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Chico Feather (Bandcamp 2015)

   Covering her-self presence within acoustic guitar stings on Folk tunes of peaceful gladness and more wiser thoughts as being a cause for the smaller universe went into labor and giving birth to sexual messiah emerging from the dirt muddy and been reshaped again by gods as it mixed with thee seeds of heaven placing to be sprayed by ancient god Pan planting new figures upon planet earth as sacred fig trees, centuries passes by for the druids to died and trunks splits in half but tall as mankind doomed and future saw Europe did the three days ritual for the help from the tribal ancestors over orgies, air-guitar soilist and more lyrics written like Grunge honest meets Folk-Rock meets Pop-Doom glammers meets the performance of the californian handsome singer out of the wreckage as Wendy Stonehenge is The Bandersnatch looking like a soul-surfer/pitch-shifter kind seemingly, can split the talents echoing the space-limits and smokey haze of spells interrupts the modern breathing time with ancient beliefs of wisdom and natural-based in the isolated island surrounded by water dwelling sea-dragon and sending the s.o.s themed messages via The Trip, The Narwhal, 3 Stories, Where The Dragon Sleeps, Run Away, The Satyr and The Sea to The Octopus and bonus tracks that can goes for over eight minutes and five seconds longer as Wettin’ My Whistle into percussions and Freak Folk Psychedelic drawn by the same smokes blowing out the pipe of The Smoking Gnome and thus creepy voice waving threats can be heard there. 

Wendy Stonehenge is The Bandersnatch:

Amok Time Battle (Coverville Records 2012)

   On a brink of non-existence blistering sounds but smoothly, owned by the good and high quality techniques adopted by The Andrew Allen Trio or just Andrew Allen himself projecting the reflections over the loving fan into sci-fi original based tracking devices led through the session-play for stage & screen Jazzy smooth measurement in no-vocals added here as Smooth Federation (A Star Trek Jazz Tribute by Andrew Allen recording may good for listening rather to the small intimate and smokey bar-club of live ensemble than USS Enterprise cabins as nobody will suspecting who brought this musicians onto the career continuity worshiping the television series and merchandise that good as eleven starting line-up lists opens by Introduction featuring Scott Fletcher onto words by Andrew; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which written by Dennis McCarthy as well as Where My Heart Will Take Me (Theme from Star Trek: Enterprise), Star Trek: Insurrection (composition by Jerry Goldsmith) and The Inner Light (From The Next generation Episode ‘The Inner Light’) written by Jay Chattaway would be so mesmerizing complex and also directing you to be happier breath yourself while drinking and might befriending a drunken Klingon or hitting an intense surprising rendezvous sexy Betazoid or slutty Trill to take home to your chamber on the right moment before heading to another destination under captain Jean Luc Picard’s cousin whilst leading piano-grinchy performance. 

Smooth Federation album:

Tezeta Equipoise (Old Tom Foolery Records 2016)

   Comprising for the formation quartet there standing or sitting and composing their favorite arrangements for the likes on Folk-Jazz to Blues fusion and Indie Funk under the softer non-sensational performing tunes inside the group’s releasing record as Michael Reed on drums, Chris Lujan on bass, Tony Capriccio (fender rhodes) and Joe Baer Magnant (guitars) seems to be make themselves available and heard by the audience as tracks written based on the suburban views on the abandoned semi-wreckage billboard sign in front of a lost motel to the drawing sketch on a your front cover album collective for these six displaying groovy standard songs and great techniques to shown to your fanatic Jazz ears must loving this kind of ensemble of instrumentals as Liminal Spaces by Joe Baer Magnant Group of San Francisco won’t back down to stop playing until they’re finished doing their stuff over Trois Gnossiennes I and Poinciana and Coagulate available inside the canoga park’s recording session as a rabbit run publishing service. 

   Off thus seven minutes more to the five minutes countable sectors shading the inner lighten within the tunes to guidance for you learning real popular Jazz that credible on its roots and improvements. 

Liminal Spaces:

Hyde Fission (Self-Released 2018)

   Explained as the hypothetical mega-structures class that using star’s radiation creating energy and accelerating thrust to orbiting for direction means that Stellar Engine recalls there as the group project of some kind of Djent into Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal fusing tuned mixtures into the Alternative Rock hailed themselves from Chicago and the word Heavy Rock approves within the their performance not showing just the high techniques play over softer songs but as well bursts the total energetic force for the Binary record onto those molecule distortions and bashing planks of drums and seminal screaming vocals led by beauty Rn’B/Soul-ful female singer that rare to find for our information right now. 

   The best thing now is to listening their rather average not excellent but powerful given looks onto the musical project continuity through these ten tracks like Singularity, Jekyll, Incubi or Cybernetic and Outlier tells you the beginning story and the middle section to the end of the new beginning circle of life-cycle phases: awareness, destruction, environmental, space-travel and extra-terrestrial possibilities from the branches air-breathing or the underground roots perspectives ideas commencing ancient beliefs in natural base.


The Lightone Hydrophone (Biophon Records 2014)

   Main recording of the notable released project from the Norwegian music maker and Ambient-Electronic catalogs music onto techno-types correlated to arctic streams coldest and much uses on loops onto creating peculiar sounds for Sci-Fi sources mixed as well as novelty voting on hyper-realistic facing space-age explorations by the inner-minds, reality checks and imagination of the long journey to outer space as Geir Jenssen collaborating within himself concluded these second round of the galactic messenger portions being open for public after being kept as secrets and myths on the dusty files of unnamed government organization by Biosphere recording the Patashnik 2 as a development case scenario for space programs that has never revealed quite transparent today.

   Twelve filed or data that being modified and compressed by the format of music directs tells us about The Third Planet v.1, The Shield v.1 and even Modulation of Static, Juno and SETi Project v.1to the moon satellite, other planets and the secrecy of North American Sequence. Wrongly, pick this one as your fresh ahead of timing record in experimental Ambient-Techno Electronic devices session at its best as it also sounding strange.

You'll see the secret compound of the missing colony on planet x been build ...

Patashnik 2:

China Xyloz (Bandcamp 2018)

   Awesome as nobody would really guess to get this treatment on nice blocking to good entertainment musical project mixtures as these unknown pretty well fusion song-maker and mixers delivered the Electronic Future Bass-line or Grime Techno to invites everyone to bursting into total insanity dance club floor filling-in by seconds as the four releasing tracks blender over the Japanese’s anime-like fictional group named Lady’s Only releasing this For All Time within great front cover artworks not mentioning those lovely, sensual female vocals accompanied the exact night-life activities for you and your dear friends or even strangers and hedonist to snatching pussies and victims in between sweaty crowds, busy bartender, semi-naked dancers and hundreds Techno-heads raving their ways near the beach-side, inside the main hall, somewhere on the jungle or on the cruise ship blasting the amplifier through the non-testing views and tiring hours of collapse and drinking people for Systema Breathing on four minutes and eight seconds or Sunset Stroke closing the record off within four minutes and forty-one seconds bursts things into colorful sparks and everything on the body-moves on this progressive dance tunes compositions. 

For All Time:

Kind Of Man 030 (Virgin/Metal Beat 1980)

   Imagining the thicker surrealism and futuristic experimental of pugilist coal miner son grown to his mature points where his temporary ideas on song-writing and music arrangement have brought Dennis Leigh or John Foxx of Chorley, Lancashire – England replacing Pink Floyd’s interests of Progressive Rock to the simplified beat-spooner gone danceable as New Wave being choose to expressing himself as the influenced of David Gilmore and co. kept this man creates his own band before the reality speaks and further experimentation gives John Foxx perspective to different genres such Glam music, Reggae, Synth-Pop to Industrial as the likes for New York Dolls to Kraftwerk and Roxy Music sending him onto a solo career walks and Matematic seems to be the debut album that spreading weird creepy sounds to be made barking soft to the audience like a little doggy as the touching of light-wall glowing brighter reveals the recording oddities themed park songs for the adults with less sense of humor onto the fanatic New Wave ears to listening for the monotonous eerie melodies by keyboards or samples going to scratch the stereo within Plaza, He’s A Liquid, Underpass, No-One Driving, Blurred Girl to Touch and Go not disguising the electro-pop choice on popular culture stepping into the eighties – perhaps, could make you sleepy by easy going.