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Chainsaw Airline (Mega Records 1992)


   Evaporates the royal scent from Hard Rock Garage music, Aerosmith to Thin Lizzy and Guns N’ Roses influences repeatedly responsive in the soul o Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction second full studio album – Hoodlum Thunder causing the atomic bomb blasts the moment you trying to press play and turning it loud on the stereo.
   The dangerous sleazy glamorous quartet of Slam Thunderhide (drums), Cobalt Stargazer (guitars), Suzy X (bass) and Mark Manning on lead vocals; giving you a rocking fuckin’ rolling journey adventure of crazy loud maestro poetic justifications through the infamous shrilling edgy melodies of solos due to mostly standard but classic in performance from the real rockers of Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction.

   Let yourself hypnotized onto the repertoir of dream-team’s tracklist started from Elvis Died for You, Tomorrow belongs to The Love Reaction, Feed My Frankenstein, President of The United States of Love to Meanstreak; making Hoodlum Thunder sounded dangerous and more than that – a must have album you need to grab for good sake of Rock N’ Roll always !


Undead Long Dark Sea (Resist Records 2007)


   Doesn’t matter when you seeing yourself deader than dead and going on stage dressing up in zombified costumes/make-up just like these Sydney’s Psycho-Gothabilly and as the band which calling themselves Zombie Ghost Train mixing loudly the essential noises off Horror Punk and Glenn Danzig with rockabilly, Elvis and American dirty country sounds influence for completing their immortal rocking sound with the most best kept secret of theatrically performance right between simplicity and madness of fear, rotten issues and elected Poppy beats in thus yucky soup of various morbid taste with lyrics and harmony on the album – Dealing The Death Card.

   Going cranky fasten forward with Punkish songs like Mystery Woman, Bats in The Belfry or The Big Fog to the funky Latinos on 13 Tears as this band creeping you out then possessing your body with their mambo-jambo infected music dangerous enough to put you to slow death sleep while listening to them – sing along ghouling the living as the dead dancing in their graves.

Dealing The Death Card:

Sunday Cult Meditation (Geffen Records 1997)


   A transition of reality products by our brand new world of the nineties can really be seen on this movie - starring Steve Zahn, Giovanni Ribisi, Nicky Katt, Parkey Posey and directed by Richard Linklater; taken the adaptation from Eric Bogosian based story written on the subjective convenience store and teenager lives growing up in Woburn, the suburb of Boston area reffered to the multi races and dimensional of thoughts over a neighborhood in Burnfield – Austin within these characters from Jeff to his closefriend Snooze, Nazeer the clerk, Bee Bee the recovering alcoholic or Pony the rock star, trying to figured out what has this life actually brings to every single person’s interests and efforts shown but most of the time its in-justification might dragging people into bigger problems and sometimes unsolved one to ease the pain the lost, the regrets and even the continuity to looking forward – from the analyzing of suburban people.
   These half-sarcasm comedy and half-drama of life movie had a good soundtrack too and this Original Motion Picture Soundtrack creatively compiled by DGC really would dig up your interests to knowing more about Alternative Music from the midst of the nineties here like Beck’s Feather in your cap or Girls Against Boys with Bullet Proof Cupid which monotonously talking a bit more about the Folkish feeling for being unsuccessful and as the rest of the songs might calming you up through another doors of stories like Butthole Surfers’ Human Cannonball, Gene Pitney or even Thurston Moore projects for filling this soundtrack with the balancing configurations and warmth kindness for not making the sarcasm jokes lose its interests from being just a funny anecdote turning to hatred even though most of the sounding tracks are mostly gloomy and not casual at all.

   Wondering how’s the story going to end ?
See it for yourself and find the answer.


Claustrophobic Sharpnel (Island Records 1997)


   Never tasting their own sweet success because the bad timing of single song releases had Ednaswap paid for everything sour and riped before good things happened to these finest Los Angeles Alternative Rock band. With their own hit single Torn being covers by other artists for their own profits; Ednaswap actually never can get rid of their own curse even after the releasing of the second or first big label record entitled Wacko Magneto which includes some of the band's old materials re-newed to better versions like Clown Show or Pale.
   The amazing composition of members still existing on this recording which concludes of Anne Preven, Scott Cutler, Rusty Anderson, Carla Azar, Scott Coogan or Paul Bushnell that proven the small amount of loyal fans that this group actually is really talented for becoming one of the tremendous star-acts from the West Coast area at that time but fate squeezing them and kill the lites upon their Alt-Rock careerjust before it turned out to grow even larger. Ednaswap's Wacko Magneto also spawning trusted and real timer rocking out tracks from Sideways Out The Window, Chordomatic, Yowibe to All Time Low as you can really hear how awesome neat play by the band themselves including Anne Preven's voice will taking you out for dating dinner like a fancy cafe's kiss with a famous rockstar !

Wacko Magneto:

Forest Raven Ran (Massacre Records 2013)


   Maybe can be certainly pointed as the newer answer for Sharon Den Adel’s existence with her band but this Los Palmas’s group Tears of Martyr might becoming smarter not to just plainly following the blue-printing sounds of other bands around from the Symphonic Metal or Gothic Metal but within the changes of formation on this second full length album – Tales; the band actually reducing the unimportant aspects in their musical life by leaving to us a silhouette of them in a quartet – Berenice Musa (soprano), Miguel Angel Marques (guitars, vocals), Doramas Parraga (drums) and Adrian Miranda (bass) which respectively got the help they’re ever wanted by Dark Moor’s Enrik Garcia.
   You remember or knowing that silence isn't golden but knowledge definitely is and within that brilliant ideas for worshipping science as the band shall infinitely mixed with older beliefs and heritage; Tales would becoming more than just a Symphonic Metal album but most of all the legends shall be lived forever passing through generations by listening them from this great album as it well-made gently and precised by these quartet.
   Better with lack of Pop intensified through the songs like Golem, The Scent no.13th and Vampiress of The Sunset Street and more to shared with us under the darker night sky filled with melodic romance or like Mermaid and Loneliness ashore …


Reborn Yell Yourself (Echozone 2015)


   Consisting of the new names freshly from oven and created in Madrid – these Nox Inferna’s group got much influences from Rob Zombie to The Sister of Mercy especially for the sounds as Richy Nox (vocals), Peter Geltat (main guitar), Paul Richter (drums), Tom Krueger (bass, programming) and Robert Muller (guitars, programming) bursting their odd melodic combinations for Industrial Metal and Old School Gothic Rock where the loudest meets the colder while flowing between separations and tears of the quiet ones behind the mirror dwelling and slowly consumed by the darkness death defying in self-made inner ideas for the releasing ultimate from Nox Interna’s Spiritual Havoc record. The magic of depressive artworks and forbidden lyrics collecting on thus presentations wrapped within the hypnotizing effects but sometimes would also giving in the faster tracks just for an intoxication variety like Tomorrow Never Knows or Agua De Vida but the main reasons of this group to making “the different” Goth-Rock influences for the loyal fanatic audiences of this sub-genre; Nox Interna is keeping themselves as one of the carrier on Type O Negative legacies through this front cover artworks and while you headbanging to their performance – everything slipped already into a darker small holoe in the wall sucking the energy out of you and anyone else.

Put these tracks aloud – Dead Horses or El Cicio or Art of Chaos.


Low Head Room (Not On Label 2012)


   The moment you might needed to hear what if you had this moment when you can kidnapping Chris Cornell, Buzz Osborne and the rest of Queen of The Stone Age members and put them into a blender – the juicy liquid made-base of them would disturbingly tasting like Disastroid’s Stoner Rock buzz. Trippy praising, groovy moments and magnificent Hard Rock vocals delightedly presented on the band’s high-altitude level of debut non-marginalized album Money and Guilt.
The terror effects and odd tempos or the standard casual pounding effects for claiming their Desert Rock roots courageously would be remarkably listen on these eight self-written tracks that will reminding most of you again the first few months when Alternative Rock and Grunge first taking their throne of rock reclaiming once hitting your ear-drums.
   For Happy Channel. Fallout, Eternal Home to Gamera and Sunshine – you might not only headbanging or growing your hair long like you used to be but this new group Disastroid might also forcing you to think about starting your own band and writing songs again right after the heavy session of listening minutes on this extended album – Money and Guilt.