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Golden Dreams (Avalon / Frontiers 2015)


   The latest Hard Rock Melodic compositions band naming themselves as Khymera and fantastically delivering the best offers for you the Heavy Metal and Pop Metal fans after releasing several good albums as the newest recording already hits the Rock Music market in a little bit changes in the group’s line-up which now consisting of the quartet from Tommy Ermolli (guitars), Daniele Liverani (keyboards), Dario Ciccioni (drums) and Denis Ward (vocals, bass guitar) performing almost every of their thirteen tracks repertoir off this album The Grand Design; totally awesome and sounded attractive to be collectible for fans of good classic Heavy Metal and Melodic Rock to AOR sympathizers and let yourself soluble into the sound-adrenaline of the mixing of excellent melodies, compositional fierce crunchy vocals to the experience of being inside the huge arena rock memorabilia concert with fireworks, romance and enchanting ballads to sing along. We need to listening for Never Give Up on You, Tell Me Something, Say What You Want, I believe, A Night to Remember and She’s Got The Love. Eventually, would giving you chills and endless air guitar actions like an addiction for playing Guitar Hero too damn much.
   Khymera shall becoming your newest favorable group in Rock attacks – trying to make its way again back to the mainstream Pop charts for a good kicking in mutual rivalry !


Funkin’ Ancient (Bandcamp 2016)

Collaborating the essential roots borrowed from Blues Rock Psychedelic sounds like we’ve been smoking the joint too darn much and taken on a flight lower than the highest clouds but higher than average people’s dull imaginations without knowing the existing points of a magical journey into Rock sounds crossing the nearest galaxies and further more. Pyramid Sun is a Blues Rock band which build after the failure of more small projects and bands made by the tight collective friendships between Jared Bierman (guitars, vocals, sound effects) and Luc Maranto (vocals, percussion, keyboards) with their other friend on drums Graham Pont and bassist Corey Klass, living their lives in a celibate mission for writing and producing more good works including songs and compositions back in their homeland of Thousand Oaks, CA comes the great album – Wyrm of The Sphinx. Amusing mature vocals and music with them dragging the old atmosphere only can be found in a classic Rock or an alternative choices for the old “Blues –Rock” ears wanting that there should be a new records produced by the bands or singers that really capture the belonging of fantastic slow motion as the bassline approach and the symbols meaning that something really keeping as secrets ready to be opened when the time comes. Dragon of Ice, HighPriest, Sonic Arnith or Tarpit must be really enjoyable to hear before midnight accompanied by the coldest beer or burning weed smokes crossing its path with the destructive sessions of solos and long term orchestra. 

Wyrm of The Sphinx:

Warm Shadow (Universal Republic 2013)


   In the times of troubles hitting your beloved city, your trusted civilization and the whole world turning upside down led by the sad and gloomy tracks like Lead Me Home from Jamie N Commons to Sinking Man performed by the new Screamo group Of Monster and Men as well as the Main Title Theme (Unkle Remix) by Bear McCreary for The Walking Dead: AMC Original Soundtrack vol.1 which inspired by the same television title-series that having an apocalyptic stories of survivors escaping the mysterious zombie outbreak which massively had destructing almost everything that we ever known even humanity. Along the story there are Rick Grimes a former sheriff and the clever Asian guy named Glenn as the rest of the later stories connecting why Rick’s comeback from coma turning to horrific shock after he saw the devastation and the dead that walks and attacking people surrounding him, his efforts to fight and finding his family; wife Lori and Carl his son moving away out town with his deputy and the rest of a band of survivals. Filled with terror, jumpscares, eerie and shocking madness completed with more sad, romantic about the reunion and the losses all captured inside this great starting of the movie series in three episodes.
   The strong characters with various background and as they’re forced to moving to another places like the woods and the huge farmland within an intense and troublesome crossing ahead and backstabbing them; you still can listening to the peaceful restless tunes like The Parting Glass memorizing the good old past living before the horrible events occurs from the duet of Emily Kinney and Lauren Cohan or the endless of the written story goes on Running by Delta Spirit as the series continues …


Bestiality Humanity (MCA Records 1982)

   Based on John W. Campbell adaptation novel and directed by John Carpenter while the soundtrack mixes of Modern Classic, Avant-Grade and Electronic orchestral composed by Ennio Morricone will making this Sci-Fi Horror story as one of the creepiest most scariest and intense achievements ever produced for the genre back in the early eighties. The terror turning after a discovery of parasitic extra-terrestrial creature-like which then later on known to have an ability to transforming into another life-form by assimilates to the host’s genome inside a remote research facility somewhere in the middle of Antarctica, causing panic and fear for the surviving workers there. Starring Kurt Russell and his friends trying to figure out how to recognizing the imitation life-forms among themselves while the clock is ticking by taken one by one of the crew at the time in such gruesome scenery for you to watch. The extreme coldest place on the Southern Hemisphere pole and the scary moments of both the attacks and the harsh arguments among the researchers leading to mistakes and more victims as the soundtrack of The Thing – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack really sounded haunting and relevant to describing the actual feelings that putting its claws above the scared crew members of the join-corporate team between Norwegian and United States. Mostly lower slow and suspended instrumental music of orchestra and the electronic touch arrived to our momentary of scary listening room as the creature from another world snatching people alive, mimicking them and endangered the human race existences when the parasitic form reaches the crowded population on Shape to Contamination while Sterilization necessary needed to sustains the last of the survivors inside the burning up compound facilities. Leaving them in disgust and fear but dying to see another day escaping that place.

The Thing:

Left To Die (The End Records 2007)

The amidst growler vocals and fast tempos didn’t really meet our imagination about how a Gothic Doom Metal band should be sounded like but on this case, Novembers Doom shall be themselves and whatever they’re wanted to do to their music is actually, their own business. This sixth full album from Novembers Doom – The Novella Reservoir carrying the great sounds as well as the conceptual directed themes and the special edition of colorful book following the deluxe edition of this one. The story must be related to the big city living that having an intimated romantic lusty relationships turning bad as the soul dies or run away or separated by fate as the raining season comes bringing the heavy wind, the stormy weather and the foggy of uncertain present days covering by dark clouds and depression melodies made well by theis Chicago band. We got the metallic bursts coming fire following the crushing Goth-Doomy Metal tracks like The Voice of Failure, Twilight Innocence and Drown The Inland Mere; having the pleasurable performances from either the vocalist Paul Kuhr, Joe Nunez banging his drumset in chaotic acts or even the additional keyboards touch played by Ed “Shreddy” Bethishou. Leaving This lot Dominate The Human Strain with Rain are the last kind words you wouldn’t hear from a nice person helping you out or the knife reflecting your minute of death wrapped into thus sort of stories of catastrophic life happens not far from yours. 

Blurring images as the rains falling …

The Novella Reservoir:

Scid Warts Carmesi (Repulse Records 2000)

The name of the band is Disgorge and they’re from Queretaro, Mexico, the album called Forensick and these Death-Metallers/GoreGrinders giving you a horrific story about the auto-miscarried for the unwelcome newborns or the pregnant women being taken or kidnapped and tortured to death are the most hideous unspeakable in display photography about them on the band’s cover album and the inlay art directions on Forensick. Gory as sick as fuck as hell; probably would definitely fit for describing this album cause the music is totally raw but in a good production while the lyrics cannot actually can be really listened whether they’re Urethrive Decortico-Xanthomatose Muco Gestated Scaffolds or Haemorph Endarteriectomized Punzed Eozinophille – every single fucking sickening thing sounded too brutal, too chaotic and full of blood and chumps splatters around. Only known as their first name of Edgar, Hector, Willy and Gerardo mutilating the surroundings and their listeners within the giant blasting of megatons GoreGrind music format which is never compromised with the popular culture in any kinds of way because this type of Death Metal’s sub-genre shall always be considerable as the sickest music for snuff fanatics and abnormal people. Disgorge shall bring you to the new level of meaning for being maniacal normal as the best quality Grindcore explosions taking over your humanity out in ripped; you will find that there’s the back door behind pain that will leads you to the torturing damnation reality where Forensick becomes one of the soundtrack. 


Cult Of The Cloth (Pagan Records 2012)

Growler guttural vocals, the standard mid-tempo crushing Death Metal tempo and crazy riffage and solos like the world starting to crumble into pieces as the ocean wide cracked open and the sign of the second coming of Anti-Christianity with blasphemy chords and killer lyrics proclaiming the celebration of destructions made from the depth of the sea-bed blasting the surface and mankind shall once again meet their doom, only few minutes more before the final devastation comes with their pathetic life lies on the edge of a sharp knife. From Warsaw, Poland where the trust over religious living are slowly reduced but the higher interests for more realistic ways such as technology, Satanism or Death Metal music quickly replacing the old unsatisfactory feelings of the most younger people in that capital city of Poland; some of thus new thinker with different perspective would be this trio of Gortal – the Death Metal group consisting of three metalheads musicians: Desecrate (drums), Chryste (guitar, vocals) and Major (guitars, vocals) blasting their horrific images for only serving and loyal to Death Metal rituals and the following explosive aggressions carried out by this kind of sub-genre of Heavy Metal underground with controversial extremity cracking the surroundings as your room will be terribly shaken within the force of earthquake waves coming by the force of Gortal’s totality sounds for general destructions after the enthroned man-made gods and the reigning eternal of the Devil himself on this weak blue planet. Every single fanatic fans shall bow down under the blasting terror of killer tracks recorded here on this Daemonolith album like Crimens Sollicitationis, Supernal Refuse, Deliver Into Suffering or Doombringer and I Come in Peace. You might going to grab this album and regaining your Death Metal collections and faith to the true beliefs of loudest noises and thank the atan later. Aggressive music for healty strong ears not for the pussies !