formulated sounds brought under the emerging powers of high techniques on Progressive Rock/Metal as being formed with formation of Kunal Singh on lead vocals, Anshuman Sharma on keyboards, Ankur Tiwari as well as Karthik Ram on double shredding sharpener points of the band and bassist Samarth Agrawal completed the unit – forced the listeners to admiring how the band survives to make greater good damage indeed while preparing the essential bursts and various tempos with good quality techniques and variants where nobody’s can denial this group is totally, losing their grip over the mainstream but edgy styles commemorates.

   Entire Sirius recording sounded Djenty and metallic AIC-ism but some tunes do pretty handsome rocking your stereo like the moderate rock stars might surprising the hearing to grab the opportunity picking either An Idea ft. John Wesley (Porcupine Tree), the dreamy instrumentals of hindu-woodland’s Undertone, Happy ft. Dave Young (Devin Townsend Project) onto Telangana ft. Lucas D’Angelo (Betraying The Martyrs) since the opener of Luminescence already struck your nerves to pay alerting attentions that this band got something commonly kills – in such a better description ways going up outer-spacing. 

When will you take chances on touching your invisible maker of the above ?