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Sands Lords Devoid (Not On Label 2017)

   Obfuscate the track-opener or Consume as the second extreme-demanded casualties follows by Eridian (Remastered) as this Progressive Deathcore coming out from the Chicago-area bowels of Extreme Heavy Metal productions led the listeners onto the chance for hearing The Desecration of Existence growls by Bind The Sacrifice (band) comprising of drummer Matt Lathan, no naming bass player, guitarist Sean Kebby and vocalist Ciaran Burke; blending their Chug-Core and Deathcore/Death Metal experimental progressive (or Jazzy techniques influence ( like on Parasitic Breed and keyboards-tinged led through The Nameless Atrocity from their contaminated suburbs of Chicago as thus iconic dark giant statue being build to honoring our real gods creature – the creator as burnt incense and offering sacrificial even the one didn’t ever mentioned by the conspiracy theorists may appearing here within the groovy-tinged of metallic surroundings that slaying and obscurity demands living souls and flesh as the contributes over fame, wealthy and young ages received by the haves people becoming the loyal followers to the new dark order – mixed and mastered by Erik Stacy.

Listen and join or die miserably !!!

The Desecration of Existence:

Syzygy Incipience (Nuclear Blast Records 2010)

   Jamming heavier, faster or fully a fuckery style combinations; the double pedals of fury and thus wrath commencing demolition riffs continues to excites your hearing sense if you’re the real Noise-Metal monger by the progression tremendous plays by the Saint Paul’s crew of The Crinn which contains of Chad White, Chris Zugschwert, Cole Leonard and John Nelson the audience their metallic disturbance affiliations through the prologue of early Space-mystery of void-effects over living flesh process in Thrash Metal Progressive within the outstanding performance of high techniques or growling screamo-vocalization among the sorrow themes going louder as deafen the entire community as this providing tales of sound-breaking threats over Voluptuous Eruptions, Anaphylactic Shock onto Meat Eating Machine and Lucid Dream Field as these songs thrown the reality story over your Heavy Metal allegedly recording of Dreaming Saturn with the dark magic-tinged and cult-history basic related tunes and written lyrics carries the curses of ages onto now as the new millennium promised you nothing but extinction.

The Crinn's Dreaming Saturn:

Sue Run Around (Varese Sarabande 1991)

   An action-comedy film from the early ninety-one era which contains much of those hilarious scenes brought by the dueling stars starring for John Badham directed movie The Hard Way – with Michael J. Fox and James Woods as a famous b-rated crime action movie star whom is spoil, pampered and rich-type elegant Hollywood raised Nick Lang needed to pursue his complete character for the new movie by attempting to be an actual cop in daily works as the partner for cynical Lieutenant John Moss whom already had a case to stop and captures a serial killer known as The Party Crasher from ensuing chaos, murdering innocent people and other serious threats to society while NYC major David Dinkins pulls the one and only Nick Lang – as well as also the police captain Delroy Lindo’s favorite movie star to be joining the investigation with John Moss – who hates the entire guts of Nick “the fake actor” but cannot help it to go around town as their investigation begins.
   One will feels like this film generating the good detective movie as well as a funny and silly story about case solving by the process which contains Arthur B. Rubenstein composing music on the track-lists such as He Dead/She Dead, Where Have You Gone L’Ron ?, Transit Authority, Circue Du Parte Crasher or Chetto A La Hollyweird consolidating the fully loaded laughable sarcastic conversations to the fumbling moves that almost killed John or Nick several times as well the romance process of Moss’ juggles relationship with a girl named Susan while a good damn joke on abandoned Nick inside the dark building by Moss fellow cop-friends only send the revenge of The Party Crasher whose not liking to see John Moss commenting bad about him and his works and calling him sissy leads to the kidnapping of Susan by The Party Crasher but Nick arrived back from the airport to help saving Moss and Susan’s life by taking the bullet while The Party Crasher finally, fell to his death while fighting John Moss. 

The new movie starring Nick Lang premiered and attends by the couple Moss and Susan seeing how all his original lines being taken by Lang for The Good, The Badge and The Ugly. 

Ha Ha !


Lick My Lady (Funky Ass Records 1997)

   American rapper as he being born in Bronx – NYC as Keith Matthew Thornton as the founding member for Ultramagnetic MC’s performing their Old-School style sounded seems like forever always be the eighties turning to nineties era music of the Blacks for the next addition towards notable Hip-Hop and Rap Music genre and local scenes known later on by many aliases but uniquely promising came out as your pimpin’ messenger of the lyrics and rhyming beats as Kool Keith. Working together with other legendary names like Ice-T, Tim Dog, The Automator or Godfather Don with the first attempts for sexy, fame and money or more tapping ass, smooching babes or bitches extensively, on the releasing of them man’s own debut over Sex Style – the representing soundtrack to the soft-porn actions where all the ladies can moaning hard without being tortured too much or the gang-bang temporary eliminations for the best experiences on having sexual activity on the camera with so many dirty foreign girls you can naming them all as the beats continues to arousing your libido while driving the empty streets.
The incoming bounce of your custom cars and weed-smoking and the gangsta life breaking the rules also captured within the tracks of the album such as Regular Girl, Make Up Your Mind, Sly We Fly, Stuck on Pussy Drive, The Mack is Back or Plastic World to Little Girls – got helped from KutMasta Kurt to Motion Man. 

Here to represent – Bronx and Nu-Yawk !

Sex Style:

Loafer Assembly (Not On Label 2013)

   Adelaide – Aussie non-repetitions of fully loaded violent exchanged simplicity via Groove Metal/Death Metal/Grind’s blast beats just like Pantera getting copulates to Fear Factory in an experiment laboratory that would be sounded as terrifying as this active record compilations from Adam Messenger, Dave Jiannis, James Cain, Matt Chubb and Simon Durrant from In:Extremis not just writing thus themes about terror or alchemist but very well living with it non-comfortly telling theirs to you through this album entitled The Evolution of Chaos where Industrial meets Grindcore in their most extravaganza ways fucking fast, drumming like machine and perfect growler vocals renew the state of both Old-School and New School impressions captured within the riot street smoking gas and shield with secret society symbol controlling the masses and the authority to clash on each other as plotted. 
   Surface Tension, Bleed of Pride, Blindfold, Flesh Test, Corrosion, Hybrid Scarifier and PC37 and Quickshifter will definitely destroying any stereo system dare to open the chance for playing the record onto the volume above ten and dooming the entire places down collapsing.

The Evolution Of Chaos:

Newspeak (Not On Label 2013)

   The prophecy about wormwood planet turns out to be real as the fucking fact process happening in front of your eyes; Chris Halliday (guitars), Nichael Furolo (bass), Anthony Pallas (drums), Ben Logan (guitar/scream) and Michael McLachlan (vocals) debuting their Post-Hardcore/Nu-Metal prediction to happen via Eradicate – Reinstate from these Melbourne’s metallic extreme troops as there would be no terms of turning back, redemption or switch sides since and aftermath of it. Things went totally, chaotic as much as those ninety-five percents of human population will excellently be dead before Silent Rose finishing their repertoire of destructible songs like Cycle of Madness, Diggity Dong, Big Green Men, Mouthful of Sand, When Three Become One, Would You Like Death With That ? or Launch The Monkey – seems to be all predicted for too damn long but blinded mankind just choose rather to play with themselves than exploring the possibilities on avoiding short-term extinction.

Eradicate - Reinstate:

Je Suis Malade (Yume Records Oy 2013)

   Hailing the Scandinavian picturing looks of herself representing the heavenly Pop-Music sounds from Helsinki, Finland – this singer and songwriter woman with the ability to play piano as unique like no other would be stated over her presence; Saara Aalto can make Europe cannot get enough out of her as the hearting Pop princess and UK newspaper flashing her big time as the international stardom destiny symbolized with her as the second most searchable in Finland google engine as well as Estonian magazine announcing her as the world famous' angel/pixel in dark-haired.
   You Had My Heart is her fourth album recording of Pop-Dance and Alternative Indie Rock sequel to the other presentations from Saara Aalto since her beginning career rising stars for Pop Music Europe and Can I Keep The Picture ? (banjo by Riku Kantola), You Gotta Go, My Bird, Without You as arranged by Teemu Roivainen; as you may hearing the good music blended as through the gorgeous young vocals that needs to admitted as powerful grounding with the addition for choir like Anna Husgafvel, Camilla Backman, Emmi Salo, Lida Laine, Linda Palin to Pia Kukkonen and Sanna Ukkonen with Serge Lama projecting the essential brand new Dance-Pop album – like your 10 O’Clock pre-party form beautiful prom dating.

You Had My Heart: