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Touchstone Serenity (Self-Released 2006)

   Nu-Modern Heavy Metal types of the recent extreme touches related to those both visible and invisible conspiracy issues for the background story around the hidden races cities under the skin-layers of the planet recorded and told by the lost airplane pilots while doing his military campaign somewhere long time ago and until then, several generations trying to open the cases as the truth must be revealed and even these Shrewsbury, Shropshire of England’s Melodic Death Metal/Hardcore/Metalcore crew – The Hollow Earth Theory didn’t want to lose chances to re-telling the entire facts about what’s really happening scientifically, as the depth of 800 miles and circumference on both poles openings for visitor not quite easy to find as six hundred miles inner sun and primitive environments might getting a bit unstable every time someone manage to go in and with Mark Darbyshire (bass, vocals), Craig Mackay (drums, samples), Owen Hughes and Jonathan Stubbs (guitars) given the motlen core of Progressive Metal EP onto this Hanging Of The Followers.

For about sixteen minutes and one second; dialing the alerts for the bad news of the end on your modern freaking world taking controls by the irresponsible secret society or invades by the outer-limit races that you never realizing exists before. 

Five tracks like Letter to The Lost, Leech, Buried or On Foot in The Ground and stop counting to end with cutting all the strings now. 

Hanging Of The Followers:

Fantasy 6:45 (B & B Records 2004)

   Influenced by the legendary Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash as well as Deep Purple, Queen and King Crimson is this Skellefta – Sweden’s Hard-Rock and Folk Rock blending group consisting of Anthon Johansson (bass-guitar), Magnus Lindberg (lead vocals), Klas Holmgren (orgel, piano, mellotron, synthesizer), Mikael Israelsson (drum-sets) and Joakim Karlsson (guitars) giving their idealistic mating of themes in self-written Classic Progressive Rock colors via the debut recording which pointing over the worships on the infamous historic occultism figure  and religious idols – Lady Of The Light or the other calls her Mary, Gaia, Lilith and pagan goddess miraculous supernatural female as your intuitions gaining with powers and magical enlightenment as the works over the drum-beats or orchestral fusion to high quality live bands sounded delighted and over-drive but still holds the inner consciousness or artistic between the longest to the shorter duration of songs of this self-titled recording as Black Bonzo reveals their brought of gifts via these ten tracks such as Brave Young Soldier, These are Days of Sorrow, Freedom, Jailbait onto Sirens – more less sins to carried as your burden on the back as the repellent spells of tricks might releasing you from the world’s enslavement and seeking new frontier of vision views … Where The River Meets The Sea.

Black Bonzo:

Skynyrd Alabaster (Amish Girl Music 2012)

A Cincinnati or Granville – Ohio local troops of heroic Rock N’ Roll unit consisting for David Butler (vocals/profanities), Ed Shuttleworth (guitars, blood), Brian Kitzmiller (drums, grits), Brandon Losacker (guitars, rattlers) and Kip Roe (bass/knife fights) speaking out of their motto to the fans about “once an owl always an owl” did pretty much describing how Black Owls rocks out their Mennonite rock of glamour senses based on petulance, years of untold sarcasm and wisdom sounds like The Rolling Stones having a different lead vocalist kinds of a reflecting on Mandela’s effects as Money On The Girl that comprising the image of psychedelic flowers blossoming and a nude figure of a young attractive female holding a revolver will doubling the interests and attractions for one to have this album played on their stereo maximized. 

For thus thirteen tracks and fully rocking Glam-Rock and Pop Indie music held the key to directing the audiences not for making mistakes to choose here – Pipesmoker, Tree Blood, Octopus Flat, Sometimes I Wish You Were a Ghost and Bones of Songbirds exactly, fits for the evening anthems finishing the good weekend and entering the late night of the first day of boredom in a normal work-sheets and demands of the greed surrounding your existence for false educating values. 

Money On The Girl:

Bloaji Badejo (K-RAA-K 2016)

Both came from a very different background of nation-wider and races and cultures but as theirs had the amusing long historic tales to tell and learn; these duo of independent idealistic artists decided to uniting the popular powers among them and one shall witnessing how Francesco Cavaliere and Leile Hassan making the foggy odd dubs but authentic as lights and sounds manage to get its dilemma solved and turning thus indifference onto a single products of Italy/Egypt works or arts in a Berlin/Belgium measuring album and songs of experimental Electronic, Dub, Indie-Pop and Auto New Wave within the promising second recording release by Sea Urchin through Yaqaza. 

More and more titles and words that would making you raising eyebrows because you didn’t understand the meaning but the songs did their acceptances from some curious listeners as spoken melody or rhythmic trophy of standard machinery popper music and live instruments filling thus reliable world musical tracks like Ethiopian Steps, Child Warrior Demons Follow, Yohoforo Felmaya or Nur meaning complex and also specific within the story about east African tales, blood diamonds, enlightenments or the devil in disguises among the modern society kept making mess and seducing them to do sinful things and the simplicity of lives according from the other culture views reveals within the album spawning in a beatable mystical way. 

One eyed truth denies and then, accepted after quite some times of experimental changes of human-minds experience.


Heavy Metal Weekend (Diorama Records 2006)

   Lynyrd Skynyrd by the taste of Boston – Massachusetts  for the guitar music sound-adrenaline americana and country touches via the Alternative Rock good vibes that relentlessly, won’t be spoiling your entire weekend only by listening to it a little but whole package of The Dirty Truckers shall pushing yourself doing the air-guitar heroic acts when cleaning up the house or fixing something in a garage or even bubbling up on car washing with your babe not like thus crazy ideas for having a dark-haired woman holding a ferocious baboon getting ready to attack.

Ten no joking results of rocking fire tracks and best cuts melodies for Washed and Ready album of the band’s debut featuring Tom Baker on guitar/vocals, Dave Foy on drums, Jamie Griffith on bass onto Tad Overbaugh on guitar, vocals trying to do their best doing the overlapping on Indie Rock and Power-Pop splendid simplicity here through Without a Sound, Off The Hook, Water Me Down, Help You Ann (song writing by Jeff Conolly) and wiser for course, non-jerky themes about Not Missing a Thing or Star in my Dreams finally – giving a good picture show to the listeners. 

Washed and Ready:

Stress Test (Bandcamp 2018)

   Weird looking guy with patch of tons talented in making music or writing songs convertible as passionate over thus Indie-Pop rhythms via the co-working since his late teen publicly starts and opening to international acts or touring and fronting some bands to projects but now Lenny Zenith has moving to NYC and What If The Sun is the latest recording from him - What If The Sun as being creatively drawing thus ideas onto the strange funny figures for the front cover and given this Pop-Rock Noise Power popping and soft distorts onto you as simplified with the helps of drummer Scott Campbell and bassist James Pertusi with producer Ray Ketchem rocking out your radio stations within Cold War, Sunday Dress, Suddenly Someone, Trouble and Decompress Baby or Whatever Stella which likely, thrown everyone’s minds back to the nineties era of positive thinking over the daily and international issues which spreading threats but not going to stop the world to turn around on its orbit. 

What If The Sun:

Holiday From Real (Maverick 2005)

   Orange County – California rock band formed by the indicated to be talented genius Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate) with soft emotional melodic advantage spending thus scribbling lyrics and beaches lives during the summer as it is little bit drawn onto the sketchbook diary outside and inside his heart as being enhanced to most listeners with private but intimate meaningful dissolution as directed to the relationship and hometown pursued issues along the way carried by Jack’s Mannequin songs in wiser themes connecting people and places by the music.

   With Mr. McMahon playing most of the piano, guitars, organ, bells, harmonica, keyboards and percussion to lead vocals; Robert Anderson on guitar/back-up vocals, CJ Eiriksson (programming, drums), Brian Coffman on guitars, Jay McMillan and Tommy Lee on drums to Patrick Warren (chamberlin, moog, melodic, samples, accordion and horn/strings, sitar player Terry Wilson and Josh Berry – piano/kazoo delighted to presents this ensemble of Pop-Rock and Folkish-Emo preventing people from getting depressive and enjoying life better with the extra adventure and experiences shared here for the debut album entitled Everything In Transit leads you onto the extensive travels for minds and souls as Bruised, I’m Ready, La La Lie, Miss Delaney, Rescued and MFEO: Part 1 – Made For Each Other sparks some kind of good feelings to your inner sore by listening. 

Everything In Transit: