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Wet Dreamin’ Omens (Kartoga Works 2018)

   There was a day when one can hearing the Indie Punk-band sounded like some kind of Heavy Metal troops within lesser Pop-tunes and bigger riffs shown as Casanovas In Heat protecting their interests over the delighted neighboring chums as decided to bring back the high energy and Melodic screwing sparks in wider-range full attacks for releasing album entitled – Twisted Steel, Sex Appeal with the group’s Power-Pop tunes written as well as fast drumming rocks out the inner motions of screaming/shouts Punks as the proven track-listing correctness movement songs can be heard by the audience while having a blast for Destiny St. Future Ex-Girlfriends, Long Island Lolita, 2nd Wind, Belvidere and Jaded or even She Sells Sanctuary copied as existing for any jacket-people and obliteration of the reality Pop-world because Punk-Metal moments coming back fast using the fiber boats and they’re not trying to angler some fish trophy in this rocking album.

Twisted Steel, Sex Appeal:

Bow 04:36 (Not On Label 2016)

   Ben McLeod producing, writing, recording and programming his destructive soundtrack like a fucking blaster away to exploding your position from the safer point to a junkyard crushing shit annihilation above stupidity and fucker’s comments as this driven music and great riffs shaking the listeners audible realm and truly heavy for head-banging like your old-school Death Metal phase ridicule tracks made creations at the witching hour modernity somewhere around Nashville, Tennessee spaying on anyone’s fear to themselves or instrumental project furor thrills on Inflamed album by Woodsplitter as well as the scary artworks as picturing the primitive raw metallic sounds through the displays on dangerous atmosphere caught within the mystic thrashing trance and Progressive Stoner Metal/Industrial music on Liturgy, Shipwreck’d, Pile, Fatty’s Waltz, and The Weather Outside is Frightful as monotonously – at some points might encourage you to stop listening and checking the condition outside your window room. In case, there’s something seems to be not right happening tomorrow … 


Big Bang Mountain (Independent 2013)

   Progressive Rock meets Surf Pop to Garage Post-Punk and Pop-heads crew in Beach Arabs of New York (even though no ones in the band is truly arabs) means something turns the weather a bit cloudy but cozy as the final full-length onto frenetic, amalgam concoction into off-kilter in Rock N’ Roll commotions rough taken off some of the figures in Alternative Rock semi-legends like Liz Hogg in happy screaming female-type, Marisa Paternoster dialing the modes of Kim Deal to Nathaniel Sabat droll-esque counterpoints of delivering Lee Ranaldo’s poignant math-lite and kinds of understandable pins heading a test sound beyond your regular scaling into Lo-Fi whispering through scuzz-bomb grungy tunes for Wild Movement in harmonic good songs written like they’re coming from the late sixties era or something by Sonic Youth in younger version on Humiliated & Insulted, On The Beach, My Son & I, Abolish Mirrors, Infinite Flesh to Layers of Caring mainly, would get the attention from the real fans of Indie Rock whose loved the experimental Pop results, mastered Daniel James Schlett made this sound of confusions. 

Wild Movement:

The Prophet (Independent 2017)

   Put the intensity higher and do some research on how your non-commercial toxic-sounds taken from the aggressive bewildering Punk and Industrial-Metal crushing noise of Ministry led this New York unit project naming themselves Haram or forbidden in Arabic and see if even nobody can reading the traditional writing or language there still more heads will definitely, banging and slamming or rolls down the pavement within the displays of raw harsh blasting through the translation of When You Have Won, You Have Lost really means completely for an interesting new provision towards the war against terror or anything indifference caught a battle in the middle of chaos face of the world today dragging to you by far thus one minutes and more but never longer than three minutes bursting like hell-flames to the infidel’s existence anywhere as The Defense of Yourself, Not A Terrorist, What is This Life?, Road To Liberation or Voice of The Hari’meen kicking to screaming like hezbollah military force campaign on bombarding the western border after the peace treaty signed in Nuke York, Toxic Place. 


Could Be Worse Dare (429 Records 2008)

   Born as Ifar Barzelay but then this Israeli-American musician/singer and song-writer from Tel-Aviv moving to Teaneck, New Jersey and who would have known how talented the man himself becomes grown good track arranger and music-maker like the next Paul Westerberg releasing the second recording as Eef Barzelay in Lose Big whilst not trying to gamble to the life itself but experience themed written and shared onto a format of Folk-Rock or Indie Pop tunes as the subtraction level for the changing games for the rabbit on shooting the hunter finally or it just stole away the sleeping man’s long-rifle helped by the warmth of the sun lullabying the oppressor – kinds of fable story and more tracks showing there in most softer, slower or just mid-tempo catchy and wearing wiser words lyrics to tell for the world to sharing them after the listening. 

   Good intentions, social-politic and magic myth to further modern popular sounds and advance ideas got to be listed on thus songs of the man for The Gorls Don’t Care, Apocalyptic Friend, Make Another Tree, True Freedom, Song For Batya and bonus like I Love The Unknown may selecting some clever ears to assuring the meaningful theories turns to reality-check on preservation not natural exploitation. 

Stop what you’re doing to them ! 

Lose Big:

Termites InFinFly (WireTap Records 2018)

   Driving away out of the metropolis tinsel-town that discouraging your darker skin-color and how they trying to separates you from your hot white ex-model girlfriend whose later on shall carries your seeding babies in her womb after those explicit sexual intercourse weeks a month ago did by both of you while the late information from a friend joining the indie movement and band creations unites to improving their plan crazily to destroying the conservative mind-controls government in town for good. 

The sabotaging of thus only nuclear reactor and gas supply station as well as the recording session for the soundtrack in My Bad – the album really make Stringer a Brooklyn, New York group pushing their rootsy Rock N’ Roll garage and Hard Rock militant sounds into a more Alternative independent mundane transcend striving members to fight the evil axis power of the fake leaders as Mark Fletcher, Max Kagan, Riley Zimmer and John Spencer born to raised and die in their beloved town letting the main darkened guy character leaving faster in a red sports car with his awesome girl right before an hour of giant explosion that soon destroying the place to shreds. 

   The audience still can listening to the last broadcast off the local radio playing Ghosts, USA, Dead Horse, Flower Bomb, Abergain to Halving and Miss Slovenia as the final listed songs ever exists on that town which going to be blown away for good by those spreads of paint unit pals and Indie Pop looney  group. 

My Bad:

Megawatt Loyalty (Laruicci Records 2018)

   Collection of Grungy songs while one imagining for the female vocalist to kiss him after playing the crank tunes and make-out sexy session above this hot template album as inspired and mastered pretty much well onto Alternative Garage Lo-Fi Pop Riotgrrl as angst and aural by the sentinel bass-lines, beats of surprising lovecraft-ians themed to the distorting riffs and chords for In My Mouth by Slut Magic team.

   Even you didn’t really knew the girls and the rest of the band members or the thrown cross on the floor can be meant something needs to rest laid on hope or it’s just an anti-religious symbol or perhaps, the semi-naked woman lying covered by chains and charm-bracelets and plastered tits really caught your attention for more growing interests coming towards the next L7 teaming-up all out but never satisfaction for sounding aloud meaningless but closely – tried to comparing themselves to The Pretenders in a better modern tuning as well as British Punk-Pop whose really can wrote down artistic artificial lyrics story over the releasing tracks: Tuesday, Gina, Adult Situations, Satan Called and The Tall Place puts down your defenses for stop wondering around and settled for this should becoming a favorable one – pick up, perhaps. 

In My Mouth: