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Sirius Twin Star Deluxe (Slowfoot Records 2016)


   A cocktail of hyper grooving mixes from Avant-Garde, Poly-rhythmic percussions, nerdy Hip Hop, much Electronic touches and some wilder World Music samples - all managed to completely fit in one album: As Above So Below by Soccer 96 a London based duo of music programmer and song-writer and odd artists named Dan Leavers and Maxwell Hallett creatively brought their dreams of sound formats back from the past to blast onto the future but the present days got its previlege for becoming listeners on this. The title would be sounded mystic but the music performing and recorded inside it are filled with beats, good beats and even greater beats for you  to dance your ass off on midday after lunch or just touching yourself with an adult magazine in one hand and your tiny dick on the other but there will be no judgement just classic retro or advance blending of brilliant sounds (mostly) instrumentals but there are more vocals for you to enjoy on this album as well. A purpose for greater good for the dancefloor or just a cooler enthusiastic as food for the souls captured easily on Megadrive Lamborghini, BBBBBang, Feels Right, Manga to Spirit Wooble or Ancestors; really would gladly make you calm on the inside but wilder on the outside following these mixes of Retro Dance, Pop Suburbs, Classic Old School Rap basses and experimental Prog-Pop tempo for gamers and suspence thrills lovers ...

As Above So Below:

America Has Spoken (Sub Pop Records 2007)


   Sub Pop never exhausted for having brilliant ideas for being one of the independently excellent label as being labelled by the media since the awakening of Grunge hysteria and not only for music recording, they even releasing an album specifically not considerable as musical record as the Stand-Up comedy album from one of the most brilliant US actors and performers - Patton Oswalt's Werewolves And Lollipops (even) it cannot stop the Kennedys assasinations in his live show from Cap City Comedy Club in Texas in his freaking fun of inappropriate manners for making the audiences and anyone who mistakenly listening to this album big fat juicy laughs as he just can never stop for putting any daily example from The Miracle Of Childbirth, The Gatekeepers Of Coolness to Racist Cell Phones, At Midnight I Will Kill George Lucas With A Shovel  and I Tell A Story About Birth Control And Deal With A Retarded Heckler or Great Food Is Cooked By Psychos; where the sickest social taboos can perfectly, talked and shares with hundred of stranger audiences without being booed cause even after your sweet seventeen birthday, you still going to go to school tomorrow morning that's why everything is crap but worth for an hour of laughable situation made by good comedian in fucked up style, glasses and mouth full of shitty truth. Stop smoking will not giving you a kiss but legally, stole your rights to poisoning yourself or the spraying sperms inside someoen's vagina really can be such a problem nine months after the process plus more sexual activities for snacks. Just let yourself focus for a while and give Patton Oswalt a chance to exploring himself, yourself and the Stand-Up Comedy itself. Not presidents, public figures or even the pope and both Democrats or Republicans can runaway from this guy subjective pranks and stories as the audience will bow-down or bend over after him because he can talks whatever he wants to and the team works of production and an addition for cynicism and sarcastic might gone wrong to fighting each other like the Gulf War, Californian governor election or Lindsey Lohan's cupcakes or Courtney Love's heroin actions to Ben Affleck and how Paris Hilton making sex with a book - probably, getting awesome while Sizzler serving roadkills aren't a slapstick comedy form but spontaneous. So, whether you are Married & Single, fans of The Duke of Hazzard or Damien Omen or ever watching Cirque Du Soleil live; make sure you got this correctly, listenable and be careful not to knock your head to the wall while bursting in giant laughs.

   If you don't like it just go to bed, you cock-sucking weird ...  

Werewolves and Lollipops :                                  




History Guide Parasite (Bandcamp 2013)


Watching the table in front of you in a full dillematic feelings as you might realizing that yourself is not perfect, flesh-made ugly creature and being mocked by the world on your entirely pathetic life (and) if its not enough to describe the painful strange momentuum for self-reflection carried to the new higher level of self-destruction; you can believe your own small eyes that the dinner that is served tonight is yourself - roasted and totally dead. The beginning and the end will never look the same again cause they're equally similar for some of us whom can be considered unlucky or terribly non-human.
   Praised for this Progressive Post-Rock three-piece group from Albuquerque, New Mexico calling themselves - Spiral. A guidance to the secret experiemental and observations on depressive activities infecting almost every human beings in this modern world; sparkling catastrophy among themselves. There's Chris Boat doing the vocals, bass, keyboards and guitar as well as Aaron Frale and on this recording release having on board the violinist Felica Karas enacts the conveyancing the distortion of climax noises effects colliding into one or two tracks, haunting the audiences with their session recording length of duration for Artifacts of a Different Possibility.
   Soon after this A Parasite's Guide to Rewriting History - you will have yourself shaking and trembled for later knowing that the album proves that it is fine to getting pissed and envy because human as a creation is made various but not everyone got their outstanding looks while some can be incorrectly, proud for the perfect physique and pleasurely, mocking other people whose being uglier then them.

"If you feel like you had enough for no more disrespectful from your perfect friends or others, just get ready to do the tranquillity extreme way possible: kill them and cooked them ..."

A Parasite's Guide to Rewriting History:



Anatomia Di Un Incubo (Phantasma Disques 2015)


Like a broken link found when you surfing the deep web for illegal stuff and ended up in entrapments being lonely, terrorized and can't get out because there's no freaking way leads only to make you more stranded and depress inside the realm of sickening, mysterious and violent minds of this German's Experimental Ambient and Drone project named Mater Suspiria Vision. You will see tons of disturbing images and noises collectively would driving you mad in couple minutes as well as the spoken words and secret mind-controlling messages from the lyrics or just instrumental sounds viciously changing your perception, your views for looking at the society in a very different that mixed hatred and illusions as a part of blasphemous influences spreading through this album project - Antropophagus. Juat like a terrible spooky or yet, dangerous droning sounds dominates the listening room and the effects might becoming very lethal; one shall cannot stop or look to another direction once the opener track Book Of Eibon playing for as long as torturing ten minutes more. The Electronic devices which made this type of music must be possessed by demons or at least, evil spirits that shall turning its audiences into a practicals for cannibalism kinds of being cause the truth is this recording issued to be a celebration tribute for one of the best horror movies director from Italia - Lucio Fulci. The Gothic-influenced tracks like Sette Porte Dell’Inferno (feat. Shivabel) or Absurd and Buio Omega which featuring Aura on vocals and spless with synthesizers/electronics performance from Cosmotropia de Xam would spawning more screams and malfunctioned sounds that would haunting you down for good. leaving your bravery to be burnt as the ultimate fear jumpscaring you, echoing the mystical technowhore of Witch Rave from the deep end along with anyone else whom being trapped there - inside the error-tica Ambient hidden world.


Sonchyenne Confidential (Gee Street 1995)

   The sums of simple additions to the complexity that brought Hendrix’s rhythm guitar riffs in mixe with Prince Funky Velcro Disco and Soul in sweat making these duo whose calling themselves P.M. Dawn performing their third recordings – Jesus Wept which enriched itself by having standard tempos on Synthesizer Rn’B with Blues Rock temptations and highly influences from Black Music roots that strengthen the equivalent domination for the beats and rhyming wisdom in their lyrics to flows into your ears, making differences while making love with your partner in sickness or health – happiness or crimes. Founded by Attrell Cordes a/k/a Prince Be and DJ Minute Mix alias Jarrett Cordes as this duet trying to bring their essential peaceful sides of Hip hop and Pop Rap to the more clever smart listeners and Alternative Music audiences with slower relaxing beats and Pop-Rock sprinkle guitar chords in this gold, glory and gospel record – Jesus Wept. Coming to fronted the new perceptions bridging the indifferent between races and collectively, unites the small world they’re living in on a solid holy ground of mutual relationships acts pretty well through thus songs of wisdoms and borderless harmony of Fantasia on My Own Personal Gravity, I’ll be Waiting for You, Downtown Venus and The Puppet Show in which sounded co-operative but on the same time criticized the intolerant belligerent attitude that still reign the world of male dominated; the acts of disrespected for women, racial prejudice, violent issues and the clash between civilizations probably, would be the subjects for P.M. Dawn to be concluded and explains in hope for the answers of freedom and peace becoming the ultimate winner reigns.


Cliffs Animal Sailing (DGC / Interscope 2009)

   Adapted from the story written by Maurice Sendak about his fantasy/drama movie about a boy who is lost into the magical land where the majestic creatures of Wild Things asking later crowing him to becoming the ruler even though something not quite contently alright that can make the kids inside you coming out again and getting wilder for sympathy and inner consciousness.
   The sidekick soundtrack of Where The Wild Things Are (motion picture soundtrack) performed by Karen O and The Kids will be tightly fit, leaving you in an empty feelings needed to refill and the warmest cuddling while the soft Pop-Folk blending on thus whispering or jingled softly shall leading you to the dreamy situations where the borderline between reality and imaginary erased as you needing to wake up before forever stuck inside one side unless you truly decide to stay might becoming the main interests from this movie to attracts adults to focused more on the core of its story while the children might just interacts with thus fluffy creatures that having small horns with souls as the background songs slowly emerging and lifted-up the emotions by Capsize,Worried Shoes, Rumpus, Hideaway or Building All is Love.
   If you don’t believe in miracles anymore, try to believe in magicland – instead. 

Where The Wild Things are:

Koniskas Komenco (Spinefarm Records 2014)


   Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Sadus), Opeth's Martin Lopez and two of Willowtree members vocalist Joel Ekelof and  Kim Platbarzdis on guitars have decided that they need to create a superb Progressive/Post-Metal band of their own during the temporary vacuum moments within their own bands or other side projects as the non-popular Extreme Metal-heads unites themselves and purged into something which its name so simple as Soen.
   Then, if this group continuity turned out to be stagnant or keeping up the pacers didn't really mean a thing cause you should know that these foursome semi-legendary and Underground Metal survivors truly are a magnificent, skillful and above average in technical performance as one can listening here on this second studio album - Tellurian; a great concept of how Progressive Metal and Post-Rock gradations released in the most variable and valuable ways possible - leaving the audiences to just stare, stop breathing or forget to blinking by hearing this.
   Awesome record which not only having an artistic and scary cover in general controversy but above that; the taste of Heavy Music inside it really really making you envy. The top session of long jams with the bright prospects on either solidify of the mixed rhythm sections to the universal solo guitars to the fantastic vocals shall giving this album many good credits for it's exsistence. Tabula Rasa, Kuraman, Pluton, The Words and Ennui must be lethal enough to projecting your imagination or brain's visions onto the imparticular time and place somewhere out there among the Void and countless stars inside the book of wiser stories.
   Strange behaviour and disturbing images of controversy can be adjusted in such a mutual conversation in Progressive Rock music - so, enjoy your meal !