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Beeper Ratpack (Delicious Vinyl 2007)

   Kinds of sets for the initial mockumentary over parodying the legendary “super-group” of the so-called Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary featuring the comeback Rap group members to once again raising up the insanity and fearless genre of this type of music which as some might knowing it fully violence, dirty harsh words, lyrics offended others in order for invitation to a gunshot duel and battle in the streets as the gang codes background the entire majority of Black Music modern after the eighties gone ashtray and the minority needs more than just a criminal reports but as well real formats to shaking the authority’s ass while dealing with the rest of the crew – doing the drug business, pussies prostitution and spreading more money to fuck more bitches, buying fast cars and arming themselves as the new generation of the future Black Americans and the minority voices owning juvenile to the whore house on your suburban corner taking them all from the old mobsters for themselves.
   But the fun and excitement never leave far behind as you might had a chance to watching this movie as the consisting Murder Mike, Du Rag to DJ Ballistic re-launch their Hip-Hop career through the new album when the only seven copies sold ended the group disbanded. 
Directed by Damon “Coke” Daniels starring Too Short, Dian Bachar, Malik Barnhardt onto Clifton Powell and Howie Bell or Gerald “Sink” Johnson trying to bring back the Old School style with low-riding bikes, bigger guns and dirty lyrics through the various artists soundtrack score music as My Mama’s a Bitch, 4 The Homies, The Hardest Nigga in The World, Bitch Stop Lyin’ or House Shoes collecting the reflect laughs into Gangstas Need Love feels like this shit is a real good shit once you getting ready to stepping on the black-borders and once you go black you definitely never comes back, whitey ! 

Gangsta Rap The Glockumentary:

Ruler 00 (Third Kind Records 2016)

Under the Electronic/IDM basic pops, Olga Jigounova did the good job for making the artwork for the all tracks composed and produced by Mudd Corp as the parts on its analogue Acid Indie Electronic brain-dance as Modular Synth sounds systematic on introducing the experimental dimension of the presentation through Loserlord as your sound-cloud non-expired expressive fully length and mastering musical programs coming to live on these sixteen recording song-compositions which touching most of the elemental central in order to completed the humanity special work-force among making strangest sounds like this. 

MyJohnThomas, Red Lobster, Food, Good Parliament Good, (If You Don’t Buy The Tape) or Finallyifndya as well as Blue Bronco reveals to come and go from as shorter as two minutes onto the longest six minutes groovy beats not to worry will enslaving your ears like the chariot being dragged out by six legs creatures but king or no king; you shall be dance in moves.


Tie My Lollipop (Universal Motown 2008)

   Starting himself up the beat-deranged for Rap/Hip-Hop of American united and afro-american revolution squad whom did well to changing the landscapes of US Pop culture music in the early two-thousand straight with the rest of black-alicious waves like Drake, Nicki and Birdman as well then, successfully – creating the build-up for cash money recording company owned by himself as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. as bigger name-stage calling him a tattooed Lil Wayne and ruling the world which already witnessing the screw Thug-Rap and Swing/Rn’B Hip Hop modernism magnets dragging your teenage whites to adopting the Black ways as soon as possible and how your daughters and females fell to the more involves for big brotha’s thicker love tales means not just business but of course, regular daily sexual works baptizing them all to assimilates as the music stands for itself tall.
   Tha Carter III won’t be easily be blame for that but as booty squishing and  interracial cuddling goes on and black babies fits enough for their white momma wombs on the way for educating themselves and the world to have next mixed -better men and Lil Wayne is one of the chosen one releasing this great recording as fucking white female cops in bed as bonuses just like how you might listening to over the wetter track of Mrs. Officer or more suburban and ghetto living stories through Got Money, Comfortable, A Milli and 3 Peat which all ain’t telling you nothing but the truth today how the world loves Mr. Carter performing hard and fucking your bitchy women by the groovy beats and bass-line sending all the girls into orgasm-land and popular Gangsta Hip-Hop music in the making as featuring Jay Z, T-Pain, Robin Thick and Bobby Valentine. Once your girlfriend loving this shit; there’s no chance she’ll be coming back to you arms again ! 

Tha Carter III:

Meme Julia’s (Third Kind Records 2016)

   Real name for Micky Mike as Ref-Co also predominantly telling you about his aliases whose the project musicianship composer began experimenting his music earlier as the presence of New Zealand’s Witch Flower album bangs over the early 90’s lives on through Under Construction but as the other band members pursuing other interests of life; there’s a point where Reflex Condition comes resurfacing as a side project but also a boundaries pusher to continued how the man kept his musical interests alive like a girl biting a burning small trunk.

   The fifth recording releases from this Electronic-Rock, Avant-Garde and creepy Darkwave/Leftfield experiments need no human voices but the machine punching, pumping and clashing for creating sounds that you can hear over Carpe Diem, Silent Giant Where No One Goes and Until The End – as Micky thanks everyone whom supporting and getting involved to this point such as Mean Flow, Storm For Image and some more.

Witch Flower:

The Return (Paramount Pictures 1993)

   Logger community in Snowflake, Arizona went shocking after the incredible but seems to be suspiciously impossible about the missing tales of Walton been reportedly abducts by the alien craft or UFO somewhere around the middle of the forest where they used to work at the site lumbering and cleaning up the surroundings. On their way back home driving truck; Mike, Allan, David, Greg and Bobby with Walton passing White Mountains when seeing red glowing lights from the back of the hill where the workers found out the unidentified flying object hovering not far from their spot with curiosity came Walton wandering to check the thing up-close as his friends witnessing a tracking beam locked his body and zap him out vanish as the rest driving like a crazy sons of bitches away in fear. 
The unseen force, the sheriff Blake investigation, loggers met skepticism and the ideas of murder acts plan swirling into the air around the community as the investigations for the missing as well the case leads to the tabloid newspaper cover-stories with many journalists came to the small town and the accused suspects and the searching teams assembly finds nothing still; the sheriff decided to call more back-up including a lie detector tests upon Roger and the rest of his crew. 
   In between the outraged and the high tension inflicts towards them, one day the phone call receiving by Roger tells the founding of Walton at a gas station – nude, dehydrated, incoherent as immediately taken to the hospital with several moments later Walton having a panic attack due to the abduction at his own welcome home party as the ufologist saw the night they’ve found him back under the rain. Fire In The Sky is a science fiction film which flashback self-story of the victim Walton told the rest under some kind of hypno-circumstance tells about the suffers from his extra-terrestrial abduction awakening inside the cocoon and slimy environments as he breaks the membrane finding himself floating in zero-gravity condition as the darken situations offers him nothing but total fear as he found out another composing human-remaining after being dissects or experimented as meeting with the host of humanoid space suited aliens as being hauled down weaken through dark corridors and drag onto the chamber laboratory as in his traumatic conscious Walton becoming a project tests of bizarre experiments did by strange sharp objects from a torturing machine by thus pitiless aliens as he screaming hard while the excruciating gelatinous substance force to put into his mouth or the cold platform and with elastic materials pins into him painfully as well as enduring ocular probe while his fully awake during it before finally, unconscious and awake in disorientation, mutilated and severe traumas. 
   Mark Isham leads the background soundtrack instrumental of hideous mixed with happy hour compositions as daily or shocking possible onto A Man On Display, Evil Spirits From The Sky, Travis Walton or They Didn’t Like Me – A Case Unsolved brings the conclusion over the incident as expressed by Lieutenant Watters as a doubt merely hoax but the polygraph examinations results showing the rest of the workers team are telling the truth and innocence. 


Final Search (Varese Sarabande 1984)

   The revolving plot over a stalking bad dreams killer (former child molester) that haunts and spreading panic or fears among the teenagers as then torturing or slashed them to death as the works of evil deeds featured story in A Nightmare On Elm Street with main character a fifteen years old Tina Gray keep seeing her mom wearing nightgown with four slashes wounds on her as a awakening nightmares as she tells her good friends Nancy and boyfriends Glen and Rod as the sleep-over plan interrupted by the unseen force slashing Tina to her death blaming Rod for that as Nancy’s father Lieutenant Thompson mistakenly accusing Rod and arresting him – while at school, Nancy slept over dreaming about a ragged man chasing her in a boiler room but she fought back burning her arm as awaken back to the classroom with the mark on hers as well as she almost drowning while sleeping in a bathtub at home with Rod found dead looks like he’s hanging himself in a cell but that’s not the real story as Nancy just found out about the real killer who murdered Tina is actually, Freddy Krueger – from her drunken mother told the real story about their small town secret that Fred Krueger being released free by the court technicality but the neighborhood vigilante justice community of parents came to his place finding evidence of terrifying facts about his victims remaining inside the basement, burned him alive but leave his restless evil revenge on them and their offspring with Nancy later put more booby traps around her house and convincing Glen to help her for taking Freddy to the real world but as Glen fell asleep – he’s being the next target for the killer’s revenge in a gruesome bloodbath fountains all around his bedroom . 
   With Marge went to bed and Nancy asking her dad (whom investigating Glen’s murder case across the street) a favor to come burst in after twenty minutes successfully, dragging Freddy as she lights him on fire, locked him on basement but the police saw how Freddy smother Nancy’s Mom Marge in bed to still-burning and vanished. 
The immediate danger comes back the next morning Nancy found out a clear sunny day where his friends and mother still alive well; as she went inside the car for a ride with them – something uncontrollably happens and locked them up down the street with Marge once again being grabbed violently through the door’s window by Freddy gloved hands as she screams … 

PS. Meet the sophomore scary soundtrack fro the movie as well composed by Charles Bernstein within This is God, School Horror/Stay Awake, Funeral, Sleep Clinic, Bridge Talk, Lurking onto Telephone Terror as well as I’m Your Boyfriend Now Nancy compositions – seems to releasing some of our demonic imagination based on many nightmares that haunts several of you insomniac minds out.


Brook Haven (TriStar Pictures/Davis Films 2007)

   Rose Da Silva the mother of Sharon her little daughter driving together and headed to Silent Hill as she kept crying in sleepwalking for many days since; finding the abandoned and burnt old town with a creepy environment as ashes fell down to earth continuously and dark creatures lurking on the corners of it; adapted from Konami’s game – this movie showing the accident of Rose car outside Silent Hill as a police woman stopping her to questioning the event while Sharon gone missing.
Rose husband Christopher trying to find out where his family went with the help of some policemen as inside the scary place and darker alleys; Rose found out many hideous frightening things as some creatures trying to attack her and the presence of her daughter reveals some strange connection with the town’s cult community sacrificing a young girl long time ago. Foggy haze and bizarre dimension changes in front of Rose as officer Cybil Bennett concern for helping her finding Sharon and exploring the scary town together only to meet psychological thrills obstacles, mysteries and hidden stairs led to the story of the existence of Alessa the young girl whom being burnt by The Brethren cult fanatics called her as a representation of evil witchcraft as her mother Dahlia wanders around and met those two women. 
   Old photo, outcast streets, isolating entrapment rooms, the orphanage story of Alessa and how the town turning to a transition darker dimension after sacrificing the little girl led by Christabella as nightmarish alarm sounds transforming gloomy light day onto total darkness as many horrible creatures coming out for revenge to the fanatics. 
Giant metal masked gladiator, desperation, manifesto of evil incarnates via the horde of bleeding nurses holding weapons and flashbacks attempting from Rose to search for Rose and the church shelter burnt offerings that kills Cybil but as the secrets reveal and Rose promises to the payback vengeance from the restless burnt Alessa – comes back and having her revenge on the Brethren community as the nemesis-like appearance within her branches/tentacles ripping and torturing every single towners inside the church and you might get really terrifying while following the scene off this malevolent and complicating film which having its freaky soundtrack compositions as well which being created by Jeff Danna and the original game composer Akira Yamaoka : in these two sets of discs that haunts everyone who dare to listen with Xuchilbara, Waterfalls, Tainted, Entrenching Ashes, You Flesh is Also Mine or Midwich as well as Find Reason, Straight Down to Samael, False Prophet and Magdalene Tears Of… even Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash rings a reality of frightened possessions and terrible solutions since the first idea to come to this place might be a mistakes but ended up for poor Christopher missing his wife and daughter forever on the other dimension while his reality world felt empty …