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Air Raid Pandemonium (Pure Steel Records 2014)


   Speeding Power Metal sending like whiplash on your back by shockers high-pitched tones of vocals and melodious rhythms and lead guitars from Cleveland, Ohio band Sunless Sky consisting of double guitar-shredders Harry Hillock and Dave Kirk to the bass player John “Jocko” Jermann, Rob Brandt the skin-basher and vocalist Juan Ricardo for proudly releasing their first recording album – Firebreather; bursting the quite remarkable similarity to Belladonna or newer version of Nuclear Assault with the thick influences from Thrash Metal groups such as Sodom or Gamma Ray bridging the different sub-genre audience or representing back the Cross-Over scene metallic music for general purposes as crashing onto you using their repertoir towards the opening track Subzero followed by Deathmachine or Immortality and The Whaler to Fear or Grind You Down.

Surely, some of you will getting a bit wreck by the slamming effects like being slapped by a fist or something ! 


Boogieman 13th (Innovative Bass Productions 1996)

   Yes, yes, yes … This is how Bass n’ Drums Electro-Hip Hop supposed to be sounded like without a We Warn U sign in the front cover that actually, showing more activities of the grim-reaper undead seducing beautiful killer girls not for fun but seriously got a boner as you can see these girls are highly arousing and attractive but the music made by The Bassorcist (real name Claudio Barrella) with many aliases; combining his mixed noises, samples and blends of various Electro-Dance music with distinctive horrific sounds related to the core of thrilling sensations made into album recording and released as this Bass From The Krypt.  
Turn your sub-woofer or bass level’s up and feel the tornado effects of these kind of boom-bombing spectacular bangs out of your stereo system. Sixteen tracks of seductive rousing mid-tempo and lower fidelity squeezing your balls in minutes and conquering your women to orgasm the next fifteen minutes over and over again; you might love to dance your life’s off or just braking things while those songs of Hip Hop Horror-core blasting from your amplifiers aloud with Polterbass, Chucky’s Back, Slo Death in a Hurse, Don’t Fall Asleep (feat. DJ Koz) to Dawn of The Living Boom or Debonaire is back from the Dead. 

You’ve been mutilates by the beats !

Bass From The Crypt:

Visualize Thee Itch (Joyful Noise Recordings 2013)

Instead of being infamous as the leader of his own characterized Alternative Rock/Metal band The Jesus Lizard stuff dealer; David Lambeth Yow of Las Vegas, Nevada got his own self-inflicted time for a final solo project of his own within those scary, terrifying and low sounds product as the written down materials might coming out in a very different format then thus that you used to hear through The Jesus Lizard releasing. David Yow’s piano-tinged with slower eerie atmospheric Chamber Rock in the infected type influencing by the combinations between Rock Me Amadeus and Phantom of The Opera things in uncommonly experimental music that came nude and purer as twisted or psychotic suits to Mr. Yow’s sicker-minded on Tonight You Look Like A Spider. 
The listeners shall facing different personalities through these eleven songs made by our Frankenstein doctor of Alternative Rock music scene without his famous sore-throat screams and more likely insanity attitude but the cold Folk-inflicting and Rock-chestra with samples within thus lower strings arrangements, baritone creepy tones to strange territorial emotions of a madman with such a brilliant talents for making music sounded interesting and mysterious as if we are listening to a soundtrack for Twin Peaks or something. Get your ears seriously entertained as madness occurs through the weird pleasant touches of Bleth My Thoul or Senator Robinson’s Speech.

Tonight You Look Like A Spider: 

Peculiar Stupid (Sprettball Records 2007)

Such a Punk-Pop Bubblegum recording as this latest release from the beloved and cute Norwegian Punk-Princess from the early millennium era who loves The Ramones so much until her music never steps too far from the famous New Yorker Godfather of Modern Pop-Punk and Semi-Hardcore simplicity as they’re shown on Vibeke Saugestad’s album of The World Famous Hat Trick – blowing the magnificent ten tracks you will definitely craving for more as you and friends going to jump, head-banger or dancing in Pogo-Rock like crazy smiling happy people for celebrating the good honest meaning of what supposed to be within Pop-Punk music nowadays. Through the three chords musical structure, great licks and intro to the prettier songs favorable enough for anyone to loving them as well as Vibeke too on this awesome album and of course, collectible as a must. 
Listen to everything on the menu here: Close The Door, Keep On Dreaming, Meant To Be With You and many more – just like if Johnny Ramone and friends having a new relationship with The Mamas and Papas’ girls or Wilson Phillips marrying Green Day in Santa Monica beach party would definitely sounded like this album ! 

The World Famous Hat Trick:

Howie Get Life (Bristol Afrobeat 2014)

Premature and semi-instrumentals efforts with a little-less vocals with their big sized members to be count in as all become one via the group of Bristol, UK’s No Go Stop whose combining Jazz, Soul, Reggae and Afrobeats root-music made in the Blue Continent parts according to guitarists Justin Goddall or James Ladd, the brass sections consisting of Ben Plocki (bass sax), Nick Malcolm (trumpet), John Pratt (tenor sax) or Liam Treasure (trombone) with others mentioned here like Rory Francis on talking drums, congas and percussion, vocalist Marie Lister or John Short on bass with more musicians collaborating through this multi-players chariot finishing the Agbara Orin album that displaying not only different World Music to bare and spreading from ears to ears but also the mystical symbols on the cover that should be interesting to interpreted. 
One would gladly doing the slow dancing if the record played by someone after the sundown or early evening around the candle-light dating or dinner outdoors. 
Awesome female vocals driving the music to be exactly responsive towards its audiences that cannot be patience anymore cause the music is getting hotter and hotter for burning romance and desire around it as you can be pleasured by listening to My Mother House of Tradition or the rhythmic session from Trickster that sensually would grab your girlfriend to releasing her wilder attitude on the dance floor and then continues – somewhere. 

Agbara Orin:

Juniper Louisville (Shimmy Disc 1998)

The Little Sandwich that got a Guilt Complex because He was The Sole Survivor of a Horrible Bus Crash must be a very long and odd track concluded onto the recording of Failure from King Missile III confronting the group’s interest of weirdy spoken words, Independent Music that far from commercialism, Retro sounds with brass-sections muscular realm of strange Pop and Electro Rock which is terribly slow, depressive and groovy by the same time; as the same time swearing isn’t forbidden so you can hear the lead singer shouting “fuck my ass” several times – either it’s a gay signs or rarely, just being moody sore dealing with life itself. The band was protecting the castle at first turning awkward and didn’t like to wait for further more bullshit words from the surrounding society and just releasing their own stuff led by funny faced children swarming around on the front cover to these nutty tracks available inside it such as Monks, A Good Hard Look, The Boy who made out of Bone China or more lazy tones and semi-distorted pranking rocks via the sickness that has been infecting the Alternative Music scene after Cobain’s suicide act followed by the end of Grunge era leaving others like this eccentric King Missile’s sad melodic harmony vocals playing around their own smaller world where safety must be priceless but life still cheap and Rock Music finding its way to camouflage; kept their hallucinated heads obeying the high-rank on the field nearby, sounded like he got prostate stage off stadium 3 but never stopping them to blast raw energy and waste of sperms on stage for themselves like watching home-made porn as habit.


Flamencorpse Spaghetti (Obscene Productions 2008)

A scarring scare trio of Grindcore/Death Metal off Vaxjo – Sweden mixing their semi Cross-over techniques within the brutality and dark humor among others insignificant parental or adult stuff to thrown out onto your fucking face as others head-banging like total maniacs and surely, the mosh-pit shall turning to a bone-crusher place you don’t want to enter unless you’re ready to freaking die. Birdflesh has brought to you their fourth releasing product and it certainly isn’t pretty to see and listening but who cares about how douchebags going to die anyway or at least, having their broken bones after being smashed to the wall by The Farmer’s Wrath music. 
Blame Achmed Abdulex (guitars, vocals), Panda Flamenco (bass, vocals) and Smattro Ansjovis (drums, vocals) sounding so terrifying like the double dosage injections of The Cavalera Brothers and Sepultura being pissed-off and you don’t want to dealing with. Blasts everything in full volume and let the world explodes through Goatrider, Payday Mayday, The Flying Penis, Suffer in The Dark of Darkness and Cake Full of Maggots or more destructive tracks listed here from number one up to twenty six. Sick fucking bastards within the Death Metal drugs addict !

The Farmer's Wrath: