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Milotic Xinon (Not On Label 2008)

   Ashley Charles is a ordinary game-fans and of course, the musician talented head whose really loved to making noises within good tender and sophisticate discotech atmosphere not just for entertaining thus gamers generation but as well as other public facility that liking to have kinds of type tunes like this results into the odd project musical Sabrepulse plays of Electronic Chiptune and Drum n Bass in 8bit fusion tells the audiences about the tales of the futuristic modern technology world by the name of Turbo City. 

   The good recording sessions that looping the intention tune-listed on harmonic electro bursts and echoed funny noise samplings via too much lights and modernity as well as Running in The 90’s, White Tiger, Gare De Europa, Hyperion to Cityscape Dreams explodes the inner mutation from simple gaming programs to the worldwide interests coming at you through the stereo in form of good music. One would love to have more about The Manhattan Transfer, Astronaut and Sprite Rider filling into the game session all day while the work-times stops in sudden by accident or the spinning orbit getting slower around London, UK.

Turbo City:

Hot Spurr (Dischord Records 1997)

   All the compiling tracks as the resulting works out of this initial together playing in group by Christina Billotte (bass, vocals, drums), Mary Timony (guitars, vocals), Nikki Chapman (guitars, vocals) and Melissa Berkoff (drums) for their band Autoclave brings the Punk-Pop and Alternative Grunge based in Washington D.C area for these clever Riotgrrrl movement softened soaring and smooth distortion over their own background taste off the other local heroine sophomore bands like Slant 6, The Spells, Helium and Witchypoo resulting a good penetration for listening moment as about the issues on daily problems and female intuition scattered ideas over the man’s world competitive realm brought the Indie Rock really long-haired rising to the chills and the standard tempos story-telling into melodious music onto the self-titled album. 

Get the smart equality in between Bulls Eye, I’ll Take You Down, It’s Not Real Life or Go Far and Still Here – build solid onto the learning solid for any MTV victims genre to known the truth about reality shows in front of their silly faces by the girl in a band here.


The Question (Bandcamp 2016)

   Might not as extra rare or extinct alike thus prehistoric pre-cambrian fishes but you may listening in eerie moments over these abstract Electronic of experimental Glitch-Pop Drone and Modern Classical within the all music written by Jumbo Pimp as the England, UK crew troops sharing the re-enact visions of the traditional past and newer perceptions on the releasing for Return Of The Sea Monk coming like a ghost of the ocean floor figure; dark as black that haunts the mortal shipments and fisherman people correctly, between a myth of the cover art by Utagawa Kuniyoshi and production from Qualo infinity given the rest experiments sounds of instrumental fearful taste through the un-expectation tracks forbid to play too damn loud above sea levels that causing malfunction and disaster just like the project examples on Setting Sail on The Last Day of The Year, Before The Storm, The Sailor’s Abated, Final Theme or Kawanaya Tokuzo embed the destiny of mankind counts directing not for months or years but sometimes – only for minutes or two.

Stay safe passengers …

Return Of The Sea Monk:

Coin Crusher Guyz (Not On Label 2013)

Can resting but annoyed for your eternity as sounds of Electronic melodies by chaotic aspects grim besides the ordinary Metal-Core to Grindcore fusion lies there within the performance of Philadelphia duo mixing their likely total for Nintendocore and Extreme Metal music comprising down towards the display rocks off by Cory Curly Swope on vocals/gameboy to Jeff brown on guitars/drum programming as ZombieShark! bursting the non-innocent and anti-sweeter tension via this third recording album in Bridge Burner as Chiptune, Deathcore, Synth-Pop and experimental Electro-Core comes with the gruesome figure of a mutation sea predator and humanoid looks searching for victims around. 

Nearby or farther distant; one shall really feel a little bit disturbing through the essential blast and explosive metallic riffs and drumming madness mixed with gaming session tunes which equals such an infection addictive atmosphere to turn on your favorite games by listening to C-c-Chain Chomp!, The Mild Mild East, Death Mountain, Le Purgatoire De La Jeunesse and Pissing Off The Natives will leaving your life in more misery under the cyber-death, buds ! 

Bridge Burner:

Pont Esprit Abandonne (Tape Farm Records 2018)

Punkish Surf filling Electrobillies Techno twirking the Alternative tension trapped through this Psychodelic quartet musician nuts known as LN-VR for chants/potential rotating meters, Lobster for guitars/hurling, Matteo on contra-bass/hurdles to Paul on drums/percussions for thus influences around Le Prince Harry, Babane Metalik or Messer Chups did the ensemble tricking their ways on writing much noisy songs and loud-beating music; straight from Saint Quen, France rowdy riding smoldering things in the way formatted slightly silly and madder tracks over the releasing record entitled Tension Palpable as Princesse Napalm.

The four headed drag-queen personalities shaking the hands of another mutated security force because the world also getting weirder all the time means something parable by parallel universe crossed within 75016 (On Te Baise), Randonue, Ecocup$ to 1000Euro goes further attacking you from the stereo crazed for about the mixed tourette’s inflammation registered for only strange people society enjoying the disturbance of music there from the band’s special delivery.

Tension Palpable:

The Fat Picture (Independent 2017)

   Like the group said about there will be no more excuses to bootsy your fucking whips grabbing boobs of every chicks available just as shorter as the dumb dickies watching your freaking extreme music shows how to talk back after the band slamming yours in a harder way within To All The Broads I’ve Nailed before record which totally, disturbing because those ten tracks written too fucking short as performed quite disgusting by Travis Trump on vocals and Rob Trump for guitars/bass/drums and the best thing to shut up the country is Anal Trump compulsion maggots on both masked idiots staring at you and proceeding donation to the planned parenthood hundred percents via the disturbance of listening to Nasty Woman, Before I Proceed I’d Like to Hear The other Side of The Argument Against Cervical Cancer or If I Don’t Respect Women Then How Come I Own a Beauty Pageant ?, The Trump Rule or else the Working Wives really means something terrible like the non-national programs from the former presidential governance over Mamoograms Are Gay means bad to the next inauguration apocalypse day. 

To All The Broads I've Nailed Before:

Dedication Pay Rent (Not On Label 2018)

   Do nurses can rocks the socks off your filthy mind spreading to head-bang through the musical damaging images of all-girls playing their new roles as Riotgrrrl millennium movements of forever free thinkers and ideas in the Punk-Rock possible tension connected sounds as distortion closer to bursts and riffs are definitely, emerging from the border-less between popular or underground as Wurst Nurse aren’t your west European women of health insurance security meant to be but swagging humor and dark pledging towards the EP releasing tuned of both sided for these four tracks onto what you might calling it as Nurse-Core. 

   Garage Punk to Melbourne-based Alternative Pop crossing the small road to save Rock N’ Roll indie once more but it’s just the beginning for Hot Hot Hot mini album extending kinds of either Hot Surgeon or Hot Brown Rain interconnection failures wisely, told everyone that the mixed recording by Ben David and Casey Rice mastered means nothing sacred but pure amazing to hear. 

Hot Hot Hot EP: