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Deception Of Art (Not On Label 2009)

   Too much symbols being drawn and put upon the improvement addressing record release by these D.F Mexico band of Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal named Anima Tempo which giving you their internationally experimenting straight album and high-techniques through Caged In Memories. Produced by Dante Granados and Erik Mikalsen for the performance from the five-piece local rockers: Gian Granados (vocals/guitars), Dante Granados (lead guitars/synth), Daniel Gonzalez (growls/guitar), Pavel Vanegas (bass) and Antonio Guerrero (drums) as they’re combining the essential melodic of progressive sounds and Death Metal onto what the band's meant to be for Caged In Memories.
If you one of those whom already fanatic fans of James LaBrie and co. then this band would receiving your fully attention as well as those seven tracks of adventuring noise of metallic rock and sounds of progressions like Confessions, Scarlet Angel, Behind The Gates of A New-Come to Cellophane Eyes under the moonlight glows dimmed and the mystical creatures shown up nearby but the gate is locked for one to crossing to meet their love ones is impossible at a time …

Caged In Memories:

Dying 05:19 (Not On Label 2012)

Matthieu Legros must be born again within this obsessions to be the sounds that comes by the rainy water in medium force – hits the window glass by the mid-winter of thus lonely night as solo project. GrimLake recording album entitled Twin Sun might probably, the definite conspiracy message hidden from the authority to tells us about either the discovering of new planets far away for the colony to rushy going there to migrates because of the endangered times for not the simply catchy sounds or music but the threat from deep space towards earth very soon or later.
The soothing experimented musical made well and beautifully, instrumentals like the Post-Rock soundtracks for an alternative to the standard music boredom.from Paris – France comes the black and white artworks for the space-traveler to choose their paths on Playground Hope, Expected Thoughts or even When It Rains that leaves the same question as like the first time our eyes seeing those twin stars on the horizon – predicting the forever changing in the nearby cosmic and the weather ever since.

Twin Sun:

Mandarin Heist (Bandcamp 2013)

The lyrics and the words truly mean something if you try listening closer, the melodies sounded awesome and poppy, the piano attractively may replacing the percussions like a lighter drumming and you suddenly, in love to play this album from Auckland, New Zealand’s Stomping Punk of non-puppy killer good active performance and talented artists referred themselves as The MurderChord replacing the sarcastic protesters with funny wiser lyrics to wrote down there and recorded into songs with a great compositions along Get A Van album - just like the moment the grim reaper saying "hi" to you on February 14th.
Meeting the grim-reaper of piano expert heads like Elton John disguising as your mysterious Pied Piper ditching Bernie Taupin for a younger singer Dave the keys player and Sims on drums. 

Fill Up The Tin or Take Your Jealousy Home truly detailed.

Get A Van:

Arizona Crotch (Bandcamp 2012)

Call this Southern-tinged Rockabilly, call it racist music or call it simply just, Grandpa’s Cough Medicine – the collective Hillbilly music group consisting of Brett bass (guitars, vocals), Mike Coker (5-strings banjo) and Caleb Hanks (mandolin, vocals) tremendously performing their entirely local tradition beats songs that could making the whole bar dancing and crashing people in a fight breaks in seconds or just a glory days of sunny cat-fish hand catching on the shallow stream nearby as the licks from the cello solos to the funny lyrics silly enough to make everyone’s laughing before someone got shot cause didn’t asking the questions first. Welcome to the world of the recording session of The Murder Chord where Gospel, Country-Rock and Rockabilly mixed into one hell sinful Sunday celebrations and sermons activity soundtracks. Listen to the things highlighted there: Hurtin’, American Dream, A Boy and His Dog or Julianne, Border Patrol and leave Me and Leave The Bottle Too which is sounded like-wise from Atlantic Beach, Florida.

The Murder Chord:

The Dispirited Outbreak (Metal Age Productions 2005)

   Crushing partially ending the paths with the grinder noises of Death Metal stability for destructing the inner and outer world of yours by the ultimate lesser-known group from Czech Republic  filling up their lyrics and full-destructive of Classic format of Death Metal like it’s still the early 90’s era where the cold war just about to end but agony and sins and the devils stays the same permanently. You will be crushed and amazed for the groovy deadly double pedals drumming like hundred tanks coming to attacks your city from afar and the certain explosions an death really imaginable in front of your eyes as the recording session of Pandemia’s Riven crank loud on your stereo system.
Whether Jaroslav “Jarda” Friedrich on bass guitars, Pavel Kouba on drums, Alex Marek the shedder plus keyboards to  vocalist Michal blistering in extreme ways to devastates everything on their path blocking to be destroyed within the excessive force eruptions carried by the tracks like heavier Stream of Destinies to the more progressive metallic Weight of Wisdom and Legion Beneath to Us and Them. 

Destructive dangerous ! 


Profit Over Sparkle (Bandcamp 2017)

   Fortaleza- Brazil’s common rockers trying to driving their efforts through the good personality sounds of Stoner/Groovy Southern Desert Rock style off their performance as Mad Monkees blasting the stereo system using the band’s non-slowing down tempos and semi-standard “guitar melodic music” as the quartet of Felipe Cazaux (guitars, vocals), Capoo Polacco (guitars), Hamilton De Castro (bass) and PH Barcellos (drums) given the right tracks like they’re one of the infamous reincarnations off Kyuss or Queen of The Stone Age with Latino’s younger touches that exploding rapidly and quick by responds in a premier Thrash-Rock primer docile progressions and catchy chords like Foo Fighters turning their asses to playing more Metallica meets Desert Rock sounds. Feel the crazy rocking process party like a drunken fanatic of great music live or recorded via Try Harder (Again and again), Deamons and Angels, I Cannot Feel, Monkee Business or Bombman spreading Screams and Scars on the same time you really needed something harder promising and didn’t sucks at all through this self-titled new album from them.

Produced by Carlos Eduardo Miranda. 

Mad Monkees:

Iniquity Betrayer (Important Record Distributors Inc. 1985)

The rejected Speeding Power Metal and semi-Thrashy Hardcore mixing Heavy Metal business of Savage Grace within the erections of four-piece of bastard rock-heads Mike Smith on vocals, Christian Logue (guitars), Brian East (bass) and Dan Finch (drums) that really playing their music as edgy sharper like they’re being chased by the hurricane right on their tails. Absolutely Bound to be Free as the Lions Roar or Fear My Way and Sins of The Damned must be some of those tracks metallic and faster to be listened in the highlights as the group Savage Grace camouflaging themselves inside the highway patrol cop’s figure with lunatic crazy and psychotic inner soul preying over gorgeous woman – captured them, cuffing them and collecting them for his own freaking bad purposes – which nobody knows.

This Master of Disguise record will showing us how the trends of Cross-Over Tharsh Metal and kidnapping sexy hot blondes becoming a temporary or permanent sickening habits for Americans later on as this album can be pointed as the pioneering instructors that starts everything the first try !

Master of Disguise: