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Imposter Scythe (Golden Antenna Records 2012)

Easily reminding you – especially, thus whom loving and into Progressive Metal to Doom/Sludge sorrow world of sounds pioneering by thus independent names such as Pelican or Baroness; as these magnificent underground group from Mannheim, Germany named Planks mixing their excellent sounds from the Hardcore/Doom Metal to Black Darker Metal influences as the products come exploding like eruptions as you can hear from them on the release of their third recording – Funeral Mouth. 
The trio of Marcel (bass), Benny (drums) and Ralph (guitar/vocals) truly blasting and quite a bit devastating by their solitude slow-tempo in heavier riffs performance. 
You need to stay away from your stereo or just drown yourself into the selfish melodic visualizing thumper-beats over An Exorcism of Sorts, Agnosia Archetype to Desolate Once … as well as Weak and Shapeless – turning the tide from emptiness to fulfillment in darker place of Doomy realms as your eyes seeing the blurred black figure appearing in front of you carrying mysterious ghastly rage. 

Funeral Mouth:

Yosemite Walnuss (Duchess Box Records 2016)

Pop Alternative and Country Rock influences mixed with the rootsy Folkish music and foreigner touches of berlin, Germany’s Indie sounds – these all girls band whose calling themselves Gurr might be a great choice for you to learn more about this type of music scene after the new millennium came to us. 

Meet the cutey trio of Jil Marz (bass), Laura Lee Jenkins (drums, vocals) and Andreya Casablanca (vocals, guitars) carrying these eleven Jangle-Pop tracks tuned-in deliciously within songs wrote by themselves like Moby Dick, #1985, Diamonds, Computer Love to Song for Mildred would be some of the great choice for one to listen. Simple in happiness as the melodic harmony tones reacting to people as the behavior turned to specifically, joyful just like the expecting celebration for April jubilee parade on the back of an open car rounding up your small town in smiles. 

In My Head:

Spooky Hurt (Epic 1994)

It’s pretty much a shame that you perhaps, crossing your way in searching for good Alternative Rock groups on the nineties and found The Grays album – Ro Sham Bo where actually; recorded, written and composed by the founders of the band project: Jon Brion, Jason Falkner, Dan McCarroll and Buddy Judge as their side-show interest because some of them  already known as good musicians and producers but The Grays should be lived long enough with more than one releasing debut album only. 

Time has changed and there’s nothing you can do to stop the group from disbanded but within this awesome Indie-Pop Rock record one shall ultimately, finding some of the foursome greatest works heavily influenced by The Beatles and Psychedelic Pop like the hit single Very Best Years, Same Thing, Everybody’s World as well as Friend of Mine or Nothing Between. 

Perfectly, capturing melodic and soothing tones ! 

Ro Sham Bo:

Meridian Earth (AFM Records 2000)

Fixing your trust on excellent Doom and Death Metal recording through this Kassel, Hesse – Germany from the early new millennium releasing studio album of Sleeping Gods’ New Sensation. The awesome vocals by guitarist Tim Siebrecht to neat doomy/thrashy drumming by Lars Pristl as well as bassist Bjorn Lupke and guitarist Markus Stephan spoken about romance, death and dreams within their powerful Heavy Metal music aus Deutschland on Together as One, Sweet Suffering to My Favorite or Where The Flavor is opening by the blasting track of H99. 
As the perfect riffs and choruses rising the tide of both depressive taken from a Gothic influence to thus melodic solos and certain measurements over how Sleeping Gods should have enough attractions to make themselves known pretty much but unfortunately, ended being disbanded. 
Such a greater album delivering from the late nineties era of Western European Heavy Metal scene which kept staying underground but healthy. 
If you love standard tempos and blasting sound preference to a classic performance Goth-Metal in symphony; this one’s for you.

New Sensation:

Irreverence Bleak (W.T.C Productions 2011)


Melbourne’s lesser-known acts of Black Metal/Death Metal communion used to called Eidolon but re-known now as Order Of Orias which might quite presuming as a cult-iconic troops of a new beliefs based on knowledge, alchemist, opposite faith, rebellions and illumination themed and ideas projecting back onto the world with terrorizing sounds, blasphemous lyrics and total destruction kinds of Extreme Heavy Metal music not on hold but being unleashed to fucking crush the humanity and mankind – cleansing the world.
Taken the wrath of total blackness and raw arts of extremity from the album Inverse; these Victorian blasphemers are definitely not your friends and shall never make friends when all that they would ever care is presenting the chaotic performance, great devastation music and killing people – instantly. 
Listen to the wise messages captured on their lyrics for the tracks of Offering, Concealer, Presence or Void; as the destructions are upon us – don’t pray anymore to falseness but preparing yourself to be transformed into something deadly and beautiful not as humans. 


Letdie. Nothing (Not On Label 2014)

   A temporary or permanent collaboration between five piece of metal-heads from Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington where one might allegedly, head-banging in non-stop due to the cranking of this band’s releasing record: Headless (ep). 
The Metalcore/Sludge/Modern Prog-Metal system named Verbera as consisting of vocalist Eric Glass, Jake McKinsey and Keiffer Becker on double guitars pryo-blaster and shredders with bassist Connor bacon and drummer/vocals Bob Gibbs; not mentioning themselves as the righteous one or the blindfolded fools for non-compromising any of their acts and exploding music match the madness of insanity infecting our global world today. 
With five songs come more kicker blown-out tension Metal music for fuckers as the pig-screaming terrors you with Exodus or Transgressor (feat. Ben Hoagland) …


Gloom Lurker (Chugcore 2017)

   Had to bring the Deathcore surfacing and disturbs the opinion of falsity going on to our mad mad world today; this is the US troops of heaviest metallic sounds that can crushing you flat and lifeless – though The Decline released album, Extortionist let the globe hearing them screaming louder about everything which went terribly wrong nowadays on 1208, Malediction, Animosity, Neglect, Imbalance, Guilt or Wither Away as the personnel – Jared “Jay Sweeps” Dorsla (guitars), Bob Gibbs (drums), Riker Morrow (bass), Benjamin Hoagland (vocals) and Kip Treeman (guitars) proving that Extortionist are smarter than just another scream Hardcore Metal bands exist for the day. 
The extreme recording mixed/mastered by Calvin Russell and an interesting album artworks showing us the destruction and the rebellion calls at arms !

The Decline: